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Chapter 36: Chapter 36: Chapter 36: Bury Bones Secret Technique! !

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Chapter 36: Chapter 36: Bury Bones Secret Technique! !

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“Wang Ba couldn’t resist taking a look after all!”

In a mountain hollow closest to Ding 87 Villa.

Yu Changchun was supporting a water mirror with one hand, his face revealing a smile.

Above the water mirror was the scene of Wang Ba impatiently flipping through the pages to study.

Next to Yu Changchun stood Old Hou.

But at this moment, Old Hou stood there without any light in his eyes, expressionless, and remained silent just like a puppet.

Around the two of them were scattered small triangular flags, subtly merging them with the surrounding environment.

If anyone passed by, they probably wouldn’t notice that there were two people here at all.

Yu Changchun, however, had a self-satisfied smile on his face.

“Since you’ve seen this technique, I don’t believe you can resist coming to find me.”

He had absolute confidence in the technique he provided.

At least so far, almost all the techniques he sent out were able to bring back a servant.

This chicken raising servant named Wang Ba would probably be no exception.

“However, Li Zhi said that this kid seems to be able to raise precious chickens into spirit chickens, and he deliberately suppressed this news. Hmm, he is a talent after all, so we shouldn’t refine his spiritual wisdom. But then the difficulty of this technique would suddenly increase!”

Yu Changchun slightly furrowed his brows.

At this time, a glint suddenly flashed in Old Hou’s dull eyes, and he suddenly opened his mouth, uttering a strange voice:

“Is Yu Changchun there?”

“The disciple is here! May I ask what the Chief Deacon needs?”

Yu Changchun quickly bowed in response.

Old Hou’s face was expressionless, and he opened his mouth mechanically, “How is your progress here? Are there any problems?”

“The disciple has recruited more than eighty servants so far. Not long ago, I just gave a technique ‘Bury Bones’ to a servant as a bait, and I’m monitoring him now to prevent any leaks.”

Yu Changchun answered truthfully, but hesitated for a moment and then continued, “However, the different households desperately need servants now, I’m afraid that if I continue to recruit, it might cause suspicions…”

Old Hou stood stiffly without saying a word, as if the person, who was really speaking, was contemplating something.

After a while, Old Hou’s stiff mouth opened again:

“You are doing well, but you must monitor carefully, and prevent any leak at this step.”

“About your problem, the higher-ups are dealing with it.”

“Is it… the spirit spring from last time? ”

Yu Changchun tentatively said.

“Don’t ask what you shouldn’t.”

Old Hou’s mouth opened, coldly said.

“Yes! The disciple understands!”

Yu Changchun immediately closed his mouth.

And the light in Old Hou’s eyes quickly faded away again.

Confirmed that the other party had left, Yu Changchun suddenly looked grave, and snorted:

“Ha! Just call yourself the Chief, and you really think you’re somebody!”

“You’re just a boot-licker who joined midway! Wait till this matter is done, let’s see your good days!”

A burst of curses finally vented the hostility in his heart.

He immediately cast his gaze back into the water mirror, only to find that Wang Ba was nowhere to be seen in the water mirror.

He was startled and hastily reviewed the water mirror until he saw the figure of Wang Ba returning to his room, then he sighed in relief.

“Just stay put, if you dare to leave the Villa, don’t blame me for not giving face to Li Zhi!”

Yu Changchun muttered to himself.

Ding 87 Villa.

Inside the villa room.

“It seems that as long as 1 hide in my room, Yu Changchun will not be able to see me.”

Feeling the Power of the Yin God in the Yin’s Government finally ceased its rotation, Wang Ba finally breathed a sigh of relief.

The Power of the Yin God really couldn’t be wasted!

Wang Ba also found it strange, he should have seen the two of them walk away with his own eyes.

But the consumption of the Power of the Yin God did not diminish at all.

Moreover, Yu Changchun is a Qi Refining cultivator, so it’s normal that he can see me. But why can Old Hou also see me?

Could he also be a Qi Refining cultivator?

This seems quite impossible.

However, Wang Ba didn’t dwell too much on this question he couldn’t understand.

Instead, his focus returned to the scroll in his hand.

Unconsciously, he started reminiscing about the content he had just read on this scroll.

The content was actually quite simple, yet not so simple.

It was a spell named “Bury Bones”.

Just like the Body Strengthening Scripture, it claimed to assist mortals in condensing a Spiritual Root, but its approach was completely different.

The approach of Body Strengthening Scripture was to gradually transform the physical body into a state suitable for the birth and growth of Spiritual Root through a long and constant effort.

When reaching the tenth Stage of Body Strengthening Scripture, the physical body was primarily transformed, and the birth of Spiritual Root would be a matter of course.

But this step was extremely difficult. Based on Wang Ba’s estimation, it probably required additional assistance to accomplish.

Furthermore, this approach was very time-consuming, and it was likely that most mortals couldn’t succeed.

Only those with concealed Spiritual Roots, who inherently possessed Spiritual Roots, the effects of the Body Strengthening Scripture could effectively stimulate their hidden Spiritual Roots.

This was also the reason Old Hou and Deacon Li had mentioned before, that if Body Strengthening Scripture could not be achieved in three years, it would be impossible for one’s entire life.

So in Wang Ba’s opinion.

The Body Strengthening Scripture could be considered a hoax, yet it didn’t exactly deceive people.

As long as you had enough time, you can indeed defy the fate and forge a Spiritual Root!

But the key point is, most people just don’t have this possibility.

The idea of “Bury Bones” is the complete opposite.

What is the function of a Spiritual Root?

“Bury Bones” provided a profound interpretation.

Spiritual Root served as a channel or a connector between the physical body and universe.

Without a spiritual root, the body cannot extract Spiritual Energy, nourish itself, and subsequently generate Mana, to gain unbelievable power.

So the solution was simple, just find something that can extract Spiritual Energy and implant it into one’s body, right?

Needless to say, the creator of “Bury Bones” was bold enough.

The approach was quite a novelty.

He even really tried to implant various things that could absorb Spiritual Energy into the human body.

Such as Spirit Stones, Spirit Trees, Spirit Grass, Magic Tools, Talismans, Elixirs, and even the bones, flesh, skin, and hair of Spirit Beasts…

And in the end, he indeed found something suitable.

That is—bones!

But even ‘bones’ also had specifications.

The bones of Spirit Beasts were the least valuable, the bones of cultivators were considered mediocre, the ultimate ones, were the bones of those who had not set foot on the path of immortality but possessed a Spiritual Root!

Moreover, the effect generated by the bones from each specific location also varied from each other.

For instance, the pelvic bone, the direct location supporting the growth of a Spiritual Root, was the most crucial one.

Followed by the cranial bones and breastbones…

According to “Bury Bones”, replacing any bone could accelerate the birth of a Spiritual Root.

If practiced simultaneously with the Body Strengthening Scripture, it could also significantly enhance the cultivation speed of the Body Strengthening Scripture.

“So, Old Hou must have implanted a bone, which is why he managed to reach the ninth Stage of the Body Strengthening Scripture in such a short time. I just don’t know which bone he replaced, and whether it was a beast bone or a human bone…”

Wang Ba recollected Old Hou, pondering thoughtfully.

However, there was something that surprised Wang Ba.

This scroll had actually completely documented the means for bone replacing.

Some areas for bone replacement were so simple that even mortals could accomplish on their own.

For instance, finger bones.

As for highly complicated areas like pelvic bones and cranial bones, only cultivators could perform, which otherwise would be hardly successful.

Of course, the scroll explicitly pointed out the biggest problem of this secret technique at the end.

That was, this method violated the heavenly law, therefore, even if the bone replacement succeeded, one might be influenced by the residual consciousness in the foreign bone, resulting in mental chaos and agonizing pain.

As for the solution, it was naturally recorded in the “Bury Bones II”..

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