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Chapter 37: Chapter 37: Chapter 37 Surveillance i

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Chapter 37: Chapter 37 Surveillance i

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“Using the first volume of the Bury Bones technique as bait, and the second volume as the hook… The Chengxian Society has played quite a clever game.”

Wang Ba saw through the motives of Yu Changchun, the leader of the Chengxian Society, at a single glance.

However, he also knew that although this strategy was simple, its effect was extremely brutal.

If one puts oneself in the shoes of an ordinary menial worker, knowing that the Strong Body Sutra cannot be cultivated, but also aware of the magic of the Bury Bones technique.

They would probably throw caution to the wind in desperation.

In terms used in his previous life, this would be called a form of overt manipulation.

If you are still in the East Saint Sect, you are still a hopeless menial worker, and yet you dream of treading on the path of immortality – if you meet these three criteria, you will inevitably have to join the Chengxian Society.

Moreover, you would absolutely keep all secrets of the organization.

The crucial question is, what exactly is this organization scheming?

Wang Ba had no idea.

But he was very clear that the organization’s secrecy—as evident from the lack of any whispers in the market—explained one thing.

Their ambition was grand!

However, regardless of their plan, it didn’t much concern him anymore.

“In fifteen days, I will leave via the tunnel, and whatever the Chengxian Society is planning will no longer concern me.”

Wang Ba tossed the palm-sized scroll in his hand and stuffed it into his pocket without discarding it.

Mainly because he thought that in case the Strong Body Sutra truly was useless, this Bury Bones technique might offer an alternative route.

After some thought, he continued to maintain the Power of the Yin God disguise and stepped out of his room.

Sure enough, he could feel the Power of the Yin God in the Yin’s Government spinning rapidly.

Wang Ba couldn’t help but curse under his breath. He didn’t immediately return to his room for fear that his abnormal behavior would alarm Yu Changchun.

He pretended to go out for a drink of water and then quickly made his way back to his room, as if he was eager to study the Bury Bones technique.

As expected, the rotation of the Power of the Yin God halted once again.

Wang Ba’s face turned extremely ugly.

“What’s the meaning of this? Are they constantly spying on me? Are they worried I might betray them? They really are cautious.”

At this point, he understood why there was not a single whisper about them in the market.

Clearly, most of the menial workers were unable to escape the allure of the Bury Bones technique.

And even if there were, their constant monitoring was enough to eliminate all potential risks.

“So in that case, the information Old Hou mentioned about the Chengxian Society… it seems that 1 was deliberately led on… they must have been monitoring me for a while.”

Wang Ba suddenly realized, and only then did he become aware that some seemingly insignificant details from the past were likely the results of their meticulous manipulation.

“If that’s the case, then the King of Dung Niu Yong and even Deacon Li could be under their watch! No, they may even be their insiders already… What exactly is the Chengxian Society planning?!”

This question had arisen in Wang Ba’s mind several times.

But Wang Ba quickly discarded it from his thoughts.

Because even if he knew their intentions, it would be of no help in resolving the current issue.

Right now, the most important matter was how to deal with being monitored by the Chengxian Society.

If this problem isn’t resolved, he might be killed by the members of the Chengxian Society even before he could leave the sect.

He had no doubts about this possibility.

Hence, on what seemed like an ordinary afternoon, he was quietly facing the biggest crisis since joining the sect.

A single mistake might result in his immediate death!

“Keep calm! Keep calm! Huh— ”

Wang Ba took a deep breath.

He was no longer the naive newcomer to the sect.

The nearly one year of raising chickens and several encounters with outer disciples had already tempered his heart to be much stronger.

After some thought.

He once again maintained the Power of the Yin God and stepped out of his room.

And then, just like a common afternoon, he picked up the broom and shovel and started to clean the villa.

The only difference was, he was doing it unusually fast.

He was left with no choice, as the monitoring performed by Yu Changchun consumed a large amount of the Power of the Yin God,and he didn’t want to waste it.

He cleaned the entire villa and then loaded the chicken manure into buckets and carried them outside.

Then he took his broom to Old Sun’s room, seemingly getting ready to clean there as well.

But as soon as he entered the room, Wang Ba’s expression immediately turned grave.

“The whole villa is under surveillance, except for the rooms!”

“Even when I step outside of the villa, it’s the same!”

“Two guesses.”

“One, the surveillance is likely from above, looking down onto the villa, and it doesn’t have the ability to penetrate.”

“Two, either they are monitoring the entire villa, or they are moving with my actions. Currently, the former seems more likely.”

“So usually, it’s almost impossible to escape their surveillance without alarming them.”

Wang Ba’s brow furrowed.

His gaze unintentionally swept over the location of the wardrobe, and he was taken aback.

“Eh? When did this place become like this?”

Old Sun’s room was a mess, the old cabinets were shattered all over the floor.

Furthermore, he was shocked to see that even the old stone slab bed in Old Sun’s room was smashed into pieces.

But the Spirit Chickens were still leisurely roaming around in the room.

Right beside them were the significantly deformed chicken cages.

“Jia 5, did you do this?”

Wang Ba immediately suspected Jia 5.

After all, compared to the other Spirit Chickens, Jia 5 was smarter and more robust


Jia 5 tilted its head to look at him, an innocent look in its small eyes.

“It wasn’t it.”

Wang Ba denied this suspicion himself. Jia 5, a Class I middle-grade Spirit Chicken, based on realm, is on par with a Qi Refining cultivator.

But in reality Wang Ba, who is very familiar with him, knows that it is still a combat-incapable chicken.

The primary characteristic of a chicken is that it can’t attack people and does not have the attack ability.

Jia 5 perfectly fits this.

It certainly doesn’t have the physical power to destroy a stone slab bed.

After a careful examination, Wang Ba found sharp and short chisel marks on the crushed stones. It looked like it was clawed out by a person or a creature.

But what kind of person or creature would run here and go so far as to destroy the stone bed? How vindictive could they be? Aren’t they just wasting time?

Who could it be?

Until this question is answered, Wang Ba would not feel safe.

“Could it be that the Chengxian Society people infiltrated here to intimidate me, and did this on purpose?”

“But that doesn’t make sense.”

Wang Ba pondered deeply.

The Spirit Chickens around him were oblivious to his presence.

However, the third-generation Spirit Chickens that had hatched a few days ago and had grown rapidly after Wang Ba extended their lifespan curiously approached him.

Their small eyes filled with a hint of intelligence and curiosity.

Even one of the little female chickens hopped onto Wang Ba’s legs, backed up, lifted its rear, and pooped.

Wang Ba slapped it and sent it flying in anger.

Although the chicken had no attack power, it was rather sturdy.

The slapped third-generation pullet stood up as if nothing happened. It seemed to think Wang Ba was playing with it, so it hooped and half-flown, half-jumped, running back to him, jumped on Wang Ba’s leg, lifted its rear, and another pile of poop was released.

Wang Ba:…

Why the hell is this chicken such a jerk!

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