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Chapter 38: Chapter 38: Chapter 38: Battle Talent, Developing New Abilities_i

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Chapter 38: Chapter 38: Battle Talent, Developing New Abilities_i

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Though this third-generation hen was pathetically cheap, its appearance and demeanor clearly outshone Jia 5, its father.

Even though Wang Ba was quite upset, he couldn’t resist stroking its neck.

The hen seemed to look a bit pleased, rubbing its head against Wang Ba’s fingers.

Perhaps because of the lifespan Wang Ba had given it, the hen appeared unusually close to him.

“Cluck, cluck…”

[Target Lifespan: 111.4 years]

Upon seeing the hen’s lifespan, Wang Ba was slightly surprised.

These days, he had been entirely preoccupied with how to escape from the East Saint Sect. Apart from necessary tasks like cleaning and feeding the chickens, he hadn’t paid much attention to the Spirit Chickens.

Unexpectedly, after breaking through, the lifespan of this third-generation Spirit Chicken was a full twenty years more than Jia 5’s.

A thought struck Wang Ba, and he pulled out a low-rank Spirit Light Talisman from his sleeve and brought it closer to the hen.

Quickly, a light beam that was predominantly white with a tinge of green emerged from the yellow paper.

“A middle-grade Spirit Chicken, but already very close to being upper grade!”

Wang Ba felt both pleasantly surprised and somewhat regretful.

As a mere mortal, he was able to cultivate a Spirit Chicken nearly of the upper grade which was worthy of joy.

The regret, however, was that he could not take away the precious breed of chicken that he had spent a year cultivating because he would be leaving soon.

In the end, it would only die after he had drained all its lifespan.

Such a rare breed of chicken had been squandered.

Thinking of this, and remembering that the Chengxian Society was watching him, he felt gloomy.

After stroking the hen’s head, Wang Ba lifted it off his lap.

He didn’t have the time or mood to play with it now.

“In the end, how to evade the surveillance of the Chengxian Society?”

“Who created these stones? Is it connected to the Chengxian Society?”

“If not, then who did it? If it was the Chengxian Society, it seems inconsistent with their previous attitude…”

Stroking his chin with its inch-long beard, Wang Ba fell into deep thought.

Shortly, he realized that the hen had hopped back onto his lap.

And he clearly felt a somewhat damp warmth on his leg…

Wang Ba ground his teeth.

What a damn creature!

Looking down, sure enough, there was a piece of dried green-tinged chicken poop on his shoe.

And the little hen on his lap was curiously and innocently pecking at a stone, tilting its head to look at him.

“Damn it, I’ll squish you… Huh? Wait!”

“A stone?”

Finally, Wang Ba spotted the blindspot and an unbelievable guess flashed across his mind.

Then he stared in amazement as the hen on his thigh stood on one leg, broke a stone that looked very hard as easily as cracking a melon seed with its beak and gulped it down.

Seemingly unsatisfied, the hen hopped off Wang Ba’s leg and merrily bounced toward a bigger pile of rubble.


In that instance, Wang Ba felt as if his eyes were playing tricks on him!

He could only vaguely see the afterimage of the hen lightly pecking at the stone.

Then, he saw the stone pile smoothly split in half, just like a hot knife slicing through frozen lard.

At the split face, he saw dozens of familiar chisel marks.

These chisel marks were densely packed and seemed very fresh…

Then, the little hen happily split the halved stone into quarters. In an instant, there were more than a dozen more chisel marks on the newly cut surface.

It was really it!

The disaster in old Sun’s house was caused by this hen!

Watching the scene unfold, Wang Ba confirmed his guess.

No, perhaps the other two third-generation Spirit Chickens participated, too.

With this thought, Wang Ba quickly observed for a while longer.

To his disappointment, though the other two Spirit Chickens, one male and one female, were no less impressive than the hen, they didn’t display the hen’s terrifying strength and speed.

They could also bite into the stones but were unable to break them, spitting them out after a while.

Clearly, the hen’s condition was the exception, very special.

“It’s obviously a meat chicken, yet it possesses combat abilities.”

“Whereas its siblings, from the same parents, are still in a meat-chicken state.”

“Could it be, there was a mutation?”

Wang Ba stroked his beard thoughtfully, feeling that his beard was hardly enough for the job.

He had learned about mutations from Master Jiaohu’s “Everything about Poultry”.

Master Jiaohu had a fondness for breeding all sorts of precious birds and alien beasts; to research how mundane animals transform into spirit beasts or spirit birds, he mass-bred many creatures.

He discovered that when using bloodlines to cause a breakthrough in birds and beasts, there was a tiny chance that special changes would occur.

There was once a small bird which, during a bloodline breakthrough, sprouted gills on its chest, much like a fish.

There was also a large snake that grew wings on its back and could command the rain and clouds.

Such particular changes, some being beneficial and some not, were often isolated cases, unpredictable and untraceable. Thus Master Jiaohu called them ‘mutations,’ signifying deviations from normal changes, too erratic to track.

With this little hen, there was a great probability it underwent a mutation during its lifespan breakthrough, and thus gained remarkable strength and speed, allowing it to fight.

“It’s an unexpected joy, 1 guess.”

“I’ll call you Jia 7!”

Wang Ba gently stroked the little hen; it immediately squinted its eyes in contentment, allowing him to handle it and seemingly enjoying it.

But Wang Ba was feeling somewhat hesitant in his heart.

If it were just a spirit chicken almost bordering on the upper grade, he could still grit his teeth and let it go or eat it. If it were a spirit chicken with battle capabilities, though, it would be too precious to part with.

Not only could he keep it for reproduction, but it was also useful for protection.

After all, a fighting spirit chicken could, in some way, be considered a spirit beast, right?

Spirit beasts were something only Qi refining disciples had access to.

And if him, as a mortal, could have a Class I, middle grade spirit beast for protection, it would naturally have enhanced his sense of security.

To abandon it would indeed be a waste.

“Never mind, I shouldn’t make a hasty decision now; 1’11 see what happens later.”

“The most crucial thing right now is to deal with the issue of the Chengxian Society’s surveillance.”

The issue was pressing.

Wang Ba racked his brains over this.

Perhaps the surprise brought by Jia 7 had made his thinking much more broad, and he suddenly thought of a strategy.

“The Power of the Yin God allows me to create an image of myself, a state within others’ five senses, their minds to my choosing.”

“So, what if I made my image into that of air?”

“Wouldn’t I disappear in the eyes of others?”

“If it’s really possible, would this not be an equivalent to the ‘Invisibility Technique’?”

The more Wang Ba thought about this idea, the more promising it seemed!

But he didn’t start acting right away. Instead, he thought it over several times in his mind to make sure he didn’t miss anything.

Only then did he start molding an image in his mind.

Subsequently, he casually filled a small bucket in the room with the chicken droppings Jia 5 and others had produced, and then walked to the front door.

The Power of the Yin God carried out a camouflage on the small bucket at the same time.

He took a deep breath.

A look of determination shone in Wang Ba’s eyes.

Then, with care, he quietly opened the shabby door, trying hard not to make the slightest noise.

Fortunately, the Power of the Yin God didn’t change, meaning that his act of opening the door had not been noticed by those from the Chengxian Society.

He took another deep breath.

This time, however, his expression quickly became calm, his breathing steadied, and then, he took a step out.


The Power of the Yin God suddenly started spinning rapidly!

The speed was at least twice as fast as before!

“Is it because it’s tough for me to disguise myself as air? Or has the number of people monitoring me increased?”

Thoughts raced through Wang Ba’s mind.

But having started, there was no turning back; no matter how much energy it consumed, he had to persevere!

One step!

Two steps!

He was extremely nervous.

But he acted normally. Carrying a small bucket filled with chicken droppings, he calmly stepped outside the manor.

Even if the Power of the Yin God couldn’t fool the other side, they would at most think he was moving another bucket of chicken manure, intending to dispose of it outside the manor.

However, just at that moment, a precious chicken likes strutting took notice of a piece of chicken feed behind him and suddenly pounced at him!

Wang Ba’s face drained of color in an instant!

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