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Chapter 39: Chapter 39: Chapter 39 Escape i

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Chapter 39: Chapter 39 Escape i

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The power of the Yin God, could only obscure others’ perception of oneself.

It might appear as a wisp of air, but in reality, the body was right there. If struck by a Precious Chicken, the supernatural senses of a Qi Refining disciple could probably detect the anomaly immediately.

Seeing the Precious Chicken flapping its wings and rushing towards him, Wang Ba, in his moment of crisis, instinctively sidestepped, narrowly avoiding the unexpected encounter.

The Precious Chicken fluttered over to the chicken feed debris, unaware that it had just given its master a rather ‘pleasant’ surprise.

“Chicken number 86, huh? I remember you!”

Wang Ba gave the Precious Chicken a glance and adjusted his pace, continuing his journey out of the manor.

All the chickens in the manor had been marked by him, so he quickly identified this Precious Chicken by its number.

However, the Precious Chicken was completely oblivious that tragedy was about to befall it. After gnawing at the chicken feed debris, it flicked its tail feathers and continued clucking around indifferently.

All the way, Wang Ba did his best to avoid soft ground to prevent leaving footprints that might be visible to others.

The manor’s large gate, was getting closer.

One step.

Two steps.

Feeling the rapidly depleting power of the Yin God within the Yin’s Government, Wang Ba forcefully suppressed his impulse to dash out.

He could see the mottled marks on the manor’s gate and the white stains left by chicken feces on the doorstep.

Finally, he crossed the threshold.

Yet, the power of the Yin God showed no signs of pause.

Wang Ba gritted his teeth, carrying the bucket of chicken feces in his hand, and attempted to display no abnormality with a studied nonchalance.

He descended the stone steps leading down the manor one step at a time.

He tried to relax, lightening his footsteps as much as possible.

He walked until he reached the spot where he left the previous bucket of chicken feces. Without missing a beat, he continued walking forward.

One step, another step, one more step…

His heart seemed to be sinking in sync with his movement.

“What’s going on? Why hasn’t the power of the Yin God stopped? Did I guess wrong? Or have I been discovered?”

No matter which possibility, they were both extremely lethal!

But he had no choice but to gamble!

Compromise, is just a means, not the goal.

At this moment, he had no chance to compromise any longer!

Gritting his teeth.

Wang Ba suppressed the idea of running wildly in his heart once more. He commenced deep breaths over and over again as he calmly carried on with his steps.

With every step he took, he was glued to the power of the Yin God within his Yin’s Government.

Fine droplets of sweat began to form on his forehead and body unnoticed…


After countless steps, the rotation of the Yin God’s power within his Yin’s Government came to an abrupt halt!

Wang Ba’s heart lightened, and he immediately felt dizzy.

He knew that it was due to his mental exertion.

However, he didn’t stop. Instead, he forced himself to carry on walking at his earlier pace.

He took around twenty more steps.

The power of the Yin God did not start moving again.

Only then did Wang Ba truly sigh a breath of relief. Despite feeling like sitting down on the spot, he turned back and realized that he was over a hundred meters away from the manor.

“This Chengxian Society is too cautious! They watch over such a large area! Any normal servant would find it impossible to escape.”

“But it seems that I guessed right, their surveillance of me is fixed, rather than following me.”

It was as if they had installed a surveillance device over the manor.

Though the surveillance coverage was large, it couldn’t move freely.

And now, facing Wang Ba were two choices as he walked out of the manor.

Either return to the manor now and continue as though he knows nothing.

Or, leave the Sect immediately!

“Move! There’s no time to wait!”

A hint of determination flickered in Wang Ba’s eyes as he quickly made a decision.

Although he hadn’t brought anything with him during this trip out of the manor except the “Book of Yin God’s Grand Dream” and the “Bury Bones” technique, including spirit stones.

He was still far away from his planned time to leave the Sect.

All his preparations had been in vain.

However, the unseen pressure by the Chengxian Society forced Wang Ba to abandon his plans.

After all.

As long as one is alive, there is hope for everything!

These thoughts flashed through Wang Ba’s mind only for a moment, before he unhesitatingly picked up the chicken manure bucket, sustained the Power of the Yin God, and strode towards Nanhu Village.

He hid the chicken manure bucket in a distant bush far away from the mansion.

Along the way, if he encountered anyone, he would immediately hide, making sure no one would discover his presence.

Soon, he saw the beautifully scenic South Lake next to the Nanhu market.

The lake and mountains were extraordinarily beautiful.

However, he had no mood to appreciate it; subconsciously, he felt the jade pendant that Zhao Feng had given him last time.

He recalled Zhao Feng’s warning that there would be a drastic change in the sect.

Could this drastic change be the Chengxian Society?”

Wang Ba pondered this briefly.

He then shook his head. Seemingly pointless issues will soon have nothing to do with him.

Even if there is any change in the sect, it should not affect him, as long as he leaves the sect.

To prevent encountering people in the market, he deliberately took a long detour, and finally saw Nanhu Village.

Just then, the Power of the Yin God within the Yin’s Government suddenly began to spin rapidly again!

What’s happening?! Is someone watching me? And the spinning speed is even faster than Yu Changchun’s!”

Wang Ba’s heart pounded!

In a blink of an eye, he felt as if his heart was going to jump into his throat!

However, to Wang Ba’s surprise, the Power of the Yin God quickly stopped spinning.

Was it a sect disciple passing by?

Wang Ba gingerly raised his head, and in the corner of his eye, he saw a streak of light shooting across the distant sky and entering into Nanhu Village.

Nanhu Village?”

Wang Ba hesitated, then continued towards Nanhu Village.

It’s rare for sect disciples to visit the place where mortals live, but it’s not unheard of.

After all, some cultivator’s family members live in Nanhu Village.

However, after only a few steps, Wang Ba’s expression suddenly changed!

In the Yin’s Government, the crimson droplet spun at a speed like never before!

In the blink of an eye, one droplet of the Power of the Yin God disappeared by more than half!

And from the corner of his eye, a brilliantly gorgeous streak of light, full of astonishing spiritual energy, dashed into Nanhu Village with terribly fast speed!

Within that streak of light, he caught a fleeting glimpse of the color purple.

Inner Sect Disciple!”

Qi Refining… No, Foundation Establishment!”

Could this be a Foundation Establishment Competitor?!”

The Power of the Yin God only spun rapidly for less than a moment before it stopped.

However, the shock it brought to Wang Ba was slow to subside.

This was the first time he had encountered a possible Foundation Establishment Competitor.

Although it was just a fleeting glimpse, the dense spiritual energy oscillation from the other party made him feel like an ant standing in front of a savage beast.

The shock and fear remained deeply etched into his memory and were unforgettable!

What followed was a touch of unease:

“Foundation Establishment Competitors are high-ranking figures who are rarely seen. Why would they go to Nanhu Village?”

“There was a Qi Refining Cultivator before, and now there’s a Foundation Establishment Competitor. Has something happened in Nanhu Village?”

“Could it be that Gou Mu, the Ratheaded, has exposed himself?”

“If that’s the case, should 1 still go to Nanhu Village?”

Wang Ba was full of doubts.

But he had no answers.

Although he wanted to go to Nanhu Village to investigate the situation.

But with a Foundation Establishment Competitor currently in Nanhu Village, if he were to appear under their watch, he feared he would be exposed due to the depletion of the Power of Yin God.

And without disguising himself, if there were people from Chengxian Society in Nanhu Village, he would also be immediately exposed.

Caught between a rock and a hard place, he was at a loss on what to do.

After taking several deep breaths, he quickly made a decision.

He changed direction and headed towards the Nanhu market..

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