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Chapter 40: Chapter 40: Chapter 40: Disappearance :!

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Chapter 40: Chapter 40: Disappearance :!

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“Old brother, how much for this Yunjin Grass?”

“Two spirit stones per plant, all two years old, hey, don’t touch if you’re not buying!”

In the South Lake Market, at a medicinal herb stand in the vendor area, the vendor reached out and slapped a skinny customer’s hand.

This skinny, bone-thin customer quickly withdrew his hand that was about to touch the spirit grass, showing an embarrassed smile.

A brawny, bald man came over, pointing at a pile of medicinal herbs on the stand with a coarse voice, asking:

“Brother, what’s the price of this Scarlet Grass?”

Seeing the big man looking so burly, the vendor was more polite: “Scarlet grass is two-point six tael per plant, one year old.”

The big guy frowned: “One year old? Expensive! Will you sell for one-point seven tael?”

“How much do you need? If you buy more, we can talk.”

The vendor hesitated.

“Everything on your stand, I’ll take it all. But wait for me, 1’11 go back and get the spirit stones.”

The big man seemed quite rich.

Hearing this, a smile immediately lit up the vendor’s face: “That’s a deal! This price it is! I’ll wait here for you!”

“Alright. Wait for me and don’t leave.”

The big guy was about to leave, but right before he left, he curiously asked:

“Hey, by the way, on my way here, I saw several immortals going towards Nanhu Village here. What happened over there?”

The vendor shook his head: “I’m not quite sure, I don’t live around here, how would I know anything about that.”

The big man nodded, not seeming to care about it, he was about to leave when he heard the skinny customer:

“Regarding this matter, 1 do know something.”

“Awhile ago, the higher-ups were digging out a Class III spirit spring, they sent out a lot of menial workers. I heard it caused a labor shortage in the sect, so they plan to recruit more menial workers. The newly recruited workers, who have not been assigned tasks, were all sent to Nanhu village.”

“The immortals are likely here to ensure that these new workers keep their place.”

“I see, thank you for your clarification!”

The big man now understood, thanked with a salute.

“No worries, my elders at home mentioned it. But it seems that Nanhu Village will be in turmoil for a while. Settling all these people down would take at least ten to eight days.”

The big man nodded, thanked again, and then hurriedly left.

After leaving the market, there was no one around.

Wang Ba furrowed his brows.

“That’s going to take a while, this is troublesome!”

That’s right, the burly bald man was none other than a fictitious character created by Wang Ba to conveniently gather information.

However, the obtained information was not very optimistic.

“Ten days… do I have to stay outside for ten days?”

“Not only would the Chengxian Society’s people be looking for me, but if Deacon Li or Niu Yong came looking for me, they might report to the sect if they couldn’t find me, and the sect then would start a large-scale search.”

Could he escape from the cultivators’ search?

Wang Ba was not at all confident.

Even if the Power of the Yin God could deceive others, how long could he last without a large supply of Spirit Chickens?

Besides, the replenishment speed is far slower than the rate of consumption.

“So, I absolutely can’t stay in the wild… but the escape tunnel from the sect is now under the eyes of the Foundation Establishment Cultivators…”

Wang Ba fell into deep thought.

This was another dilemma of a wolf in front and a tiger behind.

But there was no way, as a mortal trying to act within the sect, it was inevitable to be restricted everywhere.

At this moment, Wang Ba’s desire to become a cultivator grew even stronger.

If he became a cultivator, the current situation would naturally be easily resolved.

“Wait a minute!”

“Become a cultivator?”

Just then, an idea that gave him shivers suddenly jumped into his mind!

As he thought about it, he felt that this idea, though seemingly dangerous, might be the most appropriate method for him now!

He swiftly racked his brain, meticulously combing through potential loopholes.

Finally, Wang Ba made up his mind.

Maintaining the Power of Yin God, he quickly ran towards Ding 87 Villa.


It was Ding 87 Villa, the very one under the surveillance of the Chengxian Society!

Along the way, he picked up the chicken manure bucket he had dropped.

The Stage VI of the Strong Body Sutra endowed him with abundant strength, speed, and recovery power, so he quickly arrived at Ding 87 Villa.

He inhaled deeply several times to regulate his body to its normal state.

Only then, carrying the chicken manure bucket, did he step into the surveillance area.

The next second, the Power of Yin God began rotating rapidly.

But with the experience of his last success, this time, Wang Ba was much more composed.

It only took him a little while, and he smoothly returned to Old Sun’s room.

He touched Jia 7, thereby soothing his emotions a bit.

Then, he resumed his appearance in his mind, merely masquerading his physical state as that of an ordinary person.

Immediately, he walked out of Old Sun’s room with big strides.

The Power of Yin God started rotating again, but its speed was much slower compared to when he changed himself into air.

“It seems that the consumption of the Power of Yin God indeed correlates with the difficulty of my disguise.”

Wang Ba mentally noted this discovery.

Then he pretended to work casually in the villa for a while, before returning to his room again.

In the mountain hollow nearest to Ding 87 Villa.

Yu Changchun, who was meditating with his eyes closed, seemed to feel some movement. He opened his eyes to look at the scene in the water mirror. Seeing that Wang Ba had returned to his room, he immediately relaxed his heart, then quickly closed his eyes again, slowly drawing spiritual energy.

Observing Wang Ba, preventing leaks, indeed was important, but for a cultivator, cultivation was the most vital.

Yu Changchun understood this deeply.

Moreover, he didn’t believe any ordinary person could resist the temptation of immortality.

How many of them working themselves to the bone for the sect were not for the sake of immortality?

If it weren’t for the requirement from above to ensure the existence of the Chengxian Society was not leaked, he wouldn’t bother to be here observing a mortal.

“At most three days, this kid will definitely come and find me.”

Yu Changchun sneered, immediately seeming to have thought of something, moved his mind slightly. Old Hou who was beside him suddenly trembled, a glint of light flashing in his eyes.

The man seemed to have come back to life.

But he looked a bit bewildered.

Seeing Yu Changchun, Old Hou, who was slightly confused, quickly made an awkward yet respectful salute: “Si-sir, hello.”

“Hmm, no need for so much courtesy, go busy yourself!”

Yu Changchun waved his sleeve.

“Yes, sir!”

Then Old Hou hurriedly stepped out of the area marked by the triangular flags, looking at the surrounding scene, he appeared bewildered:

“Huh, why am I here… right, my donkey! Damn! I still have to deliver the chicken feed! That rascal from 92 Villa is going to curse at me again!”

With that, he hastily started looking for his donkey cart.

The next morning.

Wang Ba walked out of the room, sensing the spinning of the Power of Yin God, but he was not at all surprised.

“This Yu Changchun is really still watching me.”

“It seems he didn’t notice that I left secretly yesterday.”

Wang Ba felt a bit reassured.

But soon, the next morning, his heart sank.

“You’re saying Niu Yong has disappeared?”

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