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Chapter 41: Chapter 41: Chapter 41 Grinning Tigeri

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Chapter 41: Chapter 41 Grinning Tigeri

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“My big brother has been missing for nearly two days. My uncle at home has reported it to the External Affairs Room and the Rectification Room, but sadly there’s still no news. If Brother Wang has any clues about my big brother, please let us know. The Niu family will be greatly grateful.”

The speaker looked somewhat like Niu Yong, both carrying a hint of unruliness.

However, it was clear that he harbored strong feelings for his elder brother — his eyes reddened as he spoke.

“Brother Niu, a good man is in Heaven’s protection.”

Wang Ba consoled.

Speaking of it, Wang Ba had indeed not seen Niu Yong for two days.

Yet, it was not unusual. On regular days, Niu Yong would occasionally come over to collect chicken manure every two or three days.

As the manure tycoon, this area was firmly under his control, and no one dared to snatch his chicken manure.

However, in Wang Ba’s heart, he didn’t entirely trust this man who claimed to be Niu Yong’s younger brother.

It was too convenient!

Just yesterday, he started being monitored by the Chengxian Society, and today someone who looked like Niu Yong showed up claiming to take over Niu’s work due to his disappearance.

It was hard for him not to suspect that this was a setup by the Chengxian Society to cut off his channel of communication.

And secondly, to test whether he had an intention to disclose their secrets. In case he really believed what they said and betrayed their secrets, the consequences…

No matter what the Chengxian Society planned, Wang Ba decided to stick with that approach.

After a few vague words, Niu Yong’s brother drove off in the manure cart.

Watching his troubled expressions as he left, Wang Ba somewhat started believing his words.

“But how can a person vanish out of the blue?”

“Despite the size of the Sect, Niu Yong was no simpleton. Given his worldly wisdom and years of experience, in theory, he definitely wouldn’t have offended any Sect disciple to get killed…


In Wang Ba’s mind, the image of an ordinary face— Yu Changchun — immediately sprang up.

Chengxian Society!

Thinking about being watched, could Niu Yong also have been targeted by the people of Chengxian Society?

It’s possible.

Watching the figure of Niu Yong’s brother driving the cart and leaving in solitude, Wang Ba hesitated a bit but dismissed the idea of telling him.

He himself was still being watched, considering the strength of a Qi Refining Cultivator, the moment he informed the brother, he might be killed.

Wang Ba was not a bad person, but he was not so good as to sacrifice himself for someone else’s sake either.

He quickly fed the Precious Chickens and cleaned, then scooped up some rice and hid in the house to cook.

Better to be smoked out than to waste the Power of the Yin God.

Just yesterday, after going through the consumption by the Foundation Establishment Competitor and the man from Chengxian Society, he had lost a whole three drops of the Yin God’s power.

This was the result of consuming more than a dozen Spirit Chickens and nearly a month of contemplation.

Wang Ba was gnashing his teeth in hatred towards the Chengxian Society.

He had considered crushing the jade pendant given by Zhao Feng to provoke a conflict between Zhao Feng and the Chengxian Society.

Once they engaged, the Chengxian Society would be exposed under broad daylight.

By then, all kinds of conspiracies and tricks would fall apart.

But after much consideration, he gave up.

No one could say for sure how many people Chengxian Society had. If he exposed them, he would inevitably be targeted.

At that time, he might face serious obstacles, and many might even want his life.

Even if he wanted to leave the Sect, it might be difficult to find an opportunity.

Most importantly, he himself had secrets that wouldn’t withstand scrutiny.

Besides, he found it hard to believe that even Zhao Feng, an outer disciple, and even Shopkeeper Lu, a mere mortal, could sense the anomalies within the Sect; the higher-ups in the Sect must have noticed it too.

They could be plotting something, and if he stirred up conflicts, it might bring trouble to himself as well.

In short, for him, he just needs to hold tight until things stabilize in Nanhu Village and he can escape from the whirlpool of East Saint Sect. All the problems would then solve themselves.

There’s no need to complicate things and give himself unnecessary trouble at this point.

“Strange, why hasn’t Old Hou shown up? I have been waiting for him to stage a good show together.”

Wang Ba was staring outside his mansion while drinking thin porridge.

At this time, Old Hou would have already arrived.

In the hills surrounding the Ding 87 Villa.

Yu Changchun’s eyes were half closed, lips slightly parted, as he ingested spiritual energy.

Just then, the triangular flags around him started to shake.


Yu Changchun suddenly opened his eyes, scanning one of the flags with a gaze as swift as lightning.

A watery mirror quietly rose up, reflecting the figure of a person approaching from outside.

The man’s face was blurry but his plump figure was distinguishable, dressed in the clothing of an outer deacon.

“Li Zhi? What could this grinning tiger want with me?”

Yu Changchun murmured in confusion, then performed a finger gesture. A triangular flag quivered slightly, creating ripples in the surrounding air. Immediately following, a figure stepped out from these ripples.

“Why are you here instead of selecting suitable seeds? Aren’t you worried about the Chief blaming you?”

As soon as Li Zhi entered, Yu Changchun asked without any politeness.

However, the visitor was not annoyed. Even though his face was strangely blurry, one could somehow sense he was smiling:

“While you’re comfortably here, you don’t know the chaos happening outside.” “Chaotic events?”

Yu Changchun paused, then his expression suddenly changed: “Have we been discovered?”

“Hehe, not quite yet.”

A smile shone from Li Zhi’s blurry face.

Seeing the sly smile on his face, Yu Changchun felt extremely irritated:

“Stop rambling and tell me what’s going on!”

Li Zhi maintained his calm and patient demeanor, speaking evenly:

“A few days ago, Liu Changfeng lured a servant with the ‘Bury Bones’ method, but he acted too hastily without knowing the servant’s background. The servant turned out to be the nephew of an outer disciple. As soon as he got the Bury Bones method, he ran straight to the Rectification Room. Luckily, we intercepted him on the way…”

“What an idiot! I knew Liu Changfeng was unreliable from the start! He almost got us all in trouble! Once this matter is over, I’ll send him to the Shegu Cave to be devoured by thousands of snakes! That will relieve my anger!”

Yu Changchun cursed aloud.

Li Zhi still wore a smile :

“Hehe, don’t worry, he is already dead.”

Yu Changchun, who was fiercely cursing, suddenly paused and looked at Li Zhi in shock.

“Dead… dead?”

Yu Changchun could hardly believe his ears:

“Liu Changfeng, he… he was a Stage IX Qi Refiner… and the direct grandson of ‘that one’…”

Li Zhi’s blurry face laughed warmly: “Dead. The Chief himself handled him yesterday.”

At that moment, a profound chill filled Yu Changchun’s heart.

After a long time, he hoarsely asked, “Then why didn’t he mention it when the Chief came to Puppetry yesterday?”

As soon as he finished speaking, before waiting for Li Zhi to respond, he had already realized: “Right, he must have specifically sent you here as a warning…” “You have it wrong.”

Li Zhi slightly shook his head.


Confusion flashed across Yu Changchun’s face. Could he have misunderstood?

“It’s a warning to birds by punishing monkeys.”

Li Zhi’s blurry face bore a genuinely warm smile.

Yu Changchun’s face stiffened instantly.

“Hehe, just jesting.”

Li Zhi laughed it off and immediately followed up: “By the way, speaking of ‘chickens’, how have you been handling that boy 1 introduced to you, the one who’s good at raising chickens?”

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