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Chapter 42: Chapter 42: Chapter 42 Drama i

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Chapter 42: Chapter 42 Drama i

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“That chicken-keeper is quite cautious.”

Perhaps due to the death of Liu Changfeng, Yu Changchun had seemingly become more serious. After a moment’s thought, he said:

“However, as soon as we left yesterday, he couldn’t wait to start reading the secret technique. I observed him for most of the day. Besides feeding chickens, he was almost always hiding in the house studying the secret technique. He must still be obsessed with having a Spiritual Root. Such people are the easiest to deal with. I estimate that after the Human Puppet visits him today, he will inevitably try to subtly inquire about it.

“And if things go as expected, he will also take an interest in where the Human Puppet’s Bone Replacement takes place… As long as he shows interest, he will naturally want to try it. Once he starts attempting the Bone Replacement method that the Human Puppet deliberately leaks to him, he won’t have any control over what happens next.”

As for whether or not to join the Chengxian Society, is that even important?

“Three days, at most three days, and he will certainly be ours!”

Yu Changchun gave a barefacedly confident time estimate.

Li Zhi smiled as ever, but his attitude was a bit more conservative:

“My thoughts are a bit different from yours. This kid is very cautious. I’ve tried several times to shake him with the secrets of the Strong Body Sutra, but his reaction was minimal. Either he is very cunning, or he doesn’t care. In my opinion, the former is more likely.”

“Three days may not be enough. We must be careful in case this person has other plans.”

Although Yu Changchun didn’t think so, he was forced to recall Liu Changfeng, who had been beheaded due to his negligence, and he nodded:

“There are too many restrictions here, we can’t act rashly. We really can’t underestimate these mortals… Oops, the Human Puppet is here!”

Both of them immediately looked towards the water mirror.

In the water mirror, a menial worker humming a little tune while driving a donkey cart came within the surveillance range.

The menial worker looked to be in his forties or fifties. His green robe was covered in grime from not being washed for a long time. Even his hair was tangled and unkempt due to lack of grooming. It was Old Hou.

Perhaps because he had joined the Chengxian Society and his physical condition was improving, and there was also a chance of condensing a Spiritual Root, Old Hou’s mood seemed to be very good.

Even though he knew that given his age, even if he condensed a Spiritual Root, he might not achieve anything significant. However, isn’t it human nature to be blindly confident?

Perhaps in a short time, he would come upon an immortal cave left by an immortal, and then skyrocket to success!

Practicing immortality in old age, tsk, it’s quite exciting too!

If he gets the chance, he would like to yell at those who look down on him:

“Do not despise the poor in old age!”

And then one day in the future, he returns to his hometown in glory, held his head high, and enjoys the admiring glances of his peers who have already made a name for themselves in his hometown.

That’s right!

Old Hou didn’t go home, not because he was too ashamed to go back, but because Old Hou was making waves among the immortals and didn’t have time to deal with you mortals!

“Unfortunately, the Chengxian Society controls things too strictly, and unless given permission, they don’t allow anything to be said outside.”

Whenever Old Hou thought of the terrifying scene he had witnessed when the Chengxian Society punished members who had broken the rules, he swallowed hard in fear.

However, this didn’t stop him from repeatedly enjoying the super cool storyline of the past thirty years in his heart.

The donkey cart quickly arrived at the foot of Ding 87 Villa.

“The House Master seems to value Brother Wang quite a bit. If Brother Wang joins the Society, I’ll have another achievement to my name and can replace another bone. Maybe the Spiritual Root will be condensed!”

“I wonder how Brother Wang’s decision is coming along.”

Old Hou muttered to himself.

Then he shouted towards the villa: “Brother Wang, come out and collect the chicken feed!”

Sure enough, a familiar figure came out of the villa.

“Old Hou, you’ve finally arrived, I’ve been waiting for you for quite a while!”

Old Hou laughed and replied: “What are you waiting for me for? I’m not some beautiful immortal maiden…”

Despite what he said, he still helped Brother Wang carry two barrels uphill.

The two of them chatted casually for a bit. Seeing Wang Ba’s hesitant demeanor, Old Hou found it amusing. He remembered his own expression when he first found out about the Chengxian Society. He then said laughingly: “Brother Wang, just spit it out. Why are you beating around the bush?”

Upon hearing this, the other party clenched his teeth and blurted out: “Old Hou, tell me the truth, what exactly is the Chengxian Society for? I’ve been in the sect for almost a year and haven’t heard a single thing about the Chengxian Society. They’re keeping it so secret, something doesn’t feel right!”

“If you’re feeling uneasy, then something is indeed up!”

Old Hou’s retort was smooth – he’d long been adept at delivering baffling responses like this. He glanced around before quietly saying in a secretive tone: “The leader of the Chengxian Society also rose from the ranks of menial laborers. That’s why he takes care of us laborers. Of course, this comes at a cost. Once you’ve joined the society, have undergone Bone Replacement, and obtained your Spiritual Root, you must be loyal to our leader!”

To say it bluntly, we are his die-hard followers. Why would the Society’s leader dare to let others know about this?”

“We may have to obey our leader in the future, but at least we are being given a chance! Otherwise, all we would have is the Strong Body Sutra, right?”

Old Hou’s words seemed to have struck a chord in Brother Wang, who asked after a moment’s silence: “So… the leader, is it Meng Randao?”

Meng Randao was the only one among the outer ten disciples who had risen from being a laborer.

“No… Meng Randao has a high status within the sect, but I heard he’s been marginalized. He doesn’t have as much influence… Could it be Elder He from Purification House?”

Brother Wang couldn’t help guessing again.

Old Hou just smiled without responding, although he was secretly surprised that Brother Wang had managed to guess correctly.

But the number of laborers who ascend is few, so it’s not that hard to guess.

Brother Wang was quite clever, as it was apparent he gleaned something from Old Hou’s reaction. He quickly stuffed Old Hou a few spirit chicken eggs and inquired about the Bone Replacement.

Old Hou carefully raised his robe, revealing a long, narrow scar at his waist.

“Is that the pelvis?!”

Brother Wang looked shocked.

“That’s right! I’ve earned quite a few merits to get this pelvis. This is the pelvis of a Qi Refining cultivator! The manager said that if my spiritual root congeals, it will likely become a spiritual root of Gold, Wood, and Fire. Even though it’s a lower middle grade, it would still be stronger than the five elements spiritual root.”

Old Hou spoke with satisfaction.

Envy immediately filled Brother Wang’s eyes.

But Old Hou knew the principle of “haste makes waste”, so he didn’t push on. Instead, he tactfully ended the conversation: “Alright, we still need to deliver chicken feed. Damn it, yesterday we delivered it late and got scolded by that prick from 92 Villa again. I laha, once Old Hou becomes an immortal, I will pay him back with a few slaps!”

Having said this, he grumbled and left.

Only Brother Wang stayed behind, his eyes filled it seemed, with desire.

This scene was reflected in the water mirror in front of Yu Changchun and Li Zhi, far away in the mountains.

“How is it?”

Yu Changchun looked at Li Zhi smugly: “With the story that I’ve given the Human Puppet, we will be able to recruit him within three days, right?”

However, a stony expression was all that showed up on Li Zhi’s vague face:” Did you let the Human Puppet tell him that the Chief of Purification House, He Lin, is one of ours?”

Yu Changchun looked puzzled: “What’s wrong? After all, this laborer couldn’t possibly run to He Lin to confront him. Even if we lied to him, it wouldn’t matter, right?”

“It’s not that.”

Li Zhi stared at him, his expressionless face prompted Yu Changchun in a moment of stunned silence:

“He Lin really is one of us..”

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