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Chapter 43: Chapter 43: Chapter 43 Crisisi

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Chapter 43: Chapter 43 Crisisi

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“He Lin is one of us!?”

Yu Changchun could hardly believe his own ears.

“How… how was I not aware of this?!”

There was a playful look in Li Zhi’s eyes: “Are you sure you genuinely didn’t know?”

“If 1 fucking knew that, would I have let the Human Puppet blab about it? Am 1 sick of living? That’s a high-ranking Golden Core Cultivator! If he knew 1 revealed his identity, he could destroy me with a single thought!”

Yu Changchun got up anxiously, pacing back and forth, then suddenly turned to look back at Li Zhi: “He Lin, no, Elder He, is he really one of us?”

A smile resurfaced on Li Zhi’s vague face: “Absolutely!”


Yu Changchun couldn’t help but curse; “The higher-ups could easily handle them, but for some reason, they have to be so mysterious, even hiding it from their own people!”


“No more! I’m going to kill that odd-jobber now! And the other odd-jobbers who knew about it before, they all have to be killed!”

“And the Human Puppet cannot be left alive either!”

As he spoke, he fingered spell formulas and recited incantations, and the small flags around him vibrated slightly.

However, to his surprise, after a slight tremble, the small flags returned to their tranquility.


In a flash, Yu Changchun’s eyes narrowed as he shot a dangerous glance at Li Zhi.

Li Zhi shrugged and laughed, “Yes, it was me.”

“Why did you stop me?”

Yu Changchun’s face turned grim, his long beard swinging as he became more distressed and angry.

“Elder He’s identity is no secret, it’s just that you aren’t high enough on the hierarchy for anyone to tell you.”

Li Zhi was utterly composed, seemingly impervious to the pressure from the other party.

“Besides, the odd-jobber who raises chickens managed to raise over a dozen Spirit Chickens in a year. Although they’re lower grade Spirit Chickens, he is but a mere mortal, he still has potential, and to me… he is of some use… so you can’t kill him for now.”

“Of course, when the time comes, there will be no harm in killing him.”

“You… Don’t tell me you’re planning to cultivate the Blood Bone Dao to recreate your true body?”

It seemed as though Yu Changchun had thought of something and his eyes widened in surprise.

Li Zhi just smiled, not saying a word.

Then, as if sensing something, he laughed and said, “We are now at a crucial point, and I have no time to take care of him. This kid is now in your hands. Brother Yu surely won’t disappoint me, right?”

“Humph! If you hadn’t called me that way, 1 wouldn’t even know I have such a junior.”

Yu Changchun snorted coldly, flicked his sleeve, sat down, and stared at the water mirror.

Li Zhi smiled and stepped into the ripples.

Watching his disappearing figure, there was a profound reluctance in Yu Changchun’s eyes:

“That mysterious fellow, who wouldn’t recognize him in that guise? However, he clearly abandoned his true body, so why does it feel like he is more formidable than before? In that brief moment, he suppressed my control over the array flags, it felt even more oppressive than the pressure I felt from my Master…”

“What realm is he at now?”

“Ah well, for the next three days, 1’11 just keep a close eye on him!”

As soon as Wang Ba walked into the room, the desire on his face faded instantly.

In its place, he was filled with doubt and uncertainty!

“Who was watching me just now besides Yu Changchun?”

“Two drops of the Power of the Yin God, they were consumed completely in such a short time!”

“It’s almost comparable to that Master at Foundation Establishment I met near Nanhu Village days ago!”

Wang Ba shuddered slightly.

As he had expected, Old Hou did come to him and even intentionally revealed some information.

And he also fittingly showed a mix of fear and desire.

As such, they successfully staged the anticipated drama.

Although this won’t change much, it can only be considered as a strategy to stall for time.

For him, as long as he could just get through these ten days, he would be able to escape and have the world before him.

It was actually the best choice.

Yet from the beginning, this play had surprises.

A powerful figure suspected to be in the Foundation Establishment realm seemed to be observing him too!

The tremendous gap in strength caused a tremendous mental pressure, almost making his performance deformed.

Luckily, he was able to sculpt a suitable expression in time with the Power of the Yin God, which barely passed the test.

However, the already sparse Power of the Yin God was further depleted, and now, only eight drops were left!

“If I continue this way, I won’t hold on until the cultivator from Nanhu Village leaves.”

Wang Ba ran a quick calculation in his head. Even if he tried to minimize the time he spent under the surveillance of Yu Changchun, he had to spend at least three Shichen working under his watch every day to avoid attracting his attention.

Three Shichen, one drop of the Power of the Yin God was not enough to consume.

It would at least take a drop and a half.

Eight drops would only last another four or five days.

If what happened today occurs again in the meantime, it might only be two or three days.

There’s a long way to go to get to io days.

“The Power of the Yin God must be replenished as soon as possible.”

Wang Ba’s mind was exceptionally clear at this moment.

The only way to replenish the Power of the Yin God was to eat Spirit Chickens, draw the spiritual energy from them by visualization, and then transform it into the Power of the Yin God.

The process was intricate and inefficient.

However, it was the only method available.

There were still close to two hundred and fifty chickens in the mansion, forty-six of which were Spirit Chickens that had broken through due to disease.

They were all hidden by Wang Ba in the space between old Sun’s house and his own, enclosed in cages and covered with thick black cloth. From the outside, almost nothing could be seen or heard.

Each day, Wang Ba quietly fed some feed into the hole he opened from his room.

This was something that Wang Ba had prepared for while repairing his house, initially just to hide the quantity of Spirit Chickens.

But now, it had become his secret way to replenish the Power of the Yin God.

“But still… it’s not nearly enough.”

Wang Ba continued to calculate in his room.

“Now, to condense one drop of the Power of the Yin God, 1 need to consume six Spirit Chickens. It would take me at least io days to digest these six chickens. There isn’t nearly enough time!”

“If I could get a large amount of lifespan in a short time, according to my experience, after raising the levels of the Strong Body Sutra, the speed of condensing the Power of the Yin God could be significantly accelerated.”

“But where can I get the lifespan? Even if I extract the lifespan from all the Spirit Chickens and Precious Chickens in the mansion, it would only total to over 6oo years.”

“6oo years could only raise me to the Seventh Stage, it wouldn’t accelerate much.”

“Unless all the villas could… wait a minute!”

Wang Ba’s eyes suddenly brightened!

He suddenly thought of recently circulating diseases among the chickens and pigs within the entire sect.

It was these epidemics that led to the rapid rise in prices in the marketplace.

Spirit Chickens, previously affordable by low-class Qi refining disciples for boosting their physical strength and speeding up their cultivation, became a contested resource with high-class disciples, indirectly causing the prices of Spirit Chickens to soar.

Even the sect disciples were reportedly affected by these epidemics, with cultivation resources extremely scarce, and many were dispatched for the sake of a spirit spring.

Everything was interlinked, and this was the case.

Despite these prices affecting Wang Ba, the impact was minimal.

Price fluctuations didn’t significantly change the number of chickens he got in exchange through selling Spirit Chickens.

At most, when he went to the market to exchange chickens, the shopkeepers smiled more.

But now, it made Wang Ba think of a plan that seemed reckless but was extremely sure.

No sooner thought than done.

That night, he almost entirely extracted the lifespans of the 46 Spirit Chickens, and his lifespan reached about 330 years.

Afterwards, he grabbed two of the Spirit Chickens, activated the Power of the Yin God, and silently left the mansion..

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