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Chapter 45: Chapter 45: Chapter 45: Bone_l

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Chapter 45: Chapter 45: Bone_l

Accompanied by the breakthrough of the Strong Body Sutra.

Within Wang Ba’s body, both his strength and reaction speed had obviously improved.

Even though he couldn’t fully utilize these improvements within the confines of his small room, the sensation of a rapid strengthening of his body was not deceptive.

However, Wang Ba did not bask in his triumph. As dawn broke, he slaughtered a Spirit Chicken right inside his room.

The already foul-smelling room was filled with an even more disgusting scent of blood.

But he didn’t mind it at all.

Only after the Spirit Chicken was plucked and chopped up, it was unrecognizable that he brought it out.

He then proceeded to stew it in a clay pot.

Next, he took a bath in the spring at the foot of the manor.

Yu Changchun, who had been keeping a close watch on him, almost couldn’t resist making a move.

Fortunately, as soon as Wang Ba finished his bath, he returned to the manor.

Subsequently, he began his busy day.

Feeding, cleaning, tidying up the manor…

“Oh, what is this delicious smell? Are you cooking chicken?’1

Old Hou came early today, carrying two buckets of chicken feed up the manor, but Wang Ba stopped him at the entrance.

“I’ve had some chickens getting sick here, so you’d better be careful.’1

With a solemn expression on his face, Wang Ba said loudly.

This was to lay the groundwork for his future uninterrupted chicken earing, as an odd-job worker earing the sick chickens in his own yard wouldn’t raise any suspicions.

Hearing this, Old Hou stepped back immediately. Even if the chicken plague usually didn’t infect humans, what if he was the exception?

Anyway, it’s better to be cautious.

The two quickly exchanged the chicken feed and chatted for a bit as usual.

Wang Ba still looked both intimidated and eager, giving Old Hou the impression that he desperately wanted to join the Chengxian Society but was still somewhat hesitant.

Obviously, this hesitation would soon disappear over time.

Based on his experience,

At the latest, Brother Wang would voluntarily ask to join by tomorrow.

Confident in his judgement, Old Hou didn’t linger. After all, he had to go and srir up trouble in other places. With a friendly wave, he bade Wang Ba goodbye and headed on his way.

Wang Ba seemed as though he wanted to say something but held back, appearing quite conflicted.

Yu Changchun, who had been watching all along, nodded slightly. He also thought that at this rate, they should be able to secure this chicken caretaker by tomorrow.

He then closed his eyes and sat down to meditate, leaving a small part of his attention on Wang Ba.

Meanwhile, Wang Ba continued according to his own plan.

After finishing all the morning chores, he brought the stewed Spirit Chicken into his room.

As expected,

With the breakthrough of his Strong Body Sutra, his ability to digest the Spirit Chicken had greatly improved.

He spent nearly half the day, but he managed to eat an entire Spirit Chicken!

Despite feeling like he was about to throw up, this was a level of progress he had not seen before.

Moreover, when he was meditating on the Yin God later, he was pleasantly surprised to find that his body’s ability to retain Spiritual Energy had increased by nearly double!

Correspondingly, the speed of condensing the Power of Yin God had also increased significantly.

Previously, the condensation of a drop of the Power of Yin God required eating six chickens over 10 days. Now, with just an afternoon s work, Wang Ba had successfully condensed a third of a drop of the Power of Yin God!

Thus, he only needed three days now to successfully condense a drop!

“I was right!”

Wang Ba was overjoyed.

Increasing the Strong Body Sutra really could indirectly speed up the condensation of the Power of Yin God.

But he knew that the current speed was still not enough.

His demand for the Power of Yin God was higher than ever before; the more the better, but he didn’t have much time.

He didn’t know when Chengxian Society’s Yu Changchun would lose patience with him, but he knew that once the other man had no more expectations of him, he would inevitably face a ruthless blow!

Therefore, on the one hand, he must strive to condense more of the Power of Yin God. On the other hand, he must use every means to string along his watcher.

In the evening, after some hesitation, he decided to take four Spirit Chickens and his only remaining eight Spirit Stones, and under the cover of the Power of Yin God, he sneakily left the manor.

However, this time his luck was not so good, having visited several estates.

Either the Precious Chickens had all died from sickness, or they were taken away by the people from the Purification House for processing.

It took quite some effort to acquire around 600 chickens from a few lower-ranked estates.

He achieved roughly 1200 years of lifespan.

The eight spirit stones he had planned to spend remained unspent.

“I’m still short of about 550 chickens. With another 550, I’ll be able to reach Stage IX’1

Wang Ba was somewhat regretful.

The lifespan required for Stage IX was approximately 2300 years.

Regardless, he managed his mood and returned to his manor.

First thing in the morning.

Old Hou again delivered his chicken feed to the manor, but only stayed at the entrance, not daring to come in.

After delivering the chicken feed, Wang Ba seemed to hurriedly chat with Old Hou about the Chengxian Society.

However this time, Old Hou kept his mouth shut, no matter how much Wang Ba questioned him, the only response was; you will know once you join.

Seeing Old Hou’s reaction, Wang Ba maintained his smile, but inwardly his heart sank.

“That was quick! Revealing its true colors so soon? Correct, the typical servant, if they still have the aspiration to condense their spirit root, I’m afraid they will only last a few days.”

After all, following Old Hou’s words, the power behind Chengxian Society was the Purification House’s House Master, one of the six ruling elders within the sect besides the Sect Master. Having the support of such an unreachable figure is a leap to the top.

And the Bury Bones secret technique was still hanging there.

Generally, servants probably can t resist such a temptation, even those who act decisively might have attached themselves to it firsthand.

On the flip side, whoever can resist this temptation, most likely, is aware that there’s something wrong with the Chengxian Society.

“What should 1 do? How should 1 navigate this situation?!”

“It’s not that I can’t join the Chengxian Society, but I’m afraid if I step in, they’ll cast some spell on me, then 1 will only be able to walk this path in the dark!” Wang Ba quickly considered his options.

Around the same time, in the hollow outside the manor, numerous invisible lines silently arose from Yu Changchun’s hand.

He intently stared at Wang Ba in the water mirror, waiting for Wang Ba’s final decision.

Had Wang Ba still not chosen to join the Chengxian Society today.

What Wang Ba would face then would be his ruthless attack.


Although he is very wary of his unfathomable junior fellow, Li Zhi, compared to the punishment if he were ever exposed, Yu Changchun still chose the safest way.

After all, the death of Liu Changfeng was in plain sight!

So either join or be killed immediately, leaving no future troubles!

Even if a servant’s sudden death or disappearance would draw attention, it wouldn’t concern him.

In the water mirror.

Wang Ba seemed unaware, still by Old Hou’s side, wracking his brains to enquire.

The more Wang Ba asked, the more the lines in Yu Changchun’s hand began to flicker with a cold luster…

Considering how he had adamantly pledged to Li Zhi before that he would definitely recruit successfully within three days.

He vaguely sensed that this servant was really going to make him lose face.

But that didn’t matter.

He wouldn’t bother with a dead man.

His finger twitched slightly.

At the entrance of Bing 87 Villa in the distance, Old Hou’s body subtly trembled, the brilliance in his eyes quietly faded, and what replaced it was a chilling cold.

Meanwhile, under his dirty and bleached Baoist robe, a small slit slowly opened at Old Hou’s waist, and sharp white bones silently slid apart and began to move around him, finally sliding down to his arms.

Following that, Old Hou raised his hand, as if to bid Wang Ba goodbye.

White bones shone out a hint of coldness from under his sleeve,

Aimed at the unsuspecting Wang Ba.

Slowly reaching out..

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