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Chapter 46: Chapter 46: Chapter 46: Gained a lot of knowledge i

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Chapter 46: Chapter 46: Gained a lot of knowledge i

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“Hey, Old Hou, don’t rush off!”

“Just answer me one question; would Bone Replacement work with any Spirit Beast’s bone? I want to try it out myself first.”

Wang Ba seemed entirely oblivious to Old Hou’s reaction, earnestly grasping Old Hou’s arm to stop him.

Yu Changchun, who overheard this conversation, abruptly halted the hand that had been manipulating the silk threads.

Surprise flickered in his eyes.

“You want to perform Bone Replacement yourself?”

“Still not quite believing us, huh… But, once you start the Bone Replacement, you won’t be able to back off!”

Yu Changchun chuckled coldly, but he flicked his fingers, and the sharp edge of the silk thread in his palm quietly disappeared.

It was not easy to cultivate a menial servant. If success was imminent, he was not willing to abandon it easily.

After some thought, he decided to manipulate Old Hou’s words and slowly said:

“As long as it’s of sufficient rank, any will do.”

“Spirit Beasts’ bodies can absorb and transform Spiritual Energy. After Bone Replacement, the Spirit Beast’s bones will guide and transform the human body, allowing one’s own Spiritual Root to grow.”

“Of course, Spirit Beast bones and human bones are different. After Bone Replacement, you will experience the pain of bone and flesh rejection and reconstruction. Moreover, even if a Spiritual Root is born afterwards, it’s most likely inferior to the ordinary five elements spiritual root.”

“You should also know that the five elements spiritual root are almost the lowest-quality Spiritual Root.”

“So, it’s best to join the Chengxian Society, choose the appropriate bones, and let the members of the Chengxian Society help you with Bone Replacement.”

“You’ve also read the first volume of the Bury Bones secret technique; you should know that under normal circumstances, the success rate of self-performed Bone Replacement is very low. Most of the time, the person just suffers in vain. Even if successful, the person might be affected by the lingering will in the bones and be in unbearable pain.”

“Unless, you follow the method recorded in the second volume…”

He didn’t continue, but the implication was clear.

As a member of the Chengxian Society, Old Hou naturally had the second volume of the Bury Bones secret technique. As soon as Wang Ba asked, even if he still didn’t wish to join the Chengxian Society, he would half-willingly hand over the second volume to Wang Ba.

In this way, Wang Ba, who had been in a dilemma for three days, would certainly not be able to resist trying the method in the second volume.

Once he started trying, he would find that without the Chengxian Society’s bone source and assistance, the success rate would be miserably low.

To seek help, Wang Ba would naturally take the initiative to join the Chengxian Society.

The reason he didn’t provide Wang Ba with the method from the second volume right at the beginning was firstly, if something is too easily obtained, nobody would cherish it. Secondly, the method in the second volume of the Bury Bones secret technique is far cruder than the first one. If this was introduced at the start, Wang Ba would probably not dare to practice it and be put on alert.

Only by gradually enticing him and completely excavating his desires and selfishness could they ensnare Wang Ba.

Undoubtedly, the provision of an appropriate bone source was a crucial factor for the success of the method described in the second volume of the Bury Bones secret technique.

What the Chengxian Society could offer its members, in addition to a complete set of mature Bone Replacement technique and experience, was primarily the provision of suitable human bones.

“As long as you follow the method in the second volume and accept the bone source we provide. Hehe!”

Yet, what stunned Yu Changchun was Wang Ba’s response. Whether it was him being too naive or he simply didn’t think to ask Old Hou for the second volume, his eyes glowed with confidence, expressing:

“I’ve already thought of what to use for my Bone Replacement!”

Yu Changchun: “Uh…”

Before Yu Changchun could react, he saw Wang Ba sprinting back to his cottage on the mountain. A series of crashing sounds ensued as if Wang Ba were clumsily attempting something.

This was well outside Yu Changchun’s view. He was tempted to manipulate Old Hou to check on Wang Ba’s activity.

However, he soon heard Wang Ba’s voice echoing from inside, “Old Hou, you go ahead with your work! Wait until I’ve successfully performed the Bone Replacement, I promise you’ll be surprised!”

Yu Changchun hesitated for a moment before controlling Old Hou to descend the mountain, frowning.

He himself then enlarged the mana he was putting into the water mirror.

The water mirror gradually magnified, revealing an image of Wang Ba standing under the roof of his house, busying himself with something unknown.

Yu Changchun tried to adjust the angle.

However, the water mirror began to quiver, showing blurry ripples, and it almost seemed as if it was about to shatter!

“Damn it! The sect’s Formation is suppressing it!”

Yu Changchun muttered a curse and immediately reduced the mana input.

The image in the water mirror quickly shrank but also regained its stability.

Yu Changchun didn’t try to adjust it anymore; even though the angle was flawed, it was enough for him to observe Wang Ba’s movements under the eaves of the roof.

At first, Yu Changchun was confused when Wang Ba began to heat a stove and placed a knife on the fire.

He was still puzzled as Wang Ba fetched a Spirit Chicken from one of the chicken coops.

Until he saw Wang Ba slit the throat of the Spirit Chicken with a knife, then carefully separate each bone from the chicken.

He vaguely guessed something, but he didn’t dare to believe his conjecture.

And when he saw Wang Ba holding a chicken bone in his hand, measuring and comparing it…

He was flabbergasted.

Yu Changchun even felt a sense of absurdity and humor.

Was he crazy?

He was not referring to Wang Ba, but himself.

If he was sane, why would he seek out Wang Ba the madman?

This bone.Jt’s a fucking chicken bone!

Even if it’s a Spirit Chicken, it’s still a chicken!

Are you planning to replace your bone with a chicken bone?

At this moment, the usually graceful and composed Yu Changchun was in chaos and even started doubting himself.

Was he just too conservative and couldn’t keep up with the thinking of the younger generation?

But he soon realized that it was not because he couldn’t keep up, but because this Wang Ba was just too wild.

Wang Ba seemed unable to find a suitable bone. He got up again and grabbed another Spirit Chicken, disemboweled it, and meticulously picked out the bones.

He did this one after another, slaughtering a few Spirit Chickens.

Watching it made Yu Changchun feel a little distressed.

“I’m already at the Qi Refining Stage VIII and I haven’t even eaten Spirit Chicken that often! This bastard!” He cursed.

Eventually, it seemed Wang Ba found a suitable chicken bone.

He carefully placed the bone in a bowl with satisfaction.

Despite everything, Yu Changchun sat upright and could not help but feel curious:

“Even though I know desiring to replace bones with chicken bones is nearly bound to fail, I still want to know where he plans to use it.”

The next second, he saw Wang Ba biting a rough cloth, picking up a red-hot knife, and directly slicing the skin off the top of his left pinky finger!

A miserable scream instantly pierced through the water mirror screen, causing Yu Changchun to flinch subconsciously.

Then, in the water mirror…

Wang Ba, his veins standing out from the pain, crudely cut off and dug out the bone from his pinky and savagely pushed the chicken bone in to replace it!

This act made Yu Changchun’s eye twitch involuntarily.

“That tendon should not have been cut…”

Wang Ba continued his actions. After replacing the bone with the chicken bone, he directly drew patterns on the ground with the blood flowing from his finger.

The patterns looped into a circle with an uncanny appearance in the middle.

Once the last stroke was completed, Wang Ba, his lips bleeding from biting, took out six spirit stones from his pocket and gently put them in six positions of the circular pattern.

The bloody circular pattern instantly emitted a bright light!

Upon seeing this strange sight, Wang Ba quickly immersed his left pinky into the bloody light.

Soon, the bloody light, like a swallow returning to the forest, quickly melted into Wang Ba’s pinky finger.

The light’s entrance ignited Wang Ba’s agony in an instant.

His screams echoed…

This terrifying scene was reflected in the water mirror.

Even Yu Changchun, after a moment of shock, sighed, “What an eye-opener!”

Replacing bones with chicken bones, what a marvel!

Watching Wang Ba’s unending rolling and howling in the water mirror, Yu Changchun, for the first time, looked at him seriously.

Having such firm determination in cultivating the path, daring to risk his life, even if he failed at Bone Replacement, it showed his resolve. He might indeed have the possibility to become one of them.

Not the Chengxian Society, but them.

But as he was watching, Yu Changchun suddenly frowned:

“Eh.. Why does it seem, this servant’s strength, looks like it has increased?”

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