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Chapter 47: Chapter 47: Chapter 47 Success? _1

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Chapter 47: Chapter 47 Success? _1

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Over the water mirror.

Even with Yu Changchun’s extraordinary sensitivity as a cultivator, he could only judge through intuitive feelings.

And in the water mirror, Wang Ba, though still rolling on the ground, howling in agony, seemed more powerful.

“This… can’t be, can it?”

“Did he… succeeded?”

Yu Changchun was somewhat suspicious.

Success in bone replacement would often induce some anomalies, such as a tremendous surge in strength, due to the stimulation by the foreign bone.

But he soon realized that there was not much change in Wang Ba’s strength.

“He probably did not succeed.”

Under extreme pain, people would exert all their strength, and so, naturally, they seem stronger than usual.

This doesn’t indicate anything.

Gradually, his pain seemed to ease a bit. Wang Ba was laying on the ground, his chest heaving violently, and his cries of agony gradually subsided.

Besides the distortions on his face caused by the pain, there was also a deep sense of dejection.

“He failed…”

Seeing this scene, Yu Changchun unexpectedly breathed a sigh of relief. His tense mind also gradually relaxed.

He was truly afraid that Wang Ba would succeed.

After all, using chicken bones for bone replacement- even he found it unbelievable.

He knows well how much preparation and efforts the members of Chengxian Society put into bone replacement.

The source of the bone for replacement, whether it matches, how to maintain the viability of the bone after killing its owner, and even the miniature formation drawn by Wang Ba that even a mortal could set up, as well as the placement of spirit stones, require a lot of considerations.

If Wang Ba could succeed with such a whimsical operation, wouldn’t those menial workers whose consciousness has been obliterated for the condensation of the spiritual root be wronged?

Luckily, Wang Ba failed.

But it’s not entirely a bad thing.

With this attempt, he should realize that without the help of the Chengxian Society, trying to complete bone replacement alone will only bring him misery.

“It’s time for me to step in.”

Yu Changchun gently stroked his long beard, the water mirror in his hand quietly shattered and dissipated. He swung his sleeve, and the triangular flags scattered in several positions immediately shivered, then fell into the bag around his waist.

The aura on his body quickly retracted and concentrated into a bone in his body. Soon, he looked just like an ordinary menial worker.

Indeed, it was the case.

At this moment, except maintaining his consciousness, his body was no different from an ordinary person.

At least if a Qi refining cultivator from the sect passed by, they would only identify him as an ordinary menial worker.

As his senses were receding rapidly, the world seemed to be veiled, blurry.

Yu Changchun was not used to this, but he had to in order to remain unnoticed.

Then, he strode toward the Ding 87 Villa. Soon he arrived in front of the villa.

The strong smell of chicken feces filled his nostrils. Yu Changchun shook his head slightly, enduring the choking smell and walked into the villa.

What came into his sight was the disheveled figure of Wang Ba lying under the eaves.

There was blood all around, and the formation drawn with blood had been erased quite a bit by Wang Ba’s rolling. The six spirit stones on it have visibly dimmed a lot.

There was an abnormal twist and a long scar on his little finger of the left hand.

The function of the formation is to speed up healing wounds and to promote the integration of bone and flesh.

It was exactly the scene he saw in the water mirror.

Yu Changchun approached Wang Ba with a friendly face and found that Wang Ba’s eyes were unfocused, looking at the sky, and seemed unaware of his arrival.

It seemed this failure hit him pretty hard.

Yu Changchun was also worried that Wang Ba would lose his morale after this failure, so he quickly comforted him a few words.

“Thank you, manager… Hisss… Manager sir.”

Wang Ba, who had snapped back to reality, struggled to sit up, then got up hard and bowed to Yu Changchun. But he was stopped by the latter.

“I’ve never seen anyone as firmly committed as Brother Wang! The pain of bone replacement is even more unbearable than that of a common woman giving birth. Yet, Brother Wang willingly bears it, truly a natural cultivator!”

Yu Changchun admired unreservedly, then expressed that he was deeply moved, deciding to also give him the second part of the scroll.

Of course, the corresponding resources and bone source, etc., would only be granted once one has joined the Chengxian Society. I hope Wang Ba can understand this.

Wang Ba was moved to tears by these words and was on the verge of kneeling down to kowtow to Yu Changchun.

“No need to be so grateful. Seeing you, Brother Wang, reminds me of the difficulties I faced in my early days of seeking the path of Cultivation. If it weren’t for the help of fellow cultivators, 1 fear…”

Yu Changchun seemed to be filled with nostalgia as he remembered the hardships he faced in his early days of seeking the Dao.

He then handed the lower volume of the Bury Bones Secret Technique to Wang Ba.

“After your failed Bone Replacement attempt, you can’t undergo another one in a short period of time; you must rest for at least half a month. If you want to Cultivate using this lower volume, it’s best to find an excellent bone source. Otherwise, even though the failure of your finger bone replacement hasn’t affected your base, other failures could make future Bone Replacements more difficult.”

Yu Changchun stated solemnly.

Wang Ba nodded repeatedly after hearing this and even took out a piece of paper, seriously jotting down the instructions with a charcoal pen.

He clearly had a great deal of trust in Yu Changchun at this point.

Not only that, but Wang Ba hesitated for a while and then seemed to put on a brave face, saying, “Master, please wait a moment, 1 want to give you a gift.”

Yu Changchun smirked inwardly upon hearing this.

A gift from a Stage VIII Qi Refining cultivator?

What good things could a minor aide have?

At most, it would be a few spirit stones.

Frankly, he didn’t think much of it.

However, the thought counted, which made Wang Ba a little different from the previous aides who only wanted bones from him.

Yu Changchun was quite pleased: “Okay, I’ll reject it later.”

Wang Ba staggered back into the house. When he came out, he was holding six Spirit Chickens, brimming with spiritual energy.

“Master, I have no way to repay your great kindness. I have no possessions, 1 only know how to raise chickens. These are Spirit Chickens that I’ve managed to raise. Unfortunately, they are of lower grade, but they can represent my gratitude. Please accept them.”

Yu Changchun, who was about to reject the offer, thought about it and felt that he shouldn’t refuse the sincere intention of a man with such a staunch Dao-heart.

“Ahem, if you put it that way, 1’11 accept it for your sake.”

With a thought, he mobilized a weak strand of Mana from within a bone in his body, leading a palm-sized bag from his sleeve to fly out and collected all six Spirit Chickens held by Wang Ba.

Then, he carefully put it away in a precious manner.

“Is this, is this!?”

Wang Ba looked shocked.

Yu Changchun, who had collected six Spirit Chickens, was in a good mood, and therefore didn’t hesitate to explain: “This is a lower-grade Spirit Beast Bag. It can collect live Spirit Beasts, up to the size of a mere ten feet square. It is several times more expensive than a same-grade Storage Bag.”

“How many Spirit Stones are needed to buy this!”

Envy was almost visible in Wang Ba’s eyes.

“It’s not just about having Spirit Stones, you also need luck.”

Yu Changchun said laughingly, being increasingly friendly towards Wang Ba.

Now he somewhat understood why his junior brother valued this aide so much and even personally demanded to retain him.

After all, there were so many Spirit Chickens, they were just too tempting!

He had just seen Wang Ba killing several Spirit Chickens as if it was nothing, and then he brought out six more.

Who knows how many this aide has bred.

If he could continuously breed Spirit Chickens, even if they are of lower grade, they might just be enough to support his Cultivation of the Blood Bone Dao technique which consumes a lot of flesh and blood.

By then, he could rebuild his real body, and even improve his spirit root qualification, there’d be hope to reach his master’s level.

The more he thought about it, the more thrilled and excited he became; his gaze towards Wang Ba became increasingly benevolent.

Inwardly, he was relieved that he hadn’t made a fatal move earlier.

“Take it slow. Such talent can only be encouraged with benefits and kindness. It’s just killing the goose that lays golden eggs to control him purely using the Human Puppet Technique, something that should only be done when absolutely necessary.”

Yu Changchun made a plan in his heart, then hurriedly said his goodbyes without sticking around any longer.

Since Wang Ba wasn’t planning to join the Chengxian Society yet, he had other aides to tend to.

Meanwhile, under the eaves of the house, Wang Ba managed to upright a wooden chair and sat down.

While maintaining the twisted illusion of his little finger by using the Power of the Yin God, he pretended to be enthusiastically reading the lower volume of Bury Bones Secret Technique, cursing in his heart:

“This Yu Changchun, took my six Spirit Chickens and he’s still watching me! He sounds nice, but he’s really not a good guy!”

“I’ve wasted half a day performing!”

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