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Chapter 48: Chapter 48: Chapter 48 Training i

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Chapter 48: Chapter 48 Training i

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Recalling the risky event not long ago, Wang Ba was still filled with lingering fear.

“Old Hou was hiding a white bone in his sleeve!”

With his senses far beyond those of an ordinary person, he detected Old Hou’s exception, as well as the bone inside Old Hou’s sleeve that was immensely filled with Spiritual Energy.

He had immediately sensed that something was wrong and quickly came up with the question of ‘Bone Replacement’ to divert the other party’s attention while swiftly excusing his return to the villa.

In the villa, there was a fully-grown Jia 7 whose attack power was astonishing, just a single peck could turn stones into tofu-like softness.

Jia 7 was not dumb and could barely understand some of Wang Ba’s simple commands, making it Wang Ba’s only available combat force at the moment.

As soon as Old Hou broke in, he would summon Jia 7 to engage in a life and death struggle.

If necessary, he planned to directly crush the Jade Pendant given by Zhao Feng, opting for mutual destruction.

However, at the critical moment, Old Hou unexpectedly gave up the assassination and left directly.

Suddenly, he had a flash of inspiration and came up with the plan of pretending to perform Bone Replacement.

In the Bury Bones secret technique, the process of Bone Replacement and the results of failure are very detailed.

Along with the information Wang Ba had asked Old Hou during their casual conversation the day before, he had collected many details.

Although it was difficult to masquerade the Bone Replacement process, Wang Ba was able to smoothly complete it based on his understanding of Bury Bones. To make the deceit more authentic, he truly used a knife to slice his own little finger and draw the formation with his fresh blood.

Indeed, the screams were also real.

Due to the extreme pain, he had shed tears.

Of course, he did not sever his own finger bone and did not insert a chicken bone into his flesh.

The Power of the Yin God played an important role in all of this.

But the cost was huge.

Because of the stiffness in pretending to perform the technique.

In just the short span of one incense stick, he consumed three whole drops of his Yin God’s power.

Including the consumption over the last two nights, he now had less than four drops left of the Yin God’s power.

However, these were not important. Yu Changchun’s arrival allowed Wang Ba to discover two important pieces of information.

“The place where Yu Changchun is observing me shouldn’t be far away.”

“Moreover, when Yu Changchun was watching me just now, the operation speed of the Yin God’s power was not as fast as before, similar to that of a normal person. However, when he utilized the ‘Spirit Beast Bag’, the speed of the Yin God’s power increased dramatically. If I’m not wrong, Yu Changchun couldn’t afford to display himself too openly within the Sect, hence, he hid himself.”

“In other words, judging one’s identity or power through consumption of the Yin God’s power is not completely accurate.”

For some reason, Wang Ba suddenly remembered Deacon Li.

At first meeting, Deacon Li appeared as a mortal, but the last time he saw him, the rotation speed of Deacon Li’s Yin God’s power was similar to that of a Sect Disciple.

Considering the secrets previously revealed by Deacon Li, Wang Ba felt a chill in his heart.

“Deacon Li, he’s also a member of the Chengxian Society!”

“Has the Chengxian Society completely infiltrated the Sect? Is Elder He really the mastermind behind the Chengxian Society?”

“Can I trust anyone here?”

Wang Ba hardly interacted with anyone on a daily basis.

Yet, the ones he interacted with the most were Old Hou, Niu Yong, and Deacon Li.

Niu Yong disappeared under suspicious circumstances.

Both Old Hou and Deacon Li were members of the Chengxian Society.

The proportion of these occurrences put a shiver down his spine.

He couldn’t figure out whether the Sect was aware of these infiltrations or if they had other plans. Despite the undercurrents, there seemed to be no outward sign of any disturbance.

“Leave! I must find a way to leave immediately!”

A wave of emotions surged through Wang Ba’s heart.

His gaze randomly swept over the second volume of ‘Bury Bones’, causing him to suddenly freeze.

The page of the book read: If you want to perfectly replace bones, the best method is to forcibly take all the bones from the original owner while they are still alive, replace them one by one, and after the bone replacement, nurture them with the Spiritual Medicine…, sooner or later a Spiritual Root will emerge.

Having read it, only two words came to Wang Ba’s mind:

Demon Dao!

Indeed, only individuals from the Demon Dao could perform such heinous acts.

However, Wang Ba thought it over carefully and found the logic to be coherent.

If it weren’t for the Demon Dao, how could one easily defy the heavens and alter their fate, obtaining a Spiritual Root?

While the Body Strengthening Scripture is grand and imposing, it is highly improbable for those with a concealed Spiritual Root to successfully cultivate it.

For a mortal wishing to counterattack, this seems to be their only route.

However, when Wang Ba considered the rare Spiritual Medicines and the cultivators’ bones mentioned in the Bury Bones secret technique, he realized that an average mortal may not be able to endure such luxurious benefits.

The reason was simple: with so many resources available, why waste them on menial workers? Wouldn’t it be more cost-effective to directly recruit Qi Refining disciples?

Obviously, it was hard to say what the future would be for these menial workers who had cultivated the Bury Bones secret technique.

This only strengthened Wang Ba’s resolve to distance himself from the Chengxian Society.

Not too long after.

The younger brother of Niu Yong came to collect chicken dung.

Wang Ba asked about Niu Yong.

“We still have not found him. Both the Rectification Room and the External Affairs Room have deployed immortals to search for him, but they haven’t found him yet, so it’s likely…”

The eyes of Niu Yong’s younger brother instantly reddened.

Wang Ba could only offer a few words of consolation.

That afternoon, after finishing his chores, he tossed the Spirit Chickens he had slaughtered earlier into a clay pot, placed it in his house, and after a great deal of effort, managed to eat a quarter of it, finally condensing a droplet of the Power of the Yin God.

At dusk, when he went out to release water, he was surprised to find that the Power of the Yin God was not revolving.

“Has Yu Changchun given up on monitoring me?!”

Wang Ba was slightly taken aback, but instantly understood what was happening and was over the moon with joy.

Although he did not understand why the other party had suddenly given up on monitoring him, it was obviously a huge benefit.

After all, being watched from dawn till dusk was simply too uncomfortable.

Instantly, Wang Ba went to Old Sun’s house and singled out Jia 7.

He fed Jia 7 a few discarded Spirit Insects and after thinking for a while, he also fed it the 2.0 version of the Tendon-Cutting Silkworm he had been raising.

Jia 7 was incredibly fast. The Tendon-Cutting Silkworm hadn’t even had a chance to latch onto it before she gobbled it up easily.

“Smack, Smack”.

Having eaten a Tendon-Cutting Silkworm, Jia 7, seeming to have spotted something delicious, brightened her eyes, her little head nuzzled Wang Ba’s hand affectionately, rubbing again and again.

“Cluck, cluck…”

It sounded as if she was calling him ‘brother, brother, give me some more, give me some more.’

Wang Ba quickly shook his head, finding this situation a bit surreal.

He then indulgently fed more Tendon-Cutting Silkworms to Jia 7.

“Eat, eat!”

He didn’t feel begrudging at all. In fact, he kind of understood why Shopkeeper Lu had discounted those Tendon-Cutting Silkworms in a pack for him then.

They just ate too much.

Other than Spirit Stones and Spirit Chickens, he didn’t have any other food with abundant Spiritual Energy. To ensure these worms survived, he had to reluctantly use Spiritual Stones as feed.

If it weren’t for the fact that he didn’t have any high-grade Spirit Beast corpses to breed with, he’d probably go bankrupt in no time.

Even so, it was quite a burden on him. So, he simply kept a small portion for breeding, and used the rest as snacks for Jia 7.

Of course, it wasn’t just free meals. She had to complete the tasks Wang Ba assigned before she could eat.

In order to eat worms, Jia 7 demonstrated exceptional intelligence, perfectly performing tactical maneuvers such as ‘Pecking’, ‘Attacking’, ‘Rushing’, ‘Hook’, and ‘Cover’.

Yes, she practiced the ‘Cover’ maneuver many times.

As a little hen, Jia 7 had indeed made a lot of effort.

Wang Ba wasn’t too clear on how Qi Refining stage cultivators fought, but he tried his best to utilize Jia 7’s physical advantages.

Relying on her outstanding performance, after Jia 7 had eaten a dozen or so Class 1 middle grade Tendon-Cutting Silkworms, she finally felt full. She hopped onto Wang Ba’s thigh, cocked her sexy chicken butt and with a little wriggle, plop-

A dollop of water like droppings fell predictably onto Wang Ba’s foot.

Wang Ba wasn’t angry at all.

Are you kidding? Now this creature was his biggest guarantee for personal safety, even if she pooped on his head, he had to endure it.

Not until it got dark, did he step outside his house.

The Power of the Yin God still wasn’t revolving.

Only then did Wang Ba discreetly select four Spirit Chickens and slipped quietly into the night..

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