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Chapter 51: Chapter 51: Chapter 51 Ding 9 Villa i

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Chapter 51: Chapter 51 Ding 9 Villa i

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What kind of person Lu Yuansheng was, Wang Ba could no longer investigate.

But through Senior Brother Zhao, he was able to glimpse a bit of the demeanor of this former outer sect senior brother.

It was quite appealing.

As for Zhao Feng’s kindness, Wang Ba naturally kept it in his heart, but he didn’t linger in such feelings for long.

He carefully tucked the jade pendant close to his body, and his sense of security subtly increased quite a bit.

He also planned to go to the market to buy some talismans, Elixirs, and Magic Tools that could be used without mana, but seeing the sky already dark, Wang Ba had no choice but to return home first.

In the evening, Wang Ba struggled to eat a lot of Spirit Chicken meat, and then immediately began to visualize.

With the completion of the ninth stage of his Strong Body Sutra, his appetite and digestion speed improved a bit, and after visualization, the speed of condensing the Power of the Yin God significantly increased.

By the end of his visualization, he managed to condense about half a droplet of the Power of the Yin God.

Which means, he could condense one droplet in about two days, a noticeable increase in speed.

When the Period of Zi approached, the night was deep and dark.

Wang Ba, carrying four Spirit Chickens, left the villa to visit other Ding Villas to see if he could exchange some sick chickens.

Disappointingly, he visited many villas, but only exchanged less than two hundred sick chickens.

The key was that even in the middle of the night, there were some Sect Disciples’ figures occasionally crossing the sky, making Wang Ba not dare to linger outside for too long.

After absorbing the lifespan of a small number of sick chickens, his lifespan quietly reached 658.7 years.

He was still nearly 4,000 years away from the 4,608 years needed for the tenth stage.

“I still need more than two thousand Precious Chickens, or more than six hundred Spirit Chickens… 1’11 go to the market again tomorrow and see if I can get some more.”

On the way back to the villa, Wang Ba was constantly pondering.

Going to the market was far less convenient than going directly to the chicken-raising villas.

After all, the market was crowded and dealing with it was quite troublesome. In the villa, he would simply leave straight after absorbing the lifespan of the sick chickens, leaving the chicken-keepers to clean up afterwards.

But in the market, he couldn’t do this.

However, if he doesn’t take this opportunity now to quickly train to the tenth stage and condense the spirit root, then after he leaves the Sect, he might not have this opportunity in a short time.

After arranging what he was going to do the next day, Wang Ba finally lay down in bed.

He was both physically and mentally exhausted after a busy day, even though his body was full of vitality now.

But he couldn’t stop, and he didn’t dare to stop.

The next day.

Despite his tiredness, Wang Ba insisted on getting up, carrying out his daily training with Jia 7, who had woken up early to queue up for the morning toilet.


Wang Ba threw a palm-sized rock vigorously with all his might.

With his current strength, the speed of the thrown stone was extremely fast, even creating a wind-breaking sound.

One could imagine that a normal person who has been hit would likely be instantly killed.

However, Jia 7’s speed was even faster. The stone could barely be seen with its trajectory, but Jia 7 had directly turned into a phantom. When Wang Ba saw him again, the stone was already shattered into the size of a fingernail.

“Very good!”

Wang Ba nodded satisfactorily and immediately fed Jia 7 a Tendon-Cutting Silkworm.

After eating, Jia 7 affectionately rubbed Wang Ba’s palm.

After just two or three days of training, Jia 7 was already in perfect harmony with Wang Ba. The instructions Wang Ba gave were almost always effectively executed.

Besides the inability to talk, Jia 7’s intelligence level was close to that of a six or seven year old child.

Here in this lonely villa, Wang Ba had an additional confidant.

Before long, Old Hou brought chicken feed as usual. The imminent battle didn’t seem to affect him. When he went down the mountain, he was still humming a little tune.

But Niu Yong’s brother still didn’t come today.

“I wonder if he found Niu Yong.”

Wang Ba muttered to himself.

But in fact, he also knew that someone who had disappeared without a trace in the sect for so long was most likely already lost.

With a sigh, Wang Ba didn’t have the mood to lament about others. In the afternoon, he was about to take a few Spirit Chickens to East Mountain market to sell, but an unexpected person came and disrupted his plans.

“Oh! Deacon Li, what wind brings you here?”

Wang Ba greeted with laughter, bending over at the entrance of the villa and raising his hand in a welcoming gesture.

“What do you mean by that, can’t 1 come without the wind? Hehe, I won’t step in. I just came to tell you two pieces of good news.”

Deacon Li was stuffing at the villa’s entrance with a smile.

He seemed a bit thinner than when they had last met.

Of course, this was only in comparison to his own standard. In Wang Ba’s view, Deacon Li was still very overweight.

The Power of the Yin God slowly began to circulate as if it were veiling a common person.

Despite this, Wang Ba did not dare to slack off and pretentiously asked with a curious face, “May I ask what good news brings?”

“You have heard about our Sect starting war against Fu State soon, haven’t you? Due to a shortage of manpower, the External Affairs Room had randomly selected a group of laborers for the front line. As it turned out, you were picked…”

Deacon Li chuckled aloud.


Wang Ba was dumbstruck by these words.

Go to the front line?

Is this considered a damn good thing?

However, considering this carefully did make it seem like a good thing for most laborers.

After all, if they made meritorious deeds, perhaps the upper echelons of the Sect might give them a hand in condensing their Spiritual Root.

Despite the great dangers and the low probability of earning merit, it was indeed a rare opportunity.

However… he did not need this at all!

All he needed to do was leave the East Saint Sect, then find a stable sect to quietly develop in. The Spiritual Root would not even a problem!

Why would he need to take this risk?

Moreover, once he was on the front line, amidst numerous Qi Refining cultivators and master Foundation Establishment cultivators, how could he possibly escape?

“…However, I figured you wouldn’t be interested in that, given your love for rearing chickens. So, 1 declined on your behalf.”

Deacon Li finished speaking in a relaxed manner, seemingly genuine in looking out for Wang Ba’s welfare.

What a huge relief!

Even though Wang Ba was extremely wary of Deacon Li in his heart, he couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief after hearing these words.

“Thank you, Deacon Li. I… I am faint-hearted and dare not go to the front line.”

Having come back to his senses, Wang Ba’s face flashed with gratitude. He rushed back into the house, immediately brought out a small bucket of Spirit Chicken eggs, and enthusiastically presented it with both of his hands.

“Eh, what’s this formality between us brothers!”

Seeing so many Spirit Chicken eggs, Deacon Li’s face split into a delighted grin. Although he declined verbally, his hands accepted without any hesitation.

Playing the role of a woodworm milling their way around the Sect was quite convincing.

Humph, just keep playing your part!

While Wang Ba sneered inwardly, he also felt a flash of curiosity: “So, what’s the second piece of good news?”

“News about the Spirit Chicken you’ve raised has finally been noticed by the higher-ups.”

Bringing up the main matter at hand, Deacon Li did not mince his words:

“Today, Elder Qian of the Ding Villa unit in the Beasts Room specifically asked me to take you to ‘Ding 9 Villa’ every day during the afternoon to help out and learn.”

“Having drawn the attention of an elder, you might even stand a chance to live longer. Do you think this counts as good news?”

“…Yes! Yes! Of course, it does! Hehe, thank you so much for this!”

After a brief moment of silence, Wang Ba managed to put on a smile, even though his teeth were grinding in frustration.

He initially planned to go to the market this afternoon to exchange resources and gather information!

Deacon Li seemed to have no clue, appearing rather pleased with helping Wang Ba out.

Soon, he personally took Wang Ba to Ding 9 Villa, which was close to the core district of the Sect.

From afar, Wang Ba could see Ding 9 Villa located on the slope of a small hill.

Not only Ding 9 Villa, but there were other similar villas upon this hill. After a brief introduction from Deacon Li, Wang Ba finally learned that the first ten villas of the Ding Villa unit were all located here.

“These ten villas together house nearly 90% of the Spirit Chickens in our Sect. With immortals watching over them, this is definitely the best place for rearing chickens in our Sect. You must seize this opportunity, bro!”

Before leaving, Deacon Li gave Wang Ba a stern reminder.

Wang Ba nodded repeatedly, but his heart was not at all interested in Deacon Li. Instead, he was looking at the countless Spirit Chickens in the Ding 9 Villa.

He could hardly believe his eyes.


There were so many lifespans here!

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