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Chapter 53: Chapter 53: Chapter 53: Killing the Chicken i

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Chapter 53: Chapter 53: Killing the Chicken i

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Under the silent night, varied colored streamers were continuously streaking across the sky.

So much so, they made the vast galaxy seem rather dull.

Watching this scene from the window, Wang Ba couldn’t help but sigh.

With so many Qi Refining disciples out there, how was he supposed to escape?

The only thing he could do was turn his misery into motivation, and struggle against the Spirit Chicken in the sand pot.

It was not until the middle of the night that he managed to accumulate half a drop of Power of the Yin God. Afterwards, he had no more spare energy, and fell into a deep sleep. He didn’t even notice when Jia 7 jumped into his bed to sleep.

When he woke up in the morning, he found that the chicken droppings that Jia 7 had left in his bed were already dry…

The guilty party innocently came over, trying to curry favor with Wang Ba.

This angered him, so he scolded Jia 5 severely.

“Look at what kind of a thing you’ve made!”

“Cluck cluck!”

Jia 5 tilted its head, looking confused.

I’m a male, okay?

But Wang Ba didn’t really have the heart to scold Jia 7, considering Jia 7’s progress was indeed heartening.

It was extremely agile, capable of effortlessly displaying a three-stage aerial return maneuver combined with a surprising attacking peck. Its movements were quite unpredictable and its destructive power never ceased to amaze Wang Ba.

Wang Ba thought that among the four Sect Disciples at Ding 9 Villa, except for the one with the surname Shi, who was inscrutable, the other three probably wouldn’t stand a chance against Jia 7.

Of course, unless they have other means, that’s hard to say.

“If only 1 had a Spirit Beast Bag!”

Wang Ba couldn’t help but sigh again.

If he had a Spirit Beast Bag, he could summon Jia 7 at any time to protect him.

A Stage 1 – III Qi Refiner may not necessarily be able to harm him.

Plus, the jade pendant given by Zhao Feng might allow him to escape unscathed in front of an average Qi Refining Cultivator.

Of course, again, if only there was a Spirit Beast Bag.

Wang Ba didn’t dwell on this, and after dedicatedly training Jia 7, he quickly prepared chicken feed for the Precious and Spirit Chickens in his villa.

He also received several buckets of chicken feed from Old Hou, and then tried his best to quickly shovel all the chicken manure.

To Wang Ba’s surprise, the younger brother of Niu Yong didn’t show up today.

This made Wang Ba worried and he had a vague guess about it.

But he was too busy right now and couldn’t afford to wait around. After leaving a charcoal note on the door, he didn’t dare to delay and went off to Ding 9 Villa.

According to Elder Qian’s arrangement, Wang Ba was supposed to go there in the afternoon.

But when Wang Ba arrived, Tao Yi had just finished breakfast.

“Wow, you’re here really early!”

Tao Yi was somewhat surprised to see Wang Ba.

“Hehe, if I finish early, 1 can get back and rest earlier.”

Wang Ba replied cheerfully.

He then took the initiative to start cleaning the chicken feed trough and picking up eggs.

The commotion soon attracted the other three cultivators.

The Cultivator named Shi in the middle house frowned as he opened the door.

Seeing that it was Wang Ba cleaning, his frown slightly relaxed.

He nodded at Tao Yi, then quickly returned to his room.

Lin Yu didn’t come out, he just pushed the window open from his room, took a peek, and then closed it back again.

Only the young man in a white robe who was practicing with the morning sun, couldn’t help but shout when he saw Wang Ba:

“Did you wash your hands? Don’t dirty the handle of the shovel!”

“Chu Erniu, shut your mouth”

Before Wang Ba could reply, Tao Yi stood up, glaring at him.

The white-robed youth shrank his head, but still stubbornly stuck his neck out, “I’m not Chu Erniu! I’m Chu Batian!”

“Don’t think that giving yourself a bullish name changes anything, you’re still

Chu Erniu! Chu Erniu!”

Tao Yi laughed heartily.

The white-robed youth stomped his feet in anger, but he didn’t dare to do anything to Tao Yi, his senior. He shot a resentful glare at Wang Ba and then slammed the door as he retreated into the house.

“Thank you, Brother Tao Yi!”

Wang Ba sincerely spoke.

“What’s the point in being polite? 1 can’t tolerate those who don’t treat common folk as people. Our parents and ancestors were all mortals, what’s the point in putting on airs!”

Tao Yi waved his hand in dismissal.

Wang Ba nodded in agreement, his impression of Tao Yi was quite good.

After working for a while, he nonchalantly guided the male Spirit Chicken, whose lifespan had been drained, to walk under Tao Yi’s watchful eyes.

What comforted Wang Ba was that Tao Yi seemed utterly indifferent.

After a while, Lin Yu lazily walked out of the house, holding a water basin, his eyes straight ahead, ignoring Wang Ba and Tao Yi.

He didn’t seem concerned about the male Spirit Chicken either.

This was within Wang Ba’s expectations.

The white-robed youth, Chu Erniu, didn’t show up, but Wang Ba figured he wouldn’t notice either.

After busying himself for a while, he divided the chicken feed among various feed troughs. Finally, the cultivator named Shi also walked out of the house again.

“Good Morning, Senior Brother Shi.”

“Good Morning, Senior Brother Shi.”

Tao Yi and Lin Yu greeted Shi in unison.

Shi nodded and casually swept his eyes over the flock of chickens, his hands behind his back.

Spirit Chickens are extraordinary creatures that seldom fall ill, so his round of inspection was more of a formal gesture. As expected, nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

Just then, Chu Erniu suddenly came out of the house and said, “Senior Brother Shi, 1 haven’t enjoyed my Spirit Chicken for this month. Could you please pick one for me?”


Shi frowned yet again.

Chu Erniu seemed a little intimidated by Shi, but he still nodded.

Shi glanced at him, then leisurely selected a chicken from the flock.

“All, this is our only privilege as disciples who raise chickens here. Each of us can receive one Spirit Chicken per month.”

Tao Yi casually explained to Wang Ba.

Wang Ba nodded, relieved that Shi didn’t seem to find any issues.

Just then, Chu Erniu’s voice came from the side, “Hey, you, the menial worker, kill this Spirit Chicken for me.”

“Are you ever going to end this drama?”

Tao Yi couldn’t help but glare at Chu Erniu.

However, Chu Erniu wasn’t afraid to retort, “Menial workers are here to serve us anyway! 1 didn’t harm him, what’s wrong with asking him to kill a chicken?” “Chu Erniu, are you itching for a beating…”

“Immortal, let me do it please.”

Wang Ba said cautiously.

“You don’t understand. You haven’t had much contact with Spirit Chickens. Although they are domestic, they may cause some trouble when they are about to be killed. He knows this and is deliberately trying to see you being laughed at…”

Tao Yi hastened to dissuade him.

However, Chu Erniu was quick to act, stuffing a male Spirit Chicken into Wang Ba’s hand before Tao Yi could stop him.

“Chu Erniu!”

Tao Yi glared at him, rolling up his sleeves.

Chu Erniu hopped aside and looked on smugly.

Shi watched this drama unfold, his brows furrowed, showing no intention of intervening.

Lin Yu, who was planning to return to his room, was a bit worried that Chu Erniu might injure the new menial worker. He was concerned more about having to pick up eggs by himself, which would interrupt his cultivation.

He also hesitated, wondering whether he should prepare some healing medicine or something.

But he was somewhat reluctant.

However, Wang Ba’s performance exceeded everyone’s expectations.

They saw him pinching the Spirit Chicken’s beak, turning it backwards, using his knife to scrape the feathers off the chicken’s neck in one stroke, then slitting the chicken’s throat with a fast, decisive sweep.

“Don’t spill the chicken blood…”

Chu Erniu couldn’t help but yell out.

But he was surprised to see that Wang Ba had prepared for this. He was holding the knife between two fingers, and with his other hand, he quicky brought over a big bowl, catching almost all of the chicken’s blood without spilling a drop!

This series of smooth and practiced movements, executed swiftly and fiercely, was beyond what ordinary people could achieve, leaving everyone slightly surprised.

Tao Yi looked at Wang Ba as if he was seeing him for the first time.

Lin Yu glanced at Wang Ba again, thinking that this menial worker seemed a bit different from the others. But that was about it.

Among them, Chu Erniu felt particularly strange, as if a chill had traveled down his neck.

He couldn’t help but question, “You… you said you haven’t had much contact with Spirit Chickens…”

Before Wang Ba could explain, Shi suddenly spoke, saying something that surprised the other three even more:

“How could he not have interacted with them… two of the Spirit Chickens here are bred and supplied by him.”

He paused, then continued:

“After you finish cleaning up this afternoon, come and see me.”

Having said that, Shi glanced again at Wang Ba, then walked away straight without saying another word..

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