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Chapter 54: Chapter 54: Chapter 54: The Cultivation of Spirit Chickeni

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Chapter 54: Chapter 54: The Cultivation of Spirit Chickeni

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“Immortal Shi, you called for me?”

Wang Ba can hardly believe it.

“If not you, who else! Your luck has arrived!”

Tao Yi was very excited, he patted Wang Ba on the arm hard, “You sure are full of surprises, you have such skills! It seems that Senior Brother Shi is planning on teaching you some true skills. Once this war is over, I guess he wants to bring you to our Ding Villa!”

I’m leaving as soon as the war is over.

However, Wang Ba did not express this but instead asked doubtfully, “True skills?”

“What Senior Brother Shi is best at is the Dao of Beast Control and Raising, it is said he once bred a Class I Superior Spirit Beast on his own, greatly favored by Elder Qian! Without a doubt, he’s definitely teaching you this!”

Tao Yi, typical big-mouthed, quietly spilled everything he knew.

This intrigued Wang Ba.

Considering his abilities to carry Lifespan, to date, he has only managed to cultivate a Jia 7 that is close to superior grade but is actually still a Class 1 middle grade.

One can imagine that it is not easy for ordinary people to breed a superior-grade Spirit Beast.

This also means that this cultivator surnamed Shi truly has authentic skills.

If he could really learn something about breeding spirit beasts from him, he might be able to enable Jia 7 to breakthrough successfully.

By then, having a superior grade Jia 7 at his side, even if he leaves the Sect, he can barely take care of himself.

At this thought, Wang Ba began to feel hopeful and excited.

While they were talking, in the daytime, a brilliant streak of light suddenly flashed across the sky and disappeared, leaving only a brilliant afterglow in the sky.

“It’s the Chief House Master!”

Tao Yi, looking up at the streak of light, his face slightly changed, “I don’t know who it is, but it seems that this time the Sect is serious, even the Golden Core cultivator has taken action!”

The East Saint Sect has Six Rooms, and the house master of each room is a Golden Core cultivator.

Wang Ba watched the streak of light, and a slight complacency that had just arisen in his heart instantly disappeared.

Instead, a sense of heavy responsibility and long journey ahead has arisen.

“You keep busy here, I’ll go out and scout around.”

Tao Yi seemed to have thought of something, he instructed Wang Ba and hurriedly left Ding Villa.

Lin Yu watched the light in the sky, a trace of envy flashed in his eyes. After a moment of stupor, he returned to his room, quickly dressed up, and also hurried away.

Only Chu Erniu was looking up, clenching his fists, muttering something in his mouth.

Wang Ba, who was bright and acute, listened carefully and found that Chu

Erniu was saying: …One day, 1 will make all those who look down on me, look up to me too!

Wang Ba: Eh..

Indeed, youth is full of joy.

Wang Ba shook his head and began to clean up earnestly.

In the process, he gained a year of lifespan from each Spirit Chicken.

That’s roughly 800 years in total.

He dared not take too much at once, after all, he was on someone else’s territory.

Worth mentioning, Chu Erniu’s chicken, as soon as it reached Wang Ba’s hands, had almost all of its lifespan taken away by him.

Consider it a forced relief.

However, even though Wang Ba arrived very early today, by the time he was finished, it was almost evening.

The cultivator surnamed Shi returned to Ding Villa in the afternoon.

Tao Yi and Lin Yu hadn’t returned yet, Wang Ba hesitated for a moment, but still cautiously knocked on the door of the cultivator surnamed Shi.

“Come in.”

Wang Ba gently pushed the door open, trying not to make any noise.

What came into view was a very simple room, apart from a futon and bookshelf, there was really nothing else.

The cultivator surnamed Shi was sitting cross-legged on the futon, his eyes closed, as if he were still in meditation, feeling Wang Ba’s arrival, he didn’t open his eyes, but suddenly spoke:

“Tell me how you bred the Spirit Chicken.”

Wang Ba was slightly surprised, but he didn’t panic. After all, he had specially experimented before to prevent the situation from happening today.

Without hesitation, he divulged his breeding method.

After listening to Wang Ba’s breeding method, the cultivator surnamed Shi nodded slightly, his eyes still closed:

“Good idea, but after changing the Spirit Stones to the lower grade, the success rate of this method becomes extremely low. The breakthrough depends entirely on the bloodline contained within the Precious Chicken.”

“According to the breakthrough ratio and the loss, it’s still not worth it in the end. Hence, although we at Ding Villa knew this method a long time ago, we have not promoted it.”

Hearing this, Wang Ba was shocked. It turns out that others knew his method long ago.

The reason why it was not promoted to the lower farms was very simple – it was not profitable.

Wang Ba thought about it, and he agreed. The two Spirit Chickens he originally bred using the Bloodline Breakthrough method had consumed over thirty Spirit Stones.

The market price of a normal lower-grade Spirit Chicken was only three to six Spirit Stones each.

Considering the breeding rate of the Spirit Chickens, it’s hard to expect to compensate for the loss by breeding chicks after successful cultivation.

“However, your idea of using the Tendon-Cutting Silkworm to penetrate the meridians of the Precious Chicken is interesting.”

The cultivator surnamed Shi suddenly spoke:

“Go to the bookshelf on the left, take the third book from the second row on the right. It contains knowledge about breeding Precious Chickens and Spirit Chickens. You can take it and read it every day, but remember to return it before leaving the villa.”

“Yes, yes, thank you, Immortal Shi!”

Wang Ba quickly thanked him, but the cultivator surnamed Shi said nothing more.

Wang Ba couldn’t wait to walk to the bookshelf and took down a booklet.

Meanwhile, he saw several booklets that made him salivate.

“Birth of a Class 1 Superior Spirit Beast”, “Illustrated Guide to Spirit Poultry Breeds”, “Postpartum Care for Spirit Poultry”…

Apart from the postpartum Yuan Qi supplement that he didn’t need, he needed all the other books!

However, in front of a Qi Refining Stage VI cultivator, he did not dare to be presumptuous. After taking the book designated by Senior Brother Shi, seeing no other orders from him, he quietly left the room and carefully closed the door.

The first thing he saw was the large print, “Detailed Tome on Zhen Chickens and Spirit Chickens”.

There was no author name, and it looked more like notes and essays.

However, Wang Ba found it extremely interesting. When he was initiated into the sect, Deacon Li gave him a page of notes on chicken breeding, but very little was written about deeper subjects.

Eor example, why is the breeding desire of most Precious Chickens weak?

The “Detailed Tome” explains that Precious Chickens have a higher IQ compared to other chickens. They care more about their own enjoyment and sense of freedom, so they naturally resist the instinct of breeding.

There are even cases where male Precious Chickens court other male Precious Chickens, as this pair-up doesn’t need to undertake the task of bringing up offspring, and from the perspective of the Precious Chickens, male Precious Chickens indeed have more charm than female ones.

Yes, you heard it right, that’s what the author of this book said.

Anyway, Wang Ba was greatly shocked after reading it.

The author insightfully pointed out that if it weren’t for the value these birds held for cultivators, causing them to be specifically bred, this species would probably have disappeared a long time ago.

By extension, other creatures like Precious Pigs, and Rainbow Ducks have similar problems.

Wang Ba felt quite convinced by this.

After reading for a while, night fully set in. Although he had read less than half of it, Wang Ba hurriedly returned the “Detailed Tome”.

When he went out, he happened to see Tao Yi returning, with a gloomy face and not uttering a single word.

This was the first time Wang Ba had seen him look so bad.

“What…what happened, Brother Tao Yi?”

Wang Ba asked with concern.


Tao Yi looked up, saw Wang Ba, forced a faint smile, then shared a piece of news that shocked Wang Ba:

“Last night, the Demon Dao Cultivators of the Fu State infiltrated our Chen State and carried out a blood sacrifice in a city not far from our sect.”

“Twelve thousand civilians in the city…none survived..”

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