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Chapter 55: Chapter 55: Chapter 55: Longevity! !

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Chapter 55: Chapter 55: Longevity! !

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On his way back to Ding 87 Villa, Wang Ba’s mind was still echoing with Tao Yi’s words.

Especially when he discovered that the city slaughtered to emptiness was precisely the place he had designated to settle in after leaving the Sect.

Thinking about this, he felt powerless but could not resist feeling a sense of relief.

Luckily, due to the large number of Qi refining disciples, he was unable to smoothly leave the Sect. If he really had left, there would be a high probability that he would unsuspectingly be killed there.

After all, anyone who dares to conduct a massacre within enemy territories must, at minimum, be a Master of Foundation Establishment.

Before a Master of Foundation Establishment, even if Jia 7 progressed to upper grade, it would merely be like a mantis trying to stop a chariot.

In that moment, he was even more soberly aware of the cruelty of this world.

In a world where great power is concentrated into one body, if he does not find a way to strengthen himself, he fears that he would sooner or later suffer the same innocent, cruel death as the residents of that city.

“1 must speed up my collection of life spans!”

To condense a spiritual root as soon as possible and gain a real connection to the world of cultivation.

On his way home, he passed through Beisong Market, noticed it hadn’t closed yet, and decided to wander around.

In several grain and grocery shops, he spent all the Spirit Stones he had on hand, and obtained over 270 sickly chickens and more than 120 sick ducks about to breathe their last.

The lifespan of a duck was more than a Precious Chicken’s, providing him with nearly three years each. However, he didn’t extract the lifespans for the time being.

To avoid drawing attention with so many chickens and ducks, Wang Ba had no choice but to run multiple trips to transport them back to the villa in batches.

By the time he was done with everything, it was already late into the night.

Originally, there were about two hundred Precious Chickens left in the villa. Together with these sick chickens and ducks, Wang Ba gave them all a lifespan storage.

After all, he would leave soon. Harvesting these lifespans before leaving would ensure that even if anyone detected anything unusual later, he would have already slipped away.

There was definitely a risk, but at this point, he couldn’t worry about that.

He gritted his teeth and persisted with eating chicken and resting. Immediately after waking up, he would train Jia 7.

When Old Hou came to deliver chicken feed, Wang Ba specifically asked him to prepare extra chicken feed for the next few days. To his surprise, Old Hou only kept two barrels and gave all the rest to Wang Ba.

“There aren’t many chickens left in the other villas. The folks from the Purification House insisted that 1 take more chicken feed since they have no place to store it. 1 was just thinking about where to dump it, so 1 might as well give it all to you!”

“That’s more than enough. There’s no way to use all that.”

Wang Ba hurriedly replied.

But Old Hou waved his hand, then directly drove his donkey cart away.

“Old Hou doesn’t seem like the kind of cruel person who would easily take someone’s life…”

Wang Ba watched his departing figure, feeling puzzled.

However, seeing the pile of chicken feed in front of him that was stacked like a small hill, he cracked a satisfied smile.

“With so much chicken feed, it’s just enough for today.”

Having claimed that it was too much was merely a pretense.

Although this pretense wouldn’t last long, as he couldn’t explain where the excess chicken feed went, deceiving them for a short period would be enough.

However, what bothered Wang Ba was that Niu Yong’s younger brother still hadn’t shown up.

The chicken manure piled outside the villa for two or three days had started to smell rather pungent.

Wang Ba could only move the manure to the bottom of the villa.

After finishing these tasks, without pause, he rushed to Ding 9 Villa.


It stinks so bad! How can anyone eat under such conditions!”

Just a few steps into the villa, Chu Erniu’s voice filled with disgust was heard, accompanied by the intense aroma of chicken.

Of course, for Wang Ba, this definitely wasn’t a pleasant smell.

After all, if a food has to be eaten all day, every meal, and when he’s too full, he still has to force himself to eat it, regardless of how delicious it is, it’d eventually make one feel nauseous.

Wang Ba was experiencing exactly this feeling.

Now before he eats Spirit Chicken, he has to mentally prepare himself to swallow it down.

So, when he smelled it, he almost couldn’t stop himself from throwing up.

However, Chu Erniu didn’t notice this at all. He saw Wang Ba enter the villa, then peeled off a chicken leg and took a bite, gloating at Wang Ba, saying:

“Hey, you’ve raised Spirit Chickens, but haven’t eaten them, right?’

“Some people eat raw Spirit Chickens to preserve the effect, but I’m different, I like to eat them in soup!”

“Come on, over here, let me reward you with the butt of a Spirit Chicken, let you have a taste of it!”

Wang Ba:…

What’s with this intensifying urge to slap him?

Got to admit, it’s unfair that an imbecile like him possesses a spiritual root that most intelligent people yearn for.

Thinking about the cruel content in “Bury Bones”, a secret technique that obtains one’s bone marrow from a living being, all just to be at the same starting line as this fool standing before him, a feeling of absurdity surged in his heart

He simply placated Chu Erniu.

And the other residents at Ding 9 Villa still hadn’t detected any changes in the lifespan of the Spirit Chickens.

But Wang Ba dared not extract any more lifespan. Yesterday, he had seen a method for determining the age of Spirit Chickens in the “Detailed Tome”. Although not necessarily accurate, Wang Ba didn’t want to take any chances under the watchful eyes of the Shi-named cultivator.

He was certain he couldn’t match the other party’s ability to rear spirit beasts, and should they see through him, the loss would be greater than the gain.

Another busy day went by.

From time to time, disciples soared through the sky, and even massive, towering warships passed by overhead.

The heaviness of the impending war also weighed on the heads of Ding 9 Villa.

In the afternoon, a cultivator clad in purple robes who had reached the Foundation Establishment stage landed in front of the villa’s gate, and promptly demanded four hundred Spirit Chickens.

The cultivator surnamed Shi personally came out to greet him. Confronted with this cultivator in purple robes, his perpetually furrowed brows smoothed out, and with glowing smiles and a bowed body, he said:

“Rest assured, my Martial Uncle. 1 will definitely deliver them to you today, and we won’t delay your grand event.”


The purple-robed cultivator nodded indifferently before leaving on his flying sword.

Standing to one side, Wang Ba watched the humble demeanor of the cultivator surnamed Shi with a sense of gaining new insight.

He had thought that the person in question was always grumpy, no matter who he was dealing with.

He thought that with the sudden reduction of four hundred Spirit Chickens, his workload would greatly diminish.

However, to his surprise, the cultivator surnamed Shi soon led him to a nearby Ding Villa and brought back several hundred Precious Chickens.

He soon left and returned with several large gourds in his arms, which he handed to Wang Ba.

“Go, feed these precious chickens.”

“One pellet per day per chicken, consecutively for ten days.”

“This is…”

Wang Ba was curious.

“Don’t ask what you shouldn’t.”

The cultivator surnamed Shi gave him a cold glance but still explained, “This is ‘Extreme Blood Pills’, and there’s a good chance it can help Precious Chickens breakthrough to become Spirit Chickens, but it only works on Precious Chickens.”

“The ingredients for this pill are rare and it’s been specially approved by an elder, so don’t waste them!”

“Yes, immortal.”

Wang Ba quickly bowed his head.

In the days that followed, Wang Ba was even busier than before.

He was running back and forth every day.

In addition to raising Precious Chickens and Spirit Chickens, he also seized every opportunity to research the “Detailed Tome”, which greatly increased his understanding of Spirit Chickens and planted some cultivation ideas in his mind.

However, he did not have any time left to verify these ideas.

The time for the Sect Disciples who patrolled the Sect borders to change shifts finally arrived.

However, when Wang Ba carefully approached that night, he unexpectedly found that not only had the number of Sect Disciples in Nanhu Village not decreased, but it had actually increased.

Even activating the Power of the Yin God, it was essentially impossible to get to the entrance of the tunnel unnoticed beneath the watchful eyes of so many Qi Refining Cultivators.

Wang Ba lurked outside Nanhu Village for the entire night but did not get a suitable chance.

Seeing more and more Qi Refining Disciples, he had no choice but to return to his village reluctantly.

This made Wang Ba quite anxious.

On one hand, he worried whether the tunnel in Nanhu Village had been blocked by Gou Mu, the Ratheaded, on the other hand, he feared getting involved in the upcoming Sect war.

He’d heard rumors these days that many menial workers were being forcibly drafted for logistical work.

Amidst these anxious days-

The Precious Chickens and ducks in Ding 87 Villa finally all underwent breakthroughs that day.

A total of over four hundred and seventy Spirit Chickens and over one hundred and twenty spirit ducks were made.

Late at night.

Seeing his villa so densely packed with chickens and ducks, Wang Ba’s emotions were complex.


“Let’s begin!”

He exhaled, extended his palms, and began touching each chicken and duck.

He kept touching until dawn. When he finished with them all-

His lifespan increased by 3941-4 years.

Added to the 658.7 years from the sick chickens he had previously absorbed and over 800 from those in Ding 9 Villa –

His total lifespan reached 5403-1 years!

Just then-

An invisible screen suddenly appeared in front of his eyes.

[Accumulated lifespan has reached 10000 years]

[Activate Divine Skill: Scapegoat]

[Bind a living being as scapegoat. In case of fatal damage to the main body, this damage will be transferred to the scapegoat. Each binding consumes 1000 years of lifespan.]

[Bond: 0/1]

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