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Chapter 56: Chapter 56: Chapter 56: The 10th Level is Broken, Spiritual Root Becomes_i

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Chapter 56: Chapter 56: The 10th Level is Broken, Spiritual Root Becomes_i

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“A scapegoat? Binding living things?”

Wang Ba looked at the screen in front of him with some surprise.

He hadn’t expected that accumulating a lifespan of 10,000 years would yield an extra reward.

Though this Scapegoat divine skill required a consumption of 1,000 years of lifespan each time a living thing is bound, the ability to avoid a fatal injury at the cost of 1,000 years was undoubtedly a great bargain.

The only concern was that the value of this divine skill would be lost if one were to encounter continuous uncontrollable damage.

However, even so, the addition of this life-saving divine skill made Wang Ba’s once anxious mood a little calmer.

“I wonder if accumulating 100,000 years will bring any unexpected surprises.”

“Forget it why think so far ahead? 1 should think about how to allocate this 5,400 years of lifespan.”

The lifespan of over 5,000 years in his body, other than making him more energetic, didn’t give him any feelings, and he didn’t undergo a Lifespan Breakthrough like the Precious Chicken.

This left him confused, uncertain whether he was unable to breakthrough, or whether it was an attribute of the human race.

He had no place to experiment. Despite having been in the Sect for so long, he hadn’t had any direct contact with anyone other than the chickens and ducks.

“Maybe 1’11 try it later when I get the chance. I’ve got work to do.”

Once back in his room, Wang Ba began to quietly ponder.

Originally, he could only consume the Strong Body Sutra.

But now, he had the ‘Scapegoat’.

The former could elevate him into the ranks of the cultivators, while the latter would allow him an extra chance to live in a crisis.

After some thought, he quickly made his decision.

“Current Lifespan – 4608 years.”

As over 4,000 years of lifespan was drawn from Wang Ba’s body.

The bottleneck that had troubled countless outer disciples was quietly broken in this silent moment.

Strong Body Sutra Tenth Stage, completed.

Wang Ba gently clenched his hand, suddenly feeling a little dazed.

Was it this easy?

In the year he had been in the Sect, he had toiled, risen early and retired late, swallowed great humiliation, and undertaken heavy burdens just to condense a spirit root, and now, it was done just like that?

For a moment, he felt strangely empty.

He sat dazed for a while, then lay down on the bed that was still stained with

Jia 7 chicken droppings.

He told himself to close his eyes.

After a while.

Wang Ba suddenly opened his eyes, sat up abruptly, his eyes flashing with excitement and ecstasy!

He finally got it!

“Spirit root! 1 have a spirit root!”

Although he hadn’t started Qi refining yet, and he was still just an unimportant outer disciple, but so what?

He might still have to suffer a lot.

Endure a lot of hardship.

Experience a lot of beatings.

But he knew; there wouldn’t be anything harder than before.

Wang Ba suddenly lifted his head as if sensing something and looked up through the window lattice.

He saw the slowly brightening horizon, the same pale tinge he had seen countless times before.

For some reason, he felt that today, it was particularly beautiful.

“A Spirit Root testing talisman?”

Early in the morning, in the West Garden market, the proprietor of the not-yet-busy talisman store stroked his long beard and shook his head:

“We don’t carry that here, you’ll have to check the Fengyang Market.”

“But you as an outer disciple, you can’t go to Fengyang Market.”

“Or would you like to test this ‘Halo Talisman’? It can let you experience the glow released by the talisman when a middle-grade spirit root is detected, there’s also one for upper-grade single spirit root detection. Do you want to give it a look? The price is the same, only six-tenths of a Spirit Stone.”

Wang Ba waved his hand: “Thanks, but no thanks.”

Since he already had a spirit root, why bother with those fake things?

But in reality, he was also a bit apprehensive.

Because he discovered, although he had finally completed the tenth stage of the Strong Body Sutra, his body seemed to have not changed much.

Strength, speed, both have made no progress, he feels no difference from the state before reaching the tenth stage.

As for the Spiritual Root, he can’t feel it at all.

If it wasn’t that his eyes could see Spiritual Energy coursing through his body, and some of it lingering in his Dantian, a little different from the past.

He even suspected that the Strong Body Sutra was a scam, that it couldn’t condense the spiritual root at all.

Therefore, he, who has always been cautious, couldn’t help but run to the market early in the morning to inquire about the Spiritual Root Talisman.

Unfortunately, such talismans are not sold in the mortal market, but only in the ‘Fengyang Market’ run by the cultivators.

And with his current status as a chore boy, he simply couldn’t enter.

“Why not try this ‘Minor Flying Sand’? It doesn’t require Mana, and while it’s not very harmful, it will let you easily experience the sensation of casting spells like the immortals….”

The talisman store owner wouldn’t miss any chance to sell a talisman.

Wang Ba raised a hand in salute, “I indeed don’t need it, sorry for the trouble!”

Having said that, he turned around and left.

Watching Wang Ba’s retreating figure, the talisman store owner couldn’t help but twiddle his long mustache and spit.

“Pah, what a waste! Doing chores and still acting like a hidden gem! Why don’t you look at yourself, do you think you have that fate… ah, a customer, what can I get for you….”

Of course, Wang Ba had no idea about the talisman shop owner’s two-faced behaviour.

Even if he knew, he would just laugh it off.

But he had another purpose for coming to the market.

“Shopkeeper, do you still have Precious Chicken and Halo ducks?”

“No more, the higher-ups have been on a crackdown lately, not allowing sick ones to be sold. Do you want to take a look at the jewel pigs?”

“Oh, heh, never mind that then. 1 have a few Spirit Chickens here, are you still buying?”

After going around the whole West Garden market, not a single sick chicken was found in any of the mixed grain shops.

Not just sick chickens, all the other sick poultry were basically wiped out.

Only a few large, healthy jewel pigs remained.

If he carried those around, they would definitely attract attention.

He could only helplessly trade all the remaining Spirit Chickens for Spirit Stones. Anyway, by selling the Spirit Chickens when their prices were high, he could make a guaranteed profit.

With the Spirit Stones, he could instantly buy anything he might need.

On his way to Ding 9 Villa, he also detoured to Beisong Market, only to find that the doors of several mixed grain shops were tightly shut.

After asking around, he found out that shortly after he left last night, several shops in Beisong Market were sealed off. Apparently, they were being investigated for selling sick poultry and spreading epidemics, harming the Sect.

He heard that several outer disciples who bought sick chickens were also caught and harshly punished.

Hearing this news, Wang Ba broke out in a cold sweat.

Thankfully, he was always cautious, and had disguised himself when he bought the sick chickens. Otherwise, even if the outer disciples were exposed, he wouldn’t have the confidence to escape.

But he also knew that there was basically no chance of accumulating Lifespan by buying sick chickens in the future.

However, Wang Ba was already very satisfied. In this plague, he had bought over two to three thousand precious chickens in total, roughly equal to the total number in the last dozen or so villages combined.

If it was at other times, it would probably take him another three to four years of careful work to accumulate so many Precious Chickens.

“Once my Spiritual Root is detected, and I have a general idea of my own situation, I’ll have to think of a way to leave the Sect quickly.”

Wang Ba secretly pondered over how to leave the Sect.

Frankly speaking, he had considered pretending to have a ‘concealed Spiritual Root’ and becoming an outer disciple of the East Saint Sect. He would not rise to heaven in one leap, but with the potential of his golden finger, he was confident that he could grow quickly.

But he didn’t dare to forget for a moment that inside the Sect, there was a secret organization called the ‘Chengxian Society’.

Yu Changchun, Deacon Li, Old Hou….

He wanted to expose it and report it to the Sect.

But what if the backstage of the Chengxian Society was the House Master of the Purification House?

The House Master was a Golden Core Cultivator!

As a mere chore boy who had just condensed his Spiritual Root and wasn’t even at the Qi Refining Stage, did he really have the courage to face such a powerful figure?

Besides, he did not believe that the people in the Sect were fools who could not detect this situation.

The fact that they knew but allowed it to develop had a clear implication.

Faced with such a complex situation, his best response was:

To leave!

The sooner, the better, regardless of the price!

With such determination in mind, just as he arrived at the entrance of Ding 9 Villa, he heard Chu Erniu’s wailing:

“I won’t go to the front line! I won’t go to the front line!”

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