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Chapter 57: Chapter 57: Chapter 57: Violent Uprising i

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Chapter 57: Chapter 57: Violent Uprising i

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“What’s going on with him?”

As Wang Ba entered the manor, he saw Chu Erniu sitting alone underneath the eaves of the house.

He was grimacing and wailing, scant sign of the proud arrogance he had displayed as a Sect Disciple earlier. Instead, he exposed a trace of vulnerability that was inherent in young men.

Curious, Wang Ba couldn’t help but quietly ask Tao Yi, who was standing next to him, giggling and taking pleasure in others’ misfortune.

“This kid, just now someone from the External Affairs Room came to notify him, asking him to gather at Nanhu Village in a few days. Then, he’ll leave with the others, heading towards the border with the Fu State.”

Tao Yi openly showed his joy at Chu Erniu’s misfortune: “A small Qi Refining Stage 1 novice like him, once he goes to the front, 1 think he won’t get back. What a shame, the Sect has apparently given up on him!”

Unsure if Chu Erniu heard what Tao Yi said, his wailing only grew louder.

“Tao Yi.”

“Stop your nonsense.”

A scolding voice of Cultivator Shi rang out from the house in the middle of the manor.

Tao Yi, upon hearing his name mentioned, showed a look of displeasure, shrugged his shoulders, and then turned to Wang Ba, pulling a face.

At this moment, Lin Yu also came out, carrying a basin of water. She glanced at Chu Erniu under the eaves and disdainfully turned her gaze away.

In the whole manor, aside from showing respect on the surface to Cultivator Shi, she disliked everyone else.

One was a failure after years of Cultivation, the other a cowherd whose brain wasn’t too sharp.

Well, Wang Ba wasn’t even considered, he was just a factotum, not even a cultivator.

She was about to throw away the footbath water filled with floating petals and go back to her own room, swaying her hips.

However, at this moment, Cultivator Shi happened to come out, glanced at Lin Yu, and said:

“Junior Sister Lin, stay a moment.”

Lin Yu was puzzled, but she still stopped and looked at him.

Cultivator Shi cleared his throat:

“Since we’re all here, and Junior Brother Chu is about to set off, no one new should be sent to the manor for now. How about we discuss everyone’s tasks?”


Tao Yi seemed to think of something but didn’t say a word.

Chu Erniu’s wailing lessened a bit, and he pricked up his ears to listen.

However, Lin Yu twisted her hips and looked surprised: “Senior Brother Shi, what’s there to discuss? Hasn’t everything always been done by this factotum?”

“He won’t be able to handle everything alone,” Cultivator Shi said, shaking his head slightly.

Seeing that everyone looked puzzled, he simply explained:

“Over at Ding 10 Villa, Junior Brother Zhu and the other three were also taken away. Elder Qian has ordered us three to look after two villas for the time being.”

He quickly added another sentence:

“Of course, it’s not unpaid labor. After the war ends, we will still be rewarded based on our contributions.”

Even as he said this, he seemed not quite convinced himself.

Lin Yu, on the other hand, became upset all at once, even dropping the basin in her hurry.

“We three are in charge of two villas?! Why? Why didn’t the Elder toss Ding 10 Villa to Manor Eight or Seven? There are over a thousand Spirit Chickens in two manors! If I have to take care of these animals, when will I have time to cultivate?”

“Even Junior Brother Hu from Manor Eight has been taken away, soon to be managed by Senior Brother Yu from Manor Seven. You shouldn’t be so emotional. It’s a critical time for our Sect, and some difficulties are normal. Once our Sect Master and the others return triumphant, we will naturally…”

It seemed that Cultivator Shi had anticipated what Lin Yu was going to say, so he calmly replied.

“1,1 don’t care! 1 don’t want to pick up those damn eggs anymore!”

Lin Yu stomped her foot in anger.

Tao Yi casually intervened: “Now that Chu Erniu is leaving, you can’t just pick up eggs, Lin Yu. You’ll also have to shovel chicken manure.”

“You! Tao Yi, don’t think that because you entered the Sect two years before me you’re so special, aren’t you also just a Qi Refining Stage III?”

Lin Yu glared harshly at Tao Yi, “I don’t care, I won’t do any work anyway. Let this factotum do it! Why doesn’t the sect send more factotums! 1 won’t do anything anyway.” She muttered before she turned towards her own room.

Upon hearing his name mentioned, Wang Ba narrowed his eyes, but didn’t show any emotion.

It didn’t matter to him. He was planning on slipping away anyway.

However, the cultivator with the surname Shi slightly knitted his brows and said in a cold voice, “Junior Sister Lin, do you also want to go to the front lines?”

Stunned by his words, Lin Yu stopped in her tracks. She hesitated for a moment before stomping her foot in annoyance and quickly retreating into her room.

Shortly after, there was the sound of items being thrown around inside her room.

Senior Brother Shi, however, acted as if he didn’t hear the ruckus and made the final decision, “Then it’s settled. I will be responsible for checking the condition of the Spirit Chickens every day, Tao Yi, you will be in charge of chicken feed and handling a portion of the chicken manure. Lin Yu will be tasked with collecting eggs and the rest of the chicken manure handling.”

Tao Yi just shrugged nonchalantly.

Seeing this, Senior Brother Shi nodded, satisfied, and returned to his room.

Chu Erniu sat silently under the eaves, no longer crying and seemingly deep in thought.

These things had nothing to do with Wang Ba.

Tao Yi, however, couldn’t resist complaining to Wang Ba, “To the sect, those of us with poor spiritual roots and qualifications are no different from you factotums.”

Wang Ba just smiled.

His words were harsh, but they weren’t wrong.

Qi Refining disciples doing manual work were indeed no different from factotums. That being said, it was reasonable for the sect to assign cultivators to raise something as important as Spirit Chickens.

Despite this, if the sect wasn’t currently strained for manpower due to the conflict with Fu State causing many factotums and disciples to be dispatched, this kind of work would usually be done by factotums.

But again, these things were not his concern. What interested him was something else Tao Yi mentioned:

“Brother Tao Yi, you mentioned earlier, that in a few days, the sect disciples who are going to war will depart from Nanhu Village?”

“Yes, a bunch of factotums were sent to Nanhu Village recently, 1 heard it was to help out with the preparations. In about five or six days, when all the supplies are ready, the disciples going to battle will leave together on warships…”

Wang Ba immediately caught the key point.

“So in five or six days, all the disciples will leave?”

“Of course, this time the Sect Master is personally leading the charge, we should be able to bring back a lot of cultivation supplies. Although that doesn’t really concern those of us staying in the sect…” Tao Yi replied casually, suddenly remembering something, “Oh, 1 should go and gather some information.” With that, he quickly got to his feet and left the villa in a hurry.

Wang Ba, who was left behind, had a hint of suppressed joy in his eyes.

His opportunity had finally arrived!

Once all the disciples have left for battle, the sect will be understaffed, and most likely no Qi Refining disciple will be left to guard Nanhu Village.

Then, with the Power of the Yin God to cover him, he could leave at his leisure.

Wang Ba’s plan to leave the sect, which had caused him anxiety for days, suddenly became clear.

For a moment, he felt invigorated and even the idea of doing chores didn’t seem so daunting.

However, something unexpected happened to Wang Ba.

Just as he was bending down to clean up the chicken manure.

Chu Erniu, who had stopped crying a while ago, suddenly sprung into action!

Wielding a standard magic sword, his eyes reddening, he charged at Wang Ba!


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