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Chapter 58: Chapter 58: Chapter 58 Acquaintance !

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Chapter 58: Chapter 58 Acquaintance !

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Chu Erniu’s sudden uprising completely caught Wang Ba off-guard.

No, strictly speaking, he never thought that Chu Erniu would hurt him.

Because there was absolutely no reason for him to do so!

So when the magic sword swung towards him, with a gust of wind slashing into his eyes, he could only rely on his faster reaction to roll away on the spot.


Despite being standard-issue, the magic sword was incredibly sharp, and it sliced the wooden handle of the chicken manure spade in half with one strike!

The broken handle bounced off and hit Wang Ba in the back.

He let out a grunt, in pain.


His first attempt failed, but Chu Erniu’s eyes were bloodshot as if possessed, as he once again unmethodically swung towards Wang Ba’s back.

Though without method, the magic sword seemed to be infused with a great power. Wang Ba had no doubt that if he were stabbed, he would die instantly!


Wang Ba gritted his teeth and rolled forward again, covered in chicken manure. Without time to think, the Power of the Yin God in his Yin’s Government spun at incredible speed, quickly creating a misaligned image in the opponent’s five senses. At the same time, he reached into his bosom and gripped his Jade Pendant.


The magic sword missed its mark again.

Chu Erniu wanted to strike again, but this time he couldn’t, no matter what.


The voice of Senior Brother Shi suddenly rang out.

The commotion from the two had already alarmed him. With the speed of a Stage VI Qi Refining Cultivator, he was there in the blink of an eye, and easily knocked the magic sword out of Chu Erniu’s hand with a mana-infused palm.

However, Chu Erniu still wasn’t satisfied. He began chanting, sending a burst of fire straight for Wang Ba!

“I said stop!”

Clearly angered, Senior Brother Shi waved his sleeve. A black figure shot out at an even faster speed, engulfing the fireball in an instant!

The swift changes left not only Wang Ba agape, but also Chu Erniu, who stared in disbelief, almost unable to trust his own eyes.

After swallowing the fireball, the black figure landed gracefully. It was a Leopard-faced Black Mink.

The Black Mink swallowed the fireball, opened its mouth, and a puff of blue smoke emerged.

Its two black eyes rolled towards Chu Erniu and Wang Ba, giving off a far more dangerous aura than that of Jia 7.

Wang Ba immediately remembered what Tao Yi had once said, that Senior Brother Shi had personally raised a Spirit Beast of high grade.

Without a doubt, it must be this one.

Perhaps because of the appearance of the Leopard-faced Black Mink, Chu Erniu finally sobered up. Facing the gloomy-faced Senior Brother Shi, a hint of panic appeared on his face for the first time.

“Why did you try to kill him?!”

Senior Brother Shi stared at him coldly, suppressing his anger.

Lin Yu, half made-up, and having heard the commotion, arrived to see the scene. She looked fearfully at the Leopard-faced Black Mink, puffing out blue smoke, then uncertainly at Chu Erniu and Wang Ba.

“I…I… I was just fooling around with him, just fooling around…”

Chu Erniu swallowed his saliva and forced an explanation.

Yet, faced with this response, Senior Brother Shi could not contain his anger. He pointed at the broken wooden handle of the spade Chu Erniu had just sliced:

“Is this your idea of fooling around? If he hadn’t dodged, he would’ve been killed with just one strike! And you call this fooling around?!”

“Speak! Why did you try to kill him?!”

Senior Brother Shi couldn’t help being furious. If Wang Ba, a handyman who was indispensable, was killed, with the shortage of hands in the Sect, who would do these chores for him so he’d have time to Cultivate?

His time was running out!


Wang Ba, nursing his aching back on the side, pricked up his ears.

He also wanted to know why the other party had tried to attack him unprovoked. He thought he had always stayed far away from this guy and hadn’t done anything to offend him.

It was utterly bewildering.

However, Chu Erniu would not let up. He kept insisting that he was just messing with Wang Ba and had accidentally been too forceful.

Senior Brother Shi, finally enraged, showed a chilling smile:

“Fine, very well! I thought because we are all in the same boat, in this same place, 1 was reluctant to make things difficult for you. But you are unrepentant! So be it, I’ll send you to the Rectification Room. Let them judge you!”

Upon hearing the words “Rectification Room,” Chu Erniu’s face turned pale quickly!

No! I don’t want to go!”

“That’s not up to you!”

Senior Brother Shi raised his hand and a rope flew out of his sleeve, ready to tie up Chu Erniu.

At last, Chu Erniu could bear it no longer, tears and snot streaming down his face:

No! Don’t!”

“I’ll speak! I’ll speak!”

“I…1 can’t stand you guys! Why is it that you get to stay, but I have to go to the frontline to die? And this handyman! Why does he get to stay here? Why?!”

“So I wanted to kill him! I wanted to kill him! Once he’s dead, there will be no one left to work for you! I need to vent this anger! If I can’t live comfortably, then neither will anyone else!”

Sometimes he gnashed his teeth in anger, other times he appeared to be on the verge of a mental breakdown.

He was devoid of the aloof serenity typically associated with a cultivator.

Upon hearing this explanation, both the cultivator with the surname Shi and Lin Yu looked at each other, unsure of what to say.

On the other hand, Wang Ba was enveloped by a feeling of icy coldness in his heart.

Just because he didn’t want the cultivators to have an easy life, he wanted to kill him?

How absurd and infuriating!

If it were not for the extraordinary reaction speed brought about by his Strong Body Sutra, the interference of the Power of the Yin God, and the timely appearance of the cultivator with the surname Shi, he would have really lost control and killed this bastard on the spot!

After all, there was still a remnant of Zhao Feng’s Sword Qi stored in his jade pendant.

One direct hit, and probably the only creature in the manor who could resist it would be the leopard-faced black mink.

If not for the belief that he could still manoeuvre around, he would have probably used it at the first opportunity.

Wang Ba took a deep breath, silent. As a handyman, it was not his place to deal with Chu Erniu.

Equally, the cultivator with the surname Shi had no desire to handle this hassle either.

“Enough! Since you’re scheduled to go to the front line in a few days, it doesn’t matter whether we send you to the Rectification Room or not, but listen!”

The cultivator with the surname Shi spoke sternly: “If you dare touch him again, I’ll end you right now!”

As if to back up his words, the leopard-faced black mink sitting by its side bared its teeth at Chu Erniu, breathing out a tongue of flame, and then leaped into the sleeve of the cultivator with the surname Shi.

“Yes! Yes!


Having narrowly escaped death, Chu Erniu, still too stunned to even wipe his nose, kept nodding in relief.

Afterwards, the cultivator with the surname Shi shot a glance at Wang Ba. Without a word of explanation or reassurance, he turned around and left without any expression on his face.

Lin Yu, however, expressed a bit of sympathy towards Wang Ba by shaking her head, but she quickly hurried back to get dressed.

Since she had her own problems to deal with, she couldn’t spare the time to sympathise with others.

Throughout the whole incident, Wang Ba, the party involved, was disregarded completely, as if he were a mere bystander.

After the two of them had left, Chu Erniu saw Wang Ba staring coldly at him and immediately displayed a trace of annoyance:

“What are you looking at?! You think someone’s going to stand up for you?’


“If you weren’t of some utility to Senior Brother Shi, even if you died, no one would give a damn!”

“Insolent handyman! Get away from me!”

Looking at Chu Erniu, who was being unruly without fear of retribution, Wang Ba couldn’t help clenching his fist and took a step forward, his face cold as ice.

“Wha…What are you trying to do?”

Chu Erniu glimpsed the icy expression on Wang Ba’s face and felt a sudden chill in his heart, instinctively stepping back.

However, he then saw Wang Ba’s cold face turn into a forced smile the next second. Wang Ba quickly approached him, lowered his head and bowed!

“Immortal…It was my mistake!”

Even the extremely arrogant Chu Erniu was completely dumbfounded by Wang Ba’s sudden act.

Eventually regaining his composure, Chu Erniu let out a sigh of relief, but then he realized his moment of fear and rage took over, “Knowing your mistake isn’t good enough, get out of here!”

“Yes, yes, yes!”

Wang Ba appeared very respectful and humble. As he was backing away, he seemed to remember something, hurriedly took something out from his bosom, and trotted over to Chu Erniu while still in a bow:

“Immortal, I am truly sorry for what happened just now. This is a token of my remorse. Please accept it.”

As he spoke, one hand held Chu Erniu’s palm while the other gently placed the item in it.

Chu Erniu was about to scold him, but when he looked at what was in his palm, he saw a pouch half full of spirit stones!

This sudden surprise had him stunned as he quickly undid the pouch. Amid his emotional turbulence, he got this vague feeling that he had just lost something.

But before he could figure out what it was, the unexpected windfall had already completely captivated him.

“Twenty Spirit Stones!”

“You, a mere handyman, are surprisingly wealthy!”

Chu Erniu immediately pocketed the spirit stones while instinctively looking at Wang Ba. His eyes were full of greed!

However, at that moment, a voice that Wang Ba was quite familiar with suddenly sounded from outside the manor:

“Zhao Feng from the Rectification Room is here to collect the Spirit Chickens..”

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