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Chapter 59: Chapter 59: Chapter 59: Identity i

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Chapter 59: Chapter 59: Identity i

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Wang Ba didn’t even have time to react.

In the cottage at the center of the manor, a shadow shot out of the door, reaching the manor’s entrance in the blink of an eye.

It was the cultivator named Shi!

However, he was greatly different from his previous haughty demeanor when dealing with Wang Ba. Now he was showing utmost respect.

His attitude was almost the same as when he was dealing with the cultivator in the purple robe.

Furthermore, Wang Ba wasn’t sure if it was just his imagination, but he seemed to detect a faint trace of fear as well.

Following closely behind him was Lin Yu.

Her makeup was now perfectly arranged, giving her an added touch of charming allure.

She stood respectfully behind the Shi cultivator, her eyes filled with anticipation and a hint of nervousness.

It was only then that Chu Erniu, the last to realize what had happened, reacted. His eyes flashed with confusion, and after some hesitations, he slowly walked over.

Somehow, he felt like his movements were slightly out of his control.

But he brushed it off as a mistaken feeling due to his confused state of mind, not giving it much thought.

All three of them simultaneously greeted Senior Brother Zhao.


It seems that although Senior Brother Zhao is also an outer disciple, he holds a very high position…”

Wang Ba mused thoughtfully.

Just as the three of them were eagerly waiting, a familiar figure with a serious countenance, carrying a sword, strode in from the entrance.

His face was as cold as ever, his demeanor frosty.

He swept his gaze over the three of them and said indifferently:

“Elder Gao from the Rectification Room has ordered two hundred Spirit

Chickens. This is the order… Junior Brother Wang? Why are you here?”

His indifferent tone suddenly relaxed.

However, the three people at the entrance were all taken aback.

Junior Brother Wang? Are there other people here?

Aren’t there only the three of them in the manor?

There is no one surnamed Wang here.

Among them, Chu Erniu was the youngest and consequently the fastest to react. An unbelievable thought suddenly sprang up in his mind:

Wang… Junior Brother?

Could it be…?

At this moment, the other two also subconsciously realized something. They exchanged a glance, but they both seemed unable to believe it.

Especially the Shi cultivator, whose face turned somewhat dark.

The less one hopes for something to happen, the more likely it happens.

Zhao Feng surprisingly walked directly towards Wang Ba.

Seeing this, both the Shi cultivator and Chu Erniu felt a pang in their hearts!

Lin Yu was also surprised, her beautiful eyes filled with shock as she stared at Wang Ba.

It really was him!

Next, to their astonishment, a slight smile appeared on Zhao Feng’s cold face as he began to chat casually with Wang Ba.

Lin Yu and Chu Erniu were hardly affected, but the Shi cultivator was inwardly shocked.

This famous cold-faced Sword Cultivator within the Sect hardly paid attention to anyone apart from the previously invincible Senior Brother of the outer disciples.

And yet he was unexpectedly being so friendly with a menial worker.

Could this Wang Ba… Is he really just a menial worker? Or is he also a Sect Disciple?

The Shi Cultivator couldn’t help but question in his heart.

However, at this moment, Zhao Feng suddenly gestured towards the chicken droppings on Wang Ba, then turned around, his icy gaze sweeping over the three people:

“What is the meaning of this?”

His gaze seemed filled with a touch of chilling Sword Qi.

Chu Erniu’s heart immediately tightened!

At this moment, feeling the accusatory gazes of the Shi cultivator and Lin Yu on his back, his scalp tingled!

Fear, regret, resentment and shock…

The Shi cultivator suddenly stepped forward: “Senior Brother Zhao, this is…”

“This is something I got on myself by accident just now.”

Wang Ba suddenly interrupted.

Hearing this, everyone present was taken aback.

Zhao Feng glanced at Wang Ba in surprise then said with a cold tone to the rest: “Let’s hope so.”

“What are you all standing around for, go and prepare the Spirit Chickens immediately!”

Chu Erniu and the Shi cultivator heaved a sigh of relief upon hearing this, immediately complied, and went to capture the Spirit Chickens. Lin Yu seemed to want to get closer, but didn’t dare to say anything in the end and she reluctantly followed the others to capture Spirit Chickens too.

Just as Wang Ba was about to leave, Zhao Feng stopped him.

“Good that you’re here. 1 was actually planning to go to your cottage to find you.”

“Looking for me?”

Wang Ba asked uncertainly.

“That’s right.”

Zhao Feng initiated a thought and a talisman slipped out from his sleeve. It then ignited rapidly.

“Okay, now no one should be able to hear our conversation.”

Wang Ba became even more confused. Why would they need to use talismans to isolate sounds for their conversation?

At this moment, Zhao Feng turned to him:

“Do you remember what I said before, that a major crisis is approaching our Sect?”

Wang Ba nodded. Indeed, it was the remarks from Shopkeeper Lu and Zhao Feng that made him consider leaving the Sect.

The appearance of the Chengxian Society later on further strengthened his resolve.

With a serious expression on his face, Zhao Feng said, “Then you should also remember what I said before—that I suspect Senior Brother Lu’s death was not an accident and that someone in the Sect was involved.”

Wang Ba nodded again, but quickly responded with a look of surprise:

“You found the evidence?”

Zhao Feng shook his head and pointed to his forehead:

“No, I don’t believe in evidence… I only believe in my instinct.”

“My instinct tells me that these people are likely to stir up some trouble during this major expedition of the Sect.”


Wang Ba was momentarily speechless.

Turns out he’s just guessing!

But he wasn’t really interested in it, as long as it wouldn’t interfere with his plan to escape in a few days.

Zhao Feng, however, seriously admonished him:

“Anyway, you had better be careful. If anything happens, remember, you must come to this manor immediately.”

Feeling the genuine concern in Zhao Feng’s tone, Wang Ba felt a rare warmth in his heart.

Although the two of them became acquainted due to the issue with the Lu Family, Zhao Feng’s care for him has always left a deep impression.

Wang Ba said sincerely:

“Thank you, senior brother. 1 will remember that.”

Seeing that, Zhao Feng nodded, still looking a bit worried, he said:

“You must remember, immediately!”


Wang Ba nodded again.

Only then did Zhao Feng seem satisfied.

Soon, all two hundred Spirit Chickens were packed into the Spirit Beast Bag. Zhao Feng took the bag and hurriedly left.

Watching Zhao Feng’s receding figure, Lin Yu’s eyes were filled with regret.

Senior Brother Shi and Chu Erniu both breathed a sigh of relief, but when they turned to look at Wang Ba, they both felt a bit at a loss.

On the contrary, since Lin Yu had never really offended Wang Ba before, she did not feel too burdened and made her way toward Wang Ba with a smile on her face:


“Wang Ba, ‘ba’ as in drought demon.”

Wang Ba took the initiative to introduce himself.

“Oh, Wang Ba, haha, that’s indeed a very unique name…”

Lin Yu did not feel awkward and started to make small talk in a gentle tone.

“Indeed, it’s not common. I was given this name because there was a great drought the year 1 was born and people were driven to cannibalism… In my childhood, people often mispronounced it.”


So there’s such a story… By the way, may 1 know the relationship between you and Senior Brother Zhao? Why does he call you ‘junior brother’?”

After a brief chat, Lin Yu couldn’t help but get to the point and ask about the doubt in her heart.

Senior Brother Shi and Chu Erniu also pricked up their ears out of curiosity.

Wang Ba pursed his lips and smiled, saying, “We’re just acquaintances.”

No one present believed Wang Ba’s words, not even Chu Erniu who seemed the most absent-minded.

But this time, no one dared to disregard Wang Ba’s wishes.

It was obvious that Wang Ba did not wish to disclose more.

However, at this moment, Senior Brother Shi came forward with a slight smile on his face:

“Wang… ahem, Junior Brother Wang, there was some misunderstanding earlier. If you’re interested, feel free to take some books from my room.”

Wang Ba bowed respectfully and said, “Thank you, Immortal Shi.”

“No need to be so formal, just call me Senior Brother Shi like Lin Yu does.”

“Haha, thank you, Senior Brother Shi.”

A smile appeared on Wang Ba’s face.

Only then did Senior Brother Shi truly relax. He then returned to his room with a smile on his face.

Lin Yu hesitated, shook her head, and also left swaying her hips.

She hadn’t offended Wang Ba, and even though there was the matter with Zhao Feng, she felt there was no need for her to bow to Wang Ba.

Only Chu Erniu was left, looking distraught. Finally, he clenched his teeth, unwillingly squeezed, and then again let go of the twenty Spirit Stones he had just collected, and finally threw them to Wang Ba.

“Ahem… Let’s… let’s call it even!”

After tremblingly leaving those words, Chu Erniu couldn’t help but shiver. Rubbing his arms anxiously, he rushed into his room.

“Strange… why does it feel so cold…”

As he turned around, one could faintly see the unnoticed bit of white spreading at his temples, growing larger…

Left on his own, Wang Ba watched Chu Erniu’s retreating figure. He lightly weighed the Spirit Stones in his hand and his smile gradually faded:

“I paid such a big price…”

“And you think saying ‘let’s call it even’ would settle matters?”

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