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Chapter 6: 6 Chapter 6 Experiment_1

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6 Chapter 6 Experiment_1

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“This cultivation method doesn’t produce even a smidgen of an immortal’s mana!”

Even if he didn’t have any experience in cultivation, he had heard that once cultivators embarked on Qi Refining, they would be able to cultivate mana.

And with it, they could unleash various mystical spells.

Therefore, mana was the foundation of cultivators.

However, this cultivation method had absolutely nothing to do with a cultivator’s mana.

Based on its content, what it cultivated was called ‘Yin Power’.

Its effects were to fortify the mind and confound other’s intellects.

The rest was ill-explained.

In terms of cultivation, it was quite similar to the ‘Body Strengthening Scripture’.

It was very time-consuming!

Just to reach the first layer would require at least a hundred years of hard cultivation!

Each subsequent layer would take ten times longer.

Overall there were three layers.

That means, to reach the third layer, it would require at least ten thousand years!

“Another lifespan killer! The key is that if one isn’t perceptive enough, even after hundreds or thousands of years of cultivation, one might not be able to comprehend this cultivation method.”

Wang Ba shook his head and put away the gold paper.

He wasn’t sure where Old Sun found this bizarre cultivation method.

The fact that its effects weren’t clear was excusable, but the cost was tremendous.

He didn’t really fancy it.

Moreover, he hadn’t even finished cultivating the ‘Body Strengthening Scripture’ yet, so naturally, he didn’t have time to spare on redundant cultivation methods.

“Now, I should prioritize breeding the Precious Chickens. This is the key for me to successfully cultivate the ‘Body Strengthening Scripture’.”

Wang Ba cleaned up all the chicken feces in the manor and added water to the feeding boxes.

The chicken feed was mostly eaten.

There was no need to add more today.

As usual, he checked the number and state of hens, roosters, and chicks.

He also counted the number of eggs.

Perhaps due to the abundant spiritual energy, even eggs laid for several months would not spoil.

What’s more, the eggshells were so strong that it was tough to crack, making them easy to store.

“Old Sun said, that the shells of fertilized eggs are duller than their unfertilized counterparts, and when shaken gently, there’s a sensation of slight movement.”

Wang Ba counted; this month was looking a bit risky, currently having just over 120 eggs.

With less than ten days before the end of month and given the egg-laying frequency of these Precious Chickens, it’s going to be a bit of a stretch to gather 200 eggs.

What disappointed him was that among the three eggs laid today, not one was fertilized.

Nevertheless, he wasn’t too disheartened. Both the poultry farming guide and Old Sun had pointed out that it was extremely difficult to breed Precious Chickens. the roosters showed little interest in the hens, which resulted in very few mating instances.

Even human intervention, like some kind of aphrodisiac had negligible effect.

Even if the eggs managed to hatch, the newborn chicks were extremely frail and could easily die for no apparent reason.

Wang Ba, however, had a theory about this.

In his past life, chicken farming techniques were extremely refined.

Even though Wang Ba wasn’t particularly involved in poultry farming back then, he had heard some things.

The death of chicks could be attributed to either inherited weaknesses in the breeding eggs, diseases or unstable temperatures. These issues could generally be resolved with specific methods.

The crux of the matter, however, is to make the rooster develop interest in the hen.

But for now, Wang Ba had no clue how to tackle this issue.

Playing matchmaker for chickens, that’s a tough one.

However, this was something he could figure out in the future. The urgent matter at hand was to verify his hypothesis.

After observing the flock of Precious Chickens for a while, Wang Ba finally picked out four.

With the help of food as bait, he managed to catch them after some efforts.

Two roosters and two hens.

These four chickens were in great condition, fully grown but not yet mature. Their ages were also quite similar.

Their lifespans were all around 19.5 years.

They were named respectively: Jia 1, Jia 2, Jia 3, and Jia 4.

Wang Ba allotted 0.1 years, 0.2 years, 0.3 years, and 0.4 years of lifespan to these four chickens respectively.

With a ratio of 1 to 5, the life spans of 0.1 years would extend the lives of the Precious Chickens by 0.5 years, 1 year, 1.5 years, and 2 years respectively.

In other words, 20, 20.5, 21, and 21.5 years.

The next step was to mark them and return them to the flock.

Despite another year lost from his lifespan, Wang Ba vaguely felt that he had aged a little.

But his heart was brimming with determination.

At night, he made himself a bowl of porridge, which accompanied by the pickles Old Sun had given him, tasted delicious.

A night passed by.

The roosters crowed.

Awakened by the roosters, Wang Ba quickly caught the four Precious Chickens.

He noticed that their lifespans had actually changed!

In the same order, they were now 20.7, 21.3, 21.7, and 22.1 years.

They had grown by 0.7, 0.8, 0.7, and 0.6 years respectively!

“Indeed, there is a change!”

“And amazingly, all of them changed!”

“Could it really be as I have speculated, that by transferring my lifespan into them, these Precious Chickens underwent some essential transformation?”

Wang Ba was startled yet joyful.

This brought to mind how after he had transferred his lifespan into that big hen before, the hen had eventually become the Spirit Chicken that Old Sun and Deacon Li spoke of.

Moreover, the lifespan of this Spirit Chicken had surged from about 20 years to nearly 60 years.

According to Old Sun, Spirit Chickens were already counted as Immortal Birds, so a lifespan of 60 years seemed reasonable.

If that was truly the case, then his golden touch was truly astonishing!

“Let’s wait and see. There’s no need to rush,”

Wang Ba calmed his mind.

Only then did he notice that all of the leftover chicken feed from last night had been eaten clean.

“It must have been these four Precious Chickens.”

The large hen behaved the same way before, increasing its appetite after having lifespan transferred into it.

This must be due to its transformation and the increased demand for Spiritual Energy.

Wang Ba quietly speculated.

Soon, someone pulled a donkey cart, delivering a several dozen jin mixture of Spirit Valley Bran, spirit bean cake, Spirit Stone Powder, and bone powder of Spirit Fish.

Wang Ba first fed the Precious Chickens the previously fermented feed.

Then he started re-fermenting the newly delivered chicken feed ingredients.

Wang Ba also intentionally gave a larger portion of the discarded Spirit Insects to the four Precious Chickens.

As expected, they ate with great enthusiasm.

After a busy day,

Wang Ba only noticed when packing up in the evening that all the feed he had laid out was eaten!

“It seems these four Precious Chickens are about to transform into Spirit Chickens…”

Wang Ba pondered.

He didn’t make special meals for these four Precious Chickens again.

Overdoing things was detrimental, and eating too much all at once was not good either.

On the second day, he first brought out the four Precious Chickens as usual.

He was surprised to find that the four Precious Chickens had undergone significant changes!

Their bodies were much larger and stronger, and their demeanor revealed a high degree of spirituality.

Although they still didn’t seem very intelligent.

But compared to the other common Precious Chickens around them, they were undoubtedly more eye-catching.

They truly stood out like a triton among the minnows.

What delighted Wang Ba even more was that Jia 4, the hen he had transferred two years of lifespan into, had laid an egg!

“Not bad! By the end of the month, it should be possible to collect 200 eggs…”

Of course, all these were not the main points.

The key was still lifespan!

The four Precious Chickens had lifespans of 24, 25.7, 25.6, and 26.3 years in the established order.

In just a day, they grew by 3.3, 4.4, 3.9, and 4.2 years respectively!

“Could it be that the growth in lifespan is related to food intake?”

Wang Ba touched his chin, quite puzzled.

But the time was still too short, and he couldn’t draw any conclusions from the data just yet.

Just like that, the days passed one by one.

By the eighth day,

“Hmm, the lifespan has stopped growing?”

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