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Chapter 60: Chapter 60: Chapter 60 Lifespan i

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Chapter 60: Chapter 60 Lifespan i

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[Absorb from the same species, ‘infect lifespan’].

[Current lifespan – 204 years].

[Remaining lifespan: 591.3 years].

Gazing at the invisible light curtain before him, Wang Ba’s expression sank.

He was not a bloodthirsty person, he was even a bit timid and cautious, to say the least.

But when he was just about to be killed by Chu Eerniu, and then when Chu Erniu kept provoking and insulting him, he couldn’t help but harbor a murderous intent for the first time.

His palm was even once pressed on the jade pendant that Zhao Feng gave him.

But he didn’t act upon it because he managed to retain his rationality.

However, he suddenly thought of an idea that he had not yet tried out.

Since Precious Chickens, Spirit Chickens, and Spirit Insects can all store and retrieve lifespan, then what about humans?

Once this thought came up, he couldn’t suppress the impulse within him.

He knew there was a significant risk in doing this.

Yet, he made a decisive decision, pretending to be yielding, and willingly offered a large amount of Spirit Stones to create an opportunity to intentionally touch Chu Erniu.

As expected!

As he had guessed, the moment he touched Chu Erniu’s palm, Chu Erniu’s lifespan information immediately popped up.

[Target lifespan: 102.3 years].

Immediately, Wang Ba absorbed 102 years of lifespan.

He did not absorb it all, but rather left a few months of lifespan.

Otherwise, if Chu Erniu suddenly dropped dead right after he had contact with him, it would be like advertising that something was wrong with him.

However, something unexpected happened.

Not only did he not gain the expected 102 years of lifespan, but he also lost 204 years all at once.

“I extracted 102 years, but not only did I not gain anything, but I also lost 204 years… infect lifespan… does this mean that the cost of extracting from the same species is to lose twice the amount of lifespan?”

“So, if I store lifespan in others, will they also be infected?”

Apart from feeling sad about the loss of lifespan, Wang Ba immediately came up with a new speculation.

If it was as he speculated, then whether it was absorbing or storing lifespan, as long as the target was a human, it would be a losing proposition.

Of course, there may sometimes be miraculous effects… like just now when he secretly attacked Chu Erniu.

As long as he was willing to spend lifespan and could touch the other party, he could potentially cause the other party’s lifespan to be exhausted and cause them to die.

But any reasonable cultivator wouldn’t allow someone to touch them randomly.

So this ability was almost useless.

“When I get a chance, 1’11 try storing lifespan in someone else and see if my speculation is correct.”

Wang Ba wasn’t too disappointed. He busied himself with picking up chicken droppings, collecting eggs, and feeding each the Precious Chickens an Extreme Blood Pills.

It wasn’t until sunset that he dragged his weary body back to the Ding 87 Villa.

Compared to Ding 9 Villa, Ding 87 Villa was undoubtedly much smaller.

But Wang Ba felt very comfortable.

Out of habit, he disguised a random part of his body with the power of the Yin God, confirming that he was not being spied on, he then warmed up the Spirit Chicken left in the pot from the morning, after some psychological preparation, he started to nibble on the Spirit Chicken.

His digestive abilities had improved significantly, and he could even eat a whole Spirit Chicken.

After struggling to finish the meal, he immediately started cultivating the “Book of Yin God’s Grand Dream”.

This cultivation method that he got from Old Sun had given him many surprises.

It could be said that without this cultivation method, even if he had the ability to transfer lifespan, it would probably take him several times longer to succeed in refining the Strong Body Sutra.

What’s even more important was that although it had no offensive power, it could show remarkable effects at crucial times.

For instance, when dealing with sect disciples and the Chengxian Society, etc.

Therefore, Wang Ba has always considered the cultivation of this method highly important, and never stopped accumulating the Power of the Yin God for even a single day.

However, what left him feeling disappointed was that he couldn’t grasp the key to entering the second layer of this cultivation method.

The golden paper only instructs practitioners to keep on visualizing and cultivating rigorously for approximately a thousand years, and once they managed to wear through a stone with incessant drops of water, they would be able to break into the second layer in one fell swoop.

There was no quantified process within this.

All Wang Ba could do was to keep working hard and continue accumulating Yin God’s power.

Fortunately, the Yin God’s Power alone had brought him numerous benefits.

“However, the more I think about it, the more I find Old Sun’s death suspicious… When 1 leave the Sect, 1 should be more careful.”

Even though Wang Ba felt that even if there was a group or an individual coveting the “Book of Yin God’s Grand Dream”, most likely they couldn’t find him, he didn’t take it lightly.

In the Cultivator’s world, all sorts of mysterious and peculiar methods continually emerged, who knew whether the other party possessed such an ability?

If one thought that with the lifespan transfer ability and the Scapegoat divine skill at their disposal, they could ignore everything, operate openly, and lose themselves in victory, then they would not be far from death.

Just like Chu Erniu today.

He thought that because he possessed a spiritual root and was a Qi Refining Cultivator, he could look down on servants like Wang Ba.

He never imagined that Wang Ba had a silent ability to steal lifespan, resulting in Chu Erniu having only a few months of lifespan left. Even if he went to the front lines and fortunately survived, he wouldn’t have many days left to live.

Who knew if someone else also possessed a similar method?

That’s why when he was at Ding 9 Villa, even though Zhao Feng had made a gesture supporting him, he didn’t pick a fight with the Stonemason Cultivator and Chu Erniu.

The former was because there was no need to make enemies. With the cautious and practical nature of the Stonemason Cultivator, he would most likely not cause trouble for Wang Ba in the future.

The latter was because he had already tampered with Chu Erniu and there was no need for that.

It seemed as if he was a little aggrieved, but in reality…he truly was aggrieved.

But in this world, how many people can truly follow their own desires?

If they could really follow their desires, there would be no need for cultivation, no need to seek transcendence.

Wang Ba was very open-minded, he had to be.

To his surprise, perhaps due to finally cultivating his Spiritual Root.

After consuming one whole Spirit Chicken, despite still exuding many Spiritual Energies without being reeled in, nearly one-third of the energy remained in his body.

Then, in less than half the time it took before, he successfully condensed a full droplet of Yin God’s Power.

The efficiency greatly increased.

If it wasn’t for the only Spirit Chicken left in the sand pot, he’d definitely refine another droplet tonight.

Now, the amount of Yin God’s Power in his Yin’s Government had reached a full twenty droplets.

Although it was insignificant in the vast Yin’s Government, Wang Ba was already quite satisfied.

He slept soundly all night.

As soon as it was dawn, he pulled out Jia 7 who had become accustomed to burrowing into his quilt, and started a new round of training.

Yesterday, he saw the leopard-faced black mink of the cultivator Master Shi swallow fire, which amazed him, so he tried to light a fire and let Jia 7 swallow it for a try.

After all, the Spirit Chicken was also a kind of Spirit Beast. It would be unreasonable for the leopard-faced black mink to swallow fire while Jia 7 could not, right?

But Jia 7 refused no matter what, tilted its head, and looked at Wang Ba with eyes full of bewilderment.

Coo!? Coo-coo!

From Wang Ba’s perspective, its expression was saying: “Are you insane!? I’m just a little hen!”

After a lot of wrangling, Wang Ba finally gave up helplessly.

Fortunately, he found that Jia 7’s beak seemed to be getting harder and sharper, and its speed was increasingly impressive. The progress it made was not small, which finally satisfied Wang Ba a bit.

After tidying up Ding 87 Villa, he took a detour to West Garden Market.

But what surprised him was that West Garden Market was closed.

“The order came down two days ago, don’t you know? Everyone is short-handed now, all the shopkeepers here have been pulled away to work.”

A hunchbacked old man in a noodle Daoist robe said feebly with the help of his cane.

Looking past the hunchbacked old man, Wang Ba glanced at West Garden Market behind him.

In the past, although there were not many people, on the narrow road paved with bluestone slabs, there were always people chatting, calling, and hurrying back and forth carrying goods…

But now it was completely empty.


Wang Ba thanked him and left.

“Beisong Market should still be open, young man, you can go there.”

The old man called after him.


Beisong Market is the closest to the core area of the Sect, and it’s not far from Ding 9 Villa where he resides.

Wang Ba immediately rushed over.

“Cultivation methods used by immortals? What the hell are you thinking about?! How could we mortals’ market have those! If there are, they’ll be in Fengyang Market.”

The bookkeeper of Beishan Market didn’t have the slightest air of erudition.

Being able to do business at this time, the bookkeeper of course had the confidence.

Wang Ba wasn’t annoyed, this bookkeeper was famous for his foul mouth, and those who frequently visited the market knew it.

Is there any way we can enter Fengyang Market?”

“You want to go in? Are you looking for death?”

The shopkeeper of the bookstore habitually scolded him, and then took a look at Wang Ba and said:

“Well, it’s not impossible. As long as an immortal from the Sect takes you there.”

“Or if you hold the Identity Plate of an immortal, it’s also recognized.”

As soon as Wang Ba heard this, he knew there was no chance for him.

Where would he find a disciple of the Sect?

Zhao Feng indeed could, but he came and went in a hurry yesterday, obviously he had no time to take him to any market.

Even if he had, Wang Ba would feel embarrassed to bother this person in the Sect whom he felt was the only one he could trust.

Moreover, he would soon escape from the Sect. If he gets too involved with Zhao Feng, it would be a problem if they encounter each other in the future.

Various reasons made him reluctant to find Zhao Feng.

“Forget it, don’t be greedy. 1’11 find a way to get the cultivation methods after leaving the Sect.”

But to his surprise, as soon as he arrived at the entrance of Ding 9 Villa, he saw his figure.

Besides Zhao Feng, there were several Sect Disciples in white robes inside the villa, and the atmosphere was somber.

Seeing Wang Ba come over, Zhao Feng slightly nodded his head, which drew the attention of the other disciples.

But when they saw Wang Ba wearing a servitude Daoist robe, they withdrew their gazes amidst their surprise.


With many people present, Wang Ba respectfully saluted Zhao Feng and the others.

Lowering his head for a moment, his gaze unintentionally swept over the distance.

Not far away.

A body covered with a blanket was lying flat on a straw mat. He couldn’t see its face.

But it made Wang Ba’s heart jump!

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