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Chapter 61: Chapter 61: Chapter 61: Solving the Case i

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Chapter 61: Chapter 61: Solving the Case i

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“Master Chu is dead.”

A sect disciple walked over, his gaze filled with scrutiny: “When was the last time you saw him?”

Upon hearing this, shock instantly surfaced on Wang Ba’s face: “Chu… Master Chu is…dead?!”

Inside, he was equally shocked and doubtful. He had clearly given Chu Erniu several months of lifespan, how could he suddenly die?

But he didn’t have time to think more about it, and his well-practiced adaptability prevented his expression from revealing any issues.

He quickly put on a thoughtful look: “I… I last saw him yesterday morning, around the time of Si… This immortal, how could Master Chu…”

“Stop asking unnecessary questions.”

The sect disciple admonished him in a soft voice.

He merely asked in passing, and did not suspect that Wang Ba, a menial worker, could cause any harm to a Qi refining disciple.

At this moment, Zhao Feng also walked over, followed by three people with solemn looks on their faces: an elder named Shi, Tao Yi, and Lin Yu.

Everyone from Ding 9 Villa, excluding Chu Erniu who had already died, had arrived.

Zhao Feng’s face was always cold, and now it seemed even frostier.

“Tell me, what were all of you doing yesterday?”

“Wang Ba, you go first.”


Upon hearing this, Wang Ba felt a chill run through his spine. He felt extremely guilty since he had just drained Chu Erniu’s lifespan yesterday, but he wasn’t sure whether Chu Erniu had died because of it.

However, his face didn’t show any of these signs. He hurriedly said:

“Yesterday, I was busy in Ding 87 Villa early in the morning. Then, approximately around Chen time in the morning, I arrived here. At the time, it seemed like Master Chu was in a bad mood. After that I fed the chickens, cleaned… then… then Master Chu attacked me with a sword. Luckily Immortal Shi intervened promptly, saving me. Not much later, you came over.”

“After you left, Master Chu retreated to his quarters and that was the last time I saw him. After that, 1 continued cleaning and then around You time in the evening, returned to Ding 87 Villa.”

Zhao Feng narrowed his eyes, a cold glint crossed his eyes when he heard that Chu Erniu had attacked Wang Ba with a sword.

But he didn’t say a word the whole time, once Wang Ba had finished speaking, he gestured at Elder Shi to speak.

Elder Shi said nervously: “Yesterday, 1 was cultivating in my room all day. Around Chen time elder Guan from the External Affairs Room came to inform Chu Er… Chu Batian who had been chosen to go to the frontlines. He was wailing outside. Then, as Wang Ba said, after Wang Ba left, so did Lin Yu. I remained in my chambers cultivating. This morning, when 1 noticed he hadn’t come out to work, 1 went to call him, but unexpectedly found him…”

Tao Yi shrugged: “Mine was pretty much the same. However, after discussing duty arrangements with Elder Shi and the rest, I left to attend work at Elder Zhang Qi’s place at the Purification House. I’m unsure about what happened afterwards. I didn’t return until Hai time in the evening. Elder Zhang Qi can vouch for me. This morning 1 rushed over to the Rectification Room when I heard from Elder Shi that Chu was dead.”

Zhao Feng then turned to look at Lin Yu.

Lin Yu looked weary but forced herself to stay alert: “Me too… yesterday morning when I woke up, I already heard Chu Batian wailing. After that, everything happened as Wang Ba described. After you left, I also returned to my room. I left the villa in the afternoon during Xu time, and only just came back.”

Immediately, a square-faced sect disciple questioned: “Where did you go?”

Lin Yu glanced at the disciple, bit her lip and said: “A… a senior sister…”

“Which senior sister?”

The square-faced disciple persisted with his questioning.

Everyone could see that she was unsettled.

Some sect disciples were even subtly on guard, swiftly gathering mana.

Zhao Feng didn’t interrupt but also fixed his gaze on Lin Yu.

At this, Lin Yu turned pale: “I… I wasn’t in the villa last night, it wasn’t me!”

“Junior Sister, you’d better tell us the truth about where you went last night, otherwise…”

The square-faced disciple subtly held out a talisman and quietly took a step back.

The nearby sect disciples stealthily closed in.

Lin Yu, looking shocked at the frozen gazes and powerful auras of the people around her, bit her lip, turned pale and finally crumbled under the pressure:

“I… I went to… Senior Brother Jing’s place last night.”

As soon as she finished, she closed her eyes in agony.

The crowd reacted differently to her revelation; some were astonished, others scoffed, destained and some looked greedily…

“How long did you stay, what did you do, when did you come back…”

The square-faced disciple was about to continue with his questions but was cut-off by a cold voice.

“That’s enough!”

Zhao Feng cast a cold glance at the square-faced disciple, who immediately dropped his head respectfully:

“Yes, Senior Brother.”

At this time, Tao Yi, who had been silent up till now, suddenly spoke:

“So, by this logic, only Elder Shi is under suspicion? From Xu time last night to Hai time, only he and junior brother Chu were in Ding 9 Villa.”

“Tao Yi! What on earth are you talking about!”

Elder Shi briefly froze, incredulous, before retorting angrily.

“I was simply thinking out loud based on the current situation, Elder Shi, you don’t need to panic. If it’s not working, we can just invite an elder from the Rectification Room to perform a Soul Search on all of us!”

Tao Yi spread his hands out.

However, several Sect Disciples had already turned their gaze to the Cultivator surnamed Shi.

The Cultivator surnamed Shi was both shocked and furious: “It wasn’t me! Why would I harm a fool! Senior Brother Zhao, it wasn’t me! You can ask my Master, he knows me well, I’m not that kind of person!”

“Regardless of whether it was you or not, please come with us to the Rectification Room…”

Zhao Feng suddenly said, “Indeed, it wasn’t him.”

The square-faced disciple frowned and stepped forward, “Senior Brother, have you found a lead?”

Zhao Feng looked at him expressionlessly: “No, but my instinct tells me that it wasn’t him.”

Yet, these words, spoken somewhat jestingly, were unanimously acknowledged by the square-faced disciple and the others.

“If Senior Brother says so, then it indeed shouldn’t be him.”

Wang Ba was left puzzled.

Could instinct really serve as evidence in a case?

At this moment, a disciple hurriedly ran over and whispered something to the square-faced disciple.

Upon hearing the disciple’s words, the brows of the square-faced disciple immediately relaxed. He then clasped his fist towards Zhao Feng and respectfully said, “As per Senior Brother’s words, Disciple Chu’s death indeed wasn’t his doing.”

Cultivator Shi was utterly confused.

Even though he knew it had nothing to do with him, was the conclusion drawn too abruptly?

“And,” the square-faced disciple’s gaze swept over the other three, “It probably wasn’t done by them either.”

The three were somewhat taken aback.

“We just found a Demonic Technique in Chu… Disciple Chu’s Storage Bag. This technique has rapid progress, but if there’s any carelessness, it will cause massive Essence Yuan and life vitality los.”

The square-faced disciple explained solemnly:

“Presumably, upon hearing of his sudden call to the frontline, he practiced this technique in a hurry. As a result, he succumbed to demonic possession and lost his Essence Yuan, thus dying of life vitality exhaustion.”

“This also coincides with the cause of his death due to life vitality exhaustion.” “Died of life vitality exhaustion?”

It was clear that Lin Yu was not informed, hence she covered her mouth in shock.

It was a sudden realization for Cultivator Shi and Tao Yi.

When Zhao Feng heard the words of the square-faced disciple, there was no other expression on his cold face. He glanced at Wang Ba and nodded slightly: “When I came yesterday, his gaze on me was evasive. It must be because he had privately kept the Demonic Technique, and he had a guilty conscience.” “If so, then let’s close the case!”


The square-faced disciple bowed and then led the other disciples away with Chu Erniu’s corpse.

Nothing else was left behind.

The entire process was so fast that Wang Ba couldn’t react in time.

Is it over?

Wang Ba felt somewhat incredible. Had he just escaped a disaster?

Isn’t this case handling too childish?

At this moment, Wang Ba also heard Zhao Feng’s voice:

“Junior Brother Wang, come and take a walk with me.”

For some reason, Wang Ba’s hair stood on end.

However, at this point, all he could do was steel himself and follow Zhao Feng out of the villa.

“Senior Brother Zhao.”

When it was just the two of them, Wang Ba adjusted his form of address.

“Hmm, isn’t it strange that we were able to close the case so quickly even though we found few pieces of evidence?”

Zhao Feng seemed to soften his cold expression in front of Wang Ba, revealing a barely discernible smile.

Wang Ba tried to understand: “Is it because there are spells to distinguish?”

“No,” Zhao Feng shook his head slightly, his gaze moved away from Wang Ba, looking into the distance, his voice was calm and profound:

“It’s because we are Cultivators.”

“As a Cultivator, we never need evidence. If I think it’s you, then it is you.”

“We don’t need evidence, nor do we have to regard fairness and justice as the mortals do.”

“It’s subjective.”

“Just as, my instinct tells me, that the death of Disciple Chu is related to you.”

At that moment, a chill ran down Wang Ba’s spine!

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