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Chapter 62: Chapter 62: Chapter 62: Premonition i

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Chapter 62: Chapter 62: Premonition i

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At this moment, Wang Ba felt a chill creeping over his entire body.

He guessed it!

He actually guessed it!

Even though I hid it really well, how did Zhao Feng manage to guess it?

If he had guessed it, why didn’t Zhao Feng speak up earlier? Instead, he allowed that square-faced disciple to close the case?

What does it mean to suddenly reveal it now?

Ai myriad of questions surged in his heart.

For a moment, Wang Ba’s mind was in total chaos.

But ail the hardship he had been through these days had inadvertently conditioned him to be extraordinarily undemonstrative.

On his face, there was no trace of panic from being exposed. Instead, he seemed puzzled and bewildered…

“Senior Brother Zhao, 1 don’t quite understand what you said…”

“No, you understand.”

Zhao Feng shook his head: “Don’t you understand yet? 1 think you understand, so you understand.”

His words were vague, but ironically, at this moment, Wang Ba really understood.

Recalling Zhao Feng’s multiple references to ‘intuition’ before, he suddenly saw the light.

Since he was indeed involved in the death of Chu Erniu, he was caught by Zhao Feng’s intuition.

The former was the cause, and the latter was the effect.

Just as ordinary people don’t need to understand geography or astronomy, they naturally know that autumn is here just by seeing a falling leaf.

And Zhao Feng’s intuition could detect the ’cause’ through the ‘effect’, without needing to find evidence or knowing the process.

So he said, if he thinks it’s you, then it’s you.

Clearly, the square-faced disciples knew this too, which was why they didn’t doubt Zhao Feng’s conclusion at all.

Similarly, in the face of such intuition that directly points to the essence, any amount of disguise seems pale and weak.

Wang Ba asked, his throat dry, “Then… What do you plan to do, senior brother?”

“I’ve said it before, cultivators don’t need to be as fair and just as the mortal world.”

Zhao Feng turned his head to look at Wang Ba, a slow smile rising on his stern face: “So, how does the death of Disciple Chu have anything to do with me?”

“He wanted to kill you first, your anger-filled retaliation came later, what’s more, the Chu disciple did indeed die from the demonic technique he was cultivating himself. What sin do you bear?”

“You are a younger disciple I hold in high esteem, it has nothing to do with me, and you’re not guilty, so naturally 1’11 help you.”

Wang Ba’s eyes widened in surprise.

Senior Brother Zhao, can you actually be so flexible?

You always seem so cold, 1 had no idea!

But it must be said, Senior Brother Zhao’s intuition is quite terrifying. Even though he didn’t witness it himself, and isn’t sure that Chu Erniu’s lifespan was absorbed by Wang Ba, he seen to understand the entire process of conflict between Wang Ba and Chu Erniu as if he had insight into it.

Are all cultivators this scary?

No, that’s not right. If all cultivators were like this, he would not have been able to deceive Yu Changchun and Deacon Li.

Neither could he possibly absorb the lifespan of Chu Erniu, because intuition would warn them of the danger.

“Don’t worry, I don’t know about the inner sect, but within the outer sect, I should be the only one with this ability, and it also has many limitations.”

Zhao Feng seemed to sense Wang Ba’s thoughts and spoke to dispel his doubts.

It was only then that Wang Ba let out a sigh of relief. If all cultivators were like Senior Brother Zhao, he really couldn’t have survived.

Then Zhao Feng advised:

“The reason 1 called you out is also to remind you.”

“Cultivate the Strong Body Sutra to the tenth level with peace of mind. With your talent, as long as the Spiritual Root is activated, you will soon surpass that Chu disciple easily. There’s no need to take such risks.”

“Besides, you are currently still a manual laborer. The sect’s rules state that without a Spiritual Root, you are not within the sect’s protection. If you are killed by an outer disciple, you have no recourse.”

Feeling Zhao Feng’s heartfelt words, Wang Ba nodded seriously.

Leave qualification aside; family matters should be known to the family.

1’11 admit, I was indeed a bit impulsive yesterday.

But 1 don’t regret it.

Even if I’m a coward, if people are after my life and I still flinch and hesitate, then that’s not cowardice, it’s plain stupidity.

What Wang Ba believes in, is not about being cautious.

But about staying low when necessary, and stepping forward when needed.

There is just no room for recklessness now.

“However, after this incident, my premonition has become more and more intense.”

Zhao Feng said solemnly to Wang Ba, “Five days from now, when the Sect Master and the disciples leave the sect, something might go wrong.”

“Remember, if something does happen, be sure to come here at once!”

“If you encounter a formidable enemy, don’t hesitate to use that Sword Qi. Shatter the Jade Pendant, if 1 have enough strength and am nearby, I’ll definitely come.”

Wang Ba nodded solemnly again.

Having learned from this lesson, Wang Ba no longer took Zhao Feng’s premonitions lightly.

At the same time, an inexplicable urge rose within him, but he quickly suppressed it.

After Zhao Feng gave a few more reminders, he returned to his usual cold demeanor and rode away on his sword.

When Wang Ba returned to his villa, except for Tao Yi who was still smiling cheekily at him, the Cultivator with the name Shi and Lin Yu were noticeably more courteous towards him.

Anyone could see the importance Senior Brother Zhao placed on Wang Ba.

Lin Yu hid in the room, couldn’t help but secretly speculate:

“Could it be that the newly appointed senior brother of the outer disciples likes it this way?”

The Cultivator with the name Shi actively helped Wang Ba feed the Spirit Chickens, his brows were no longer furrowed, and his smile was amiable.

“I didn’t expect you to be linked to Senior Brother Zhao, truly incredible!”

During a break from their work, Tao Yi gazed at Wang Ba and couldn’t help but click his tongue in amazement.

“Is Senior Brother Zhao, very powerful?”

Wang Ba asked curiously.

Although he had known Zhao Feng for so long, he only knew that he was an outer disciple with high status, but didn’t know his specific circumstances.

“You don’t know?”

The Cultivator named Shi couldn’t help but interrupt, “He is recognized as the leading disciple among the top ten outer disciples! Known as ‘Clear-hearted Swordsman’, it took him just over thirty years after joining the sect to surpass his peers. He has reached the peak of Qi Refining Stage X, and now no one in the outer sect can match him!”

Upon hearing this, Wang Ba couldn’t help but question, “But isn’t the leading disciple among the top ten outer disciples supposed to be the Immortal Lu Yuansheng?”

“That was before.”

Tao Yi joined in, “Brother Lu Yuansheng dominated the outer disciples for many years. From the time 1 joined the sect, he was already the senior brother of the outer disciples. Unfortunately, he died in an accident not long ago, and Brother Zhao took on his title.”

Wang Ba couldn’t help but wonder, “Wouldn’t people object?”

“Who dares to object!”

Before Tao Yi could speak, the cultivator named Shi snatched the words from him again, giving him a glare, seemingly still annoyed at him for undermining him in front of Zhao Feng.

“When Brother Zhao first ascended to the rank of top ten disciples, everyone except Brother Lu Yuansheng questioned him. However, he challenged them one by one with his sword, thus winning his fame from that battle.”

The Cultivator named Shi admired him and sighed: “At that time, he was only in his forties.”

“With Senior Brother Zhao’s talents, once he enters the Foundation Establishment Stage, he would likely rise rapidly. Perhaps I could see him ascend to the position of Elder before I pass away.”

“It’s truly disheartening to compare oneself to others!”

Thinking about how he, over eighty years old, was still stuck at Stage VI of Qi Refining, the Cultivator named Shi’s mood drastically dropped, and he looked quite dejected.

Tao Yi was, as always, carefree: “Brother Shi, why be so unhappy? Compared to mortals, at least we can live to our full Lifespan without diseases or disasters. That’s a great advantage. If Brother Shi is still not satisfied, why not apply to leave the mountain and establish a family in the mortal world, enjoying the pleasure of having numerous wives and concubines…”


The Cultivator named Shi was so angry that his beard bristled and his eyes bulged, ready to turn and leave.

Suddenly, a voice came from above, growing louder as it approached:

“…Clear the way!”

“Everyone get out of the way!”

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