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Chapter 63: Chapter 63: Chapter 63 Class Illi

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Chapter 63: Chapter 63 Class Illi

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The moment he heard this sound,

An image of a certain person instantly jumped into Wang Ba’s mind.

He hurriedly looked up and indeed saw a familiar figure in purple robes stepping on a magic sword, leaving a distorted fading image in mid-air before… abruptly plummeting to the distance.


In a faraway house of Ding Villa, a flock of Spirit Chickens fluttered up, squawking in startled alarm.

“It’s Ding 10 Villa!”

The expression on the cultivator surnamed Shi changed instantly, and he quickly took out a talisman that burst into flames, generating a vortex of wind under his feet.

The next second, he vanished into dust with amazing speed.

Wang Ba didn’t even get a clear view of how he left; he simply disappeared without a trace.

“So fast!

Wang Ba looked on, agape with astonishment.

It’s just a Teleportation Talisman, want to check it out?”

Tao Yi casually said, not waiting for Wang Ba’s response. He took out two talisman papers, ignited them with his mana, and they turned into a stream of light which he cast onto both Wang Ba and himself.

Wang Ba only felt a gentle force rising from his feet. As he unconsciously leaned forward, a tremendous force surged from beneath and sent him uncontrollably speeding towards the front.

Everything in his line of sight zoomed in rapidly, especially the earthen wall of the villa in front of him.

Wang Ba’s face blanched instantly!

Just when he was about to crash, in this moment of crisis, his five senses worked together and his body tilted dramatically, narrowly avoiding impact by a hair’s breadth!

However, before he could even celebrate, his pupils enlarged abruptly.

A steel fork used for turning chicken feed was dead ahead of him, its prongs pointing directly at him!

Given his current speed, he had no doubt that this fork could effortlessly run him through!

Wang Ba was about to forcefully twist his waist when he heard Tao Yi’s voice in his ear:

“Stay calm!”

Simultaneously, Wang Ba felt his arm being grasped by a smooth force, his uncontrollable speed instantly slowed down.

“Thank you!”

Wang Ba looked back at the fork, his heart pounding with lingering fear.

That was close!

It was so close!

Tao Yi, however, looked apologetic:

“I forgot it’s your first time using it. Here, let me guide you.”

Although Wang Ba felt somewhat frightened, he accepted Tao Yi’s offer.

He tied the rope Tao Yi handed over onto his waist.

Then the two of them concurrently headed for Ding 10 Villa.

Under Tao Yi’s guidance and through Wang Ba’s superior five senses exceeding that of regular people, he successfully grasped the use of the Teleportation Talisman. Although his movements were awkward, his normal pace was no longer a problem.

Soon, they arrived at the front gate of Ding 10 Villa.

Without surprise, Wang Ba saw the common-looking girl with clear eyes, looking just as familiar and just as disheveled.

Covered in dust, her face dirt-smudged.

It was the Inner Sect Disciple, Ye Lingyu.

At this moment, she was explaining to several outer disciples with dark expressions: “…It was not intentional, I really didn’t mean to, it’s this darn sword that’s being disobedient.”

As she spoke, she waved the magic sword in her hand towards the cultivator surnamed Shi and a few other cultivators to prove she wasn’t lying.

However, regardless of whether it was the cultivator surnamed Shi or the other cultivators, they all retreated in panic, especially when they looked at the magic sword in Ye Lingyu’s hand, their eyes filled with deep fear.

“Sis-sister, slow down! Slow down!”

The cultivator surnamed Shi wanted to step forward to dissuade her, but upon seeing the sword waving in Ye Lingyu’s hand, he instinctively shrank back.

Tao Yi, who initially came to watch the fun, bulged his eyes when he saw Ye Lingyu. When he saw the sword in the girl’s hand, he immediately turned and started to leave.

Wang Ba was confused but cleverly turned to follow Tao Yi.

However, Ye Lingyu’s surprised voice rang out:

Eh, Uncle? You’re here too?”

Wang Ba pretended not to hear and kept moving.

However, Ye Lingyu’s voice rang out again: “Uncle, it’s me!”

1 know it’s you, that’s why I’m running away!

Wang was lost for words in his heart.

However, everyone’s surprised gazes were already fixed on him, leaving him no choice but to helplessly stop in his tracks.

Caught in Wang Ba’s debacle, Tao Yi also had no choice but to stop reluctantly. He glanced at Wang Ba surprisingly, seemingly unable to believe that Wang Ba could be associated with the newly promoted Inner Sect Disciple.

Then he took several steps away from Wang Ba and stood at a distance.

He looked at him helplessly.

“What’s going on?!”

Wang Ba was somewhat baffled.

However, a faint voice came to his ears, it was Tao Yi:

“I’m sorry, brother! The magic sword in that girl’s hand is way too terrifying. It’s a Class III magic sword!”

Class III?!

A shiver went through Wang Ba’s heart!

He couldn’t help but gaze in awe at the seemingly ordinary magic sword in the girl’s hand.

His understanding now far surpassed when he first joined the Sect, he knew that in the Cultivation World, Class 1 corresponded to Qi Refining, Class II corresponded to Foundation Establishment, and Class III corresponded to Golden Core!

The magic sword in Ye Lingyu’s hand was a treasure that could be wielded by a Golden Core master, a Class III object.

Wang Ba instantly understood why these people looked at Ye Lingyu’s magic sword as if they were looking at a venomous snake.

A Qi refining disciple who had just joined the Sect was wielding a Magic Sword that only a Golden Core master could use, especially a magic sword that was used for killing, who wouldn’t be panicked?!

Just one careless mistake and you might be killed by it, how tragic would that be.

Just as he was thinking, the magic sword in Ye Lingyu’s hand suddenly shuddered, breaking free from Ye Lingyu’s palm and levitated in the air. The point of the blade was directed at a cultivator, humming incessantly.

“Come back! Wen Xie!”

Seeing this, Ye Lingyu was shocked and repeatedly recited the sword spell.

However, none of the cultivators around dared to step forward. They all retreated, save for a cultivator who was friendly with him, who hurriedly shouted:

“Junior Brother Zheng, do not use your mana under any circumstances!”

The cultivator with the sword-light pointed at him felt cold sweat running down his spine!

He did not dare to move at all.

Tao Yi also rapidly pulled Wang Ba backwards with him.

The Class Ill magic sword seemed to be responding to Ye Lingyu’s urging, shaking continuously, as if extremely unwilling, but still it made a big curve in mid-air.

However, when it passed by Wang Ba, it seemed to have sensed something, and the point of the blade showed signs of promptly twirling around to stab him.

All at once, Wang Ba felt as if a great disaster was about to befall him!

An unprecedented sense of fear suddenly engulfed his heart!

“Come back!!”

It appeared that Ye Lingyu was somewhat frantic. She hurriedly chucked an elixir into her mouth and immediately began to quickly manipulate hand gestures for controlling her magic sword.


The Class Ill magic sword gave a dissatisfied hum, and it could no longer resist. The sword-light flashed once, and it promptly returned to Ye Lingyu’s hand.

Grasping her magic sword tightly, Ye Lingyu wiped away the sweat on her forehead, and a patch of pallor showed up on her dust-covered face.

She immediately kept continuously bowing in apology to the cultivators while repeatedly taking out things from her sleeve to give to them.

It appeared that she was already very adept at this process.

I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I didn’t manage Wenxie well, it has been wandering off recently, I swear 1 won’t let it out next time, this is my compensation, everyone take it.”

It’s all right, it’s all right, we were the ones who startled it, the ones who should apologise are us.”

“Exactly, exactly, it’s our fault, all our fault, how could we accept your things!”

A Class Ill magic sword has already initially developed a form of spiritual sense. Although they were covetous of Ye Lingyu’s compensation, the few cultivators didn’t dare to utter a word. Everyone’s attitude was much more obsequious than Ye Lingyu’s, and no matter what she said, they refused to accept her offers.

With the few cultivators refusing to accept her offers, Ye Lingyu had no choice but to walk up to Wang Ba and take out a talisman with a practiced hand, her attitude extremely sincere:

“Uncle, I am truly sorry.”

However, if even the cultivators didn’t dare to accept it, Wang Ba dared to even less. He even regretted having accepted Ye Lingyu’s compensation twice before, and he quickly rejected her offer.

Having no choice but to take back the talisman, Ye Lingyu immediately spoke apologetically: “Um… I came to ask, are there any upper grade Class 1 Spirit Chickens here? I am willing to pay spirit stones for them.”


The few cultivators looked at each other and then shook their heads: “Ding Villa does have a few upper grade Spirit Chickens, but they are not for sale. Other than that, I’m afraid only the Elders and a few inner sect senior disciples might have some.”

Upon hearing this, a look of disappointment flashed across Ye Lingyu’s face.

At that moment, the cultivator surnamed Shi suddenly spoke up: “Senior Sister could try looking at the market. ‘Wanbao Pavilion’ will probably have some.”

“Right, right, right. How could 1 forget, Wanbao Pavilion definitely has some! There is no shortage of treasures there!”

The words of the Shi-surnamed cultivator immediately prompted responses of agreement from the others.

Ye Lingyu’s eyes lit up. However, she immediately displayed a troubled expression: “But, I don’t know where the market is.”

Although she is an inner sect disciple, her time in the sect was too short. There are numerous places she has yet to visit.

“This… Why don’t you take Senior Sister there, Senior Brother Shi?”

A disciple from Ding 10 Villa suddenly spoke up.

“Junior Brother Zhu, you!”

Senior Brother Shi glared at him momentarily, but considering he was in front of Ye Lingyu, he didn’t dare refuse. He immediately had an idea and smacked his forehead:

“Shoot! 1 left in a hurry and 1 still have an elixir on the stove that’s not done yet! I’m sorry, Senior Sister, 1 really have to get back…”

He then put a teleportation talisman on himself without a moment’s delay, running off as though he was making his escape.

“You can’t even refine an Elixir…”

Zhu the cultivator muttered curses under his breath, his gaze then fell on Tao Yi.

Tao Yi reacted quickly, his face instantly becoming serious: “I’m afraid that Senior Brother Shi’s control of fire is insufficient. It won’t do, 1 should go and take a look. Senior Sister, 1’11 guide you next time!”

Tao Yi tried to grab Wang Ba to accompany him. However, seeing the magic sword by Ye Lingyu’s side, he couldn’t help but tremble and he hurriedly rushed off as well.

As one might infer, although Ye Lingyu is somewhat naive, she is far from being an idiot. How could she not notice how the cultivators were respectful actually, to be precise, fearful — of her magic sword?

However, Ye Lingyu’s easy-going temperament led her not to get angry, but instead feel even more apologetic, thinking that Wenxie’s earlier behavior must have scared them.

“Everyone, how about…”

“Senior Sister, please don’t worry! I will definitely find someone suitable to accompany you!”

Zhu the cultivator saw that he couldn’t avoid the responsibility and instantly turned to look at Ding 10 Villa’s people.

“Junior Brother Zheng…”

“Senior Brother, please don’t scare me.”

Junior Brother Zheng gave a wry smile and enthusiastically waved his hands. He had truly almost wet himself just now.

Zhu the cultivator saw this and understood, turning his gaze to look at another junior.

“Today, I calculated that it’s the day of my breakthrough to Qi Refining Stage


Having said so, he flicked his sleeves and disappeared back into the villa in a puff of smoke.

He spat.

Zhu the cultivator could only then look at the last remaining cultivator.

“Senior Brother, let the handyman lead the way!”

That cultivator had clearly planned in advance and pointed at Wang Ba.

“Oh, that’s right!”

Zhu the cultivator’s eyes brightened instantly.

Even though Wang Ba had a foreboding feeling, seeing the glances from the two others, he quickly defended himself: “I don’t know the way…”

Zhu the cultivator ignored him and used his mana to envelop Wang Ba in an imperceptible force that left him with no chance to argue. Wang Ba had no choice but to follow along to Ye Lingyu.

“Senior Sister, why not let this handyman lead you. Also, you know him too. I need to check if any of the Spirit Chickens were injured… I am afraid I don’t have time to accompany you.”

Zhu the cultivator looked sincerely apologetic.

Not waiting for Ye Lingyu’s reply, Zhu the cultivator’s mana surged and he disappeared from the spot.

He could just barely see him hastily running into the villa for cover.

As he looked at the apologetic gaze from Ye Lingyu, Wang Ba couldn’t help but let out a silent sigh.

Now, what do you call an unwarranted calamity? This was it.

But most importantly, he didn’t know the way!

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