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Chapter 64: Chapter 64: Chapter 64: Fanmingl i

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Chapter 64: Chapter 64: Fanmingl i

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Standing before the towering mountain gate that reached into the clouds and after the gate was the mountain’s summit with various palaces floating between the mist, appearing and disappearing, Wang Ba was awestruck.

Despite being worldly, the immense mountain gate and the magnificent palaces overwhelmed him and made him feel incredibly insignificant.

“This is where the actual mountain gate of the Sect is located,” said Ye Lingyu, his usually innocent eyes flashing with a rare hint of pride as he looked up at the gate.

Wang Ba didn’t share the same feelings.

After all, he was nothing more than a dispensable servant within the Sect, he never felt a sense of belonging.

Nonetheless, he couldn’t resist taking in the view of the mountain gate and the palaces behind it – their beauty was akin to a dream.

A sense of complexity sprouted within him.

In all honesty, if possible, he too wanted to stay in a Sect like this.

To be backed by a powerful Sect, to be free from the struggle for cultivation resources, and to be able to focus on his cultivation.

Perhaps, in the not-so-distant future, he too could have a place amongst the multitude of palaces on the mountain.

Growing stronger step by step, maximizing his lifespan-carrying abilities.

However, the existence of the Chengxian Society and the complex situation within the Sect left him no choice but to respectfully keep his distance.

And maintain that distance as far as possible.

His thoughts quickly vanished, and Wang Ba gathered his thoughts, bowed his head respectfully, and asked, “Immortal Ye, the person earlier said that Fengyang Market is not far to the left after entering the mountain gate, on top of Fengyang Mountain. Shall we go now?”

“Uncle, I’ve told you, don’t call me ‘immortal,’ just call me by my name!” Ye Lingyu pouted discontentedly.

If Lin Yu, with her appealing beauty, made this face, she would undoubtedly be enchantingly adorable.

However, when Ye Lingyu made the face, it only made her seem even more naive.

Wang Ba remained unfazed, “Yes, Immortal Ye.”

Ye Lingyu immediately lowered her head in speechlessness, rubbing her face with her little white hands. She looked resigned, sighed, and said, “Forget it, you can call me however you like.”

Then, once again with her vivacious demeanor, she hopped and skipped across the towering mountain gate.

As Wang Ba was about to enter, he felt as if he had hit an invisible barrier.


The impact left Wang Ba dizziness and blurred vision.

Seeing this, Ye Lingyu slapped her forehead in embarrassment saying, “I forgot!”

She quickly held Wang Ba’s arm, gently pulling him into the mountain gate.

This mountain gate has a formation, one cannot enter without mana unless someone escorts them. 1 forgot that you don’t have any mana,” Ye Lingyu withdrew her hand and apologized uneasily.

“However, it’s not necessary when exiting.”

Wang Ba rubbed his head, deciding it best to remain silent, hoping to get her quickly to the market so that he could also leave as soon as possible.

What reassured Wang Ba slightly was that the magic sword behind Ye Lingyu remained quiet, without any targeted movements against him.

“Strange, why did it suddenly target me earlier? It seemed like it wanted to kill me, but now that I’m so close, it doesn’t move at all.”

Wang Ba was baffled and could only conclude that the magic sword wasn’t very intelligent.

At that moment, Ye Lingyu pointed distantly, stomping her feet in excitement, “Look! Look! It’s Fanming!”


Wang Ba looked up, puzzled.

He was then left wide-eyed.

Amid the foggy mountains in the distance, a massive purple Spirit Beast stood on top of a mountain peak, flicking its tail feathers, similar to a peacock spreading its feathers.

However, this spirit beast was not a peacock. If Wang Ba wasn’t mistaken, it was unmistakably… a chicken!

A purple… chicken!

It pecked at its wings, and suddenly, it spread its purple wings wide, engulfing the sky like a mighty eclipse. Within its under feathers, shockingly, there were giant vertical slits that resembled eyes!

Wang Ba glanced at the eyes etched onto the wings, and immediately, he felt dizzy!

All of a sudden, the purple creature beat its wings and vanished, leaving no trace behind.

As if everything that had just happened was only an illusion!

Wang Ba stood there, stunned, his mind still transfixed in shock, unable to collect his wits for a long time.

“I’ve heard Master say many times that our East Saint Sect was able to settle in Chen State because of this ‘Fanming’.”

There was a trace of awe lingering in Ye Lingyu’s eyes:

“I’ve finally seen it for myself!”

Ye Lingyu seemed very excited.

Wang Ba’s emotions were in turmoil, and he couldn’t help but ask, “This Fanming, why does it seem so much like…”

“A chicken?”

Ye Lingyu anticipated Wang Ba’s question and answered before he could finish.

“It is a chicken, but it’s not an ordinary Spirit Chicken. It’s the divine beast among chickens!”

“The thing is, our Sect’s Fanming, it isn’t complete.”

“Incomplete? What do you mean by that?”

Wang Ba asked, curiosity piqued.

“I don’t know.”

“Master didn’t tell me.”

Ye Lingyu opened her hands and shrugged, then patted Wang Ba on the back, saying, “Alright, let’s see it again when we have the chance! Let’s find that market now.”

Upon hearing Ye Lingyu’s words, Wang Ba could only suppress his curiosity. He carved the name ‘Fanming’ and the purple silhouette he had seen earlier into his memory.

Perhaps it was because he had been rearing chickens for so long, he instinctively wanted to learn more when it came to anything about them.

Fengyang Market is the only market in the East Saint Sect for cultivators.

It’s situated on Fengyang Mountain, which was on the boundary between the core and peripheral areas of the Sect.

However, to enter Fengyang Mountain, one had to pass through the mountain entrance first.

Legend has it that the market was originally spontaneously organized by the Sect disciples for easier trading. Over time, it was gradually recognized by the Sect and became a free market under Sect supervision.

Soon, the two found the location of Fengyang Market without trouble.

Although it was considered a market, it was orderly and bustling, very much like a large-scale marketplace.

Unlike what Wang Ba had imagined, there were no inquiries or inspections. Wang Ba and Ye Lingyu were able to enter the marketplace freely.

Ye Lingyu’s purple robe, a uniform for Inner Sect Disciples, attracted attention from many people.

After all, the East Saint Sect’s Inner Sect Disciples were rare and considered future pillars of the Sect. They were seldom seen in the market.

Ye Lingyu noticed this and found an opportunity to change into a white robe – the uniform of an Outer Disciple – to avoid attracting unnecessary attention.

Perhaps because the Sect was about to go on an expedition, the market was bustling with Sect disciples. The two of them were occasionally separated by the crowd as they walked.

Not to mention finding the Wanbao Pavilion.

After a short walk, Ye Lingyu suggested that they split up, each exploring either the east or west of the market. If either of them found the Wanbao Pavilion, they would wait at the agreed rendezvous spot.

Wang Ba was about to propose simply asking someone for directions, but he spotted a signboard out of the corner of his eye that made his heart race!

Pretending to hesitate for a moment, he agreed to her suggestion.

After Ye Lingyu left, he made sure no one was paying him any attention before carefully making his way to the entrance of the shop.

On the signboard at the entrance were four large characters:

Qianqian Talisman Shop..

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