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Chapter 68: Chapter 68: Chapter 68 Untitled i

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Chapter 68: Chapter 68 Untitled i

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“This…this is for me?”

Wang Ba looked at Ye Lingyu increduously.

How did she know he wanted a Spirit Beast Bag?

No, this was a Spirit Beast Bag, worth seven to eight hundred spirit stones!

But after some hesitation, Wang Ba did not let this unexpected surprise cloud his judgement. He did not take the Spirit Beast Bag. Instead, he waved his hands repeatedly, “Immortal, I’m just a menial worker, without Mana, 1 can’t use the Spirit Beast Bag.”

“I know.”

Ye Lingyu said matter-of-factly:

“But you have a Spiritual Root, don’t you! Once you become a disciple, learn how to refine Qi, then you’ll have Mana, then you can use it, can’t you!”

Wang Ba was dumbfounded and stared blankly at the girl in front of him who still seemed a bit of a goof.

His mind was a complete mess!

How did she know he had a Spiritual Root?!

He never told anyone that he had a Spiritual Root.

And Senior Brother Zhao Feng could not even figure it out.

As a matter of fact, whether one has a Spiritual Root or not is something that can’t be seen. It can only be detected with Talisman or some other special means.

So how did she know?

At this moment, Ye Lingyu, who originally seemed simple-minded, suddenly became mysterious in his eyes.

Ye Lingyu, however, didn’t notice his strangeness and cheerfully continued:

“Once you succeed in refining Qi, you’ll officially become a disciple of our sect! Then 1’11 ask my master to take you as his disciple too… wait, but doesn’t that mean you’ll have to call me senior sister then?”

Suddenly, she furrowed her brow:

“But 1 should be calling you uncle…”

After giving it some thought, Ye Lingyu did not linger over it:

“Nevermind, we’ll deal with it then! You’re not worried about not being able to become my master’s disciple, are you? Don’t worry, though my sword says your Spiritual Root isn’t that good, Master doesn’t pick his disciples based on the quality of their Spiritual Root…”

“Wait! What did you just say?”

Wang Ba suddenly interrupted.

Ye Lingyu was taken aback. “My…I said…I just said my master doesn’t pick disciples according to good and bad Spiritual Root…”

“No, the sentence before that.”

Ye Lingyu thought for a moment, “Uh…although my sword says your Spiritual Root isn’t good… Is that it?”


Indeed, it was that Class 111 magic sword where everything took a wrong turn.

A glimmer of understanding finally struck Wang Ba. He cast a wary gaze at the magic sword Ye Lingyu carried and asked cautiously, “It… can it detect Spiritual Roots?”

Ye Lingyu immediately lifted her chin proudly:

“Of course, it can! My sword is incredibly sharp! It can sense a lot of things!”

“But if the distance is too great, it won’t be able to. The thing about you possessing a Spiritual Root, it told me quietly when you were next to me earlier. Don’t worry, 1 won’t tell anyone.”

As she continued speaking, she bowed her head and pouted, complaining:

“Sometimes my sword can be quite disobedient; always flying around aimlessly, causing me to constantly apologize to my older brothers and sisters.”

Hearing Ye Lingyu’s words, a sense of relief flooded Wang Ba. Not being able to hold back, he thought of the scene where several cultivators, who seemed to be in their seventies, were endlessly bowing to Ye Lingyu. The sight was indeed a bit amusing.

“Here! Take it! Consider it a thank you for helping me haggle!”

Ye Lingyu once again handed the Spirit Beast Bag to Wang Ba.

This time, although Wang Ba hesitated briefly, he did not refuse.

“Thank you, Immortal.”

“All, I’ve told you, just call me by my name! Plus, there’s no need to thank me.”

Ye Lingyu grumbled.

Wang Ba just smiled and didn’t say anything.

His initial refusal was because he didn’t want to reveal that he had a Spiritual Root.

After all, he didn’t know the owner of Baishou Garden. Even if he got the Spirit Beast Bag, the likelihood of being tracked down by the latter was there, but it wasn’t high. But Ye Lingyu had some understanding of him.

Out of caution and even if it meant never seeing Ye Lingyu again, he believed she was not the type of person to betray his secret, so he had to politely refuse.

But now that Ye Lingyu was aware of his Spiritual Root, there was no point in pretending in front of her. Furthermore, he really had a need for it, so he might as well accept her kindness.

This was different from before when he didn’t want to take advantage of Ye Lingyu’s trust in him to obtain a Spirit Beast Bag.

Although it might seem complicated and redundant, this was just who he was.

Accepting the Spirit Beast Bag handed over by Ye Lingyu, it felt as cold and metal-like upon touch, yet smooth like silk.

Being surrounded by many eyes, Wang Ba dared not look too much and hastily tucked the Spirit Beast Bag into his bosom.

The business was done with plentiful gains, so Wang Ba was the one to propose departure.

Ye Lingyu didn’t try to keep him back. She had finally purchased an upper-grade Spirit Chicken and now she needed to start getting busy.

However, she did escort Wang Ba to the mountain gate.

On his way back, Wang Ba couldn’t resist looking back at the distant mountains and palaces.

Fairies’ clouds lingered, mist entwined the loftiness, and cultivators were occasionally seen flying away on their swords. Immortal birds flew all around. It was a prosperous scene fitting for the land of immortals.

After a few more lingering glances, he finally descended the mountain.

A part of him was reluctant to leave, another part slightly regretful, and yet another part somewhat relieved.

“Too bad, 1 didn’t get to see that Fanming mountain beast.”

When he returned to Ding 9 Villa, Wang Ba was surprised to find that most of the work in the villa had already been done.

Upon seeing Wang Ba, Tao Yi ran over with a tense and guilty face, and reached out to him.

Wang Ba quickly dodged: “Elder, I’m not into this!”

“Go away!”

Tao Yi spat, and seeing that Wang Ba seemed to be fine, he relaxed:

“You rascal, it seems you’ve returned in one piece… 1 was worried sick! You were the one I took there, if something really happened to you…”

Feeling the sincere concern from Tao Yi, Wang Ba also showed a slight smile: “Nothing would happen. 1 just led the way… Is this what you tidied up?”

Tao Yi nodded at his words, then immediately shook his head: “It’s not the danger, but mainly that sword… Alas, 1 don’t know why Elder Qin is so indulgent with this disciple, even giving her his Class 111 magic sword for protection.”

“Elder Qin?”

This was a person unfamiliar to Wang Ba.

“Elder Qin is the House Master of the Rectification Room. It’s said that in our sect, his Cultivation Base and power are second only to the Sect Master.”

Upon mentioning Elder Qin, Tao Yi’s face clearly showed a trace of fear: “He is always stern and has been in charge of the Rectification Room for many years. There are rumors that not a few disciples who committed offenses were killed by him personally… Anyway, there are few outer disciples who are not afraid of him.”

“Not to mention us, even other elders in the sect are reportedly also intimidated when they see him.”

Hearing Tao Yi’s description, Wang Ba quickly painted a picture of a middle-aged cultivator as cold and stern as Senior Brother Zhao, but even more ruthless in his actions.

“Alright! If you talk too much, you might really be taken away by the people from the Rectification Room!”

The cultivator named Shi heard the noise and came out, scolding him.

Tao Yi shut up, disappointed.

Ever since he demeaned Shi in front of Zhao Feng last time, the atmosphere between the two had been on and off. Wang Ba was used to it by now.

Lin Yu was not around, probably went to see Senior Brother Jing again.

Shi, seeing Wang Ba, quickly invited him to his room to read books, while subtly inquiring about what had happened after Wang Ba went to Fengyang Market with Ye Lingyu.

Wang Ba seriously answered Shi’s questions, only omitting his purchase of Talisman, Cultivation Method, and receiving the Spirit Beast Bag.

Even so, Shi was full of envy in his eyes:

“You, you’re going to make it big! You must cherish such chances! To be taken care of by an Inner Sect Disciple, tsk tsk…”

That said, he would still firmly refuse if asked to lead the way.

No matter how promising the future, life is still the most important thing.

Walking beside an uncontrollable Class HI magic sword, one could be beheaded at any time. How unjust would that be?

Not everyone was as lucky as this lower-ranked worker, sheltered by an outer sect senior brother and favored by an inner sect disciple.

At least Shi had this much of self-awareness.

That was why he was even warmer towards Wang Ba, trying to gain benefits through association, so to speak.

Watching him for a while, Wang Ba actively excused himself.

He was impatient to go back and test his Spiritual Root, if he could comfortably sit here for a while reading, it meant he was already deeply calm.

Shi tried to keep him a little longer, and even proposed having a meal together. Wang Ba, however, used the excuse of needing to do some work back at the villa, and was able to leave smoothly.

When he was leaving the villa, however, he just happened to bump into Lin Yu, who was returning..

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