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Chapter 69: Chapter 69: Chapter 69 Ren Water Four Tactics i

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Chapter 69: Chapter 69 Ren Water Four Tactics i

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Lin Yu still looked beautiful.

She kept her head low as soon as she saw Wang Ba from a distance.

However, Wang Ba, with his keen senses, had already noticed her slightly reddened eyes that appeared to have recently shed tears even before she lowered her head.

He could not help but think about certain rumors regarding Lin Yu and that ‘Senior Brother Jing’.

Wang Ba couldn’t help but shake his head secretly.

The disparities faced by the lower classes and cultivators probably wouldn’t be much different.

He did not have the emotional capacity to pity her, nor did he want any unnecessary complications. Seeing that she seemed to be uncomfortable with being seen, he pretended not to notice and kept his head low, walking in a different direction.

Only after he was gone did Lin Yu finally raise her head.

She looked at Wang Ba’s departing figure, her eyes complicated and filled with a hint of resentment and reluctance.

“Why does a menial worker get to be protected by Senior Brother Zhao, while I can only…”

This was the first time Wang Ba was so eager to return to Ding 87 Villa.

As he walked into the familiar estate, into the cramped room he was familiar with, and closed the door behind him, he could not help but collapse heavily onto the bed.

The exhaustion of the day, the cautious and meticulous actions underneath the scrutinizing eyes of cultivators, the excitement of finally being close to his goal, and the anticipation and nervousness about the future that awaited him… all were expressed in spelling out ’big’ while sprawled out on the bed.

In this pitifully small room, he found the greatest release.

Not wanting to think about anything, not doing anything, completely emptying his mind…


Hearing the noise, Jia 7 hopped gently from under the bed to the top of the bed, then onto his leg, and then to his abdomen and chest.

It then extended its neck and gazed curiously at its master with clear, naive eyes.

This …. perspective… cluck… seems pretty novel!

Jia 7, who kept poking its head out and back in, took care to peck its master’s collar. Feeling a surge of defecation coming on, it decided to follow its nature, lifted its butt and exerted a little force.


Wang Ba solemnly smacked Jia 7’s neck with his hand.

This scoundrel, attempting to defecate on top of him.

However, thanks to Jia 7’s mischief, he was jolted out of his empty state and recovered.

It even made him feel more refreshed.

Wang Ba didn’t waste such a state of mind, quickly tossing Jia 7 aside. He then took out from his bosom his biggest acquisition for the day, and perhaps in his entire life.

The Spiritual Root Talisman, “The Customs and Traditions of the Sen, Chen, Fu State,” the “Five Dragons Sutra” and fifteen rubbings of various cultivation methods, and the Spirit Beast Bag.

Among these items, the Spirit Beast Bag was undoubtedly the most valuable, but at the moment what Wang Ba needed most urgently was the Spiritual Root Talisman, worth just ten Spirit Stones.

Took out the Spiritual Root Talisman carefully, placed it against his lower abdomen according to the method he had already learned, and then sat quietly waiting.

The Spiritual Root Talisman is one of the few talismans that don’t require any mana to use. Once placed at the lower Dantian position, it would slowly start to change.

Of course, if catalyzed by mana, this process would be accelerated, and it would not need to be specifically placed on the lower abdomen.

Wang Ba waited patiently for a while.

However, there was no sign of any change in the talisman.

“What’s the matter?”

“Could it be that the Strong Body Sutra was just a scam?”

A thought rose in Wang Ba’s heart, but he quickly suppressed it:

“Wait a little longer.”

Just as his patience was wearing thin, and he was beginning to doubt whether the Spiritual Root Talisman was damaged and was somewhat regretting not buying more, he noticed something.

One corner of the talisman paper suddenly began to curl up.

Soon, a stream of green smoke began to rise faintly.

Accompanied by it, radiant glows started to rise and circulate from his lower abdomen.

Light green, pale yellow, pink, deep blue…

Different colors of brilliance bloomed one after another, shooting straight into the sky.

There were four blue glows, and a fifth one was slightly visible, but it failed to bloom in the end, quickly dimming.

Only one glow for the yellow, red, and green light. The green light seemed to condense a second glow, just like the blue one, it failed to form.

All the other light faded quickly, and the Spiritual Root Talisman eventually turned into a smudge of ash.

“It’s four Spirit Roots!”

“Wood, Earth, Fire, Water!”

“The Water Spirit Root is clearly superior to the others.”

Wang Ba looked pleasantly surprised.

Though it was a lower grade Spiritual Root, it was still acceptable compared to the Five Elements Spiritual Root.

Anyway, Wang Ba’s requirement isn’t high. As long as he can successfully refine Qi, it will be fine.

Having determined the Spiritual Roots, the next step is to match the appropriate Cultivation Method according to the attribute and strength of the Spirit Roots.

The “Five Dragons Sutra” that was chosen at the beginning can also be used. However, Wang Ba’s Water Spirit Root is clearly stronger than the other Spirit Roots. Practicing the “Five Dragons Sutra” would be a waste of such a Spirit Root.

After thinking about it, Wang Ba took out the sheet of gold paper that recorded fifteen Cultivation Methods.

Soon, he found a Cultivation Method that was suitable.

“Renshui Four Methods”.

Mainly focused on the Water Style, the other three Styles as auxiliary. With different composition of the three Styles, different results can be achieved.

For example, if Gold, Fire, and Earth Styles are present in the Qi refining stage, one can cultivate the “Class I Renshui Zhajin Sting”. Its power is unmatched and its offensive power is comparable to a Sword Cultivator.

And if it’s Fire, Wood, and Earth Styles, one could condense the “Class I Renshui Divine Light”. This light is formless and invisible, lightly sweeping over it can cut gold and jade.

Of course, it also has another wonderful use. It can nourish the land, which is beneficial for the growth of Spirit Plants.

Wang Ba doesn’t pay much attention to this particular effect. The main thing about this Cultivation Method is that among these fifteen Cultivation Methods, it is the only one dominated by the Water Style. This four-styles Cultivation Method can be used up to the Foundation Establishment Stage. Afterwards, depending on the situation, one can switch to other Styles. It’s easy to get started and don’t have to worry about what comes next.

He quickly made the decision and started attempting according to the content on the golden paper.

However, he was puzzled because no matter how he tried, he felt like he was behind a door and couldn’t breach it.

“Could it be the lack of… the true meaning of the Cultivation Method?”

Wang Ba recalled what the shopkeeper said back at the bookstore in Fengyang Market, and a guess appeared in his heart.

But what is the true meaning of a Cultivation Method?

Moreover, why was he able to cultivate the “Yin God’s Grand Dream” when it was also engraved on the golden paper?

Recalling the cultivation process of Yin God’s Grand Dream, it seemed that something was missing during the cultivation.

He had a vague understanding.

Then he picked up the “Renshui Four Tactics” again, calmed his impatience, lit up the candle, and started reading it carefully.

It has to be said, comparing with the “Yin God’s Grand Dream” that has tens of thousands of characters, “Renshui Four Tactics” seemed a bit simple.

After studying it over and over again, Wang Ba felt that he had a general understanding of the principle and the route of the “Renshui Four Tactics” in terms of cultivation.

But when he tried to practice it himself, there was still no reaction.

Although he could see the lingering Spiritual Energy around him, he couldn’t attract it at all.

But Wang Ba wasn’t panicked. He had encountered this situation when he was cultivating “Yin God’s Grand Dream”.

The corresponding solution is –

Open the panel.

As expected, there was an extra line of text on the panel.

[Remaining lifespan of the current body: 591.3 years]

[Available expenditure projects: Introduction to “Renshui Four Tactics”, taking into account of overall qualification and Physique, the adjusted consumption is 27 years..]

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