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Chapter 7: 7 Chapter 7 Supplying to Higher Levels_1

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7 Chapter 7 Supplying to Higher Levels_1

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Wang Ba squatted in front of the flock, carefully inspecting the four Precious Chickens before him.

No, strictly speaking, they could no longer be regarded as Precious Chickens.

They were Spirit Chickens.

Their originally grey-black feathers were now infused with a few strands of iridescence.

They looked spirited.

Their bodies were about half as big as the average Precious Chicken.

Upon weighing them, Wang Ba was stunned to find that the weight of a single Spirit Chicken was equivalent to that of two or even three ordinary Precious Chickens.

Moreover, their lifespans were indeed approximately three times that of an average Precious Chicken.

The lifespans of the four Spirit Chickens were 56.1, 55.7, 58.2, and 59.3 years, respectively.

The first two were roosters, the last two were hens.

Among them, Jia 4 had outpaced the others with a lifespan close to 60 years.

However, starting from yesterday, this figure stopped rising.

Their appetites also plummeted, only twice as much as that of the average Precious Chickens.

Which aligns with their size.

“The growth of their lifespan seems to have reached its limit.”

“Or perhaps, this is the natural lifespan of a Spirit Chicken, and the reason its lifespan was previously increasing was due to the Precious Chicken gradually morphing into a Spirit Chicken along with its lifespan.”

Wang Ba held a charcoal pencil in his hand, jotting down his thoughts on an open space in the farm.

Based on the available information, he had more speculations.

Firstly, he confirmed that as long as he lodged lifespan into a Precious Chicken, it would undergo a transformation and become a Spirit Chicken.

Once the transformation was complete, even if he drained its lifespan, it would not regress.

The lifespan limit for a spirit chicken was approximately 58 to 60 years.

If he drained the lifespan of an entire Spirit Chicken, according to a ratio of one to ten, he could obtain a lifespan of 5 to 6 years.

The cost would be 0.1 year of lifespan.

What a steal!

If he used the lifespan of other Precious Chickens as a sacrifice, then it would essentially be a no-cost transaction.

Of course, the biggest problem currently was that there were too few Precious Chickens in the villa.

Limited by the number of Precious Chickens, he absolutely could not perform a large-scale operation of lodging lifespan into the chickens and extracting it from them.

Furthermore, he needed to consider the Sect’s attitude.

What would the Sect’s reaction be if they found out that he, a mere mortal, can arbitrarily elevate a Precious Chicken to a Spirit Chicken?

Would they be ecstatic and promote him, focusing on his growth?

Or would they utilize Immortal methods to dig out his secret?

People’s hearts are unpredictable!

Wang Ba looked at the four Spirit Chickens with a sense of trepidation in his eyes.

“I must not let Deacon Li know about these four Spirit Chickens for the time being!”

“At least, not for a year!”

If just after Old Sun just cultivated one, he turned in another, anyone would know something was up with him.

But, he couldn’t entirely forego this golden opportunity.

Otherwise, he would never have a chance to successfully cultivate the Body Strengthening Scripture.

“Since lodging lifespan into them allowed these Spirit Chickens to break through once, can they break through again?”

Wang Ba stroked his chin, deep in thought.

As soon as the idea occurred to him, he immediately reached out to touch Jia 4.

However, to his surprise, there was a subtle change in the panel.

[Target’s lifespan: 59.3 years]

[Current remaining lifespan: 60.3 years]

[Cost required: 18 years (calculated from the 2nd layer of Body Strengthening Scripture, comprehensive qualification, constitution)]

[Drain/Lodge(Lodging lifespan can only accelerate growth)]

“This won’t work.”

Wang Ba shook his head in disappointment.

But it wasn’t all bad news.

During egg collection, he accidentally discovered a hen hiding in a corner, motionless.

His heart skipped a beat at the sight!

Upon picking up the chicken, he indeed found a dark, thick egg beneath it.

Not daring to move it carelessly, he laid some straw beside it for insulation and then put the hen back.

Two days had passed since then.

Deacon Li, with a pot belly, made his late appearance.

He scrutinised the chicken coop environment with a stern face, waved his hand before his nose to disperse the smell, avoided the chicken droppings, made a round, and unapologetically pointed out a few issues, displaying a swift and decisive demeanour.

After inspecting the two cocks, two hens, and two hundred and ten eggs offered by Wang Ba, Deacon Li showed a puzzled expression.

“Huh, isn’t the offering supposed to be 200 eggs…”

“We had an additional ten this month. I took the liberty to present them to you as a token of my gratitude for your support,” replied Wang Ba with a grin.

“This… doesn’t seem quite right…”

While Deacon Li said so verbally, he did not hesitate to accept the ten Precious Chicken eggs.

The stern look on his face evaporated like melting ice and snow, and in its place appeared a soft, benevolent expression.

Seeing Deacon Li behave in such a manner, Wang Ba felt relieved.

From the moment when Deacon Li allowed Old Sun to change the reward, he had an inkling.

If people below did not make offerings, how could Deacon Li gain any benefits?

He suspected that if he did not present this extra gift, he was bound to face difficulties.

With the atmosphere warmed up, communication became easier.

“Keep working hard, and when there are vacancies in the ranking chicken farms in ‘Ding Villa’, you have an opportunity to move up if you perform well.”

“Those farms produce seven to eight hundred chicken eggs each month.”

Deacon Li stroked his belly and laughed.

“I will still need your nurture and guidance!”

“Oh, come now, we are all contributing to the Sect,” Deacon Li responded.

“By the way, why are these a few so big?”

Deacon Li asked with surprise, looking at the ten separately packed Precious Chicken eggs.

“Deacon, these are eggs laid by the Spirit Chicken that Old Sun bred previously. They were not included in the last offerings, so I brought them to you today,” Wang Ba answered with a smile.

“Good! Good!”

Deacon Li was delighted to hear this and carefully stored the several Spirit Chicken eggs.

These were treasures!

The value of these few Spirit Chicken eggs surpassed dozens of Precious Chicken eggs!

Not every Qi Refining disciple from the outer sect could afford to eat them every day.

Wang Ba and the other chicken farmers may not be aware of this, but as a Deacon, Li knew it clearly.

“In the future, if you have anything that I can help with, just say the word!”

Seeing that Deacon Li was in good spirits, Wang Ba seized the opportunity and said:

“Deacon, I do have a favour to ask you.”


Upon hearing this, Deacon Li’s smile vanished, and he said with a less-than-friendly tone:

“Brother Wang, I am just a mortal Deacon, and I don’t have much authority. Don’t ask for anything unreasonable.”

These were his cautionary words ahead of time.

Wang Ba couldn’t help but look at Deacon Li admiringly.

Not only was Deacon Li able to be appointed as a Deacon with his mortal status, but he was also able to sense a potential crisis within a moment’s notice and leave himself room for manoeuvre. Such alertness, decisiveness, and fickleness were well worth learning from Wang Ba’s perspective.

Wang Ba quickly said with a laugh:

“I won’t make it difficult for you. I just want to learn more about chicken breeding. I am wondering if the Sect has any books on this for me to study?”

“Books on chicken breeding?”

Deacon Li’s frown eased, and the smile returned to his face:

“This is not a difficult request; indeed, the outer sect’s classic library has many such miscellaneous books.”

“Well, I’ll bring it next time when I visit.”

“However, even someone like me has to pay to borrow books…”

“I understand!”

Wang Ba cursed inwardly but still kept a smile on his face while ruefully took out the money he earned from selling chicken droppings and handed it to Deacon Li respectfully.

This was all his savings.

But the money had to be spent.

He had to establish his image as a chicken breeding expert, only in this way could he make it easier to account for the large number of Spirit Chickens appearing in the chicken pen in the future.

And the first step in becoming a chicken breeding expert was to borrow books.

As a result… he had no money left to buy food for this month!

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