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Chapter 70: Chapter 70: Chapter 70 Qi Refining i

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Chapter 70: Chapter 70 Qi Refining i

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“Only an initiate?”

Wang Ba again glanced at the consumption of his lifespan, unable to fathom why he could achieve the first layer of the Book of Yin God’s Grand Dream while only managing to start the Ren Water Four Tactics.

However, he always had one strength: he didn’t ponder over things he couldn’t understand.

He was not hesitant in the least.

[Current lifespan -27 years]

The next moment, his comprehension of cultivating Ren Water Four Tactics in his mind gradually became clearer.

His body also seemed to mobilize the spiritual energy in the surroundings.

Soon, a surprising scene occurred which filled Wang Ba with elation.

Strings of spiritual energy of various colors lingering around him began to slowly enter his body under the pull of the Spirit Root.

Skin, flesh, bones… under the flow of spiritual energy, they were subtly changing bit by bit.

The multicolored spiritual energy flowed into his flesh, swirling into his Dantian, slowly revolving at first, then the pace began to pick up quickly.

Finally, just as a tiny vortex formed in his Dantian, it collapsed.

“What is happening!”

Wang Ba jolted awake, only to realize that the spiritual energy in the surroundings had been nearly depleted, spare the golden one.

Spiritual energy from more distant surroundings hasn’t replenished in time, causing a temporary void of spiritual energy right here.

His Dantian’s spiritual energy also failed to solidify due to lacking follow-up replenishments.

“No wonder Lin Yu had to go take advantage of the spiritual lineage.”

Wang Ba suddenly comprehended.

In the past, he used to think that the spiritual energy here was abundant. But now he saw it was really scarce and couldn’t even support someone at the beginner level with four Spirit Roots.

However, after pondering for a bit, he took out and gripped a lower-grade Spirit Stone, before activating his body again.

As expected.

Under the spiritual roots’ attraction, some distinctly abundant spiritual energy began to overflow from the Spirit Stone into Wang Ba’s Dantian through his palm.

Unlike the surrounding spiritual energy, this energy had no specific attributes, thus bypassing the need for shunting.

Yet soon Wang Ba discerned the downside of having underdeveloped Spiritual Roots.

The pull of Spirit Root was much slower in attracting spiritual energy. Quite a lot of energy drawn from the Spirit Stone dissipated before it could be linked to the Dantian.

Furthermore, a considerable amount of energy was lost during the process of entering the Dantian.

It turned out, less than half of the spiritual energy from those spirit stones managed to enter the Dantian.

Among them, the water-based spiritual energy in the Dantian accounted for the largest portion.

This was obviously due to the higher quality of the Water Spirit Root, meaning its efficiency of absorption and energy conversion outperformed the other three.

Soon, with replenishment, the spiritual energy in his Dantian started rotating spontaneously again.

Along with the rotation of this energy, a tiny whirlpool of Qi quickly solidified into existence within the Dantian, rapidly enlarging.

Finally, within this whirlpool of energy,

A tiny wisp of pale-white, gaseous Mana was born!

And at the same time, the Spirit Stone in Wang Ba’s hand likewise hollowed out.

Yet he was not at all upset. Rather, his gaze paused absently at the candlelight atop the table, lost in thought.

After a long while, he came back to his senses and let out a sigh.

It was as if he wanted to expel all the hardship, agony and repression he’d suffered throughout the year.

“Finally, I’ve begun Qi-refining.”

Just like when he condensed the Spirit Root, it was very mundane.

The success of Qi refining was also quietly achieved.

At this moment, Wang Ba had indeed reached the first stage of Qi refining and successfully joined the ranks of cultivators.

But he did not slacken in the slightest.

Because he found that upon mastering the methods of Qi refining, the Ren Water Four Tactics disappeared from his panel, just like the Book of Yin God’s Grand Dream before.

This meant that he could no longer rely on burning his lifespan for fast progress, but had to cultivate diligently on his own.

However, he had predicted this when he cultivated the Power of the Yin God.

The acquisition of the Power of the Yin God was entirely due to eating Spirit Chickens bit by bit and gradually comprehending the Yin God.

Accumulating Mana would obviously be the same.

To Wang Ba, the consumption of lifespan was mostly for setting him on the right track faster, but it could not offset the process of cultivation and resource consumption.

But he was already quite content.

After all, this was already beyond what most could achieve.

On his panel, there was still the eleventh layer of the Body Strengthening Scripture, which required a staggering 9,216-years worth of lifespan consumption.

He immediately gave up on advancing the Body Strengthening Scripture in the near future.

Even though he knew that prioritizing the Body Strengthening Scripture would yield the highest benefits, neither time nor circumstances could afford it.

The first priority was to wait for the right moment to leave this place.

While doing that, he needed to improve himself as much as possible.

So, Wang Ba spent the entire night without sleep, wholly absorbed in draining the spiritual energy from the Spirit stones.

By dawn, when the horizon was bathed white, he had finally exhausted the eighth Spirit Stone, and the gaseous Mana in his Dantian had built up to ten strands.

He couldn’t help but feel:

“Cultivating with Spirit Stones is too extravagant. When possible, 1 must try spiritual lineage.”

“However, 1 neglected to cultivate the Power of the Yin God last night.”

The main reason was he couldn’t control his excitement upon finally becoming a cultivator capable of Qi refining. In addition to focusing on studying the Ren Water Four Tactics, this slipped his mind.

Given the tight schedule in the morning, he did not have time to contemplate the Yin God, so he simply got up and called Jia 7 for training.

However, this time when Wang Ba channeled his Mana into his eyes, he could barely keep track of Jia 7’s movements.

Of course, it was a struggle, and if Jia 7 pushed a bit harder, he wouldn’t be able to see clearly at all.

He couldn’t resist channeling his Mana to other parts of his body and testing them one by one.

After using up almost all of the ten strands of gaseous Mana he spent the night cultivating, he finally had a rough idea.

His battle capabilities should be slightly stronger than Chu Erniu’s without accessing the Power of the Yin God.

After all, both of them had reached the first stage of Qi refining and their Mana was negligible. But his body, having been trained with the Body Strengthening Scripture, had a better foundation. Once their Mana was exhausted, defeating Chu Erniu, relatively speaking, should be easier.

However, Wang Ba, who was cautious and not too good at fighting, was very worried about really having to face others in a fight.

So he genuinely kept Jia 7 in his Spirit Beast Bag and carried him along.

He didn’t take any of the other Spirit Chickens, mainly fearing that in case of encountering an opponent, he’d release the wrong chicken in a rush, turning everything topsy-turvy.

After briefly caring for Ding 87 Villa,

Old Hou soon arrived in his donkey cart to deliver chicken feed, chattering with Wang Ba nonchalantly as usual.

But as he was about to leave, Old Hou turned back, grinning, saying:

“Oh, almost forgot to mention it to you…”

“Manager Yu said, you should not wander around these few days..”

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