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Chapter 71: Chapter 71: Chapter 71 Eternal Life i

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Chapter 71: Chapter 71 Eternal Life i

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Yu Changchun!?

Wang Ba was taken aback.

The recent bustle and the disappearance of the Chengxian Society had almost made him forget about this person’s existence.

However, the sudden reminder from Old Hou triggered a sense of danger in him.

What did he imply by telling him not to wander around these days?

Could it be as Senior Brother Zhao Feng pointed out, a major event would occur on the day the Sect Master and their team leave the sect?

With these thoughts in mind, he hurriedly stopped Old Hou. He then returned to the villa, picked up a small bucket filled with Spirit Chicken eggs, and quickly ran down to stuff them into Old Hou’s cart.

What was unexpected to Wang Ba was that Old Hou, upon seeing the eggs on his donkey cart, merely raised an eyebrow without any comment.

“Do you think it’s too few?”

Wang Ba thought to himself. Although he was somewhat dissatisfied, he still replied with a smile: “Wait a moment for me, 1 did not grab everything earlier, there are still things to bring.”

Having said that, he hurried back, picked up two Spirit Chickens, and thrust them into Old Hou’s donkey cart.

Right now, everything was scarce, except for the Spirit Chickens. He had quite plenty of them.

Due to only one of the four markets around the sect, Beisong Market, still being open, selling Spirit Chickens became inconvenient. For safety’s sake, Wang Ba reduced the frequency and quantity of his sales, letting these Spirit Chickens die of old age in the villa instead.

Only upon seeing two Spirit Chickens in his vehicle did Old Hou finally reveal a slight smile. But his tone of voice seemed to be different than before:

“I do not reap a reward where I haven’t worked. Brother Wang, do you have something you need me to help with?”

Hearing this tone, Wang Ba was suddenly on edge!

However, his face remained unchanged, giving the impression that he did not notice anything amiss. He rubbed his slightly twisted left pinky finger and revealed an innocent smile:

“Hehe, it’s nothing much, 1 just want to know if Manager Yu has anything else to tell me.”

“Also, I want to know when I can have another Bone Replacement? If I join the Chengxian Society, is there any bone source left?”

Old Hou seemed to be deep in thought, as if contemplating something, then finally spoke:

“I… Manager sir did not have anything specific to explain, but he did stress that there is no rush for your Bone Replacement, let’s discuss it a few days later.”

“A few days later? About how many days?”

Wang Ba couldn’t restrain from asking further. However, seeing Old Hou Alertly scanning him, he quickly explained:

“I’m just a bit eager, had it not been for the fact that Manager Sir said not to have another Bone Replacement within ten days, I would have impulsively done it myself.”

“It’s just that those Sect Disciples look down on me, I…”

Old Hou’s gaze relaxed somewhat then, feeling he could understand the feelings of Wang Ba, a miscellany. After deliberating he replied: “At least around ten days as well, he’s been extremely busy lately and can’t spare time to arrange it.”

“1 see.”

Wang Ba revealed a sudden look of realization, then leaned forward and grabbed Old Hou’s hands fervently: “Old Hou, do remember to speak good words for me in front of Manager Yu!”

Old Hou immediately took two steps back, pulling his hands away: “Sure, sure,

I need to leave now.”

He then hopped onto his donkey cart and left quickly.

As soon as Old Hou left, Wang Ba, once his Power of the Yin God was withdrawn, instantly lost his smile, his face darkening quickly.

“No lifespan!”

Old Hou, he has no lifespan at all!”

Just now, he detected the subtle changes in Old Hou’s tone and demeanor.

Although they weren’t very evident, Wang Ba immediately thought of Yu Changchun.

Old Hou’s tone, for that brief moment, was extremely similar to Yu Changchun’s.

Even though he seemed to realize this point later and quickly adjusted himself, Wang Ba still became suspicious.

He suspected that Old Hou could well be a disguise by Yu Changchun.

After all, with the countless techniques of cultivators, it wouldn’t be surprising if Yu Changchun had such abilities.

So he took the opportunity to grab Old Hou’s hand as a bold test.

What he didn’t expect was when he clasped Old Hou’s rough, warm, and powerful palm, no interface popped up.

It was as if he was holding a dried piece of wood.

“Old Hou, he must have died a long time ago!”

A creepy conclusion was deduced in Wang Ba’s mind.

Recalling Old Hou’s behavior in these recent days, seemingly unaware of his own death, couldn’t help but sent a chill down Wang Ba’s spine.

Could it be that the Chengxian Society, with their eerie and terrifying actions, was orchestrated by Elder He Lin?

What are they trying to do?

What is their goal in luring miscellanies with the Bury Bones secret technique?

In a world where cultivators hold immense power, Wang Ba couldn’t understand why the Chengxian Society would go to such lengths to focus on miscellanies.

But he had a vague feeling that the solution to this problem would probably be revealed in the coming days.

“Don’t wander around aimlessly in the coming days…”

Recalling the ‘Old Hou’s’ cryptic advice, a sense of urgency surged in Wang Ba’s heart.

Ding 9 Villa.

As expected, Wang Ba arrived and got to work.

He kept up his act, as he did not want to arouse any suspicion with the departure of the sect imminent. After all, he was only going to work a few more days.

Wang Ba also did not deliberately mask his Power of the Yin God.

Before cultivators use their mana, their realm and strength cannot be identified by just their appearance.

Unless there is a substantial difference in their level or they possess a special ability to discern others’ mana.

Generally speaking though, the cultivators of Ding Villa were basically seen as the sect’s discarded waste who can’t even manage their own cultivation, and won’t have much time and energy to practice a technique that is basically unnecessary.

So in the eyes of the three people of Ding 9 Villa, he was still the lucky miscellany who was good at practising the Strong Body Sutra and had strong connections.

The cultivator named Shi was very enthusiastic about Wang Ba’s arrival. Not only did he not remain in his room for cultivation as usual, but he also came out specially to work with Wang Ba.

Ironically, he was quicker at tasks like fermenting chicken feed and feeding the Extreme Blood Pill than Wang Ba, who often did these tasks.

“I learned animal husbandry from Elder Qian Jun of our Beasts Room; these are basic skills for me.”

The cultivator with the surname Shi explained smugly when he saw Wang Ba’s surprised gaze.

Wang Ba suddenly realized.

Meanwhile, Tao Yi was also feeding the chickens, and Lin Yu for the first time walked out of his room to gather eggs.

This was the first time Wang Ba saw these three from Ding 9 Villa working together.

Seeing that they were almost finished with their chores, the cultivator with the surname Shi said:

“I got a notice this morning that Junior Brother Zhu and others have left. Ding

10 Villa will now be managed by us.”

“I will assign tasks. Everyone can let me know if it’s feasible.”

The three didn’t say anything, waiting for the arrangement of the cultivator with the surname Shi.

The cultivator with the surname Shi cleared his throat, looking at Lin Yu with a smile on his face:

“Junior Sister Lin, how about you and Junior Brother Tao take care of Ding 9 Villa together?”




“No way!”

After glancing at each other, they simultaneously and openly disagreed.

“Senior Brother Shi, 1 prefer to work with Wang Ba. We’ve been working together these days and we’re familiar with each other. It won’t delay the work.”

After glaring at Lin Yu, Tao Yi proposed first.

Lin Yu bit her lip, also rushed to say, “Senior Brother Shi, I… I want to work with Wang Ba!”

Wang Ba looked at Lin Yu with some confusion.

Tao Yi just laughed: “You’re thinking well. You work with Wang Ba so he does all the work while you absorb the Spiritual Lineage!”

These words instantly riled everyone up. Lin Yu’s face turned cold immediately and the cultivator with the surname Shi’s face turned somber because that was also his plan.

Lin Yu was so angry that she immediately took off the hairpin from her hair, infusing it with mana. It grew in the wind and quickly pointed at Tao Yi like a magic sword.

“Tao Yi, dare you say that again?”

Facing the hairpin pointed at him, Tao Yi’s expression changed slightly, he didn’t dare to say more. The cultivator with the surname Shi also looked serious:

“Junior sister, don’t be impulsive!”

As he spoke, a leopard-faced black mink poked its head out of his sleeve, looking at Lin Yu, its small eyes flashing a dangerous light.


Feeling the threat from the leopard-faced black mink, Lin Yu coldly hummed and then angrily put away her hairpin.

Seeing this, the cultivator with the surname Shi nodded slightly and then proposed after thinking:

“In this case, we three stay in Ding 9 Villa, while Wang Ba is solely responsible for Ding 10 Villa, so that certain people will avoid gossip.”

“However, it’s a little hard for Brother Wang.”

Wang Ba quickly bowed and said, “Master says what! This is all part of my duty.”

This was even better. The Spirit Chickens in Ding 10 Villa were fewer than in Ding 9 Villa. The workload would certainly be less in Ding io Villa.

Moreover, he wouldn’t have to worry about being discovered by the cultivators. This was exactly what Wang Ba wanted.

When the four had finished discussing, Tao Yi found Wang Ba.

Seeing this, Lin Yu’s steps faltered, and she could only helplessly retreat to her own room.

“Sorry about this. I originally wanted to work with you, but instead you ended up doing all the work by yourself.”

Tao Yi apologized.

Wang Ba felt reluctant to part with Tao Yi, one of his few friends in the sect.

This was not only because he had to go to Ding 10 Villa on his own, but also because he was about to leave the sect soon. After that, they were unlikely to meet again.

Smiling, he cupped his hands in respect and said: “Don’t worry. I hope the next time 1 see you, you’ll have become a True Cultivator in Foundation Establishment!”

Although Tao Yi was confused by this, a smile appeared on his face: “I hope that your words come true, and also wish you a promising path to Immortality!”

Wang Ba also smiled and replied: “Path to Immortality!”

Then Wang Ba was called into the room by the cultivator with the surname Shi.

The cultivator with the surname Shi pointed to his bookshelf and said with a smile:

“You can borrow any book you’re interested in from here. But remember to return it. Many of them were painstakingly copied from my master.”

“If you have any questions, you can also ask me.”

Wang Ba thought for a moment and realized that he did have some questions about Spirit Chicken breeding.

As Spirit Chicken breeding was related to his Lifespan source, he naturally paid great attention to it.

Thinking that he would leave soon and such an opportunity might not come again, he immediately started asking his questions.

At first, the cultivator with the surname Shi only casually explained some things out of a desire to maintain a good relationship, but found surprisingly that Wang Ba actually had some new insights into Spirit Chicken breeding.

Immediately interested, he started to engage in a serious discussion with Wang Ba.

When he heard Wang Ba discuss the breakthrough phenomenon of Spirit Chickens and suggestions such as “survival of the fittest”, “natural selection”, “mutations”, he couldn’t help but praise him and he ended up looking at Wang Ba in a whole new light.

“What you’ve said has been discussed in the Cultivation World for a long time and there are corresponding explanations, but none of them summarized it as concisely as you.”

He then couldn’t helped but sigh again and again:

“What a pity, what a pity! You’re a menial worker, otherwise our Beasts Room might have another prodigy like Ancestral Master Jiaohu in animal husbandry!”

Master Jiaohu was a member of the Beasts Room?

Wang Ba was somewhat astonished.

The cultivator with the surname Shi continued to tell him an unexpected story about the sect.

“When our East Saint Sect settled here years ago, it was Ancestral Master

Jiaohu who insisted on doing so..”

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