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Chapter 72: Chapter 72: Chapter 72 Arrival, Bindingi

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Chapter 72: Chapter 72 Arrival, Bindingi

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As the cultivator named Shi talked about Master Jiaohu, a proud expression surfaced on his face.

Although Wang Ba was impatient, he could do nothing but listen to him patiently.

Turns out, this Master Jiaohu, was the Sect Master of the East Saint Sect two generations ago.

In his prime, he travelled to Chen State and happened upon evidence of the divine beast ‘Fanming’. Against all objections, he decided to relocate the East Saint Sect here.

Since then, it grew steadily and eventually became one of the five major sects in Chen State.

One could say, the fame that East Saint Sect enjoys today is inseparable from Patriarch Jiaohu’s efforts.

Unfortunately, after Patriarch Jiaohu, the Beasts Room branch never produced another remarkable figure, and its conditions have been worsening. Every time this matter is brought up, it is met with sighs from everyone in the Beasts Room.

Wang Ba was completely indifferent, treating the story as nothing more than entertainment.

When the story ended, the cultivator named Shi still seemed excited, but Wang Ba hurriedly proposed to go and visit Ding 10 Villa.

This was important and the cultivator named Shi didn’t dare delay, so he led Wang Ba to Ding 10 Villa.

After a brief overview of the situation at Ding 10 Villa, he found out that although there were fewer Spirit Chickens than Ding 9 Villa, the number was still above six hundred.

Wang Ba then casually asked:

“Immortal, wasn’t it said that it would be a few more days before the Sect Master and the others leave? Why have the immortals from Ding 10 Villa already left?”

“This you wouldn’t understand.”

The cultivator named Shi chuckled and said:

“Cultivation battles aren’t so simple. Although all of them are skilled in battle, rushing into battle would lead to certain death. They must be integrated into the formation and fight enemies through the formation. Naturally, practice of the formation takes time. Most likely, they’ve been taken to practice the formation.”

“There are still four days left before departure, they have the basis already. A little bit of practice right now should be enough.”

Wang Ba finally understood, but he felt a little disappointed inside.

Returning to Ding 87 Villa, he hurriedly slaughtered a Spirit Chicken, and started stewing it in a casserole.

Then he began nurturing his Spirit Stone.

After refining two strands of gaseous Mana inside his body, and when the Spirit Chicken was ready, he began eating it.

Compared to the way cultivators at Ding 9 Villa swallowed processed Spirit Chicken raw, he preferred his method.

He soon noticed the changes.

After consuming a male Spirit Chicken, the Spiritual Energy inside slowly began to seep out from his stomach.

The energy was quickly absorbed and converted by the four Spiritual Roots because of the attraction from the Dantian. Eventually, a total of five strands of gaseous Mana astonishingly condensed within the Dantian.

Simultaneously, with the empowerment of Mana, he slightly sensed the essence of the Spirit Chicken’s flesh subtly improving his physique.

The changes were indiscernible for now, but if accumulated over time, they could be substantial.

When he started simultaneously operating the “Book of Yin God’s Grand Dream”, a portion of Spiritual Energy which could not be absorbed by his spiritual roots in time and was seeping out, flowed completely into the Yin’s Government under his guidance.

Accompanied by his visualization, the Power of the Yin God quickly pooled visibly, one drop… two drops!

After a long period of cultivation, Wang Ba suddenly opened his eyes.

Feeling the gains from this cultivation, he couldn’t help but marvel at the astonishing effect of the Spirit Chicken.

A male Spirit Chicken surprisingly condensed five strands of gaseous Mana and two drops of the Power of the Yin God, while subtly improving his physical body at the same time.

“No wonder Spirit Chickens are so sought after!”

Wang Ba couldn’t help but exclaim.

He wanted to eat more, but unfortunately, even though he was a cultivator now, a single Spirit Chicken was still somewhat strenuous for him, let alone a second one.

What followed were days filled with repetition and fulfillment.

Busy with work in Ding 87 Villa during the day and then moving on to Ding 10 Villa, and spending most of the night practicing Mana and the Power of the Yin God.

Time slipped away quickly.

Contrary to Wang Ba’s expectations, these three days were peaceful apart from cultivators swiftly flying across the sky from time to time.

Yu Changchun, Deacon Li, Old Hou… Apart from Old Hou who showed up every morning in the countryside, the Chengxian Society appeared to have disappeared from his life.

Wang Ba thought more than once that it would actually be nice to stay here if there was no Chengxian Society.

Here he was familiar with everything and as long as he lied about having a concealed Spiritual Root and became a Sect Disciple, he could raise chickens peacefully, amass lifespan, and progress the Strong Body Sutra to the thirteenth stage.

With the increase in qualification after that, he could further speed up cultivation. Even with a start like four Spiritual Roots, there was no reason why he couldn’t reach a high realm.

Alas, the Chengxian Society was always there, and they seemed to always be observing him.

He shook his head slightly, pushing aside his wild thoughts, and patiently awaited the right moment.

Suddenly, the day the Sect Master and other cultivators were to embark on their expedition to the cultivation world of Fu State, finally arrived.

On this day, the number of cultivators flying back and forth in the sky was much more than before.

Streamers of light crisscrossed, while the chill of formidable Sword Qi could be felt in the sporadic sightings of massive Spirit Beasts, trotting in mid-air, and small-scale warships surfacing from the core area of the Sect in the distance… A heavy, fatalistic aura permeated the air.

What shocked Wang Ba the most was the sight of a Golden Core expert carrying a small mountain across the sky.

The sight of it was as if the whole Sect was being moved.

By noon, a booming voice resounded in the skies above East Saint Sect:

“The Cultivation World of Fu State is lawless, with rampant evil paths, rampant demons, causing the people of Fu State to suffer, and sorrow is everywhere. I, ■Ji Lan’, am the eighth Sect Master of East Saint Sect, willing to enforce justice on behalf of Heaven, today leading my disciples…”

After a round of inspiring words.

The words Wang Ba had been most eager to hear finally arrived:

“All disciples, follow me to war!”

In an instant.

Countless streaks of light soared from the horizon within Wang Ba’s sight!

Simultaneously, a large magnificent warship slowly rose from the direction of Nanhu Village, along with a terrifying wave of Spiritual Energy that sent chills down Wang Ba’s spine.

Alongside this ship, numerous small warships and gigantic Spirit Beasts followed closely.

Rapidly, this enormous troop left the Sect territory, flying towards an even further distance that Wang Ba couldn’t see…

Wang Ba knew, the opportunity he had been waiting for had finally arrived.

Glancing at the Spirit Chickens in Ding 10 Villa, he did not hesitate to extract 4 years of lifespan from each one.

He gained 2460 years of lifespan.

Then, he patiently waited for Lin Yu to come to Ding 10 Villa to safeguard the villa.

Lin Yu did not notice the change in the lifespan of the Spirit Chickens at all, and after bidding Wang Ba, she returned to her cabin alone, like usual.

Just when she was about to enter the cabin, she turned her head and inquired, “Wang Ba, has Senior Brother Zhao been looking for you recently?”

Wang Ba shook his head in confusion. Zhao Feng, as the Senior Brother of the outer sect, though commanded to stay behind to guard the Sect, still had many matters to attend to; hence, he surely wouldn’t turn up to see him at this point.

Lin Yu looked slightly disappointed upon hearing this and couldn’t help but instinctively ask: “Then… if he comes looking for you later, please let me know?”

Wang Ba, keen to leave, responded by forcing a smileon his face while trying to suppress his urgency: “Of course!”

But deep inside, he muttered in annoyance, knowing he would have to break his promise.

Lin Yu, who was preoccupied, did not notice Wang Ba’s subtle behavioral changes. She gave a sigh of relief and thanked him, “Thank you!”

“You’re welcome. If there’s nothing else, Immortal Lin, may 1 take leave?”

“Oh, you may.”

Finally shaking off Lin Yu, Wang Ba hurriedly rushed to Ding 87 Villa.

Only a few menial workers and Sect disciples could be spotted along the way. With the disciples leaving with the Sect Master, almost half of the East Saint Sect seemed deserted.

And the great changes in the Sect that Zhao Feng had predicted seemed to have no trace at all, except for some gathering storm clouds in the distant sky. The Sect was as peaceful as stagnant water.

But Wang Ba had no time to ponder over these issues that would soon have no relation to him. The moment he returned to the villa, he impatiently pulled aside a Spirit Chicken, attempting to create a bond with it.

Unexpectedly, the binding attempt failed!

“What’s going on?! Isn’t it said that any living thing will work?”

Wang Ba called out his interface in frustration.

He saw on the panel:

“I Insufficient bonding state, binding failed.]”

“Bonding state? Damn it, why didn’t they say sooner!”

Wang Ba found himself swearing in his anger.

He still managed to calm down and, frowning in thought, quickly located the six Spirit Chickens he had raised first-hand from Jia 1 to Jia 6.

After testing each one of them, he found that only Jia 5 and Jia 6 were suitable.

In the end, Wang Ba chose to bind Jia 6, then casually threw Jia 5 and Jia 6 into a Spirit Beast Bag.

Afterwards, apart from a few manuscripts like the “Book of Yin God’s Grand Dream”, the top-grade Teleportation Talisman given by Ye Lingyu, his Jade Pendant, and a handful of other things, he abandoned everything else.

After packing up, he opened the door to leave.

Only then did he realize that a light drizzle had started to fall from the sky.

Clouds obstructed the sky, making the scenery outside the villa quite gloomy.

Wang Ba looked back at the villa where he had stayed for a year, a complex mix of emotions flickered in his eyes.

Then, he resolutely turned around, heading hurriedly towards Nanhu Village..

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