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Chapter 74: Chapter 74: Chapter 74: Escapel i

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Chapter 74: Chapter 74: Escapel i

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Wang Ba, huddled in the tunnel, dared not move an inch.

Numerous thoughts surged in his mind.

Just then, the power of the Yin God in him abruptly started to spike!

The speed was unlike anything he had ever experienced before.

In just an instant, Wang Ba felt the power of the Yin God within him drain one drop, two drops… three drops from his Yin’s Government!

Three whole drops, gone in an instant!

Wang Ba’s face turned deathly pale!

Understand that when he was glanced at by a foundation establishment cultivator from the sect near Nanhu Village previously, it only cost him half a drop of power.

“What kind of realm is this? Could it be that Chief?”

Thoughts flickered in Wang Ba’s mind.

However, such terrifying consumption of power only lasted a moment. The next second, the Power of the Yin God abruptly returned to its normal state.

It was as if a superior entity had briefly let its gaze pass over him.

Wang Ba still dared not move a muscle, as if he was frozen in time.

From outside the tunnel, a bustling sound of footsteps gradually grew closer.

With Wang Ba’s sharp hearing, he vaguely discerned that there were probably a fair number of people near the entrance.

At this moment, that voice belonging to ‘Bai Yu’ rang out again, sounding more forceful than before:

“Get an Earth Style disciple over here and collapse this whole tunnel for me. I don’t want a single bug crawling out!”

Wang Ba’s heart clenched!

Soon, another voice rang out.

“This… Senior Brother Bai, isn’t that unnecessary? I just checked; the geographical position under this area is connected, and the earth’s Qi is dense. It’s impossible to collapse everything, at most a hundred or so feet can be collapsed, but that would take no small amount of time and effort…”

“Gong Wei, what are you trying to say?”

Bai Yu’s voice echoed.

‘Gong Wei’ replied cautiously with a hint of laughter: “Junior brother, what I’m saying is, since the surrounding area of the East Saint Sect is already under our control, even if one or two fish slip through the net, they won’t escape the formation we’ve laid out. There’s no need to listen to some outsider and waste our mana. We might as well just casually destroy the entrance… no!”


A surge of formidable mana fluctuation unexpectedly burst forth, and immediately fell into silence afterwards.

Wang Ba could just about hear a low muffled groan.

Then, Bai Yu’s cold voice resounded:

“Everyone listen up! The chief was personally appointed by the sect hierarch, and his word is representative of the sect hierarch’s will. Whoever dares to act against orders, Gong Wei will serve as their example!”

Dead silence.

Following which, many sounds of fear and flattery could be heard.

The glimmer of hope that had just kindled in Wang Ba’s heart was once again extinguished.

No, it was more than extinguished. He had already felt a tremor emanating from the ground above him.

Suddenly, the tremor quickly intensified, faintly causing soil in the tunnel to start falling!

“No good! I can’t stay down here any longer! If I wait a moment longer, I will certainly be crushed to death here!”

In the face of a crisis, Wang Ba’s mind surprisingly calmed down.

Thoughts rapidly swirled in his mind.

“But I can’t just rush out either. There are so many people out there… I am no match for them even with Jia 7 and the jade pendant. Rushing out there, considering the plight of those two Sect Disciples just then, will only hasten my demise.”

“Even if I wanted to use the Power of the Yin God to conceal myself, since those two Sect Disciples could already sense my presence, I certainly wouldn’t be able to hide my tracks, especially in this rain.”

“Moreover, if what that Gong Wei said is true, there’s likely to be a dragnet laid out just outside the sect.”

“The hierarch… within the Chen State, the only recent individual with that title is from the Tianmen Cult. Could it be that the Tianmen Cult is involved?”

Even without thinking too hard, he could figure out that the main forces of the East Saint Sect had barely left before people from the Tianmen Cult opportunistically arrived, indicating that whatever they were up to was likely far beyond his own apprehension.

Even if he could return to the East Saint Sect now, safety wouldn’t necessarily be guaranteed.

But, if he doesn’t return to the East Saint Sect, death would surely come at this very moment!

As the tunnel started to shake violently, Wang Ba finally made his decision.

Go back!

He had no choice but to go back!

Now that his mind was made up, Wang Ba no longer hesitated. Mana immediately poured into his limbs, and using both his hands and feet, he scurried back into the depths of the tunnel.

“Hmm? Seems like there’s someone down there?!”

A cultivator suddenly noticed the disturbance and couldn’t help but exclaim.

However, he got scoffed at by someone nearby: “Stop being so anxious, ignore him. This place is about to collapse soon, he can’t escape.”

Sure enough, the ground started to shake violently.

Immediately after, a large-scale collapse started to occur.

In Nanhu Village, a mud-covered hand abruptly reached out from the dried-up well in the backyard of an abandoned house, clinging to the well’s mouth!

Followed by a muddy figure that could hardly be recognized, climbing up from the well quickly.

The rain washed off the mud from his body. Soon enough, his real face was revealed.

It was Wang Ba.

At this moment, he looked back at the dry well with lingering fear.

He couldn’t help but be attracted by an almost imperceptible streak of light in the distant sky.

“They’ve actually started attacking the East Saint Sect!?”

Wang Ba looked incredulously at the sporadic flames lighting up in the distance.

Moving his gaze slightly, the Nanhu Village was cloaked in a quiet, dark stillness.

Under the cover of the rain, the majority of the East Saint Sect members, all sound asleep, were oblivious to an unprecedented crisis that had already started.

And the disciples at the core of the sect, too, seemed unaware of the impending disaster.

Wang Ba was suddenly reminded of something Zhao Feng had once said and couldn’t help but shiver in fear:

“It seems like Senior Brother Zhao was right. The day the Sect Master left the Sect, a catastrophic incident did indeed occur. But it didn’t come from within, but from the Tianmen Cult.”

Just as he was thinking this, a fierce light suddenly lit up the skyline!

In the pitch-black rainy night, the entire night sky lit up in an instant!

Countless rain drops pierced through the intense light, stabbing Wang Ba’s heart just like spikes.

This light seemed to have broken through certain barriers.

Then, streaks of lights shot out from the sky in all directions!

In addition, a huge fire, in an instant, smacked down from the distance and began pouring into the still silent Nanhu Village!

Not far away, people in Nanhu Village were suddenly roused from their slumber and began to scream in panic.

“Who’s there?!”

“All! Fire!”


The fire quickly spread!

The rain was pouring harder. As he watched the unfolding catastrophe, Wang Ba felt his heart sinking into an abyss.

The sect was vast, but at that moment, he had no idea where to go.

Just then, he suddenly remembered Zhao Feng’s previous advice:

“You’d better be careful. In case anything happens, remember, come right to the mansion here…”

Ding 9 Villa!

A flicker of hope suddenly appeared in Wang Ba’s eyes!

If he had to name the person he trusted most in the entire sect, it would undoubtedly be Zhao Feng.

Although a Stage X Qi Refiner could hardly count for much in the event of such a drastic shift within the sect, at this moment, Wang Ba had no other choice.

As he was thinking, Wang Ba abruptly changed his expression and instinctively dove forward.


A flying steel cone whisked past him, taking away a few strands of his hair that he couldn’t dodge in time.

“Huh? It’s another cultivator?”

Not far away, a cultivator in reddish clothes stepping on a small bone boat showed an unexpected look. Yet it was merely a trace of surprise.

With his sharp eyes, it wasn’t hard to see the mana fluctuation when Wang Ba dodged, which indicated that he was just a Qi Refining novice.

Such a character, with his Stage VI cultivation, would simply need a wave of his hand to…

The next second, his eyes widened in shock!

A thread of Surprisingly pure Sword Qi silently enlarged in his eyes.

And then, he was gone.

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