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Chapter 75: Chapter 75: Chapter 75 Shocking Change! _1

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Chapter 75: Chapter 75 Shocking Change! _1

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Ar the brink of life and death, Wang Ba didn’t hesitate in the slightest.

He activated rhe Sword Qi within his jade pendant through his mental command.

Indeed, Zhao Feng’s Sword Qi gave him a great surprise.

The cultivator in brown robe, whose body was emitting a fear-inducing Mana fluctuation, wasn’t even capable of putting up the slightest defense before he was decapitated.

Until his death, this powerful cultivator could nor exhibit his true strength, and frustra tingly died at the hands of a mere Qi refining Stage I novice.

Unfortunately for Wang Ba, there was only a single Sword Qi within the jade pendant. After using it, the ray of Sword Qi on the jade pendant vanished.

He put away the jade pendant.

Before Wang Ba had a chance to catch his breath, there was another attack of light from far away!

Standing on the light was a figure in blue garment who, seeing the corpse on the ground, became livid:

“Dad—- Damn it! Your life is mine’11

Seeing that the cultivator in blue garment was no different from the previous one in brown, Wang Ba didn’t dare to linger. Without any hesitation, he pulled out the last talisman he had on him: a top grade Teleportation Talisman!


The top grade Teleportation Talisman burnt swiftly and immediately turned into a ray of light that enveloped Wang Ba, making him feel as if a surging force was pushing him from within.

Without any hesitation, Wang Ba made a run for it.


The light hit exactly where Wang Ba was previously standing, instantly creating a deep pit.

Wang Ba managed to dodge the impact by a hair’s breadth. He didn’t have time to feel relief as he soared through the air, rapidly moving away from the scene, like a gust of wind.

Despite the swift chase, all the cultivator in blue garment could do was watch Wang Ba’s figure rapidly disappearing from his sight.

”A top grade Teleportation Talisman?! Damn it!”

The shocking incidents at the outskirts of the Sect seemed to have finally awakened the cultivators from the core area.

When Wang Ba arrived at Ding 10 Villa, he raised his head to see numerous figures flying in the air.

Lin Yu also came out from inside the house in a state of panic, holding a sharp hairpin, locking cautious.

On seeing Wang Ba, who was all in tatters, rushing into the villa, she immediately became nervous and got ready to fight. Luckily, he promptly called out:

“It’s me, Wang Ba!”

“It’s you?’1

Lin Yu didn’t lower her hairpin but did move it slightly downwards, frowning, she couldn’t help questioning: “What happened to you…”

“The Tianmen Cult has attacked!”

On hearing Wang Ba’s words, Lin Yu instantly paled. Although doubtful, she could not help raising her head to look at the flying lights in the sky.

“This…can’t be true, right? Isn’t the Tianmen Cult an external sect…”

Wang Ba, however, had no intention of wasting time explaining. He barged directly into the cultivators’ house but came out soon after with a grim face. “These people, they haven’t even left behind a single talisman!”

“You… Wang Ba, you’re so audacious! How dare you, just a mere servant, barge into…”

Seeing Wang Ba entering the cultivator’s house, Lin Yu was first in disbelief, and then began scolding urgently.

Ignoring her, Wang Ba glanced at her coldly and then strode towards the exit of the villa.

Previously, he had to humiliate himself in front of this woman due to the circumstances. But now, with imminent danger, survival had become uncertain. He had no need to keep up pretenses any longer.

If it weren’t for the fact that he was busy, he would have let Jia 7 take revenge on her.

Lin Yu was so shocked by Wang Ba’s cold gaze that she took a couple of steps back without realizing it.

Once back to her senses, her face alternated between red and green.

Just as she was about to move forward and scold him, she startlingly noticed a sinister bloody light soaring towards her, followed by a trail of powerful glows.

Luckily, a giant spirit beast rose up in time to stand in the path of these attackers.

However, Lin Yu was so scared that she nearly lost her wits. Trembling, she pulled out a Teleportation Talisman and instinctively ran in Wang Ba’s direction.

Not long after, the two arrived at Ding 9 Villa, one after another.

The Ding 9 Villa was already guarded by a protective layer of light.

“Who’s there?!1‘

The anxious voice of the cultivator named Shi sounded.

“It’s me! Wang Ba!”

“And me!”

Wang Ba, not paying any mind to Lin Yu, behind him, rushed to the entrance of Ding 9 Villa.

Lin Yu, gnashing her teeth, also followed closely behind.

Both the cultivator named Shi and Tao Yi were extremely vigilant. After confirming that it was Wang Ba and Lin Yu, only then did they remove the energy barrier.

” What’s going on? Where is the sound of the battle coming from?”

As soon as the two arrived, the cultivator named Shi immediately asked.

Just as Wang Ba was about to speak, Lin Yu interjected, “It’s the Tianmen Cult!”

Wang Ba glanced at the three of them and subtly crushed the jade pendant he held within his robes.

“What? Tianmen Cult?”

The cultivator named Shi was furious and astonished, “Why would the Tianmen Cult suddenly assault our East Saint Sect? Could this be due to the sparring match between the two elders previously? But it was clearly Elder He who was injured…”

Tao Yi furrowed his brows and said, “At such a critical time, there’s no point in discussing the reasons… Not good!”

A crimson light suddenly lit up on the barrier outside Ding 9 Villa!

“Don’t… don’t panic! My Minor Golden Bell Array can withstand the attacks from cultivators below Stage VIII of Qi Refining, as long as my Mana doesn’t runout, I can… ugh…”

The cultivator named Shi looked incredulously at Tao Yi, holding his bleeding neck, and tremblingly pointed at him.


However, he still could not finish his sentence. This Stage VI cultivator, without being able to utter a single word, the light in his eyes gradually dimmed.

“This way, you can’t summon the Black Weasel now, right? ”

Tao Yi retracted his blood-stained magic sword, revealing an innocent smile on his face.

This shocking change had left Lin Yu dumbfounded.

Lin Yu looked at Tao Yi incredulously, “You… have you lost your mind?! You actually killed Senior Brother Shi?!”

Wang Ba was also shocked by Tao Yi’s sudden move.

However, he was the first to maintain his vigilance, stepping back quickly, Mana surging, ready to call upon Jia 7 at any moment, to catch Tao Yi off guard.

But at this moment-


Without the cultivator named Shi maintaining it, the Minor Golden Bell Array, under the attack of the outsider, shattered instantaneously!

A cultivator with a scar on his face rushed in. His eyes were filled with bloodlust, as he lunged towards Lin Yu with his blood-red alms bowl.

Lin Yu was extremely lucky. Just then, a disciple from the Sect suddenly intervened, dozens of ice spikes shot out at the scar-faced cultivator like a furious storm.

The scar-faced cultivator’s expression changed as he swiftly retreated, thwarting the attacks with his alms bowl.

The Sect disciple followed closely, and they instantly engaged in a fierce battle.

“Now, it’s your turn.”

Tao Yi revealed a malicious grin. The aura from his magic sword fluctuated, pointed at Lin Yu. His past demeanor of kindness, verbal abuse, and curiosity now seemed more like an intricate act of deception.

Only then did Lin Yu finally realize the gravity of the situation, her face pale with terror!

“You, you and them are…”

She began frantically waving her enlarged hairpin, injecting Mana to unleash scorching flames, all the while hastily stuffing pills into her mouth from her Storage Bag, and throwing out an array of low-rank talismans!

In an instant, Armor Talismans, Explosion Talismans, Sword Qi Talismans, Thunder Law Talismans, Root Strengthening Talismans, Illusion Talismans… a variety of talismans filled the surroundings.

Tao Yi, for a moment, was kept at bay.

He stared at Lin Yu angrily, then seemingly remembered something. He quickly turned to Wang Ba, “Help me kill…”

Before he could finish his sentence, a massive Sword Qi burst forth within the Sect, streaking across the sky, as if slicing the entire sky in half!

In the sky, countless shooting stars perished!


An old yet overbearing voice echoed from the core region of the Sect, rapidly resonating throughout the entire Sect.

“Tianmen Cult… do you truly wish to be enemies with our East Saint Sect?”

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