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Chapter 76: Chapter 76: Chapter 76: Questioning Evil i

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Chapter 76: Chapter 76: Questioning Evil i

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“It’s Elder Qin!”

“Elder Qin has taken action!”

The disciples of the East Saint Sect, who were at a disadvantage in the melee, couldn’t help shouting with joy.

After all, the attack of the Tianmen Cult was too sudden and too swift.

The Mountain Protection Array on the periphery of the sect didn’t last long before it was quickly broken through. Many sect disciples were still immersed in their cultivation, unable to react in time.

By the time they reacted, the Tianmen Cult cultivators had already invaded the sect’s interior, engaging them in close combat. This unexpected situation disoriented a majority of the sect’s disciples and they kept retreating.

The sudden intervention of Elder Qin, the House Master of the Rectification Room, however, instantly stabilized the morale of the sect disciples.

After all, he is a Golden Core expert whose power is only second to the Sect Master. Among the Golden Core experts, he is an outstanding figure. Otherwise, how could the Sect Master have left so confidently?

The Tianmen Cult seemed to fear Elder Qin’s intervention, which halted their offensive.

Just at this moment, an illusory figure rose into the sky in the peripheral area.

With his purple Daoist robe fluttering and a kind face, he looked like an old immortal of noble character. He smiled and said:

“My friend Qin Heng, I did not come here to be an enemy of your sect. I am just interested in this treasure land of your sect. I wonder if you can give it up?” There was a brief silence in the core area of the sect.

Then came Elder Qin’s indifferent voice:

“Jingkong City, so it’s you!”

Before his voice fell, a sword-light shot out from the core area of the sect and suddenly halted in the air, directly confronting Jingkong City of the Tianmen Cult.

The sword-light swirled, revealing the figure inside. It was none other than Elder Qin Heng, the House Master of the Rectification Room.

He was dressed in a dark golden Daoist robe and looked like a mortal in his sixties or seventies, with straight silver hair. His eyes were sharp like a sword, squinting at Jingkong City. An endless sword-light circulated in his eyes.

“Jingkong City, if you think you can swallow our East Saint Sect with just these rogue cultivators you brought, even without our Sect Master, you’re sadly mistaken.”

“Whether it’s enough or not isn’t for you to decide.”

Jingkong City still had a benevolent smile on his face: “Since you’ve come out, why don’t you stay?”

He effortlessly flipped his hand, and bones flew out from his sleeve like a white serpent, surrounding and rushing towards Qin Heng.

Facing this sudden attack, Qin Heng put one hand behind his back and formed a sword with his fingers. In an instant, countless Sword Qi swiftly sliced through the flying bones as if they had a life of their own.

In the blink of an eye, these bones were shattered into fragments and fell to the ground!

“Is that all you’ve got?”

Qin Heng taunted.

Seeing this, Jingkong City was not surprised. He lightly spat out a command: “Rise!”

The next second, the fragments of broken bones on the ground writhed and merged together rapidly.

In the blink of an eye, a giant bone serpent took form and lunged at Qin Heng.

But once again, it was destroyed by Qin Heng’s sword-light.

“If this is all you’re capable of, I suggest you don’t leave!”

After destroying the bone serpent, Qin Heng suddenly spread his fingers, and a sword talisman began burning in his hand.

Jingkong City’s eyes widened in shock: “The Infinite Sword Intent Talisman!”

He swiftly dodged and released a huge bone shield, but the sword talisman had already burnt out in an instant. An intensely concentrated Sword Intent was unleashed!

No matter how he dodged, the Sword Intent was like a persistent ulcer, scraping over his body.

The body of Jingkong City was instantly sliced into countless pieces!

“Elder Jing!”

“Howcould this be?!”

The sudden death of Jingkong City left all the cultivators below dumbfounded.

The cultivators from the East Saint Sect were suddenly overjoyed, while those from the Tianmen Cult showed expressions of sheer terror!

However, high in the sky, Qin Heng’s face did not reveal a smile. Instead, he looked grave.

As expected, once the Sword Qi had been completely depleted, the chunks of flesh, bone, and clothing from Jingkong City that had been sliced apart swiftly reassembled themselves.

He was restored to his original state, still bearing the appearance of an Immortal, but his complexion was worse for wear. It was clear that reconstructing his physical body had not been without its toll.

As he looked at Qin Heng, his gaze also carried a certain degree of seriousness:

“I underestimated you. I thought a talent like you couldn’t possibly come from a backwater place. Unexpectedly, you were capable of forging such an astounding Sword Qi talisman. What great Cultivation Base!”

“Qin Heng, I take back my previous words. Why don’t you join our Tianmen Cult? With your ability, even if you can’t wield real power within our Sect, you could still become one of the privileged Elders. You would enjoy the blessings of our Sect, and even get a glimpse of Nascent Soul’s Dao!”

But Qin Heng’s face was expressionless: “Done talking?”


Jingkong City was stunned before shaking his head: “It seems you’re set on sharing the same destiny as the East Saint Sect…”

“Hah! I’m actually more curious about how you, with such power, have the confidence to swallow up our Sect?”

A sneer appears on Qin Heng’s face.

But Jingkong City didn’t get angry. Instead, he confidently said, “Without certainty, would our Sect rashly take action? Qin Heng, I’m giving you another chance. If you decide to join our Sect, I will…”

But Qin Heng suddenly interrupted his plea, sneering, “All because of those traitors who have betrayed their Sect down below?”

Jingkong City’s pupils abruptly contracted, “You!”

A chill flashed across Qin Heng’s face as he extended a hand towards the void.

“Ask Evil!”

In the core area of the Sect, among abundant Spiritual Lineages, was a spirit cave.

Ye Lingyu, who was initially obliviously absorbed in her Cultivation, suddenly opened her eyes, shocked as she saw the Class III magic sword beside her.

The normally tranquil magic sword was now vibrating violently.

The next moment, she felt as if her connection with the magic sword had been severed.

The magic sword then broke through the air and disappeared!

At the same time, the Class III magic sword “Ask Evil” was already in Qin Heng’s hand.

There was a murderous spark in Qin Heng’s eyes!

“Wishfully thinking these Sect traitors will come to your aid? Do you think we’re unaware? Ridiculous! The Golden Core True Person can perceive everything within a thousand miles, every single bit of these useless individuals’ ambitions is under our watch!”

“Discard the external to secure the internal, Sect traitors must die!”

Before the final word had even left his mouth, this Class III magic sword named “Ask Evil”, which didn’t seem very potent when it was next to Ye Lingyu, suddenly erupted with numerous sword-lights. These sword-lights, seeming alive with intelligence, shot towards every corner of the Holy Sect!

“Not good!”

Jingkong City could no longer maintain his calm veneer. His face changed dramatically. With one hand, he brandished a bone shield. With the other, he flung a Class III Bone Evil Pearl towards Qin Heng.

The bone shield, expanded by the wind, transformed into a giant sky-covering umbrella, shielding the entire area below. His sudden panic even resulted in some of the disciples from the East Saint Sect being included.

The Bone Evil Pearl, meanwhile, disappeared without a trace!

“Insolent little trick!”

Qin Heng sneered, flicking a sword radiance that hit the disappearing Bone Evil Pearl with a ‘bang’. The pearl, its light greatly damaged, was forced to reveal itself and staggeringly retreated.

The countless sword-lights transform from the “Ask Evil” instantly pierced through the disciples of the East Saint Sect!

Inside Ding 9 Villa.

Tao Yi lowered his head, staring blankly at the large hole in his chest, then looked puzzlingly at Wang Ba’s chest. His mouth moved as if he wanted to say something.

The next moment, like a watermelon that had been blown up, his whole body instantly exploded!

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