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Chapter 77: Chapter 77: Chapter 77: The Truth i

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Chapter 77: Chapter 77: The Truth i

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Looking at Tao Yi bursting into a bloody pulp before his eyes,

Lin Yu’s face turned pale instantly!

However, Wang Ba couldn’t help but recall what Ye Lingyu once said, that the Evil Asking Sword could sense many things.

In this instant, he understood a lot all at once.

Why Ye Lingyu, despite her outstanding talent and being specially accepted as a disciple by Elder Qin, always seemed foolishly dragged around flying everywhere by the Evil Asking Sword.

Why the Evil Asking Sword was pointed at him that day, but didn’t react to him afterward.

The reason was very simple.

Elder Qin had long used Ye Lingyu’s hand and the Evil Asking Sword to investigate everyone in the entire sect.

And that day, the Evil Asking Sword didn’t actually point at him, but at Tao Yi who was hiding behind him, concealing evil intentions.

So, when he was alone with Ye Lingyu, the Evil Asking Sword didn’t sense anything unusual and naturally, it didn’t attack Wang Ba.

One can only say that the sect has long been aware of Tianmen Cult’s scheme, but for some reason, they had not actively exposed it and even let it grow stronger.

Perhaps they thought the other party wouldn’t dare, or maybe it was for some other reason.

What Wang Ba found strange was that Tao Yi seemed to want his help when he was unable to break through Lin Yu’s defense, and the look in his eyes just before he was killed by the Evil Asking Sword was strange, like… confusion?

Yes! That’s it! It was confusion! The feeling was like… why was he killed by the

Evil Asking Sword, but I wasn’t… why did he think that way?”

A myriad of thoughts flashed through Wang Ba’s mind, causing him to furrow his brows slightly.

I’m not part of Tianmen Cult… wait a minute!

At this moment, a few details that had been hidden in the past suddenly flooded his mind.

Old Hou once showed a longing for the Tianmen Cult… but he joined the

Chengxian Society.”

After I pretended to replace my bones, Yu Changchun, who holds office in the

Chengxian Society, started to become more amicable to me.”

Deacon Li, a member of the Chengxian Society, suddenly sent me into Ding 9 Villa, claiming it was arranged by Elder Qian.”

As soon as I arrived, Tao Yi, who was a spy of the Tianmen Cult, started to become extremely friendly to me and even deliberately told me about all the cultivators here… Yes, he also told me once that it’s promising to become immortal… Chengxian… Chengxian Society!”

As the series of clues quickly pieced together and integrated,

Wang Ba finally reached a conclusion in his heart, a conclusion he had vaguely noticed but never dared to believe:

The Chengxian Society is actually the insider that the Tianmen Cult has planted in the sect!”

Tao Yi thought I was a member of the Chengxian Society due to Deacon Li’s


These people, they not only incite the ambitions of the menial workers with the Bury Bones technique and turn them into existences similar to Old Hou, half dead and half alive, but also incite some of the sect’s disciples with low qualifications.”

No, according to what Old Hou said before, it’s very likely that Elder He Lin of Purification House, who is currently in charge of the sect, is also one of them! As well as Elder Qian Maofeng of the Beasts Room!”

People from their side are everywhere in the sect!

This also explained why the Chengxian Society aimed at him, or precisely speaking, many people were within their target range.

As he was contemplating this, the battle between the two Golden Core experts in the sky underwent another change.

As expected of the second most powerful force in the sect after the sect master, Qin Heng’s successive attacks were able to render the Elder of the Tianmen Cult, Jingkong City, completely defenseless.

However, being a Golden Core expert as well, Jingkong City was at a disadvantage but was able to barely hold Qin Heng back, making it impossible for him to launch a large-scale attack on the cultivators from the Tianmen Cult below.

After the turncoat disguised as a sect disciple was killed by Qin Heng, the number of people seemed to decrease a bit. The cultivators from the Tianmen Cult would not miss such an opportunity, and immediately released their magic tools, howling as they charged towards the core area of the East Saint Sect.

Magic tools, talismans, spells, and sword qi crisscrossed.

Within a short time, the battlefield was plunged into extreme chaos.

Many weak disciples and menial workers, like ants tossed about amidst raging waves, were swept up and killed at random…

Some were lucky to be rescued by sect disciples who rushed over, while others were instantly killed on the spot, their bodies reduced to ashes.

Although numerous Foundation Establishment stage competitors were desperately rallying cultivators, in such a chaotic battle, many people were bombed and killed by accident before they could gather.

Here at Ding 9 Villa, enemies had also arrived.

An oddly dressed old man holding a Red-tailed Twin Serpent, upon seeing Lin

Yu, immediately showed a greedy expression:

What a good cauldron! A really good cauldron indeed!

As he spoke, he swung his hand, and a thin snake opened its mouth towards Wang Ba like lightning. Meanwhile, the other snake suddenly grew larger, seemingly trying to bind Lin Yu!

Lin Yu’s face changed immediately, and she hurriedly struck the large snake with the hairpin in her hand, but the snake easily dodged it.

In her panic, Lin Yu hurriedly tore open a talisman, and a light green barrier immediately rose around her body, blocking the large snake outside.

A Wood Armor Talisman? Let’s see me break it!

The odd old man scoffed and was about to control the big snake when suddenly his face changed drastically, and he turned back in panic:

My Red-tail!

He saw a Spirit Chicken standing on one foot on the snake’s tail and the other foot on the snake’s head, its sharp beak easily pecking at the vital part of the Red-tailed Twin Serpent. No matter how the snake writhed or its mouth tried to bite, it effortlessly disemboweled it, grabbing out its gallbladder and swallowing it down.

This action was like a natural instinct, flowing smoothly like clouds and water, making the odd old man’s eyes almost bulge out.

Because six tenths of the abilities of the old man depended on these twin snakes.

After Jia 7 had devoured the Red-tailed Serpent without any hesitation, it turned his head to the other serpent, obviously intending to do the same.

This move startled the peculiar old man, causing him to back off.

Although the pain and anger of losing his Red-tailed serpent were weighing on him, he was more frightened of Wang Ba, whom he couldn’t see through. Initially seeming like an easy target, it turned out to be an iron wall.

Regardless, Jia 7 changed its direction back towards Wang Ba.

Wang Ba was also looking at Jia 7 with astonishment.

He had been aware that being a mid-grade Spirit Beast, Jia 7 would not be weak.

But what he hadn’t expected was Jia 7 to achieve such a remarkable fight in the first go. Earlier the spiritual power fluctuation of the Red-tailed Serpent was comparable to that of a Stage V Qi-refining cultivator, yet it was effortlessly defeated by Jia 7.

Despite this, he summoned Jia 7 back to his side without hesitating.

Ultimately, he was just a novice who had just started Qi Refining. If he didn’t have Jia 7 to protect him, any cultivator from the Tianmen Cult could easily kill him.

Upon seeing this, the peculiar old man, looking relieved, backed off for a few steps, hastily summoning back the remaining Red-tailed Serpent, before once again taking off in a hurry.

Lin Yu, who had once again luckily survived, was looking at Wang Ba and Jia 7, standing next to him, with astonishment as if seeing them for the first time.

You…you were a drudge, weren’t you?

Wang Ba completely ignored her, knitted his brows.

He remembered Zhao Feng’s words – rush to the Ding 9 Villa as swiftly as possible in case of an emergency. However, if it was not for Jia 7, he would have already been devoured by the Red-tailed Serpent.

This had him contemplating about whether he should stay at the Ding 9 Villa or not.

His gaze swiftly scanned across all the directions. South was overloaded with people of Tianmen Cult, East and West were dangerously battle-stricken areas.

Other than going North towards the core area of the Sect and hoping for the Sect’s protection, staying here would lead him to certain death.


Without any further hesitation, Wang Ba immediately started running towards the direction of the core area, as Lin Yu, grinding her teeth in frustration, followed him.

However, before leaving the villa, two figures abruptly crashed down.

Wang Ba’s pupils constricted:

Dammit! One at the Stage VII of Qi refining and the other at Stage VI!

Seeing this, Lin Yu, who was behind him, gave a shudder and started running back towards the core area, but was scared off by a palm Thunder Method from the other side.

Jia 7!”

Wang Ba called under his breath, while swiftly crafting a mental image of Jia 7’s disappearance.

Seeing Jia 7 vanishing into thin air, the two cultivators instantly became alert.

One of them, at Stage VI of Qi refining, shut his eyes and gently flicked his palm. Slowly, numerous illusory threads emerged from his palm and swiftly spread across the surroundings.

Over there!

He abruptly opened his eyes, pointing to the side!

The response of the Stage VII cultivator was astonishingly quick.

Instantaneously, he conjured a thunder spell, which struck exactly where Jia 7 was located.

Jia 7 narrowly dodged it, however, the light the Thunder Law produced directly gave away Jia 7’s position.

This was the major drawback of the Power of the Yin God. It can deceive someone’s five senses, but not the rules of Heaven and Earth. Hence, a shadow exists under the light.

The same logic applied when it was detected by the Sect Disciples earlier in the tunnel.

Also, it can’t deceive a cultivator’s mana nor the Spiritual Sense that the cultivators at Foundation Establishment Stage gain.


Wang Ba, thinking as swift as electricity, instantly ordered.

Initially, he wanted Jia 7 to launch a sneak attack, but now that the trick was already exposed, it would be wiser to keep Jia 7 near him for delay tactics rather than letting it die fruitlessly.

Jia 7’s speed was incredibly fast. Even if a cultivator at the Stage VII of Qi refining unexpectedly came across, he would not be able to match its speed at short distances.

Within a few leaps, it was back at Wang Ba’s side, puffing up its feathers to menace the opponents.

However, having witnessed Jia 7’s speed, the two opponents didn’t dare to underestimate Wang Ba and started weaving a web of strategies around him while still trying to encircle Wang Ba and Lin Yu.

Quickly glancing at the nervous Lin Yu not far from him, Wang Ba sighed inwardly, thinking ‘I guess I have to use that move’.

He quickly crafted a pretense of his left little finger twisting and was about to raise his hand.

Suddenly, Wang Ba felt a chill by his ear!


The two advancing cultivators of the Tianmen Cult didn’t even have time to react. In an instant, their heads were flying into the sky.

At the same time, a cold but familiar voice echoed from behind Wang Ba:

Junior Brother, I hope I’m not too late?

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