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Chapter 78: Chapter 78: Chapter 78: He Lin!_i

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Chapter 78: Chapter 78: He Lin!_i

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Zhao Feng!

Wang Ba turned around in surprise and joy, and sure enough, he saw a familiar shadow stepping into the air.

His features were as they always were, yet his energy was subtly different to Wang Ba, somewhat unfamiliar.

If the previous Zhao Feng was an unrivaled sword, all tips brimming with sharpness, then the man before him showed a hint of liberality which didn’t exist before.

Wang Ba could not make sense of it, but no matter, a Qi Refining Stage X outer senior brother gave him quite a bit of reassurance.

Senior Brother!

Wang Ba quickly greeted him, and, appearing like a savior, Lin Yu went up too.

However, Zhao Feng and Wang Ba both neglected her, and this treatment made

Lin Yu’s face sour.

I was delayed due to some matters, thankfully you are unharmed.

Upon seeing Wang Ba, Zhao Feng let out a breath of relief.

He raised his hand, and slashed out a Sword Qi from afar, causing a ray of light to scatter.

Without time to reminisce, Wang Ba scanned his surroundings, a look of worry showing in his eyes, “Senior Brother, what should we do now in this situation?”

Zhao Feng shook his head slightly, “Right now, our roles are still limited, we need to prioritize protecting ourselves and observe what the Elders do.”

The Elders? But other than Elder Qin, haven’t all the Chief House Masters been taken by the Sect Master?”

Wang Ba asked in confusion.

Most Elders’ cultivation bases have only reached the Foundation Establishment stage, they would be of limited use in a battle at the Golden Core stage.

No, there’s one Chief House Master in the Sect who got injured and did not leave with the Sect Master.”

Lin Yu suddenly interjected.

Hearing this, Zhao Feng turned his cold gaze towards her, “Did Jing Kuang tell you? Damned fool, daring to rashly leak the secrets of the Sect!”

Lin Yu immediately shrank back, her face showing fear and regret. She had wanted to make her presence felt in front of Zhao Feng, but didn’t expect to hit a sour note with him.

Noticing Wang Ba’s questioning gaze, Zhao Feng’s attention was drawn, his eyes moving to the Sect’s core area.

There, a colossal iron hammer, large as a small hill, silently lifted into the air and was crushed down towards Jingkong City who was resisting with all his might!

He Lin, you’re despicable!

Jingkong City roared.

With one sword, Qin Heng blocked Jingkong City’s retreat path, sneering, “And what? Isn’t it despicable for your Tianmen Cult to attack us while our Sect Master is away?”

Inside Ding 9 Villa, upon hearing the name ‘He Lin’, Wang Ba’s expression changed dramatically, quickly telling Zhao Feng:

Not good! Senior Brother, tell Elder Qin quickly, Elder He Lin is likely a member of the Tianmen Cult!”

Hearing this, Zhao Feng looked at Wang Ba in surprise, standing still in his place, his face quickly returning to calm, “Relax, just watch.”

In the sky, the hammer was slammed down, but it suddenly turned into an even more explosive attack aimed at Qin Heng!

Thunder boomed and then fell silent!

This sudden change made all the disciples watching the battle scream out in shock!

It’s bad! He hit the wrong person!

No, a Golden Core level man wouldn’t make such errors, Elder He’s target has been Elder Qin!”

Elder He, nah, He Lin, he is also a man of the Tianmen Cult!

Bad luck! Elder Qin is in danger!

Among the Cultivators, few are fools, they figured out the underhanded plot quickly.

Yet Jingkong City went from enraged to laughing, his previous despair eliminated, taking control of his bone Dao soldiers, he spun around and attacked, pressuring Qin Heng to the point where he couldn’t respond.

Ha ha, Qin Heng, your life ends…

However, what surprised everyone was that although facing the sneak attack from He Lin, and the spinning continuous attack from Jingkong City,

the look on Qin Heng’s face remained calm and indifferent; even when looking at the hammer, he showed a hint of disappointment:

He Junior Brother, you did jump out in the end!

In the next instance, he slashed away Jingkong City’s bone Dao soldiers with his sword, while his other hand flew to his head, where a bell rose to the top of his head.

With a jingle!

An invisible ripple quickly spread all around.

The crushing hammer is the first to meet the ripple, and it couldn’t smash downwards any more, showing a hint of distortion instead.

Jingkong City’s bone Dao soldiers broke apart immediately, and vanished into thin air in an instant!

And at the same moment, in mid-air, a middle-aged figure with a pale face staggered forward.

It was He Lin, the House Master of the Purification House, one of the seven at the Golden Core stage in the East Saint Sect!

But at this moment, as he stared at the bell on top of Qin Heng’s head, his face showed shock:

The Sect Master gave you the ‘God-Sealing Bell’?

What of it? He Lin, you and the Sect Master have let me down! Has the East Saint Sect wronged you in any way?”

And Jingkong City, is this all the tricks your Tianmen Cult has?

Qin Heng’s face was as calm as still water as he looked at Jing and He.

Then, he unexpectedly took the initiative to strike first.

Fighting against two opponents, he was not only fearless, but he managed to oppress them breathlessly instead!

In no time, Qin Heng’s momentum was overwhelming, motivating the numerous disciples below. Despite being outnumbered, they surprisingly managed to fend off a wave of attack from the Tianmen Cult cultivators.

Wang Ba looked at Zhao Feng with a surprised expression on his face.

Has our Sect known about this all along?

Zhao Feng cut off a nearby Tianmen Cult cultivator hiding his tracks with a casual sweep of his sword, slightly nodding, “Although the tactics of the Tianmen Cult are secretive, our Sect has been operating for many years. Do you think we would be so easily deceived?”

However, I only learned of these matters a short while ago.

Upon hearing this, Wang Ba couldn’t help but nod in agreement.

Previously, he was worried that the Sect was being duped by the Tianmen Cult.

As it turned out, he had greatly underestimated the abilities of these Golden

Core masters.

Indeed, those who could hold high positions, how many of them were fools?

As Elder Qin and Zhao Feng had pointed out, the various tactics of the Tianmen Cult had likely been observed by them long ago.

Yet, due to various reasons, they chose not to retaliate, that’s all.

Upon realizing this, Wang Ba felt a weight lifted off his chest. Now that the Chengxian Society was soon to be eliminated, there was no need to rush to leave. He could stay in the Beasts Room and…wait a minute!

Wang Ba suddenly thought of something, hurriedly saying, “Elder Qian might

also be…”

Zhao Feng shook his head upon hearing this, “Elder Qian isn’t. Instead, there are a few Tianmen Cult members among his underlings.”

Wang Ba immediately thought of Deacon Li, and couldn’t help remembering Old Hou.

Perhaps Deacon Li, like Old Hou, had been turned by the Tianmen Cult into a living-dead existence.

Watch out!

Wang Ba suddenly saw a weird shadow appearing not far behind Zhao Feng and quickly shouted in alarm.

However, Zhao Feng remained calm as if he had noticed it long ago, and even without moving a muscle, he flicked his finger.

Wang Ba only saw a fierce sword-light cutting across, causing the shadow to groan, revealing a pitch-black humanoid monster. As soon as the monster emerged, it vanished in an instant.

“It’s a top grade Yin Ghost!

Lin Yu couldn’t help but scream out.

Wang Ba’s heart jumped!

A top grade Yin Ghost, wasn’t that equal to the peak of Qi refining Stage 10?

Senior Brother Zhao, isn’t he too strong?

Killing those of the same ranking seemed no more challenging than killing chickens!

Jia 7 seemed to sense Wang Ba’s thoughts and turned its head, letting out a few “clucks”.

Your Spirit Chicken is rather extraordinary…

Zhao Feng glanced at Jia 7, initially uninterested. However, sensing something, he took a closer look at Jia 7, a hint of surprise on his face.

It was clear that he had noticed Jia 7′ s uniqueness.

When he looked at Wang Ba again, he couldn’t help but take a second look. To his surprise:

Junior brother, have you started refining your Qi?

Knowing he couldn’t deceive Zhao Feng, Wang Ba nodded.

Zhao Feng immediately looked delighted, “Good job! I did not misjudge!

He then looked at Wang Ba with anticipation, saying:

Although it’s hard to activate a concealed spiritual root, once activated, it’s always extraordinarily capable. Meng Randao joined the Sect only thirty years ago. Nowadays, few outer disciple can compete with him.”

Like He Lin, he was no match for my honorable master. That’s not because he is weak, but because my master is far too strong!”

In reality, He Lin only spent 120 years to achieve the Golden Core. He is the youngest among the Golden Core cultivators, and rumor has it that he even has the hope to form a Nascent Soul!”

At this point, Zhao Feng revealed a puzzled look:

Sadly, for some unknown reason, He Lin chose to secretly betray our Sect.

Lin Yu, who was standing aside, couldn’t help but sneak a glance at Wang Ba in astonishment.

She never imagined that this little servant, whom she had never taken seriously, would have a concealed spiritual root!

Upon remembering how she had bossed Wang Ba around before, she couldn’t help but blush with embarrassment.

Only Wang Ba noticed something, “Senior brother, is Elder Qin your master?

A rare sense of admiration appeared on Zhao Feng’s stern face. He looked at the

Qin Heng in the sky:

Yes, not long ago, I was fortunate enough to be accepted by my honorable master, becoming his personal disciple.”

Just as Wang Ba was about to offer his congratulations, he suddenly felt something and quickly turned around.

Zhao Feng also turned to look in the same direction, and his expression instantly turned somber.

A gigantic statue, towering into the clouds, was rapidly approaching from the horizon.

Before its arrival, however, there was a voice filled with overwhelming dominance and coldness:

Qin Heng, give it a thought for three breaths—join our Sect or die!

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