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Chapter 79: Chapter 79: Chapter 79: Game of Wits i

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Chapter 79: Chapter 79: Game of Wits i

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The emergence of this voice is akin to injecting an adrenaline shot into all Tianmen Cult cultivators.

Immediately, it boosted the morale of all Tianmen Cult cultivators.

A look of fanaticism even appeared on the faces of many cultivators.

They fearlessly employed a tit-for-tat combat style, daringly rushing towards the East Saint Sect cultivators!

Jing and He Lin, who had been continuously under pressure from Qin Heng’s attacks and were already under strain, also had expressions of delight.

The Hierarch!

The Hierarch has arrived!

The Hierarch of the Tianmen Cult, Ning Daohuan?!

Qin Heng repelled the two with a ray of sword light, looking at the divine statue that was flying from afar with an extremely solemn expression.

With a sweep of his spiritual mind, he could sense the figure standing on top of the divine statue.

He just felt that the other party was profound and majestic, with a slight aura that transcended that of a Golden Core!

An Immortal Master of Nascent Soul!

Even the tough Qin Heng showed a trace of gravity on his face for the first time.

He abruptly turned his head and shouted:

All disciples of the East Saint Sect! Retreat to the mountain gate!

Activate the ‘Mountain Guard’ formation!

Follow Elder Qin’s command!

Follow the command!

Voices rose and fell from all corners.

Countless feeble Sect disciples and servants frantically fled into the mountain gate, but some who did not have time to withdraw were stopped and killed by the cultivators in the chaos.

At the same time, several Sect cultivators with powerful auras stepped forward, forming magical seals with their fingers.

Zhao Feng also took to the air in the blink of an eye, forming a magical seal with his mind.

In an instant, pillars of light shot up from all corners of the area!

Similarly, pillars of light also ascended from the positions of Ding 9 Villa, Ding

7, Ding 5, and the other villas.

Soon after, these light pillars spread to both sides, connecting one by one with the surrounding light pillars. In the blink of an eye, a giant light screen enveloped the entire core area of the Sect and some peripheral areas, including Ding 9 Villa.

Looking at the astonishing scene before him, Wang Ba finally understood why Zhao Feng asked him to rush here despite the danger.

Ding 9 Villa was also one of the key positions of the Mountain Guard formation!

As long as he stayed inside the base of the formation, so long as the formation was not broken, he would be safe and sound.

However, looking at the mountain gate again, he felt vaguely that something was not quite right.

But for a time, he couldn’t figure out what was wrong.

Some Tianmen Cult cultivators who could not evade in time were trapped in the formation and were immediately killed by the surrounding cultivators.

Zhao Feng stepped forward leisurely, meeting the Tianmen Cult cultivators who were resisting desperately with a casual strike of his sword, swiftly decapitating them.

This instantly drew cheers from many Sect disciples.

However, there was no trace of joy on Zhao Feng’s face. Rather, his eyes were filled with worry as he looked up at the sky outside the formation.


Outside the sky-ward light screen of the Mountain Guard formation.

In mid-air.

Qin Heng looked seriously at the Tianmen Cult cultivators before him.

With the activation of the Mountain Guard formation, besides attacking the formation, the Tianmen Cult cultivators also had Foundation Establishment competitors who were freed up to form another formation to attack.

Although, such a formation would not pose much of a threat to a powerful Golden Core like him, under the obstruction of Jing and He Lin, he was not able to kill with a single stroke. Instead, his own space was continuously being compressed.

Moreover, He Lin’s voice was constantly harassing him:

Brother Qin, surrender!

Without Ji Lan, you are no match for me and our fellow Daoist friends. Even with him here, under the presence of the Hierarch, defeat is inevitable.”

If you join our Cult, we can support each other. I know your lifespan is nearing its end.Jf you can see the true methods of our Cult, with your depth, after learning by analogy, you might have an epiphany and break through to Nascent Soul stage…”

Shut up!”

Qin Heng’s beard and hair stood on end, and he swung his sword vigorously, barely managing to break a Foundation Establishment cultivator’s formation. He was then stopped by Jingkong City who arrived in the nick of time.

He felt as if he were deeply stuck in mud, unable to exert his full strength despite his formidable cultivation.

He quickly utilized the God-Sealing Bell to repel everyone, and a trace of pallor appeared on his face. He hastily swallowed a pill to restore his Qi.

His cold gaze swept over He Lin: “He Lin, did you betray the Sect for the

Tianmen Cult’s Nascent Soul True Method?”

He Lin, who was injured by the God-Sealing Bell, looked even paler than Qin

Heng. He took the opportunity to catch his breath and shook his head, saying:

Elder Brother, you’ve gotten old!

Your gaze, along with Ji Lan’s, has always been focused on the small territories like Chen State and Fu State, only knowing to guard the small land of the East Saint Sect, not knowing that the world outside has undergone earth- shattering changes!”

Do you know that besides Sen, Chen, and Fu States, there are thirty-nine more countries under our feet in Fenglin Continent, and now, four-fifths have already joined the Way of Incense Fire?”

Did you know that a torrential flood has engulfed several continents not far from Fenglin Continent, and that area is now a lake region?”

Did you know that the cultivators of those continents will soon be rushing to Fenglin Continent, and among them, there will be Nascent Soul cultivators that we have been seeking, or even maybe Old Ancestors who have achieved Immortal Ascension…”

This seemed to be something He Lin had been holding onto for a long time, and today he finally poured it out. He sighed, saying:

The world of the East Saint Sect is too small.

Rather than being slaughtered or humiliated like ants when the time comes, or dying from the end of my lifespan, it’s better to follow the Hierarch’s steps and embark on the true path to immortality!”

Well said!


A huge divine statue suddenly landed on the peripheral area of the Sect, stirring up a cloud of dust.

The divine statue had four eyes and twenty-four arms, most of which had people seated on them.

The cultivation base of any one of them seemed to be no weaker than He Lin!

At the top of the god statue, there stood a splendidly magnificent and superior cultivator.

His hair fluttered, and within his eyes, it was as if sun and moon were orbiting.

He was the hierarch of Tianmen Cult, Ning Daohuan.

He looked at He Lin with a smile:

He Lin, you are a wise friend who understands destiny, a true master! From now on, you are part of our cult, becoming one of the ‘Xuanyang Way’ elders amongst our twenty-four Daoist ways!”

In the future, you can get my cult’s four true teachings of the Nascent Soul, and have a peek at the Nascent Soul Dao!”

He Lin was immediately overjoyed, and quickly bowed down in salute: “I am terrified by the preference of the holy cult!”

Tianmen Cult Hierarch Ning Daohuan smiled and nodded, then looked at Qin

Heng, not so far away with his smile gradually fading:

Three breaths have already passed. Qin Heng, if you surrender, we have a seat for you amongst the twenty-four Elders of our Tianmen Cult, and even give you a glimpse of our Cult’s Nascent Soul True Method.”

If you insist on resisting in this corner…

However, Qin Heng’s response made Ning Daohuan squint his eyes in surprise.


Qin Heng looked around the many Golden Core masters, his gaze not only void of fear, but filled with ecstasy:

I only wanted to break one of your Tianmen Cult’s fingers, planning to deal with it slowly later. I didn’t expect that such a big fish could be baited!”

At Jingkong City, heir faces fell: “Qin Heng, don’t talk in riddles!

He Lin also frowned heavily:

Elder Brother Qin, at this time there’s no need to…

His face suddenly turned pale, and he incredulously looked down at his own palm.

Somehow, his palm had already densely grown a path of strange patterns, and when he raised his head again to look at Qin Heng, his face quickly crawled full of similar patterns!

What, what kind of poison is this?! I, I… Master, save me, save me!

He Lin looked at Ning Daohuan in horror.

But Ning Daohuan frowned, his face extremely grim:

It’s the ‘Phantom Life Curse’ of the Wanzhou School from Sen State! The

cursed… must die.”

Qin Heng sighed deeply: “Don’t blame me, Junior Brother He, you’re a Golden

Core Master, knowing that you betray us, we can’t help but be prepared…”

He Lin looked desperate and tearfully said:

If you already knew, why did Ji Lan still leave…

He then showed a suddenly enlightened expression: “I, I see! You, you are so cruel! The disciples down there were all intentionally sacrificed as bait by you!”

So it seems, the joint attack on Fu State with the other four sects was just a smokescreen, your real target has always been the Tianmen Cult!”

No, I understand now, you also want the Tianmen Cult’s Nascent Soul True


When the false becomes true, the truth also becomes false! In exchange for the lives of these disciples who will never have the hope of achieving the Golden Core, if you can get a life of a Tianmen Cult Golden Core Elder, it’s worth it!”

Qin Heng sighed with a seal in one hand: “It’s just a pity, you’re a bit late in this realization.”

The next moment, patterns emerged from He Lin’s body, twisting and drilling into his body, Golden Core…

A Golden Core Master fell just like that!

Watching He Lin die, Ning Daohuan, his face now colder than ever, his Nascent

Soul aura fully exploded like a warlord:

Qin Heng, do you have any last words?

Elder Brother Qin is free and easy, Master Ning might as well think about himself.”

From the core area of the sect, there suddenly came a thick and magnetic voice.

Immediately after, under the shocked gaze of the disciples.

A gigantic battleship slowly sailed out from the clouds in the core area of the sect.

On the battleship, stood five Golden Core Masters and a group of Foundation Establishment cultivators, Qi Refining cultivators, and even some menials.

The person at the forefront wore a white Daoist robe, a Daoist crown on his head, a folding fan in his hand, and his face was like white jade.

Ji Lan? You, you didn’t go?! I clearly saw you with my own eyes…

For the first time, shock appeared on Jingkong City’s face.

What Friend Jing said is correct, I indeed left, but I just returned using the teleportation array, your ‘Space-Cutting Array’ is indeed remarkable, it wasted a lot of my effort.”

Ji Lan’s handsome face cracked a slight smile, lightly shaking the fan in his hand. He looked like a humble gentleman, then looked at Ning Daohuan, and his eyes couldn’t help but fill with joy:

But if it weren’t like this, how could we have attracted such an amazing opportunity!”

How is it possible, the ‘Space-Cutting Array’ is still clearly…

Jingkong City couldn’t comprehend.

However, Ning Daohuan sneered: “A happy event? Just by the six of you Golden

Core cultivators?”

No, No, No!

Ji Lan shook the fan lightly, and solemnly said:

Does Master Ning know why our East Saint Sect was established here?

However, Ning Daohuan simply ignored him. His Nascent Soul aura suddenly erupted and directly reached out and instantly became a giant hand that eclipsed the sky, smashing down on Qin Heng in the blink of an eye!

Qin Heng was on guard on the side, but he didn’t expect that Ning Daohuan would be so rash as to strike while talking.

Despite immediately activating numerous protective magic tools, and doing his best to dodge with all his strength, he still suffered a lot and his aura instantly dropped a lot.

Ning Daohuan swung another palm, but saw a pair of bells fly out from Qin Heng’s body, emitting a brilliant golden light, and actually blocked his palm attack!

Class IV magic treasure… No, why do I feel a Class V aura from it?!

In Ning Daohuan’s eyes, a gleam of surprise flashed through, as he reached out his hand, trying to snatch the pair of bells.

However, he heard Ji Lan sigh:

Master Ning is too impatient… Well, let you know why Chen State’s various sects rise and fall uncertainly, and frequently change, but only our East Saint Sect, which looks weak, can stand for hundreds of years without falling.”

The Fanming Array, start!

The moment his words ended.

Within the entire East Saint Sect’s domain, pillars of purple light burst forth from the ground!

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