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Chapter 80: Chapter 80: Chapter 80 Blood Bone Saint Venerable i

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Chapter 80: Chapter 80 Blood Bone Saint Venerable i

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If one looked down from the sky.

They would see that these purple pillars of light are all rising from various mountain villas, markets, and villages.

The light pillars in four major markets are particularly thick.

Not only in the periphery of the sect, but also in the core area of the sect, countless light pillars emerged from the mountain fog, piercing the sky.

With the rise of these countless purple light pillars.

A strange cry emerged within the sect!


What is that?!

A cultivator could not help but gasp as he craned his neck to look up.

Above the sect, a gargantuan purple spirit beast began to appear, its eyes gleaming red, rumbling and rigidly flapping its wings.

Within the Ding 9 Villa, Wang Ba couldn’t help but widen his eyes:

That’s the Fanming!

The enormous Fanming opened its wings, each bearing an eye, and cawed again at the group below from the Tianmen Cult.

‘Ding, ding’!

Without noticing, the God-Sealing Bell flew into Ji Lan’s hands, he gently swung the bell, making a ringing sound!

Like receiving an order, Fanming gradually became nimble. Its wings flickered gently.

Under the horrified eyes of the Tianmen Cult cultivators, purple feathers began to shed from the Fanming and drift down from the sky.

Like purple snow, beautiful as it swayed.

Yet no one doubted the terrifying power it held.

Each of the cultivators standing upon the God statue with its twenty-four arms stared fearfully into the sky.

And from within the four-eyed statue came four people, each exuding a similar aura to Qin Heng – the aura of Golden Core Practitioners.

However, all of them had a strong aura of death surrounding them.

But without exception, each of them looked solemn, and they even had a bit of fear in their eyes as they looked at the Fanming in the sky and the descending purple feathers.

The power of a Nascent Soul at its peak….

Ning Daohuan stared at the Fanming in the sky, could not help exclaiming with astonishment in his eyes, which were filled with shock and a touch of awe!

Fanming annihilates the world!

At that moment.

Ji Lan gave a low shout.

Under everyone’s horrified gaze, the purple feathers that had been gently floating down from the sky suddenly become sharp.

Each feather seemed like a third class magic sword, aiming silently at all the cultivators of the Tianmen Cult!

There was no escape!

At this moment, beside a handful of a few people, everyone else couldn’t help but let out a look of despair!

They finally understood why the East Saint Sect has been able to stand tall in

Chen State for hundreds of years.

The answer was simple.

Among the East Saint Sect, there was an array that could wield the power of a Nascent Soul at its peak, a class IV formation.

Although the power of the cultivators of the East Saint Sect was mediocre, with this formation, they could always find a chance to breathe even in desperate situations, and possibly… turn the tables!

Soon, Qi refining cultivators were the first to be hit by the purple feathers, scattering like a wisp of green smoke at the moment of impact, completely disintegrating.

Then came the Foundation Establishment cultivators….

The cultivators of the Tianmen Cult were in a desperate struggle for survival!

The Golden Core Practitioners on the twenty-four-armed God statue also tried their best to resist.

The four people who walked out of the four eyes tried every trick in the book. Some used bone dao soldiers to block, some used magic tools to guard themselves, some even attacked the purple feathers first, and some were completely surrounded by an increasing aura of death as they moved.

The attack of the purple feathers was indiscriminate. Qin Heng retreated to hide within the Mountain Protection Array, not daring to approach in the slightest.

Ji Lan did not feel any satisfaction in watching his plan successful. Instead, he focused intently on the God statue above him. He was constantly maneuvering, getting rid of Ning Daohuan’s incoming purple feathers.

If the Sect Head is willing to transfer this technique to me and hand over the method of providing for your sect, I will give you a chance to survive!”

Ning Daohuan slapped away a purple feather with a grim face, ignoring Ji Lan’s words without paying them any mind.

Looking around.

The Tianmen Cult had suffered heavy casualties in mere moments.

But there wasn’t the slightest urgency in his eyes.

His eyes flickered, he suddenly turned his head and looked to Ji Lan, a strange smile curling up at the corner of his mouth:

Qin Heng, did you say earlier that every move of my Tianmen Cult is under your watchful eyes?”

Seeing his strangely calm demeanor, Ji Lan frowned slightly, feeling as if he had missed something.

Qin Heng was confused, but he said coldly:

Indeed, those mediocre tricks, how could they deceive Sect Master’s vision! It was just a trap to lure you in, we pretended to be oblivious!”

Ning Daohuan’s smile grew:

Well, then why did you only kill those Qi refining accomplishes and

Foundation Establishment contributors, but not those servants who have been turned into human puppets?”

Humph! They are just mere servants, even if they are transformed into human puppets and barely become Qi Refining cultivators, what can they do? Rather than wasting my mana, I would rather wait for my disciples to clean up after the battle… wait, what just happened?!”

Qin Heng originally did not care, but he quickly changed his expression and looked into the sky in shock.

Ji Lan also subconsciously closed his folding fan and looked at the sky in disbelief.

It… it’s disappearing!

A disciple of the East Saint Sect couldn’t help but gape as he looked at the sky.

Above the sky of the sect.

The Mountain-sized divine beast ‘Fanming,” its purple body was slowly fading away…


The purple pillars of light within the sect were gradually extinguishing!

What’s going on?!

All of the cultivators in the East Saint Sect were panicked!

Ji Lan’s composure was shattered, his expression was grave, and his spiritual sense was frantically scattering in all directions.

And quickly, his expression changed!

Not far away, thanks to his spiritual sense, he spotted a servant dressed figure showing a weird smile towards him.

The next moment, the figure shrunk rapidly, as if an insatiable beast was siphoning his Qi and blood, essence yuan, soul…

In an instant, the servant had shrunk into… a piece of bloody fingertip bone!

A piece of blood-red bone emitting a mysterious aura!

Along with the formation of the bone, the surrounding purple light column seemed to be interfered with somehow, blinking a few times, quickly shrinking, and disappearing!

Such a change, as perceived by Ji Lan’s spiritual sensce, was happening in many locations throughout the sect: villas, markets, villages…

One after another, bloody fingertip bones, rib bones, skull bones, kneecap bones… were floating above.

All of these were the base positions of the Fanming Array!

It was not just Ji Lan who noticed this, but also Qin Heng, other Golden Core cultivators, and even many Foundation Establishment Competitors!

Instantly, someone tried to attack the bones, but the bones seemed to be indestructible. Even when hit hard, they remained undamaged; instead, they seemed to respond and quickly converged in a certain direction!

However, even when the bones flew away, the purple light column here stayed extinguished.

At this moment, Ji Lan finally realized what he had missed and felt dizzy and confused in his Golden Core body.

He couldn’t believe that his well-established situation was defeated by such an insignificant detail.

Servants! It’s actually those damned servants!”

Despair and madness filled Qin Heng’s eyes!

He never thought that the servants he always ignored would be the main act of the Tianmen Cult’s gamble!

Ji Lan’s face was as still as water as he looked through the crowd and formation towards Ning Daohuan:

Sect Hierarch Ning, what a bold move!”

Using the Bury Bones Secret Technique, you’ve changed the fate of these servants, cultivating Qi refining human puppets.”

In truth, you used the bodies of the servants to disguise these bones and tricked us!”

But how did you know that I wouldn’t kill these human puppets in advance? If I had killed them and severed the bones, your plan would have failed!”

Upon hearing these words, Ning Daohuan sneered: “Do you really think I’m like you, gambling on heaven’s favor of me?”

Ji Lan felt a jolt in his heart and hurriedly turned around.

He was shocked to see that the bones which had engulfed the servants, virtually a thousand pieces, quickly gathered onto a black-robed cultivator whose face he couldn’t see, right in the core area of the sect!

In the blink of an eye, a three zhang tall figure, entirely made of blood bone and exuding a Nascent Soul-like aura, appeared right before his eyes!

Together with the Blood Bone Saint Venerable, even if I cannot win, I definitely won’t lose!”

“Ji Lan, what do you, with only a few Golden Cores, have to put on the line against me?”

Ning Daohuan laughed madly.

The Tianmen Cult cultivators, who had narrowly survived the Fanming Array, now came charging towards the Mountain Protection Array, filled with fear and rage at the horrifying close call.

No matter how much the Mountain Protection Array drew power from the rivers, mountains, sun, moon and stars, it was ultimately just a Class III formation. In the blink of an eye, the light barrier was trembling, looking like it was about to collapse.

Not just outside the formation, the Nascent Soul aura emanating Blood Bone Saint Venerable didn’t hesitate at all and charged towards the warship. Even though the cultivator inside the blood bone seemed a bit clumsy, he still easily killed a Golden Core cultivator from the East Saint Sect.

Junior Brother Huang!

Damn it!

In just a brief encounter, Elder Huang, the House Master of Beasts Room, was killed by the Blood Bone Saint Venerable, and his Class III spirit beast, the Highest Heaven Crane, let out a sorrowful cry before rushing at the Blood Bone Saint Venerable without hesitation. However, the latter easily snapped its neck.

The proud Highest Heaven Crane instantly exploded its demon core!

However, when the dust settled, a reddish light flickered on the Blood Bone

Saint Venerable’s body. He was not hurt at all.

The remaining Golden Core cultivators instantly showed expressions of despair.

Atop the warship, Ji Lan looked around and took a deep breath.

As the Sect Master, as the highest decision-maker of the East Saint Sect, he knew, no matter how full of reluctance, anger, and unwillingness he was, it was time to leave.

Looking back one last time at the towering gate of the East Saint Sect with affection, he uttered a word with difficulty:


As he spoke, his body burst forth with mana, giving off a faint taste of Nascent Soul.

However, it was still just short of that mark.

Mana flowed, quickly constructing a formation in mid-air. The warship flew towards it quickly!

Sect Master!


Damn it! Damn it!

Take me with you!

Save me!”

Many members of East Saint Sect who could not escape in time looked on in despair as the warship gradually disappeared into the teleportation array.

Trying to leave?!

An icy voice came from the Blood Bone Saint Venerable.

In a flash, he reached out to grab the warship.

However, his motion was a little clumsy and he failed to grab the warship.

Instead, he caught a cultivator who didn’t manage to dodge in time.

Elder Qin!

Senior Brother Qin!

A series of exclamations.

The Blood Bone Saint Venerable looked a bit surprised at the old figure in his grip, the bloody jawbone slightly parted as if revealing a smile.

Master, we meet again.

And then, he clenched his fist.

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