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Chapter 81: Chapter 81: Chapter 81: Acquaintance 1

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Chapter 81: Chapter 81: Acquaintance 1

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Blood splattered everywhere!

Qin Heng, the Golden Core Practitioner of the East Saint Sect, second only to the Sect Master in terms of combat prowess, died in silence.


Below, Zhao Feng’s eyes were ice cold!

However, the series of attacks from outside the formation made it impossible for him to break away. He could only watch as the shattered corpse of Qin Heng was carelessly discarded by the Blood Bone Saint Venerable.

Just as the corpse was about to fall, a streak of sword -light suddenly soared from within it, shooting towards the deep mountain mist at an astonishing speed. In a blink, it seemed to carry a figure, heading in another direction at extreme speed!

The Blood Bone Saint Venerable turned to chase but his body started making a dreadful sound of bone friction. It seemed as though his bones had exhausted their strength and began to fall off one by one.

His true figure was revealed.

But his face was still obscured.


At this moment, the teetering Mountain Defense Formation finally gave out.

The light curtain shattered into pieces, and in an instant, numerous Tianmen Sect cultivators swarmed towards the core area of the Sect like a horde of ants.

The turn of events was too rapid for Wang Ba to keep up.

It was only when a bruised and battered menial worker suddenly appeared at Ding 9 Villa and began to shrink his body in a strange manner, that he finally realized why he had felt something was amiss.

Even he, a Qi Refiner with a middle grade spirit beast Jia 7 to protect him, who borrowed top grade Teleportation Talismans to sprint all the way, almost lost his life. How could the Tianmen Sect let so many menial workers escape alive to the core area of the Sect?

There was only one possibility: the Tianmen Sect had arranged it all intentionally.

However, by the time he realized this, it was already too late.

With the appearance of the Blood Bone Saint Venerable and the terrifying aura of doomsday that swept across the entire Mountain Defense Formation, Wang Ba’s mind went blank.

When he saw a formation appear in mid-air and the Sect Master of East Saint Sect, along with other high-ranking members, promptly retreated, he felt a cold shiver running down his body!

They… they had all been abandoned!

No, to be precise, from the moment the Sect Master led those people away from the Sect under the pretext of a punitive expedition against the Fu State, except for a very few, those who stayed in the Sect had already been discarded.

Of course, Wang Ba never really considered himself a part of the East Saint Sect, his loyalty merely a side effect of his relationship with Zhao Feng.

But regardless, he was part of the East Saint Sect’s camp and now that the upper echelons had fled, leaving them behind, there could only be one outcome: to be consumed by the enraged cultivators of the Tianmen Sect.


At this moment, the Mountain Defense Formation finally shattered!

In an instant, numerous figures of Tianmen Sect cultivators, resembling demons and monsters, rushed towards the disciples of the East Saint Sect!


“Killing a mid-stage to early-stage Qi Refiner will reward you with one ‘Blood Pill’!”

“Killing a late-stage Qi Refiner… early-stage Foundation Competitor will reward you with one ‘Blood Yuan Seed’…”

Ferocious cries echoed throughout the battlefield.

Lin Yu and the surrounding weaker cultivators were completely stupefied.

As Wang Ba looked around, he realized there were enemies all around and there was no way to retreat.

Seeing a cultivator with a murderous look in his eyes attacking with a Magic Tool, Wang Ba quickly stretched out his left hand.

However, the opponent completely ignored him, leaving Wang Ba no choice but to summon Jia 7.

As soon as Jia 7 emerged, it swiftly dodged and rushed towards the opponent, instantly pecking out one of his eyes!

“Air! You destroyed my Dao body, I will kill you!”

The Tianmen Sect cultivator, enflamed by the loss of his eye, activated his mana. The bone beads on his neck were launched at Wang Ba like a string of firecrackers!


Lin Yu let out a shrill cry from the side!

Wang Ba had no time to look, he pumped mana into his legs and tried his best to dodge!

Bang bang bang!

The bone beads kept landing beside Wang Ba. With the last few beads unavoidable, a figure suddenly appeared in front of Wang Ba!

Wings spread out, head and neck extended forward, ready to shield!

“Jia 7!!!”

Wang Ba’s eyes widened!

This time, he finally saw Jia 7’s trajectory…


A stroke of Sword Qi cut through the void.

A few bone beads in front of Jia 7 were swiftly slashed into two, falling straight down.

And not far in front of him, a cultivator from Tianmen Cult stood in a daze, his head falling off, blood splattering into the sky.

“Senior Brother Zhao!”

Wang Ba looked with amazed joy at the grim figure before him, while Jia 7 hid beside Wang Ba’s leg, trembling in fear.

“Don’t have time to talk, let’s go!”

Even though Zhao Feng had fought hard battles at this moment, what shocked Wang Ba was that Zhao seemed to remain unscathed, with only his sleeves seeming to have been singed by a fierce fire.

His stern face revealed no emotions, but Wang Ba could sense the turbulence in his heart.

Unlike himself, Zhao Feng had been with the sect for over forty years, only to be abruptly abandoned by the sect. Even if there was a reason, it was still a heavy blow.

More importantly, now that the sect is breached, the East Saint Sect’s senior members may still survive, but the remaining disciples of the East Saint Sect are left without any hope of survival.

Zhao Feng decapitated a Stage IX Qi refining cultivator with a sword and, leading Wang Ba and a few nearby cultivators, fought as they retreated.

When encountering Tianmen Cult cultivators, regardless of who they were, he resolved them with a single sword stroke, never a second.

The surrounding cultivators, witnessing Zhao Feng’s divine might, also rushed to gather around him.

Gradually, more and more people rallied behind him, quickly attracting the attention of the Tianmen Cult cultivators.

A Foundation Establishment cultivator came floating from the sky, and his

palm struck out with astonishing Thunder Laws!

What panicked the surrounding disciples was Zhao Feng’s response to the attack of the Foundation Establishment cultivator – still a single sword stroke.

But the result shocked everyone.

Facing Zhao Feng’s sword, this Foundation Establishment cultivator seemed to forget to avoid it, and was directly beheaded by the sword!

“Senior Brother, you… you’ve reached the Foundation Establishment stage?”

Wang Ba was equally shocked, but immediately reacted.

Only someone who had reached Foundation Establishment could kill someone at Foundation Establishment.

Zhao Feng had no time to answer, he only nodded slightly and again cleaved the enemy’s attack with a single sword stroke.

He kills whoever stands in his way.

Watching Zhao Feng’s figure, Wang Ba truly understood the sentiment behind

these seemingly childish words for the first time.

As the remaining disciples of the East Saint Sect were endlessly eradicated and captured, the sounds of resistance, the sounds of battle, gradually died down.

Zhao Feng’s performance also finally attracted the attention of some people.

A black-robed cultivator whose face was indistinct, seeming to command tremendous respect, boldly stepped over many Tianmen Cult cultivators.

All around, many Tianmen Cult cultivators surrounded them.

Besieged on all sides.

The chance of escape was completely gone.

Still, no emotion could be seen on Zhao Feng’s face, except for when his eyes swept over the black-robed cultivator: there was a slight ripple of emotion.

He recognized in an instant that the other party was the real identity of the Blood Bone Saint Venerable.

At this moment, he seemed to make a decision and suddenly said, “Wang Ba!”

“Senior Brother!”

Although Wang Ba, who was already somewhat desperate, was confused, he quickly responded.

Zhao Feng looked at Wang Ba’s disheveled appearance, and for some reason, thought of his past self.

A faint, gratified smile appeared on his face:


Having said this, he suddenly struck Wang Ba with a palm.

Then he flicked his sleeve, and a huge cage that looked like it was for imprisoning prisoners quickly grew larger and then crashed down, trapping all the cultivators present inside it.

Outside the Iron cage, a curtain of darkness covered everything, buddying the view for those trapped inside.

They could only faintly hear some complex sounds from outside, among which

was Zhao Feng’s voice:

Senior Brother Lu, so it’s really you…”

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