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Chapter 89: Chapter 89: Chapter 89: Ranking of Heresy Cultivator_i

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Chapter 89: Chapter 89: Ranking of Heresy Cultivator_i

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The impending sect task added an inexplicable burden to Wang Ba’s heart.

The crucial point was that Yu Changchun, who had sworn before to arrange simple tasks for him, turned out to be unreliable.

He didn’t bring any useful information.

During these anxious days, Wang Ba finally experienced the hatching wave of Precious Chicken chicks.

Each little one, like glutinous rice dumplings, pecked the eggshells with their tender little beaks to create a bump, and then gradually broke it.

Their tiny eyes peered through these broken holes, sizing up the outside world.

This process usually took half a day, or even two days.

If it exceeded this time, Wang Ba had to intervene to help the chicks hatch so they didn’t suffocate inside.

Even so, Wang Ba found that some chicks died in the eggs because they didn’t get timely help.

He couldn’t help it, there were just too many eggs, and he, as sharp as his five senses were, could hardly pay attention to all of them.

The mother chickens, on the other hand, were relieved. The twenty-day incubation, except for necessary food intake, they spent almost all day lying in the nest, fully ensuring the uniform heating of the eggs.

They were really exhausted.

Their originally round bodies were much deflated.

But their hard work paid off – Wang Ba harvested nearly 3,000 Precious Chicken chicks.

Yes, Wang Ba was indeed happy.

To reward the mother Precious Chickens, Wang Ba specifically added more Spirit Insects and Spirit Valley Bran for them, and then planned to extract Yuanyang with ‘Yuanyang Reversing Technique’ in a few days to replenish these hens.

The mother Precious Chickens were oblivious to Wang Ba’s wicked intentions. They led their chicks and rushed towards the poultry feed.

At this moment, the chicken farm looked incredibly spectacular.

One by one, the milk-flavored glutinous rice dumplings followed the big mother chicken, stumbling, falling occasionally, then they got up again with their fluffy short wings…

Watching this scene, Wang Ba couldn’t bear to watch any longer.

He collected the ordinary Precious Chicken eggs in the chicken farm, and gathered more than 10,000 during this period of time.

He kept some to feed the Yellow Throat Spirit Turtles after boiling them.

The others were packed one by one and sold to the ‘spirit food store’ in the South Lake market in several trips.

He received 9 Spirit Stones in return.

After selling them, he strolled around the market and found that it had become much more lively than a month ago.

There were many unfamiliar faces.

A stall area had even appeared.

But there were not many stall owners in it, only about a dozen cultivators.

Wang Ba had an idea and thought about setting up a stall to sell Spirit Chickens.

Although he was still at Qi Refining Stage I, he was a cultivator after all, and selling Spirit Chickens wasn’t out of place.

However, when he found the middle-aged deacon managing the stall area, he unexpectedly learned that only cultivators from Tianmen Cult or those above Rank V of Heresy Cultivator were eligible to set up a stall.

“Rank V Heresy Cultivator?”

Wang Ba was bewildered, when did this regulation come about?

“It’s on the Heavenly Gate Order. You can see it when you infuse your mana into it.”

The stall area deacon answered impatiently.

Wang Ba quickly infused his mana. The Heavenly Gate Order quickly floated a tiny screen. In an unnoticeable corner, he really saw his own rank.

“Rank I.”

“Well… may I ask, if I want to advance to Rank V, what should I do?”

Wang Ba asked tentatively.

The middle-aged deacon glanced at him: “You? Don’t even dream about advancing to Rank V in your lifetime!”

Wang Ba didn’t get angry. He had encountered much disdain and contempt before, and this level of mockery couldn’t shake his Dao-heart.

With a smile on his face, he slipped a Spirit Stone silently.

The deacon rubbed the Spirit Stone in his hand and said naturally, “Well, advancing to Rank V might not be impossible.”

Although a single Spirit Stone wasn’t much, it was still something he got for nothing.

The deacon explained responsibly:

“Although Heresy Cultivators aren’t part of the sect, they are driven by our sect and have made great contributions. Therefore, to give those who aspire to immortality a chance, the previous sect hierarch left a path for the Heresy Cultivators, which was to advance in rank.”

“Rank I is the lowest, Rank V is the highest. After reaching Rank V, they can formally enter our sect and their positions within the sect will be determined based on their cultivation base and merits.”

“Each rank has different privileges.”

“Rank I can stay within the sphere of influence of our Tianmen Cult and receive our sect’s protection. Apart from not enjoying the benefits of our cultivators, it’s almost the same.”

“Rank II can get some discounts when buying and selling in the sect market. Rank III can use our sect’s teleportation array to travel between our sect’s five stations. Rank IV… Rank V can set up stalls in the market, but of course, taxes will be collected, five out of ten… ”

“If you want to be promoted, it’s also very simple. There are three ways: complete tasks assigned by our sect, make contributions when our sect is recruiting, or make other contributions to our sect.”

Wang Ba was really convinced by the cunning of Tianmen Cult.

Even for Rank V Heresy Cultivators who set up stalls to sell things, they actually had to pay half of their revenue as tax!

This was simply more ruthless than Zhou BabaSkin!

Wasn’t there anyone who simply bartered goods for goods?

“Oh, by the way, when you spend Spirit Stones, it’s best to record it with the Heavenly Gate Order on both sides. It also counts as contribution and can help you rank up faster.”

“Of course, this only applies to transactions with the stores in the market.

Other types are not recognized.”

The deacon reminded.

Wang Ba was immediately speechless. He knew Tianmen Cult would not leave such a big loophole.

Of course, there certainly would be loopholes, but in general, as long as you want to stay within the Tianmen Cult, you have no choice but to grit your teeth and buy things from the Cult’s stores.

However, Wang Ba suddenly felt strange and pointed at those in the stall area:

“They have reached Rank V so quickly? It has only been a little over a month, hasn’t it? There have been no assignments or drafts yet, right?”


The deacon continued without raising his head, “They are cultivators from other bases. The teleportation array here had just been established a few days ago, so they probably weren’t doing well there and decided to set up their stalls here.”

Wang Ba was speechless.

After bidding farewell to the deacon, he couldn’t help but wander around the stall area.

Surprisingly, he found that each of these cultivators had an intense and intimidating aura about them, clearly showing that they were fierce people seasoned in warfare.

Looking down, he noticed traces of blood vaguely visible on the magic tools and elixir bottles sold at the stalls…

To be honest, if he didn’t know that nobody dared to cause trouble in the market within the Cult, he would have stayed as far as possible whenever he encountered such ferocious people.

However, he quickly came to a stop in front of a gray-robed cultivator who had his eyes closed in meditation.

What caught his attention was that besides selling items, the cultivator also displayed a piece of cloth indicating a large number of low-grade spirit beasts he would like to purchase, with no restrictions on species.

Meanwhile, Wang Ba caught sight of a storage bag on the cultivator’s stall, still smeared with a trace of blood.

Just as he was about to speak with this cultivator, he saw a middle-aged steward from the stall area approaching. The steward’s face darkened as he chided the gray-robed cultivator:

“Yang Cheng, do you not value your life? How dare you collect items like this!”

The gray-robed cultivator hurriedly opened his eyes, quickly putting on a smile: “Air, it’s Deacon Zhong. Haha, don’t worry, my purchasing price is lower than those in the stores. I wouldn’t take away their business.”

“That’s not acceptable either! If the patrollers see this, they will blame me for poor management! Remove it immediately! Or don’t bother coming to this market again!”

“Yes, yes, yes, we’ll do as you say!”

Without delay, Yang Cheng, the gray-robed cultivator, took down the fabric.

The middle-aged deacon left, satisfied with what he saw.

As soon as the deacon was out of sight, the smile on Yang Cheng’s face vanished, revealing a hint of a menacing glare in his eyes.

Wang Ba had witnessed the entire incident. He had initially thought about trading the Spirit Chicken for a storage bag, but he no longer held that intention.

People like Yang Cheng were not only vengeful but also deceptive; Wang Ba wanted to keep his distance from such people.

He wandered around the market a bit longer; anything he wanted was too expensive, and anything that was affordable was not needed, so he didn’t spend a single Spirit Stone.

After some contemplation, he went to ask about the prices at the ‘Class I Cultivation Room’ in the heart of the market and was given a somewhat speechless quote.

“10 Spirit Stones for two hours, only once per person at this trial price!”

“Next time, it’s going to be 30 Spirit Stones for two hours!”

“This is a Cultivation Room structured with upper grade Class I Spiritual Lineage, the concentration of Spiritual Energy is really high here, enough for endless cultivation.”

The bald cultivator in charge recommended incessantly.

Wang Ba eventually gave in.

His main concern was that there might be overly challenging tasks coming up, and troubles could arise if he needed to increase his cultivation base.

So, in the end, he gritted his teeth, used the remaining Spirit Stones, and, after enabling the Heavenly Gate Order, he redeemed two hours of cultivation with the Spirit Stones earned from selling the eggs, under the Heavenly Gate Order’s supervision.

He placed two hourglass timers, one outside and one inside the Cultivation Room.

The Cultivation Room was small, measuring less than ten feet in both length and width.

There was only a futon in the middle.

There were no other embellishments.

Wang Ba didn’t mind; as soon as he entered, he sat down and started cultivating according to the Ren Water Four Tactics.

As soon as he started cultivating, he immediately realized the extraordinary features of this Cultivation Room!

Rich Spiritual Energy swept in from all directions!

If he were to compare absorbing Spiritual Energy back at the chicken farm like pulling and dragging, struggling with all his might yet unable to catch much.

Then here, the abundant Spiritual Energy was like bees flocking into his Dantian!

He didn’t need to spend any time organizing Style and attracting Qi anymore.

The efficiency was more than ten times better.

In no time, a strand of gaseous Mana had quickly condensed successfully.

Not only that, but every pore of his body was also being nourished and cleansed by the omnipresent Spiritual Energy.

His body and mind felt as if they had been transcended!

The sense of ecstasy was so intense that Wang Ba could hardly resist shouting out loud.

It felt so good!

He finally understood why Lin Yu from Ding 9 Villa would risk rumors and gossip to borrow someone else’s Spiritual Lineage.

Speaking honestly, he was willing to do the same!

Soon, the two hours passed hastily. The sudden interruption of the surrounding Spiritual Energy left a feeling of discomfort.

However, sensing the substantial increase of forty strands of gaseous Mana in his Dantian, Wang Ba couldn’t help but smile in satisfaction.

If calculated at 30 Spirit Stones for two hours, it indeed wasn’t as cost-effective as eating a Spirit Chicken.

However, he could only eat one Spirit Chicken a day, and each male Spirit Chicken could only refine 5 strands of Mana.

He would need eight days to catch up with these two hours of cultivation.

Although it was possible, it was indeed very slow.

Reluctantly leaving the Cultivation Room and patting his thin wallet, Wang Ba suddenly conceived a new plan.

Not long after, he was stopped by a smiling, heavily made-up elderly woman:

“Dear Daoist, would you like to check out our Cultivation Rooms? They are also structured with Spiritual Lineage.”

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