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Chapter 91: Chapter 91: Chapter 91 Harvest, Neighbor i

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Chapter 91: Chapter 91 Harvest, Neighbor i

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Upon seeing suspicious figures lurking near the chicken farm, Wang Ba immediately became alert.

He was ready to release Jia 7 at any moment, while concurrently sending Yu Changchun a Sound Transmission Talisman. Additionally, suppressing his aura, he slowly approached the scene.

Upon arriving, he spotted a cultivator standing outside the wooden fences of the chicken coop, peeping inside through the gaps between the wooden posts. “Who’s there?!”

Wang Ba activated his Heavenly Gate Order with his mana and yelled suddenly.

The cultivator outside the fence was jolted in shock and swiftly turned around to hightail it out of the place without glancing back.

An outburst of mana, and the speed was incredible!

Just as the cultivator was about to lose him, Wang Ba suddenly spotted a familiar figure approaching from a distance, and hurriedly shouted aloud: “Elder Yu, someone spied on our chicken farm!”

As his voice toned down, Yu Changchun from afar immediately reacted. His palms cast out countless threads, as if covering the entire sky, they surged forward to the escaping cultivator.

Very quickly, the cultivator was trapped in Yu Changchun’s threads and fell silent.

Wang Ba quickly spurred on his mana and rushed over.

Upon arriving beside the captured cultivator, he noticed that Yu Changchun seemed upset. Quickly, he greeted him:

“Elder Yu.”

“Hmm, I caught him, but not the mastermind behind him.”

“This cultivator…is a human puppet?”

Wang Ba was a bit surprised as he looked at the cultivator who was now under Yu Changchun’s control.

“It’s merely a Stage II human puppet.”

Yu Changchun seemed unconcerned, but he clearly held a grudge against the one responsible for the human puppet sneaking around the chicken farm.

This was crucial to his progression towards Foundation Establishment, and he could not tolerate anyone spying on it.

He turned to Wang Ba, “In a few days, I’ll find an appropriate Formation, and erect it to keep off the petty thieves!”

Upon hearing this, Wang Ba was overjoyed. He had thought about buying a Formation to protect the chicken farm once he had saved up enough Spirit Stones.

This way, he could cultivate peacefully in the Shidong House.

But what he hadn’t expected was how quickly the chicken racnh had attracted prying eyes.

However, this still counted as a blessing- at least if it weren’t for this, how would Yu Changchun have bought a formation with his own Spirit Stones?

While deep in thought, he heard Yu Changchun say somewhat reluctantly:

“Hmmni… the Formation has to resist up to late-stage Qi Refining, so a Class I middle grade Formation is needed. And that would cost around eighty Spirit Stones…”

A feeling of impending doom surfaced within Wang Ba’s mind, “What Elder Yu means is…”

Yu Changchun burst out laughing:

“I have spent quite a lot on the Precious Chicken, so I’m kind of short in funds. Even though I can borrow from some brothers, I still need to return them. How about these eighty Spirit Stones… consider them forty Spirit Chickens in IOU?” Damn it! What a racket!

Wang Ba swore silently within his heart.

He had initially thought that the Spirit Stones would be on Yu Changchun, but it ended up being his responsibility in the end.

Even though forty Spirit Chickens weren’t much for him, given Yu Changchun’s status in the Tianmen Cult, one Spirit Chicken could be sold for at least forty Spirit Stones. That meant not only did Yu Changchun not spend any on the Formation, but he also earned dozens more.

After some thought, Wang Ba decided to reluctantly agree to Yu Changchun’s terms.

Without satisfying Yu Changchun, why would he be concerned about the chicken farm’s development?

The solution to the chicken feed problem relied on connections from Yu Changchun.

Wang Ba was aware of this.

Of course, he couldn’t let him think that raising the Spirit Chickens was easy, as then Yu’s appetite would grow and he would ask for more.

Just then, Wang Ba suddenly thought of something and quickly pointed towards the captured Puppet, asking: “Elder Yu, can I keep this Puppet?”

Yu Changchun looked hesitant: “This one’s worth at least sixty pieces…”

“Same as before. Consider it thirty Spirit Chickens, later I’ll repay you, is that okay?”

Wang Ba ‘bit the bullet’, nearly to the point of drawing blood from his own mouth.

Upon hearing this, a smile spread across Yu Changchun’s face, stroking his beard, he replied:

“Hehe, you may be too courteous. Alright, I’ll help to remove the original owner’s imprint from the Puppet for you, and also check for any hidden measures left by them. And I’ll teach you a common method to control human Puppets…”

“Thank you, Elder Yu!”

Overjoyed, Wang Ba quickly memorized the method that Yu Changchun taught him.

He was about to place the Puppet into his Spirit Beast Bag when…

He was stopped by Yu Changchun.

“Higher grade Puppets can synchronize what they see and remember with the controller. This Puppet, however, seems to lack this feature. Now watch this…”

As he spoke, Yu Changchun demonstrated a move for Wang Ba. He chanted a spell and then pressed upon the Puppet’s crown, lightly exerting force.

A thumb-sized bone fragment was then extracted.

Yu Changchun casually swept his hand over it.

A cloud-like screen then rose above the bone fragment.

But Wang Ba was stunned as the scene projected on the screen was the reconstructed Mulou house in the former Nanhu Village.

The Puppet’s user was obviously very cautious and managed to avoid letting the Puppet see his own image.

The Puppet seemed to have a specific target and directly headed for the chicken farm.

Through the wooden fence, it saw many Precious Chickens inside.

Not long after, it suddenly heard a loud yell: “Who’s there?!”

It quickly fled from the scene…

The events that followed were obviously not necessary to watch further.

“Mulou House… It must be a Heresy Cultivator.”

Yu Changchun snorted coldly, his eyes flashing with killing intent. It seemed as though he had a plan in his mind.

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