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Chapter 92: Chapter 92: Chapter 91 Harvest, Neighbor_2

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Chapter 92: Chapter 91 Harvest, Neighbor_2

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This Tianmen Cult cultivator, who had always appeared amiable in front of Wang Ba, finally revealed a hint of hidden ferocity.

Wang Ba was quite pleased. The stronger his teammates, the more comfortable his life would be.

He placed the bone fragment back onto the Human Puppet’s skull and stored the puppet in the Spirit Beast Bag.

Seeing that the sky was growing dark, Yu Changchun didn’t stay longer. With a hint of reluctance, he tossed a ‘Sound Transmission Talisman1 to Wang Ba.

He didn’t say much more. After their time together, he already knew Wang Ba was a very cautious person who, unless absolutely necessary, wouldn’t waste the talisman.

Happily, Wang Ba returned to his chicken farm. He deliberately let out the Human Puppet and, after restoring its senses, taught it how to feed the chickens, clean up chicken droppings, collect the eggs, and more.

Not long after, the Human Puppet grasped these skills.

What surprised Wang Ba was that the Human Puppet could cultivate on its own.

But perhaps due to its modifications, despite its diligent cultivation, it could only restore its mana and could not progress further.

Even so, Wang Ba was satisfied.

The appearance of the Human Puppet had directly solved 90% of his workload. In other words, trading it for thirty Spirit Chickens was totally worth it.

When he returned to the small wooden house, Wang Ba checked the conditions of the Spirit Chickens he was raising.

To his surprise, some of the female Spirit Chickens had laid eggs, and five of them were even fertilized eggs.

Observing for a while, Wang Ba didn’t interfere with the brooding behavior of the Spirit Chicken.

He selected about ten Spirit Chickens of average quality and, after absorbing most of their lifespan, separated them from the rest.

The next day, he brought these chickens to the market and traded them for more than 30 Spirit Stones.

Despite the cost, he gritted his teeth and bought the lowest-ranked Storage Bag from a shop in the market. It cost him 24 Spirit Stones for a bag with less than half a cubic foot of space.

He went to a shop selling miscellaneous goods and stumbled upon a dying, first-class Spirit Plant seedling: a Crystal Peach Tree.

Perhaps because it was on the verge of dying, the tree cost him less than ten Spirit Stones.

He was left with only a few Spirit Stones.

Wang Ba went to Shidong House and traded his remaining Spirit Stones for the missing piece.

After that, he spent the entire afternoon practicing his cultivation inside.

Barely, he managed to refine a few threads of mana.

Night fell.

Wang Ba rushed back to the chicken farm.

He let Jia 7 roam freely around the chicken farm.

Every time he saw Jia 7, he couldn’t help but think about setting it up with a robust male chicken.

Considering Jia 7’s near upper grade Spirit Chicken status, if it could mate with a male Spirit Chicken of a similar grade, there might be a chance to cultivate an upper-class Spirit Chicken.

Of course, whether any offspring would inherit Jia 7’s combat abilities was uncertain.

“Or, if I could get a ‘Class I True Spirit Fruit,’ which is capable of purifying bloodlines, there might be a chance to elevate Jia 7 directly to an upper grade.”

The Cultivator named Shi from Ding 9 Villa had acquired a True Spirit Fruit through sheer luck. It helped the Leopard-faced Black Mink purify its bloodline, causing it to undergo a metamorphosis and become an upper grade Spirit Beast.

However, such treasures were hard to come by and extremely expensive.

Wang Ba didn’t have the confidence to get one.

“Forget it, let’s wait until this mission is done and then figure it out.”

Whether it was cultivating a new generation of Spirit Chickens or helping Jia 7 advance, both needed time and couldn’t be rushed.

When the dawn came, he planted the Crystal Peach Tree, which had steeped its roots overnight, near the pool where the Yellow Throat Spirit Turtles lived.

He had the Human Puppet pile up all the chicken droppings from outside around the base of the Crystal Peach Tree.

He had no idea how to grow spirit plants. The only reason he was doing it was to utilize the chicken droppings. Despite the strong smell, they contain a tiny bit of spiritual energy, which would be wasted if discarded.

Perhaps it was just his imagination, but when Wang Ba saw the peach tree again in the afternoon, its leaves definitely seemed dewy and lustrous.

Relying on the human puppet’s labor, Wang Ba, who had nothing else to do, paid another visit to Shidong House.

However, his cultivation was soon interrupted by a knock at the door.

“Dong Dong Dong.”

Curiously, Wang Ba opened the door and saw a tall cultivator standing at the entrance, with an earth cultivator standing beside him.

Upon seeing Wang Ba, the man immediately smiled and greeted him:

“My name is Chen Mian, and this is my partner, who stayed next door. We noticed that the door to your place was closed the other day, assuming a new neighbor had arrived, and we wanted to pay you a visit.”

This was quite a novel experience for Wang Ba.

After all, no cultivators had ever taken the initiative to visit him before.

Wang Ba hurriedly invited the guests inside.

Unfortunately, his stone dwelling was entirely empty, he didn’t even have a pot of tea to offer his guests.

However, this didn’t seem to bother Chen Mian and his partner:

“Given your status as an outer heresy cultivator, we assume you’re just like us, left behind by the East Saint Sect…”

“It’s not easy for us to survive here!”

At their words, Wang Ba wasn’t exactly sure what they meant, but he quickly understood.

Those who had fallen so low as to live here were most likely also disciples of the East Saint Sect.

If other external heresy cultivators from different stations could afford to live here, they most likely had wealthy backgrounds and wouldn’t hesitate to spend some spirit stones to avoid living in such a place.

The three of them chatted briefly.

However, it was mostly Chen Mian talking while the other two listened.

Through their conversation, Wang Ba learned that Chen Mian and his partner both used to cultivate at the Merit Room.

Even though they both achieved the Stage VI of Qi refining which is not bad, back in their time at the East Saint Sect, they focused solely on cultivating. Apart from arranging tasks for outer disciples, they had no particular skills.

Now that they had become external heresy cultivators, they found themselves without a place to utilize their skills. The only thing they could do was to do odd jobs in the market to earn some meager spirit stones and maintain their basic livelihood.

“Wang, being able to afford living in the Shidong house on your own, you must have some skills. I envy you!” Chen Mian exclaimed.

Wang Ba hastily waved his hands in denial.

Both of them thought Wang Ba was just being humble and Chen Mian even praised him a few more times.

However, when they found out Wang was only at Stage I of Qi refining, they exchanged surprised looks in bewilderment.

After a short while, Chen Mian’s partner suddenly said, “My husband, remember we had a meeting with Senior Brother Qi later. Maybe we should…”

Wang Ba was a bit taken aback, as he remembered the pair mentioned earlier they were enjoying the conversation and intended to have a long chat tonight.

Chen Mian quickly nodded, “Oh right, right, I almost forgot!”

He then apologetically excused himself.

Wang Ba courteously made a half-hearted attempt to ask them to stay.

The two, however, seemed even more anxious to leave, as if they feared Wang Ba was going to trouble them.

Seeing this, Wang Ba was somewhat puzzled.

However, he didn’t mind it much and continued leading his peaceful life of cultivation and chicken farming.

After a few more days, information about a new task assigned by the Tianmen Cult finally appeared in his Heavenly Gate Order:…

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