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Chapter 93: Chapter 93: Chapter 92: The First Mission i

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Chapter 93: Chapter 92: The First Mission i

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“Mandatory task…”

“Cleanse the remnants of the East Saint Sect near our sect?”

“For those who participate in this task, each one must at least bring back an evidence of killing a leftover from the East Saint Sect… The task deadline is half a year.”

Looking at the words that emerged in the Heavenly Gate Order, Wang Ba’s face turned somewhat unsightly.

The Tianmen Cult is really too ruthless.

This is forcing among us, the heresy cultivators to completely sever ties with the East Saint Sect.

Wang Ba might not have feelings for the East Saint Sect, but many other cultivators have been cultivating in the East Saint Sect for many years and now they are forced to kill their familiar peers, it’s like a heart-wrenching massacre.

This is probably the Tianmen Cult’s test for us, the heresy cultivators.

Of course, this is none of his business. If there were disciples of the East Saint Sect in front of him, he would not hesitate to decapitate them.

The problem lies in the fact that after the destruction of the East Saint Sect, the remnants that still dare to wander nearby are probably not easy to provoke.

And for him, a Qi Refining Stage I cultivator, attending such an operation would probably be more like delivering his head on a platter.

He glanced at the Heavenly Gate Order again, noticing another line of text below.

[Task completion: For each Qi Refining Stage 1 – III killed, earn 10 Heavenly Merit; Stage IV-VI, 20 Heavenly Merit; Stage VII-IX, 40 Heavenly Merit; Stage X, 100 Heavenly Merit! I

[Task failure: Anyone without harvest before the deadline will lose 100 Heavenly Merit and receive a demerit. If one receives three demerits, they will be executed!]

One point of Heavenly Merit is equivalent to consuming a lower-grade Spirit Stone in the market.

A Rank I heresy cultivator needs 100 points to be promoted to Rank II.

At present, Wang Ba’s Heavenly Gate Order had 44 points of Merit, since he has consumed quite a few Spirit Stones before.

“That is to say, by just killing one Qi Refining Stage X disciple of the East Saint Sect, one can become a Rank II heresy cultivator and enjoy discounts when purchasing items in the market.”

Wang Ba calculated quickly.

If one could not kill a single Qi Refining cultivator, one would be deemed as failed and the price would be a loss of 100 Merit and one demerit.

100 points of Merit could be disregarded, but the effect of a demerit was quite intimidating.

Once one receives three demerits without completing the task, one would be directly killed by the Tianmen Cult.

It is easy to imagine that the majority of heresy cultivators, who aspire to stay alive will surely strive to complete this task.

Because no one knows if the subsequent tasks would be impossible to complete.

Although the task of exterminating the remnants of the East Saint Sect is heart-wrenching, there is still hope to successfully fulfill it.

Of course, this hope applies to cultivators with high realms, formidable strength, and tendencies towards fighting.

Wang Ba hesitated for a bit, deciding to watch for the time being.

Without the necessary strength he certainly would not dare to take on such a reckless task.

However, from that day onward, he noticed that the cultivators in the Shidong House started moving around more frequently.

Many had knocked on Wang Ba’s door, but when others found out he was merely at Qi Refining Stage 1, they left without hesitation.

In the eyes of high-class Qi refiners, there isn’t much difference between Stage I and mortals.

But Wang Ba did not mind the realistic attitude of these people.

In one word, he was used to it.

So, he was unaffected and continued going back and forth between the chicken farm and the Shidong House every day.

Focusing on cultivation, focusing on raising chickens.

This life was just what the old him, who was once a servant, always yearned for.

Of course, he hadn’t worried about the chickens recently because there were human puppets, the chicks grew robustly and the Yellow Throat Spirit Turtles were being more golden.

Due to his efforts, the gaseous Mana in his Dantian became more and more abundant, gradually filling the Dantian space.

Wang Ba felt that when his Dantian was completely filled with gaseous Mana, it would be time for a breakthrough.

One day, Wang Ba’s door was knocked on again.

What surprised Wang Ba somewhat was that the people knocking on his door were his neighbors, Chen Mian and his Dao companion.

But he soon noticed that there was one more person, a young cultivator whose aura seemed distant.

Wang Ba couldn’t help but puzzle in his heart.

Ever since the couple mysteriously declined last time, they have met a few times, but they were not as passionate as before, and instead seemed to avoid him whenever possible.

Wang Ba later roughly understood, fearing that the two felt that he had a weak Mana, could live in the Shidong House, mostly borrowed from others and was afraid of being implicated, so they kept him at arm’s length.

Or possibly, they looked down on him, thinking that his realm was too low and did not want to have much contact with him.

These were all possibilities, yet Wang Ba didn’t intend to dwell on it much.

However, the fact that the couple took the initiative to visit him today was quite interesting.

“It probably has something to do with this unfamiliar cultivator.”

Wang Ba thought inwardly, yet his expression remained unchanged on the surface, and he courteously invited the three of them in.

However, Chen Mian waved his hand and said, “Brother Wang, let’s not go in, let me introduce, this is Senior Brother Jing, a Qi Refining Stage IX expert of our East Saint Sect’s outer disciples, second only to the top ten disciples.” Senior Brother Jing?

Upon hearing this surname, the image of Lin Yu instantly appeared in Wang Ba’s mind.

Could this Senior Brother Jing be that Senior Brother Jing of Lin Yu’s?

Wang Ba’s expression subtly changed.

However, the trio did not notice his change in expression, the young cultivator seemed displeased and said:

“Disciple Chen, we are at such a condition now, it is meaningless to speak of such..”

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