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Chapter 94: Chapter 94: Chapter 92: The First Mission_2

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Chapter 94: Chapter 92: The First Mission_2

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“Yes, yes, yes!”

Chen Mian hastily nodded in acknowledgement.

The young cultivator then turned his head towards Wang Ba, a sign of warmth appearing on his face:

“My fellow Wang, my name is Jing Kuang. Regardless of whether you have heard of me, it doesn’t matter.”

“We are both among the fallen ones now, and under the mandatory tasks given by our sect, we should cooperate and overcome the difficulties together.” Wang Ba did not know what the other party was planning, but could only patiently listen.

Jing Kuang, the young cultivator, soon demonstrated a straightforward style:

“I heard from Junior Brother Chen that you have a Stage I Qi Refining cultivation base, and forgive me for speaking bluntly, it’s near impossible for someone at your level to complete the purification quest.”

“Although it may sound unpleasant, to my knowledge, almost all the active remnants of the East Saint Sect outside the sect are no less than Stage III Qi Refining! You stand no chance.”

“But as I said before, as fellow fallen ones, we must cooperate and assist each other.”

“If you follow me, I would help you complete this task in the early-stage, and naturally, we’d hope you would lend a hand when we need you.”

“That’s why I’m here. Friend Wang, if you find the proposal acceptable, please give me your confirmation. I will soon lead fellow cultivators on a hunt outside the sect and we can’t afford to delay.”

With that, his gaze became sharp, looking at Wang Ba confidently.

And Chen Mian and his companion were all smiles, seeming quite confident in this situation.

Indeed, during such harsh times for those with low cultivation bases, having a highly skilled Stage IX cultivator offering a lifeline is an offer few would refuse. There’s no reason to refuse.

To lean on a big tree is to enjoy the shade. If you aren’t going to grab onto a robust thigh now, when will you?

Wang Ba appeared thoughtful, but quickly surprised the trio by expressing a slight apology:

“I apologize, but I intend to give up on this task. I, a Stage I Qi Refining cultivator, don’t dare to venture outside the range of Tianmen Cult.”

All three were shocked to hear this.

No one expected the cultivator to be so timid.

After all, the path of cultivation defies the Heavenly Dao. Who among the cultivators wouldn’t seize an opportunity when it arises, creating opportunities when none exist?

Especially when an advanced Stage IX cultivator offered to help him through difficulties, this significantly reduces the risk.

Yet, the cultivator refused outright.

The disappointment on Chen Mian’s face was visible. After all, he had earlier assured Senior Brother Jing that he would be able to convince Wang Ba, so now, his face turns red, indignantly commenting, “Wang, you’re confused!” “The first task is so tough now, would the next one and the one after be even tougher? Can you be certain you can complete all subsequent tasks?” “Then after failing three tasks, your lifespan and cultivation will be forgotten!” “Now that Senior Brother Jing is here, no one can harm us easily. Even if there are formidable individuals, there’s strength in our numbers. That should make gaining merit much easier than a Stage I cultivator like you, right?”

His companion, a woman of lingering charm, Chen, also sincerely said:

“Friend Wang, you don’t have to worry that we have ulterior motives. We’re neighbours and we see each other often – would we harm you?”

“To put it bluntly, what’s there to be cheated from a Stage I cultivator like you?” “You seem quite young, so let me address you as little brother affectionately. Little brother, listen to your sister-in-law’s advice; opportunities like this are hard to come by.”

In response to their gentle persuasion, Wang Ba showed a deeply moved expression, then rejected their proposal.

Jing Kuang’s face turned slightly cold, he gave Wang Ba a deep look, then turned around and left.

“You! Alas, how can you be so obstinate!”


An exasperated Chen Mian stomped his foot and hastily followed Jing Kuang with his companion.

Watching the trio leave, Wang Ba shook his head slightly and closed the door. This time, he had undoubtedly offended them all.

But he had no regrets.

A Stage IX cultivator personally raising a Stage I unknown into the ranks?

The whole ordeal screamed suspicious.

After all, if roles were reversed, Wang Ba would never be so noble, unless he wanted something from the Stage I cultivator.

Of course, it’s not impossible for Jing Kuang to actually be noble and saint-like. But for someone who entices female disciples from the same sect with spiritual lineage, it’s tough to believe him to be so noble-minded.

As for whether this Senior Brother Jing is the same Jing who Lin Yu mentioned, Wang Ba didn’t care.

Anyway, he would not bet his own life on the human decency of others.

After all, some people’s bottom line of humanity is always flexible.

Time passed day by day in this way.

The stone house next door, where the couple Chen Mian lived, with the door closely shut, has had no trace of activity. They must have followed Jing Kuang and left Tianmen Cult to hunt down the leftover evils of the East Saint Sect.

Yu Changchun visited the chicken farm once and took away eight Spirit Chickens.

He seemed to be quite content with the speed at which Wang Ba was raising the Spirit Chickens.

Wang Ba then seized the opportunity to ask if he could get Yu Changchun’s help in completing the sect task.

He didn’t care much about the too Merit points, but he found it hard to waste one of those precious three opportunities.

“Well… I am currently at a critical stage in my cultivation; if I go outside of the cult, it may take a while to find those disciples of the East Saint Sect…”

Yu Changchun showed a troubled expression.

Wang Ba initially assumed that he would ask for more Spirit Chickens. However, he soon realized that Yu Changchun genuinely couldn’t spare the time.

He had no choice but to give up.

Two days later, he deliberately brought another batch of Spirit Chickens to the spirit beast store, only to be informed that the purchase price for Spirit Chickens had declined.

“A male Spirit Chicken is only worth one and a half Spirit Stones?”

Wang Ba couldn’t help but widen his eyes.

The boss of the spirit beast store lazily said, “What? Is there a problem? Use the teleportation array to sell them in the market at other bases!”

“The price is fixed here.”

Seeing the unmasked attidude of the shop owner taking advantage of the situation, Wang Ba realized that despite his efforts to reduce the frequency and volume of Spirit Chicken sales, he had been targeted by the owner.

In the future, as long as he sells Spirit Chickens here, using his own Heavenly Gate Order, the purchase price will never be high.

However, he had no choice. If he had level three privileges and could go to other markets, there might be room for negotiation. But at the moment he had no bargaining power at all.

He sold the Spirit Chickens in hand and got 24 Spirit Stones in return.

Wang Ba didn’t spend them. Instead, he saved these Spirit Stones because he had a feeling that these would come in handy in the future.

He visited the Shidong House again, but was surprised to find the door of the neighboring house, which had been closed for a few days, was open today.

By a coincidence, the people inside came out at that moment.

It was Chen Mian and his spouse.

But unlike their destitute and depressed state from a few days ago, they were now in high spirits, even radiant with a light.

“Wang, we have been acquaintances for some days, and if you want, you can live here. The rent has been paid for half a month.”

Upon seeing Wang Ba, Chen Mian seemed to have let bygones be bygones and actively greeted him with a grinning face.

Wang Ba couldn’t help but feel curious, “Chen, what is…”

Before Chen Mian could say anything, his spouse eagerly replied,

“Well, it’s not a big deal. We just think it’s a bit gloomy here, so we moved to Mulou House.”

Wang Ba quickly congratulated, “The rent of Mulou House is as high as twenty Spirit Stones a month. It seems you two have finally made your mark, making an impressive progress.”

“You flatter us, hahaha!”

Chen Mian was visibly pleased and burst into laughter.

His spouse, on the other hand, seemed to feel sorry for Wang Ba,

“If only you had gone hunting with Senior Brother Jing that day, you would at least be much more relaxed than you are now, even if you couldn’t afford to live in Mulou House. It’s a pity, really.”

Upon hearing this, Wang Ba just smiled quietly without saying a word. However, in the eyes of Chen Mian and his spouse, it looked as if Wang Ba was secretly regretting, which made them feel even more satisfied.

“Well then, we’ll leave it at that for now, haha.”

The three of them gestured a farewell to each other.

Wang Ba returned to his stone house, feeling extremely calm.

Others have their own styles; there’s no point being envious.

As long as he keeps moving forward in his own way, even if it’s at a snail’s pace, that’s just fine.

After sitting quietly in meditation, he soon opened his eyes,

“The Mana in my Dantian is full.”

“After more than two months of Cultivation, I’m finally about to reach Stage II of Qi Refining..”

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