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Chapter 95: Chapter 95: Chapter 93: The Wonderful Use of the Yellow Throat Spirit Turtle_i

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Chapter 95: Chapter 93: The Wonderful Use of the Yellow Throat Spirit Turtle_i

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The cultivation at the Qi Refining stage mainly involves two things.

One is the constant refining and compressing of mana.

The other is the continuous expansion of the Dantian space.

The former is the crucial basis for the ten stages of Qi Refining. Each time the overall compression of mana is completed, one level is advanced.

After nine compressions, the gaseous mana is fully liquefied. This is the Stage X of Qi Refining.

At the same time, it’s one of the thresholds to transition from Qi Refining to Foundation Establishment.

On the other hand, the latter occurs naturally while cultivators refine mana.

Different cultivation methods lead to different sizes of Dantian space developed.

Theoretically, the bigger the Dantian space, the better because more space can store more mana. If engaging in a fight with others, it can give one an advantage.

Ren Water Four Tactics does have an advantage in this aspect due to its complex style of Spiritual Root, which significantly increases the demand for Dantian space.

Of course, every coin has two sides. To fill up the Dantian, more mana is naturally needed, which indirectly slows down the advancement of the realm.

This is one of the reasons why Single Spiritual Root and Dual Spiritual Roots are more popular, and considered upper grade and middle grade accordingly.

After all, the most important thing for cultivators is the realm. Under the situation of a limited lifespan, the earlier the realm is improved, the better.

Most cultivators aim to overawe others with their realm.

Wang Ba is fully aware of this knowledge.

Therefore, he is also very clear that with his qualification of the four Spirit Roots, it may take several months at the Stage I of Qi Refining to fully compress the mana and make a breakthrough to the Stage 11. And this is under favorable circumstances.

If things don’t go well, it would not be rare for it to take two or three years.

After all, the more complex the style, the greater the control needed to compress the mana, and of course, the higher the difficulty in achieving the compression.

Wang Ba took a deep breath. After checking his state, he decided to officially start striving for Stage II of Qi Refining.

However, at this moment.

A light screen panel suddenly popped up.

[Current Lifespan Remaining: 3347.9 years]

[Consumable Items: Eleventh Layer of the Body Strengthening Scripture, comprehensive qualification, bone root, adjusted to require 9216 years; Stage I of Qi Refining (bottleneck), comprehensive qualification, bone root, adjusted to require 1.2 years.]

Wang Ba was somewhat puzzled at first, not understanding why the panel suddenly popped up. But when he looked at the latter part, he couldn’t help but be startled.

“There’s an extra consumable item!”

“The bottleneck of Stage I of Qi Refining, does it only take 1.2 years to break through?”

A surprise!

There is a look of joy in Wang Ba’s eyes.

He initially thought that the ability to consume lifespan only applied to Body Strengthening Scripture.

Unexpectedly, when he was about to strive for the Stage II of Qi Refining, it popped up again.

“But what’s the trigger for the lifespan consumption ability? Why is it appearing and disappearing?”

Wang Ba couldn’t help but frown and ponder.

Previously, the “Book of Yin God’s Grand Dream,” disappeared after he completed the first layer. Wang Ba looked at the gold paper many times afterwards, but there were always no responses.

Ren Water Four Tactics was the same.

However, the difference is, there is no absolute division of stages in Ren Water Four Tactics, only an adjustment in the route of mana circulation accompanying the compression of mana.

But the “Book of Yin God’s Grand Dream” is different. It’s divided into three stages, and the cultivation method for each stage is also different.

The first stage only requires imaginating about the Yin God using one’s own thoughts.

While the second stage requires sketching the image of the Yin God in one’s “Spiritual Court” using the spiritual sense…

“Wait a moment, spiritual sense… spiritual sense is an ability that only Foundation Establishment Competitors have, enabling them to perceive everything around them in an instant.”

“Does that mean that the reason why the ‘Book of Yin God’s Grand Dream’ did not trigger the lifespan consumption option was because I haven’t established the foundation?”

Wang Ba, who did not have enough knowledge about cultivation in the past, did not think about this. But now, he has an inkling of realization.

However, this is just his guess.

To verify his conjecture, he can only wait until the day he establishes the foundation.

Even so, Wang Ba couldn’t help but feel a little more excited and anticipative.

With this ability, the bottlenecks thereafter may not be as difficult for him as for others. As long as his lifespan holds, all he needs to do is to keep cultivating day and night. The breakthrough of his realm is then a matter of course.

“I wonder if this ability can be used when breaking through from Qi Refining to Foundation Establishment.”

Wang Ba didn’t think about it anymore.


[Current Lifespan -1.2 years]

As he sensed the dramatic compression of the mana in his Dantian, eventually compressed to one-tenth of its original size, he felt stronger fluctuations compared to before.

Wang Ba was quite satisfied in his heart:

“It seems my talent is not so poor. It only took a little over a year of lifespan to make a smooth breakthrough.”

Compared to the prior consumption that took hundreds or even thousands of years, a little over a year is just like a joke.

He took a deep breath, calming his excited feelings about overcoming the bottleneck.

Sitting cross-legged on the futon, Wang Ba directed the surrounding spiritual energy according to the practice route of the Stage II of Qi Refining.

Not long after, he slowly opened his eyes:

“The spiritual energy in Shidong House is beginning to fall behind…”


It looks like, after a while, I need to move.”

Back in the chicken farm, the human puppet was tirelessly shoveling chicken manure.

Wang Ba watched the Precious chickens running around on the ground, a hint of satisfaction in his eyes.

He originally planned to use Yuanyang Reversing technique to induce a batch of new Precious Chicken chicks.

However, considering the limited supply of chicken feed from Yu Changchun, he eventually gave up this idea.

Now, there are approximately 3600 chickens in the whole chicken farm.

Among them, less than a hundred are Spirit Chickens.

This is the result of Wang Ba’s careful control.

Anyway, the Spirit Chickens that leave here will have most of their Lifespan shaved off by Wang Ba, even if it’s slow, it’s at least safe.

If Yu Changchun realizes there are too many Spirit Chickens in the chicken farm, he will find it hard to explain.

However, with fewer than a hundred, he can argue that he needs to keep so many breeding chickens to guarantee a steady production of spirit chickens.

After all, he is considered a semi-professional in the field of raising chickens; could what a professional says be wrong?

Wang Ba walked a few steps to the back of the small wooden house, lifted the black cloth on top, revealing the Spirit Chickens underneath.

Among them, the most conspicuous are five little guys who are markedly larger than the Spirit Chickens around them.

“Five middle-grade Spirit Chickens… compared to Jia 5, they are obviously larger; but compared to Jia 7, they seem just a bit short.”

These five middle-grade Spirit Chickens were hatched successfully from five fertilized spirit chicken eggs he had found accidentally some days ago.

Maybe because both parents are Spirit Chickens, these five were born as lower-grade Spirit Chickens.

After being given Lifespan by Wang Ba, these five Spirit Chickens all metamorphosed into middle-grade ones.

Wang Ba tested them with a Spirit Light Talisman; they were pure white, not like Jia 7, they had a bit of green in the white.

This suggested that the potentials of these five little ones were not as high as Jia 7’s.

But Wang Ba didn’t care; as long as they were middie-grade, they could mate with Jia 7.

He really wanted to pass on Jia 7’s fighting ability.

Once he could steadily produce Spirit Chickens with fighting skills, paired with the ability of Lifespan Breakthrough, it would be a beautiful sight.

Wang Ba singled out these five little guys and checked their bodies one by one.

With the passing of days, they could now be distinguished by sex.

Two males and three females.

But he soon noticed that one of the female Spirit Chickens seemed to look a bit different from the others.

“This feather… it looks so pretty…”

Although the feathers had not fully grown, it was clear that the color of this female Spirit Chicken was much richer than that of a regular one.

Wang Ba took this female Spirit Chicken out separately for a test.

However, he shook his head in disappointment.

Although it looked flashy, it did not have Jia 7’s fighting ability.

But Wang Ba still paid special attention to this Spirit Chicken, hoping for some surprising changes in the future.

Maybe because of his good mood of breakthrough to the Second Level of Qi Refining, Wang Ba went to check on the Yellow Throat Spirit Turtles in the pond.

These creatures were naturally lazy.

Besides eating, they would bask in the sun on a floating log, stacked like Arhats.

Seeing Wang Ba coming, they simply showed him a ‘smiling face’ with a kind of foolish look.

Wang Ba also tried to test their abilities. However, other than having a slightly harder shell and a stronger bite, these Yellow Throat Spirit Turtles had no special abilities.

Their fighting power was basically the same as that of the Spirit Chickens raised for meat.

Wang Ba, however, was quite interested and casually slaughtered one to make soup.

Unexpectedly, he found that the Spiritual Energy contained in the Yellow Throat Spirit Turtle was actually a bit more than that in a regular Spirit Chicken.

After eating it, Wang Ba quickly refined it, and he actually condensed a strand of complete Mana!

You should know that Mana is compressed, only one strand is equivalent to at least six or seven strands before.

Yet, his gain in the Power of the Yin God was even greater, as he actually condensed a whole five drops!

“Good stuff! This is really good stuff!”

Wang Ba was taken aback.

He didn’t expect the true value of the Yellow Throat Spirit Turtle to be as food.

The key is that the Yellow Throat Spirit Turtles are easier to digest than Spirit Chickens. Wang Ba feels that he could eat two or three at a go without any problem.

This is much faster than sitting in the Shidong House meditating all day.

The only thing that disappointed him was that the number of Yellow Throat Spirit Turtles here was limited and the cost of food was too high. At present, they were fed with the leftover chicken bones and chicken meat from Wang Ba’s meals, supplemented with some chicken eggs.

If the problem of cheap feed cannot be solved, it would be impossible to raise them on a larger scale.

“It seems that I need to pay more attention to this…”

Wang Ba glanced at the Crystal Peach Tree next to the pond.

This Spirit Plant, surprisingly survived and grew vigorously under Wang Ba’s brutal fertilization with chicken manure. The whole tree was full of green leaves, pleasing to the eye.

However, even if it could bear peaches, it would probably take a few more months.

Wang Ba was not in a rush.

After sleeping for a night at the chicken farm and letting Jia 7 and the others out to play, he went to the Shidong House the next day after eating a Spirit Chicken.

Compared to the chicken farm, the environment of the Shidong House is more suitable for cultivation.

By the evening, just as Wang Ba was about to get up and leave, the wooden door of the stone house was suddenly knocked upon..

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