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Chapter 96: Chapter 96: Chapter 94: The Novice Cultivators in the

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Chapter 96: Chapter 94: The Novice Cultivators in the


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Hearing a knock on the door, Wang Ba felt somewhat puzzled.

Due to the mandatory tasks assigned by the cult, many cultivators from Shidong House have already left Tianmen Cult, dispatched to exterminate and hunt down the remnants of the East Saint Sect.

Among the cultivators who stayed at Shidong House, very few are left.

Nonetheless, according to Wang Ba’s observation, most of the stone houses around are now unoccupied.

He honestly couldn’t figure out who likely might want to look for him at this time.

Although he is within the Cult, assumedly without any danger, he remains vigilant. Wang Ba prepares to release Jia 7, imbues his body with mana, and cautiously opens the wooden door.

To his surprise, he finds several youths, both boys and girls aged only around eighteen or nineteen, standing outside the door.

They are dressed as cultivators, yet obviously still young and immature.

Especially when they see Wang Ba, despite trying to maintain a composed appearance, their slightly trembling bodies betray their inner anxiety.

“Who might you be…”

Wang Ba took the initiative to ask.

“Hello Senior Brother, my name is ‘Zhang Qi’, this is Shi Jin, she is Bu Chan, and she is…”

One of the young cultivators who seemed to be the leader came forward and introduced each of them to Wang Ba.

Looking rather despondent, he went on:

“We are all new disciples who swore allegiance to the East Saint Sect half a year ago. We never expected to encounter such a catastrophe shortly after joining

On hearing this, Wang Ba began to remember.

Indeed, a few months after he joined the East Saint Sect, there had been a recruitment for new disciples.

If he’s not mistaken, Ye Lingyu must have joined the sect together with these youngsters before him.

However, after such a dramatic change, these youngsters have fallen to their current state.

And as for Ye Lingyu, the disciple of Elder Qin, her fate remains unknown.

Bearing in mind that the innocent girl might have met with misfortune, Wang Ba couldn’t help but sigh.

Concealing his sentiments, Wang Ba looks at these youngsters, questioning:

“Then why have you come to see me?”

Zhang Qi takes the initiative to speak again, his face steeped in seriousness, “We hope to team up with Senior Brother… Hasn’t Jing Kuang approached you before?”

“Jing Kuang?”

An image of a lofty young cultivator immediately surfaced in Wang Ba’s mind as he nodded slightly:

“Indeed, he did come by a little over half a month ago. What about it?”

“Our companion was deceived by him and has not returned since then…”

Zhang Qi’s voice carried a tinge of deep grief and anger.

Wang Ba furrowed his brow slightly: “You can’t exactly say he was deceived, right? Perhaps they haven’t returned yet?”

Zhang Qi only shook his head:

“One of our fellow female disciples who have remarkable talent has been selected and taken into the Tianmen Cult by a prominent figure due to her recognition. She has become a cultivator within the Cult. She went to the Merit Department of Tianmen Cult, and our companion… was submitted as evidence of a kill.”

Wang Ba’s eyes narrowed, a speculation suddenly popping into his mind: “Are you trying to say…”

Zhang Qi clenched his teeth:

“It’s not our speculation. The one who handed over the body of our companion is Jing Kuang. His name is on the submission!”

“And the reason for the kill is that our companion tried to leak information to the remnants of the East Saint Sect.”

“But we all know that companion well. He has no particular feelings for the East Saint Sect and would never risk his life to do such a thing for the Sect.”

Even though he had already suspected, the news still shook Wang Ba.

If what Zhang Qi said is true, then this Jing Kuang is really ruthless.

This is hardly the same as being forced by the Tianmen Cult to hunt down the remnants of the East Saint Sect.

This is outright taking the lives of fellow disciples as a stepping stone to his career rise.

If there is a word to describe it, it would be ‘killing innocents to fake meritorious service’.

Suddenly, Wang Ba recalled Chen Mian and his wife, the couple from next door.

They left with Jing Kuang and, upon their return not long ago, looked as if they had made a fortune.

They probably got quite a few benefits from Jing Kuang.

Lucky for him, he was wary at the time and sensed something wasn’t right, so he didn’t leave with Jing Kuang.

Otherwise, he would probably be among the bodies submitted as evidence of kills.

Thinking about this, Wang Ba felt somewhat relieved, as his understanding deepened about the darkness hidden in a cultivator’s heart.

In the end, cultivators are human too. Because they possess power, their worldly desires are even more pronounced. The emotions and desires of ordinary people will only get amplified in a cultivator, never diminished.

“So… What can we achieve by banding together?”

Wang Ba furrowed his brows slightly, still not completely understanding why they sought him out.

Seeing the questioning look Wang Ba cast at him, Zhang Qi gritted his teeth and said: “By teaming up, there’s strength in numbers. We don’t need Jing Kuang and his lot. We can go out of the Cult together to hunt the remnants of the East Saint Sect.”

“Leave Tianmen Cult?”

Wang Ba’s frown deepened as he felt these youngsters were unbelievably naive.

They still have a chance of survival as long as they stay within Tianmen. But once they encounter a rogue cultivator from outside the Cult who is hell-bent on killing, upon seeing these innocent fledglings, even those who weren’t initially planning to attack might give in to their impulses, no?

“I’m sorry, I won’t be leaving Tianmen Cult.”

Wang Ba flatly denied Zhang Qi’s invitation.

Upon hearing this, all of them, including Zhang Qi, looked disheartened.

However, one of the young girls suddenly said:

“Senior Brother, if you don’t want to leave with us, it’s no problem. We can still collaborate. You must have noticed the extortionate prices in the market. If we directly barter goods, exchanging real value for real value, we can circumvent Tianmen Cult’s exploitation and accelerate our own improvement. What do you think?”

At the girl’s words, a few young boys and girls around her were suddenly nodding their heads excitedly.

Wang Ba looked at her with some surprise.

He did not expect that, despite her young age, she saw things quite clearly.

After a moment of reflection, Wang Ba spoke:

“You’re called… Bu Chan, aren’t you? You make some sense, but you all joined the East Saint Sect not long ago, so you should not have learned any significant skills, should you? What could you possibly have that I need?”

Hearing Wang Ba’s question, Bu Chan felt a little nervous, but quickly gathered her thoughts:

“Although we haven’t been in the sect for long, each of us possesses unique skills.”

“Zhang Qi had been cultivating in the ‘Arts Room,’ and due to his high talent in talisman creation, he had been learning the way of talisman creation from a Foundation Establishment elder. With the right talisman and talisman ink, he can quickly produce many lower grade Class I talismans. As long as his cultivation base increases, he should be able to attempt making middle-grade talismans.”

“Shi Jin, he cultivates in the Purification House, excelling at raising Spirit Insects…”

“Su Lingling, she can comb and gather the surrounding Spiritual Lineages…”

“Jiang Ke…”

Listening to Bu Chan’s introduction, Wang Ba looked at them all with some surprise.

In this group, there might indeed be someone who can help him.

However, Wang Ba curiously looked at Bu Chan and asked, “What about you? What are you good at?”

To his surprise, Bu Chan seemed to muster up her courage and retorted:

“Senior Brother, you haven’t told us what you are good at yet.”

Wang Ba was taken aback for a moment and then looked at Bu Chan with some surprise.

This little girl had more guts than she outwardly showed.

After pondering, Wang Ba didn’t hide it: “My surname is Wang, and I specialize in… well, raising chickens.”

“Raising chickens?”

The young boys and girls were all stunned.

However, Bu Chan reacted quickly: “Spirit Chickens? Were you previously in the Beasts Room?”

Wang Ba reluctantly nodded.

Indeed, he was in the Beasts Room, but not as a disciple, rather as a laborer.

However, there was no need to broadcast this information.

But seeing Wang Ba nodding, Bu Chan showed a look of delight:

“That’s great! If we can exchange Spirit Chickens with Senior Brother and eat a few, we might quickly reach the Qi Refining Stage II!”

Bu Chan’s insight somewhat surprised Wang Ba.

However, he quickly found out that Bu Chan was the descendant of a cultivating family and has previously been sent to the East Saint Sect.

Growing up in such a family, her extensive knowledge was no surprise.

And knowing Wang Ba’s situation, Bu Chan no longer hid her skills:

“I’m good at Spirit Plants…”

“You know Spirit Plants?”

Wang Ba looked surprised.

Hearing these words, Bu Chan immediately lifted her delicate chin with confidence: “I am currently a Class I middle-grade Spirit Plant Master…”

Wang Ba was overjoyed.

He was just in need of someone who understood Spirit Plants.

However, he didn’t reveal any emotion on his face, but simply nodded with understanding: “Well, we might indeed have the opportunity to cooperate in the future.”

Seeing Wang Ba’s neutral reaction, Bu Chan was somewhat disappointed, but then she realized and exclaimed with joy:

“Senior Brother Wang, did you agree?”

“Just as you said, sharing resources can only bring benefits, not harms, and trading equivalent commodities should be kept a secret… The cultivators in the market don’t want to hear about it.”

Wang Ba said with a smile and gave them an insightful look.

Zhang Qi seemed to understand but not fully comprehend, while Bu Chan nodded hurriedly: “Thank you for reminding us, Senior Brother, we got it, we will never mention this word again!”

“Mmm, also… everyone’s cultivation base is not high, so don’t plan to go outside the teaching range to hunt down cultivators, survival is the most important.”

Out of the desire to cooperate with them for a longer time, Wang Ba couldn’t help but remind them.

Some of the young boys and girls took his advice, while others seemed to have different ideas.

However, Wang Ba couldn’t control that.

Everyone has their own destiny, and he had done his job of warning them.

Later, he thought about it and told them the location of his chicken farm.

The main reason was that the lease of his Shidong House would expire in a few days, and he might have to move out then.

The group of young boys and girls then bid Wang Ba goodbye and went to the next stone house, looking for like-minded cultivators to join them.

However, in Wang Ba’s view, the possibility of attracting people was slim.

Time went by quickly.

In the end, Wang Ba was still reluctant to spend 20 Spirit Stones to move into the Mulou House and instead rented the Shidong House for another two months.

The main reason was that he heard from Zhang Qi that someone in the Shidong House and Mulou House was peddling proofs of leftover evil from the East Saint Sect at a high price.

Neither Zhang Qi nor the others were very well-off. Excluding Zhang Qi who made some Spirit Stones because of his talisman-making skills, the others were living quite a challenging life.

So in the end, they decided to leave the range of the Tianmen Cult and take a shot out there.

But Wang Ba wanted to wait and see if he could have an opportunity to purchase proof of defeating leftover evil from the East Saint Sect.

The three chances were indeed too precious, if they could be resolved with Spirit Stones, it would be the best.

Wang Ba waited patiently, almost giving up, when the person finally arrived..

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