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Chapter 98: Chapter 98: Chapter 96: Blue Fire Fruit, Array Plate i

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Chapter 98: Chapter 96: Blue Fire Fruit, Array Plate i

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“Elder Brother, you want to plant spirit plants here?”

Bu Chan walked around, probing the ground with her fingers several times.

When she returned, she shook her head slightly:

“The spiritual energy here is weak; it can’t form a spirit field. And without the nurturing of a spirit field, it’s difficult for spirit plants to thrive. Even if they do grow, they won’t be much different from ordinary crops.”

Upon hearing this, Wang Ba’s face fell slightly.

“I do have a solution for the spirit field. If we can gather spiritual lineages here, we should be able to form a spirit field soon.”

At this point, Su LingLing suddenly spoke up.

Bu Chan’s eyes lit up: “Yes, LingLing can gather spiritual lineages. As long as we have spiritual lineages, even the worst ones will work. We can cultivate the spirit field on the spiritual lineages.”

Su LingLing added: “However, we may need Shen Fu’s help. The spiritual energy here is thin. Even if we gather it into spiritual lineages, it will soon be diluted. We need to lock it with a Spirit Gathering Array unless. Shen Fu, can you set up a Spirit Gathering Array?”

She then looked at Shen Fu with doubt.

“This is the basic formation!”

Shen Fu glared at Su LingLing and said defensively: “You just focus on gathering the spiritual lineages. Watch if I can’t set it up!”

Seeing them come up with a solution so quickly, Wang Ba was immediately satisfied.

These thirty Spirit Stones were well worth the investment!

Wang Ba let them work out the details while he went to negotiate with the Tianmen Cult Patrol. He paid a sum of spirit stones and rented several pieces of land around the chicken farm.

He didn’t want to go through the trouble of creating a spirit field, only for the Tianmen Cult Patrol to take it back with the excuse that it had not been rented.

When he returned, he found they had a plan in place.

Cultivators are very efficient. Once everything was arranged, Wang Ba confirmed there were no issues, and they each began their work.

Su LingLing took out a geomancy magic tool to analyze the local terrain. Then, using the geographical position, she attracted the thin spiritual energy from South Lake and the nearby barren hills.

It was gathered into a plot of land next to the chicken farm.

As the spiritual energy gathered, Wang Ba could clearly feel the concentration of spiritual energy here increasing rapidly.

In no time at all, it was denser than in Shidong House.


Su LingLing stood on the ground, chanting incantations while making a seal with her hand. Then, she spread her palm open, and visible spiritual energy gathered quickly on her palm.

Then, a spiritual lineage the size of an earthworm slowly condensed in her hand.

Su Lingling turned pale, and carefully sank the small spiritual lineage in her hand into the ground.

As soon as the spiritual lineage touched the ground, it quickly disappeared.

However, Wang Ba could still feel that the spiritual lineage hadn’t left; it was within this plot of land.

“Quickly! Set up the array!”

Su LingLing hurriedly commanded.

Shen Fu quickly threw out several simple little flags.

His technique was somewhat crude, but his operation was decidedly careful.

Soon, the small flags gradually disappeared.

“It’s done!”

Shen Fu wiped the sweat from his forehead, looking triumphant.

With the completion of the Spirit Gathering Array, Wang Ba could clearly feel the previously erratic spiritual energy gradually stabilize and gather underground.

“The spiritual energy around here is weak, and we can barely form a Class I lower-grade spiritual lineage at most. But be very careful, cultivators had better not practice here. Otherwise, if too much spiritual energy is refined, the spiritual lineage could easily drop in grade or even collapse.”

Su LingLing earnestly warned.

Wang Ba nodded slightly.

He hadn’t planned to use this spiritual lineage for cultivation.

“Elder Brother, I believe you have some chicken manure?”

Bu Chan suddenly spoke up at this point.

Wang Ba nodded.

“I need some chicken manure, Brother. Let’s take this opportunity to improve the soil here…”

Wang Ba didn’t understand much about this, but that didn’t matter; he had plenty of chicken manure.

He promptly ordered the Human Puppet to move thousands of kilograms of chicken manure piled up like a small mountain around the Crystal Peach Tree.

Seeing so much chicken manure, Bu Chan did not show any dislike. She checked the manure and looked surprised:

“This… the spiritual energy in this chicken manure is very strong!”

“Ah? Is that a bad thing?”

Wang Ba quickly asked.

“No, it’s great!”

Bu Chan looked at the chicken manure in front of her with an expressive look: “With this chicken manure, most of the Class I lower-grade spirit plants should have no problem actually growing!”

“Oh, I haven’t asked Brother what you want to plant yet?”

“Well… Are there any spirit plants that have high yield, plenty of spiritual energy, and can be consumed by turtles?”

Wang Ba asked tentatively.

“Brother, aren’t you planting them to sell?”

Bu Chan and the others all blinked in surprise.

However, since this involved Wang Ba’s private matters, Bu Chan didn’t feel it was her place to pry. She thought about it and offered: “A spirit plant that turtles can eat and has a high yield… I have thought of one, and I happen to have its seeds.”

Wang Ba was slightly surprised; he had only said it casually and didn’t expect that such a spirit plant actually existed.

Bu Chan didn’t beat around the bush and directly took out a packet of seeds. She opened it to reveal tiny seeds the size of sesame, glowing red.

“These are the seeds of the ‘Blue Fire Fruit1. As long as they have enough nutrients, they can bear fruit within a year. One plant can produce hundreds of kilograms of fruit every year, once a year, until it withers after twenty years and needs to be replanted.”

“Blue Fire Fruit?”

“You mean the auxiliary ingredient in ‘Qi Refining Pill1?” Yun CaiXiang, who had remained unnoticed until now, suddenly spoke.

“They can also be eaten directly.”

Bu Chan added.

Wang Ba quickly agreed: “Let’s listen to Sister Bu then, let’s plant this.”

After that, he left the area to Bu Chan and the others.

However, he had the Human Puppet surreptitiously monitor them through the fence.

Perhaps Bu Chan and the others were indeed trustworthy, but he could not afford to trust others randomly.

Caution had to be exercised at all times.

Having returned to the chicken farm alone.

Two months had passed, and the branches of the Crystal Peach Tree were laden with little flower buds.

Roughly counting, there were over a hundred of them.

One could imagine that once the flowers bloom and bear fruit, the peach tree would be full of abundant fruits.

This made Wang Ba look forward to it even more.

The eggs laid by the Yellow Throat Spirit Turtles earlier had also finally started to hatch one after another not long ago.

The originally expected hatching time of three months had actually exceeded four months.

But Wang Ba was still full of joy.

The little turtle seedlings that just hatched from these eggs don’t look like their parents at all, each of them dark and seemingly clueless.

Slowly and leisurely absorbing the yolk on their belly buttons in the sand, with a white egg tooth still on their mouths, they looked naive and innocent.

Although these little guys were slow and clumsy, they would immediately gather their strength, stretch their necks, and bite when they ran into small bugs passing by.

Fully demonstrating the innate advantage of a lower grade spirit beast.

Yes, these little things were born as lower grade spirit beasts, and during the testing process, they showed a faint white shade within the grey, obviously very close to becoming middle-grade spirit beasts.

This was the reason for Wang Ba’s immense surprise.

As long as these little turtle seedlings grow a bit more, he would give them Lifespan, by then he would definitely be able to harvest a batch of middle-grade spirit turtles.

Besides, Wang Ba had also found two batches of turtle eggs on the other side of the pond a while ago.

Upon observing them under the sun, it was found that the outlines and blood vessels of the turtles could vaguely be seen inside these eggs, indicating that they had been laid for a while.

These two batches of turtle eggs totaled almost a hundred.

Once these two batches of turtle eggs successfully hatch, the number of middle-grade spirit turtles in his hands would reach over a hundred and forty.

“It’s a pity that nobody sells Yellow Throat Stone Turtles in the market.”

Wang Ba felt regret in his heart.

He had previously visited numerous spirit beast stores, but he never saw a Yellow Throat Stone Turtle for sale again.

He asked the owner, but the guy seemed too lazy to bother about him.

Wang Ba didn’t want to face the embarrassment, so he simply went less frequently, except to sell Spirit Chickens.

Of course, whether it’s the Crystal Peach Tree or the Yellow Throat Spirit Turtles, although they surprised Wang Ba, the thing that made him happiest was undoubtedly the unique middle-grade female Spirit Chicken – it laid eggs! And the several eggs it laid were all fertilized eggs.

It was a bit awkward that, according to Wang Ba’s observations, the Spirit Chicken that mated with this middle-grade female Spirit Chicken was mostly its own sibling from the same parents.

But Wang Ba felt that he couldn’t blame its brother for failing to keep his promise.

Because honestly, this female Spirit Chicken, although without any combat power, was incredibly beautiful.

Its brilliant peacock-like tail feathers, the gradual color changing feathers all over its body, surpassed worldly beauty and could be described as a fairy among chickens.

It completely overshadowed a group of Spirit Chickens.

Even compared with Jia 5 and Jia 7, it was still far superior.

Just from the perspective of appearance, it seemed like they were from two different breeds.

If looks could be exchanged for Spirit Stones, Wang Ba thought that Jia 5’s looks could exchange for 5 pieces, while this female Spirit Chicken could exchange for 100 pieces.

It was that exaggerated.

“This chicken… it can completely be used as an ornamental chicken.”

Wang Ba looked at the female Spirit Chicken who, even when brooding over eggs, still looked incredibly coquettish and was left speechless.

You really have to admit that when looks surpass a certain level, it can indeed change orientations.

Anyway, he felt that many of the Spirit Chickens that have been wrestling for thousands of years seemed to be spying on it.

If not for it currently warming the nest, it is estimated that a war centered around this female Spirit Chicken would have started.

“Jia 8 doesn’t sound nice, so let’s call you Jia 9.”

Wang Ba touched the head of the female Spirit Chicken.

The fairy chicken, Jia 9, opened her beautiful but dumb big eyes, rubbed against Wang Ba’s hand, immediately stirring up the restlessness of several male Spirit Chickens.

Wang Ba couldn’t help but laugh.

Some days passed.

Yu Changchun came, and looked surprisingly at the spirit field next to the chicken farm, seemingly deep in thought.

However, he soon handed an Array Plate to Wang Ba.

“This is the Minor Golden Bell Array, which I recently obtained from a fellow disciple. If urged continuously with Mana, this array is capable of withstanding attacks from anyone below the Qi Refining Stage VII. Of course, this array consumes a lot of Mana, so Spirit Stones can also be used as replacements. However, if used, it can only resist those below Qi Refining Stage VI… it should be enough to protect this chicken farm.”

Receiving the Array Plate, Wang Ba felt a little dazed for a moment.

If he remembered correctly, this Minor Golden Bell Array was the treasure of a cultivator surnamed Shi from Ding 9 Villa in the past.

A few months ago, this Array Plate was in Shi’s hands and could have worked, but was backstabbed by Tao Yi, shattering the array directly.

Who would have thought that after all the twists and turns, this array had landed in his hands again.

Nothing could have been more amazing than the changes of the world.

Yu Changchun didn’t know about Wang Ba’s exclamation in his heart. He took the twelve Spirit Chickens prepared by Wang Ba earlier and praised them greatly:

“Friend, your skills seem to have improved even more. The Qi in these Spirit Chickens is even more abundant than a few months ago!”

He was greatly pleased with his decision to not turn Wang Ba into a human puppet in East Saint Sect earlier.

If he had really turned him into a human puppet, and he had lost his spirituality, how could he have progressed like this?

Thinking of this, he suddenly showed a mysterious smile and handed a storage bag to Wang Ba:

“Friend, see what this is?”

Wang Ba was perplexed, but upon looking into the storage bag, he found a body dressed in East Saint Sect attire.


He showed a ‘shocked and delighted’ expression: “Could this be…”

Seeing this, Yu Changchun started laughing, looking very pleased:

“Hahaha, indeed I was preoccupied with some affairs earlier and couldn’t leave the cult. But a few days ago, I finally made some progress and was able to make a trip. Although I only reached Qi Refining Stage III, it should be enough for you to complete the task.”

“I’m also thankful for the efforts you’ve made during this time.”

Wang Ba repeatedly expressed his gratitude, and also gave Yu Changchun 500 Spirit Chicken Eggs.

Even though Spirit Chicken Eggs weren’t worth many Spirit Stones, it was still an unexpected surprise. Yu Changchun was instantly delighted and walked away satisfied.

Looking at the body in the storage bag, Wang Ba couldn’t help pondering.

Should he sell it, or….

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