Master Zhan, Calm Down - Chapter 2268

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Chapter 2268: Chapter 2268: Shocking news of little mu Li’s birth (6)

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Chapter 2268: Shocking news of little mu Li’s birth (6)

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Chen nianbai knew very well that his Xiao Li had given birth to children for him. She wanted him to have a happier and more complete family so that he would not have any regrets in his life.

No matter when life will stop, when will it stop?

“Yingluo is so cute, Yingluo.”

Su Li slowly said. As she looked at her daughter who was born, her heart became even gentler. She was moved, and even her eyes turned red.

Her and nianbai’s daughter was particularly cute. After she was born, her skin was still a little red, but her eyebrows, eyes, and small mouth were particularly lovely, and her eyelashes were especially long.

Su Li hoped that her and nianbai’s daughter would have a gentle personality like nianbai.

Girls should be gentle and well-behaved, and not be like him in the past, overly flamboyant and unrestrained.

Under the watchful eyes of his Daddy and Mommy, Xiao mu li slowly opened her eyes after she had calmed down. Su Li and Chen nianbai were both stunned when they saw her.

Time seemed to have returned to three years ago.

When their son, little monster, was born.

When Xiao-Xiaobai was born, the moment he opened his eyes, the doctors and nurses were shocked. This was because he had abnormal pupils. When he was just born, one of his pupils was green like ancient jade, while the other was light yellow like glazed glass. It was especially obvious when he was just born.

with that fair and tender little face, the doctor almost thought he was hallucinating when he saw her eyes.

Until now, as Xiao-Xiaobai grew older, the special color of its pupils had become darker. One could not notice it at first glance. If they looked at each other, they would realize that the color of its pupils was different.

However, three years later.

His daughter was born.

Su Li and Chen nianbai looked at their daughter’s light gray eyes. They raised their heads and glanced at each other. Then Chen nianbai leaned forward and kissed Su Li’s forehead. He said softly, ” don’t worry, it’ll be fine.

they had done a physical examination report and said that there was nothing abnormal about the baby in her stomach. it was a very normal baby.

And this ‘normal’ also meant that there were no special genes in his body.

However, when she was born, her pupils were light gray. This might not prove anything, but at the same time, it could not be certain. The doctor was completely right.

When it came to genes, whether it was recessive, dominant, or genetic mutation in the later stages, it was impossible to say clearly.

His light gray eyes looked particularly mysterious at the moment. It was unknown if there would be other changes as he grew older.

Chen nianbai really wanted to kiss his daughter, but she had to go to the sterile room when she was just born. The conditions did not allow it, so he could only give the child to the nurse and let her carry her out.

Su Li reluctantly watched his daughter leave, and only then did he let out a long sigh of relief.

She didn’t know if giving birth to these two children, in a sense, was right or wrong. But no matter what, her original intention was to let them live a safe and happy life and accompany each other.

After little mu li was carried out, sang Xia, who was outside, brought a few excited little ones to see little mu li who had just been born.

She had repeatedly warned them not to bump into her newborn sister and not to get too close to her. Little lives were so fragile, how could they be tormented?

However, the little Overlord flower still chased after the nurse, clamoring to see its little sister. The nurse had no choice but to carefully hold the newborn baby girl and stop to let the little Overlord flower see her for a moment. At this moment, little mu li, who had her eyes closed, slowly opened them again..

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