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Chapter 684: Chapter 684 - Chapter 684: Not Innocently Foolish, You’re Purely Foolish

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Chapter 684: Not Innocently Foolish, You’re Purely Foolish

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The flirtatious ghost added fuel to the fire. “This time I support the muddled ghost. Everyone has a share. Such a big hypocritical ghost can probably be exchanged for a bag of lollipops!” There were 50 lollipops in the bag that Mia bought last time!

The unlucky ghost immediately raised the hypocritical ghost above his head and ran out. “Mine! The credit is mine! None of you can snatch it from me!”

The hypocritical ghost: “???” No, brother, have you been tricked? Wait, these ghosts schemed and schemed, but in the end, they did it for a few lollipops?!

The unlucky ghost ran away and hid the hypocritical ghost like a treasure. He watched it secretly.

The flirtatious ghost chuckled and said slowly, “I finally know why the unlucky ghost is so unlucky. It more or less has something to do with his stupidity.”

The cowardly ghost nodded in agreement. The unlucky ghost wasn’t just innocently foolish, he was a purely foolish through and through.

The flirtatious ghost: “Hey, it’s a long night. Let’s play mahjong! Whose bones did we use last time?”

The muddled ghost: “It was the unlucky ghost’s.”

The cowardly ghost: “But we only have three players now, we’re short of one.”

The flirtatious ghost: “Isn’t there a little ghost sealed in the Soul Retrieving Gourd?”

The muddled ghost shook his head. “She’s just a child. What does she know about mahjong? Don’t bring her along.”

In the Soul Retrieving Gourd, the little malicious ghost looked on aggrievedly. Every time, they didn’t bring her out to play. She also wanted to go out and play, but she remembered what her parents, grandparents, and grandparents had said before they left. She had to be obedient and not cause trouble for others, so she held back.

The three ghosts discussed how to play. It seemed that the three of them could only play Fight the Landlord. The ugly auntie beside them fell silent. “I say, have you forgotten about me? I know how to play mahjong too!”

All the ghosts: We really forgot!

Afraid of disturbing Amelia, the ghosts hid in George’s room and played mahjong.

George rushed back two days early. It was already two in the morning when he arrived home. He had not changed his clothes and was still holding a suit jacket in his hand. He first went to Amelia’s room to take a look and saw that Amelia was sleeping on her stomach. Her face was red.

George kissed Amelia lovingly on the forehead. As he looked at her, his heart softened and he felt a weight lift off his shoulders. He carefully turned Amelia over.

On the balcony, Seven suddenly made a noise! George was so scared that his hand trembled and he almost dropped Amelia. This parrot was still so noisy!

Amelia pouted and subconsciously reached out to grab George’s arm. “Eldest Uncle…” She was still asleep with her eyes closed. Her voice was so soft that it could melt one’s heart.

George’s eyes softened and he placed the kitten doll into Amelia’s arms. However, he did not notice that he had accidentally touched the Soul Retrieving Gourd. Seeing that Amelia was sleeping sweetly, he quietly closed the door and walked out to his room. Home was still the best!

George thought about this as he pushed open the door and hung his jacket on a shelf. He undid his tie with one hand and rubbed his tired brow as he walked into the bedroom. When he looked up, he froze.

In the room, the flirtatious ghost, cowardly ghost, muddled ghost, and ugly auntie, who were playing mahjong with a pile of bones, heard the commotion and turned around at the same time. The four ghosts stared straight at George.


The four ghosts and one person stared at each other. The air became quiet.

George suspected that he had entered the wrong door. There were four “people” sitting cross-legged on the carpet beside his bed. Two women and two men. One woman was dressed fashionably, but her clothes must have been more than a decade old. The other woman was dressed plainly, but she was ugly, so ugly that one couldn’t help but look. The other two men looked to be in their thirties or forties. The other looked like a student. He was wearing a white T-shirt and jeans and looked quite sunny.

Suddenly, the ugly auntie said in a daze, “Hey, handsome, can you see me?”

The flirtatious ghost stared at George. “Long time no see. President Walton is getting more and more handsome! Ah, I really want to have a passionate relationship with President Walton!”

George was speechless. What the hell! He walked in stiffly and pretended not to see the ghosts. He put the tie on the bed.

The muddled ghost was puzzled. “You didn’t see us?”

The cowardly ghost’s eyes flickered slightly, and his voice was gentle. “I don’t think so. He was stunned for a moment just now.” Moreover, shouldn’t the tie be placed in the closet? Now that it was placed on the bed, it meant that he had really seen them.

Perhaps it was because being a ghost was too boring. Sometimes, they just wanted to scare people for fun. However, this was Mia’s eldest uncle. Sigh, forget it.

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